Wheel of Musical Impressions with Alessia Cara

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy challenges Alessia Cara to a game of random musical impressions like Ariana Grande singing "Skidamarink" and Lorde singing "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep."
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Wheel of Musical Impressions with Alessia Cara
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Feb 3, 2017




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Comments 80
Hayley Hall
Hayley Hall 20 hours ago
In the uk it’s titlemewincky
Dulce Camero
Dulce Camero Day ago
Emma Ely
Emma Ely 2 days ago
Les français vous êtes là ?
abgholic 4 days ago
if she said "babe" at the end of the first impression.. it would literally be perfect
2011yourlife 4 days ago
To the person that reads this, I ask the Lord to bless them and their family, to cure them of every sickness and pain, to fill their emptiness with love joy and peace, to rebuke the enemy from their lives. " ASK JESUS TO COME INTO YOUR HEART AND SAVE YOU, AND TO FORGIVE YOU OF YOUR SINS, FOR WE GIVE THANKS AND GLORY TO THE LORD. IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN!
Zayed Hossain
Zayed Hossain 5 days ago
she did wonderfully
i like muffins
i like muffins 6 days ago
this quarantine hits hard watching videos from this many years ago ;c eh i don’t care it’s still fun
Hlela Mkosana
Hlela Mkosana 6 days ago
Damn Alessia was one of the best🔥🔥
Fatin Fahir
Fatin Fahir 9 days ago
When she smiles she looks like Demi Lovato 😍😍
AllwinAMV 13 days ago
La amo con todo mi corazón
Isonna Reid
Isonna Reid 15 days ago
She looks like Nicki Minaj
Cassandra Eribib
Cassandra Eribib 17 days ago
Fallon Who's watching in 2020
John Saipele
John Saipele 17 days ago
niybaea •
niybaea • 19 days ago
she the nicki impersonation.. 😍😍
naice 19 days ago
She looks like pancake mixture
Pauline Ponayo
Pauline Ponayo 19 days ago
You're superb😍💗
Lindsey M. Cruz
Lindsey M. Cruz 20 days ago
Cosmic Warrior
Cosmic Warrior 21 day ago
Jimmy really pulled off old man Axl that was brilliant!😂
Sonu Kumar
Sonu Kumar 21 day ago
Does anyone else skip Fallon's part?
BLINK inyourarea
BLINK inyourarea 22 days ago
I have watched the lorde one at least 10 times . It was just so good!!
MIZ CHYNE 24 days ago
She kill the part with Lorde 😂😂😂😂
suprhomre 26 days ago
I honestly do not know who this girl is.
Aaron Plays
Aaron Plays 26 days ago
Why is livin on a prayer always the song before the song that is chosen on every wheel of musical impressions?!?!
Patrick Huntoon
Patrick Huntoon 27 days ago
Jimmy Axl Was Awesome
Hayème L.
Hayème L. 28 days ago
She's amazing !!
TreesRMacaroni Bob
TreesRMacaroni Bob 29 days ago
As a true axl rose fan, that was beyoooonnnddd accurate
Greta Month ago
She's so freaking talented
Sansei Horam
Sansei Horam Month ago
Eeny meeny part is the best 😅
Halim Adiputra
Halim Adiputra Month ago
she's so talented
Number One Fan
Number One Fan Month ago
Can people just realise they choose these artists beforehand.
Marty Pentz
Marty Pentz Month ago
her Nicky was great
Lacey Pearson
Lacey Pearson Month ago
Jimmy had the same impression for the same person every video🤣
Monkydollqueen 69
Lena plays roblox
The first impression was AMAZING
Tigst Lema
Tigst Lema Month ago
she nailed it!!
Alina Debas
Alina Debas Month ago
She sang Ari very good And oh my gosh Lorde too
Tiana Livingston
why that last song hit so different
Azumi 93
Azumi 93 Month ago
I love her hand gestures in baba black sheep
YomielM Month ago
I got chills when she sang like Lorde
chase from earth
She is the best at these haha
Leila Nussey
Leila Nussey Month ago
I watched her live and she slayed it 😁😁
Amber Worthley
Amber Worthley Month ago
Robert Lee, Countertenor
Every female "artist" sounds the same now, including this clown, so it's not hard to imitate. What's the difference between her, Lorde, Billie Eilish, they all sound exactly alike. That baby voice indie scratchy, weird accent sound.
JaysCreations Month ago
idk about arianas impression 😭😭
Deborah OSullivan
that lorde impression was just unbeatable
Scooot ThePotterhead
“That’s a hit song” *referring to skidamarink, a song I sang in preschool*
Ye Yaint Kyaw
Ye Yaint Kyaw Month ago
Omg lorde & nicki expression 😲
Aliyah Willis
Aliyah Willis Month ago
Are we not gonna talk about the fact that she MURDER Nikki and Lorde
Brett Villani
Brett Villani Month ago
She sounds like she is nicki
Bangtan Bois
Bangtan Bois Month ago
She nailed every one!
Kamlesh Sarawat
Kamlesh Sarawat Month ago
She looks a bit like demi lovato
Cool Boy
Cool Boy Month ago
Mann that's fucking awsm
Karie Mueller
Karie Mueller Month ago
Am I the only one who clicked on this thinking it was Camilla!? 😆😂😂😝😝
Hembabu Karki
Hembabu Karki Month ago
Axl rose impression was good but no one is talking about it. Aparrently it seems like none of jimmy's fangirls know who axl is.
Chaithra RB
Chaithra RB 2 months ago
Alessia Cara is so talented
meghali apte
meghali apte 2 months ago
Why nobody is saying anything about Jimmy.....he was frinkin good
ROQIEA ISMAEL 2 months ago
Is anyone going to talk about the Ariana grande impression that was AMAZING
Megan 2 months ago
I hate myself for saying this but... quarantine anyone???
Zoe Jarrett
Zoe Jarrett 2 days ago
Mila P
Mila P 18 days ago
Arantza Rueckert Zubiria
im always watching Alessia, even in quarantine
Xindi Liu
Xindi Liu Month ago
Daniel Popescu
Daniel Popescu 2 months ago
That doesn't sound like Ari sis
Şahabüddin TANRIKULU
Ariana Grande and Alessia Cara definitely my favorite about the Musical Impressions .
mausam #kumari
mausam #kumari 2 months ago
She just killed it😁😁😁😁😁😘
Kelly 520
Kelly 520 2 months ago
Wow impressive
Naty G
Naty G 2 months ago
She looks like a mixture of Ronni Hawk, camila cabello, and Zendaya 😙she’s still pretty in her own natural way tho 🥰
Kaiwaly Shinde
Kaiwaly Shinde 2 months ago
Maja 2 months ago
She is just A M A Z I N G 🥰
Kanaan Amal
Kanaan Amal 2 months ago
Nicky Minage left the chatt😂😂👍
far cry christophe
far cry christophe 2 months ago
shes is really skillfull
Sanghorin 23
Sanghorin 23 2 months ago
So good in every song
Isabelle Beauchamp
Isabelle Beauchamp 2 months ago
roman zolanski was so good omggg
Frown . :c
Frown . :c 2 months ago
No one: Jimmy: YoU canT toP tHat!
James Thomas
James Thomas 2 months ago
I like how jimmy literally says "I cant do this" and yet does it better then the actual singers sometimes every time
AlizMari23 2 months ago
Of course vocals similar to hers are going to be the accurate ones 😐
Lovli Lilo Meg Yaj
Lovli Lilo Meg Yaj 2 months ago
Hey AC... gurl u did a great job!! ❤❤❤❤🤜🤛
Justin Torres
Justin Torres 2 months ago
*Nicki Minaj*
evelina konstadinidi
Alessia was amazing.... He was doing Axl Rose perfect..
Олга Станојевић
That Lorde impression! :O
Leigh Anne
Leigh Anne 2 months ago
I wish Jimmy don't participate in this game at all
Shanqi Zha
Shanqi Zha 2 months ago
OMG, The Axl Rose one was good
hai GT
hai GT 2 months ago
wtf she sounded like lorde
The Squip
The Squip 2 months ago
Hi sisters
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