Whatever You Draw, I'll Buy It Challenge

FaZe Jarvis
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Whatever You Draw, I'll Buy It - Challenge with @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Kay @FaZe Rain @FaZe Teeqo @Cizzorz @FaZe Temperrr and @TeaWap ! at the FaZe House 2020.
🕺 TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@jarvis
📸 Instagram: instagram.com/fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: twitter.com/liljarviss
🍉 edited by TeaWap: instagram.com/teawap


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May 20, 2020




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Comments 80
Itz_Tacoman Month ago
Ur a best Jarvis, been here since u had 100k
Andrew Rowe
Andrew Rowe Day ago
Me too
Zeltzyz FN
Zeltzyz FN 11 days ago
Yeiboisami 🧢
Abdirihman Liban Ilma-Mohamed
Twilight Taco Hi bro are
john quansah
john quansah Month ago
@VibedOut cap
john quansah
john quansah Month ago
I have been here since 1k you kinda sad no cap
Karin Whickman
It is socer
Mischelle Dani
tmw9578 2 days ago
Been here before 20k
mo f
mo f 2 days ago
If someone in faze did this jarvis would say fortnite
Unknown Flames
Unknown Flames 3 days ago
At the end I lost control bro😂😂😂😂😂
Tanner Koehler
Tanner Koehler 4 days ago
you have a sniper rifle in the back when you gave him the grone
Max O'Brien
Max O'Brien 4 days ago
Who else saw the fucking sniper near frasier
Peyton Chapman
Peyton Chapman 4 days ago
Been here since 1k
Peyton Chapman
Peyton Chapman 4 days ago
Been here sine 1k
Peyton Chapman
Peyton Chapman 4 days ago
Peyton Chapman
Peyton Chapman 4 days ago
Sorry I meant here since 1k
Jamie Playz
Jamie Playz 5 days ago
Yo javis I’ve been here since 100 subs
Salman Mohamed
Salman Mohamed 5 days ago
You RIP of
Corey O'Connor/Bove
Yes football NO soccor
Felix Felix
Felix Felix 7 days ago
Jarvis life been so good with out fort keep up the grind
Trxckshxtz 9 days ago
I did the same thing as Kay when I got a 150 pound drone I went to the park to fly it and I blamed it on loosing control props to you Jarvis if you see this man 👊🏻
Wavy_Jasky C
Wavy_Jasky C 11 days ago
That's the headset that I have
A G 11 days ago
Jarvis said Alex Wanted hedsed
BlueSky Overland
BlueSky Overland 12 days ago
Ten times
BlueSky Overland
BlueSky Overland 12 days ago
Hahaha run
F1R3 Charlie
F1R3 Charlie 14 days ago
Stay safe in quarantine🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Ryan Martinez
Ryan Martinez 15 days ago
I felt so bad for kay
Josue Rocha
Josue Rocha 16 days ago
Rain was baked af
TrG statix
TrG statix 17 days ago
Did jack voice Patrick the Star
Roger Alcantar
Roger Alcantar 18 days ago
F in the chat for Kay RIP drone 😂😂😂🤣
Znar Goat
Znar Goat 18 days ago
Teeqo is legend is football not soccer 🤷🏽‍♂️
Steezy 18 days ago
Yo who thinks Jarvis makes better content since he's banned?
Steezy 18 days ago
What is the song when Teeqo draw with the Piano
Hamish Glen
Hamish Glen 19 days ago
Jarvis has a 200 dollar mask but still doesn’t wear it 300 1q
Pro Night
Pro Night 20 days ago
U ARE the best bro
32 Fabi
32 Fabi 20 days ago
you forgot teawap mic xd
BlaZe YT
BlaZe YT 20 days ago
Any1 need a trio in fortnite? Pls Any1 reply
Chipped_eu 20 days ago
In the video wen faze 7
FaZe_Fortnite_ Ninja
Jarvis is literally amazing
nico kid
nico kid 20 days ago
Teeqo is a god in socer
Evan McCormack
Evan McCormack 20 days ago
Ur da best Jarvis I’ve been here since 10k
HARSH SHINDE 21 day ago
hey, u didn't buy the mic for teawap /...
Kayden Murphy
Kayden Murphy 21 day ago
I know you still are playing fortnigh Javier because you know when you responded to Armani he was streaming
DzOnI 22 days ago
rip dron
Reaptz Daisy
Reaptz Daisy 23 days ago
Bro Kay’s face when he said “ITS DROPPING ITS DROPPING”
Nicolas Llamas
Nicolas Llamas 24 days ago
Ph intro lol Nan part
Kibeb Endalew
Kibeb Endalew 24 days ago
I have that drone
elisei boksan
elisei boksan 26 days ago
Teqqo: Fotball me: Soccer
Kiera Milner
Kiera Milner 26 days ago
Yo u sick bro love the vid
Mystic Wolf
Mystic Wolf 26 days ago
“anything you draw i’ll buy it” “i’m not getting you a whole setup”
Tob_Swifty 27
Tob_Swifty 27 27 days ago
corona_luca 702
corona_luca 702 27 days ago
Shockzy 29 days ago
I miss rain
Sam Carlow
Sam Carlow 29 days ago
You’re my favorite you tuber in my dream is to join faze since I was four
Christopher Delli_Fraine
Congrats bro faze just sent me a email and told me that you are gonna join faze 🥳🥳🥳🥰🎅🏻👅💋i am so proud for you
JJV MEDIA 29 days ago
why didn't u give tomy the hotwheels ramp
JJV MEDIA 29 days ago
where's the cameraman's mic ?
JJV MEDIA 29 days ago
faze rug did this challenge
Kajus Špukas
Kajus Špukas Month ago
You forgot teawap
Blu XBL Month ago
people here since 20k-------> am i the only one who is wonder y frazier has a sniper nobody: frazzier: 360 no-scope on jarvis
Issa_Kevin Month ago
Jarvis is in his prime
Hegazy Rayan
Hegazy Rayan Month ago
I hope taht your'e getting unbaned from Fortnite ps= Your'e the best
Lewis CAMPBELL Month ago
When Jarvis bought Frazier the drone there was a sniper behind Frazier
FN saucyy
FN saucyy Month ago
Unban jarvis man ╭∩╮(ಠ_ಠ)╭∩╮
Damin Nguyen
Damin Nguyen Month ago
did anyone else see the sniper in the back when Frazier got his gift? XDD
Callum Richardson
He said ur Nan so u just bought ur Nan 😂😂
Hitman Finley
Hitman Finley Month ago
The grind is real been her since 45k
Royleen Thorley
Royleen Thorley Month ago
Yeah jarvis
Maddie and Mack
Maddie and Mack Month ago
When Frazier lost the drone😂😂😂
Nun nun Haha
Nun nun Haha Month ago
Jacob Salazar
Jacob Salazar Month ago
1:58 is the best
Levi Topp
Levi Topp Month ago
What up kay
Gody Month ago
Christopher T.
Christopher T. Month ago
Huvvo Month ago
I swear to God me and Jarvis would be best friends bruh my mans is living his best life
Stephen Milburn
Stephen Milburn Month ago
who else loves this chanel
Hes looking for a nan to get a gummin from her Yo I'm with it take those dentures out and get to town on my nob nan
TOUFIC TBC Month ago
jarvis u forgot teawap and his mic
Alex ?
Alex ? Month ago
10:02 why the fuck does frazier have a rifle bro like is he tryna practice trickshots or sm
Omar Khan
Omar Khan Month ago
That ball did not go in lol
Yusuf Dagdagan
Yusuf Dagdagan Month ago
Who else feels sad for adapt beating up people like if you do
RealBrian Month ago
I was dying when Frazier lost his drone at the end😂
Groinkey Month ago
Lmao that trickshot with the soccer ball
LMASF Month ago
Did no one see the gun I the background when they gave key his drone
Marco Morar
Marco Morar Month ago
Alex is busted
Ryandbandito Month ago
I Respect Teeqo so much bro football is how you say ittt 😂, JARVIS whens the next uploaddd I need some bangers to watch rn.
The first headset is called the Indian tech support scammer GX PRO
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