WHATEVER YOU DRAW, I'LL BUY IT CHALLENGE!!! Featuring Panic! At The Disco!

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I'LL BUY WHATEVER YOU CAN SPELL CHALLENGE: ruvid.net/video/video-t_XilI7xxTs.html
Whatever You Can Draw, I'll Buy!
We're back with another shopping/buy whatever challenge! This time it's the I'LL BUY WHATEVER YOU DRAW CHALLENGE! Our parents will have to buy whatever we draw from stores like Best Buy, Hot Topic, Target, McDonald's and The Dollar Tree! Will they be able to figure out what items we want only by looking at our drawings?
Some of the items we try to draw include: Apple iPad, Airpods, new cell phone, McDonald's Happy Meal, chicken nuggets, Polaroid camera, new gaming computer, Panic at the Disco, and more!
Click here for more FUN CHALLENGES! ruvid.net/video/video-f1I6YhEmcQM.html
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Jun 9, 2019




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EvanTubeHD 3 months ago
Click here to see I'LL BUY WHATEVER YOU CAN SPELL!!! ruvid.net/video/video-t_XilI7xxTs.html 👇Make this blue if you’re a cool kid and watched this entire video!
Galaxy Dark fox
Galaxy Dark fox 3 days ago
There’s a song I like from panic at the disco It’s called emperor’s new clothes
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez 6 days ago
JBoss Ultra
JBoss Ultra 7 days ago
Watched it 3 times
i am somebody
i am somebody 7 days ago
Make a Evan cartoon I would like to see that
i am somebody
i am somebody 7 days ago
Can you make a Evan cartoon please 😊
Srihari Mohanan
Srihari Mohanan 7 hours ago
Daddytube was like I like the game It is very inexpensive. 🤣🤣🤣. at last BestBuy
March Calderon
March Calderon 7 hours ago
10:31 RIP Headphone users
MrDank GT
MrDank GT 8 hours ago
*What! Garage Sale?¿?¿*
Marien Mobile Legends Gaming
Bad mommy tube!!!!!!!!!!!
Joon-Nie Lau
Joon-Nie Lau 15 hours ago
Like this so Evan will be uncursed
Samson Amari
Samson Amari 20 hours ago
I think the scream was from Emperor’s New Clothes.
Vinod Soni
Vinod Soni Day ago
How old is Evan the last time I watched him he was in middle school
Wampa1314 Day ago
You can tell the Mom was trying to get the kids mad. Like she draws a camera and mom says a juice box?
Emma Playz
Emma Playz 2 days ago
Daddy tube:ok guys rip headphone users Me with headphones:ahhhhhh
Michiko Tan
Michiko Tan 2 days ago
OML i wanted the infinity chain thingy 4 so long wich area did u get it?
Esphie Ibasco
Esphie Ibasco 3 days ago
Omg evan is so tall now before he was so little when i was 5 now im 8 and now evan is so tall 😱😱😳
JowinAng 3 days ago
Me : *Using Marker and drawing something in 30 seconds*, *Draws 1 centimeter dot* Me : *Using Pencil and drawing something in 30 seconds*, *Draws God*
Stick Man-Gamer
Stick Man-Gamer 4 days ago
Ahmad H
Ahmad H 4 days ago
Even wow how loud are you my ears are killing me but I love you video
Princess Ladres
Princess Ladres 4 days ago
stranger things !!!!!!!
Daniel Marco Dizon
Wen dt turn jillians drawing of necklace upsidedown it looks like a nipple
Turtles_ Rule
Turtles_ Rule 4 days ago
I wanna listen to high hopes now If you do press this ⬇️
eric rodriguez jr
Pan!c at the disco is my religion!!!
Edward Jayadi
Edward Jayadi 5 days ago
Why you don't draw a phone
Mangaal 080
Mangaal 080 5 days ago
Mangaal 080
Mangaal 080 5 days ago
S1ay Sh0t
S1ay Sh0t 5 days ago
OMG! My ears bleed after every time jillian screams
Azraj Kun
Azraj Kun 5 days ago
Torontoian_007 ismyname
June 9th, huh? Birthday.
Zozo and Hen
Zozo and Hen 5 days ago
I LOVE Panic! At the Disco!!! I would take any shirt
Mr. Kiasu
Mr. Kiasu 5 days ago
Lying no panic at the disco
EliNardo 123
EliNardo 123 5 days ago
How can't u tell what evan stuff for best buy but not for Jillian
piano god
piano god 5 days ago
Idea whatever you can pronounce you can get
Dysher Vids
Dysher Vids 6 days ago
From now on every EvanTube video theres beyond 1 comment that talks about how much has Evan grown.
Eumi eashna Ballesteros
Ang bobo halata namang phone yung drawing sabi pa rin calculator ang tanga tanga
X_Finlay_225_ X
X_Finlay_225_ X 6 days ago
Ok, I,I,I,I,I,k,I,I,I,I,I,ini,I,I,imikiiiii,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,Yi,,ilillilillli,,l,,l,l,l.l..
Ethan Pham
Ethan Pham 6 days ago
Smh I’d draw the store
Daber TV
Daber TV 6 days ago
Hey look ma I made it is good
Shemark Labarejos
Nico Ferrari
Nico Ferrari 7 days ago
they are noobs mom and dad
Dat Nguyen
Dat Nguyen 7 days ago
What air pod for a Samson
abi licious
abi licious 7 days ago
_All might.._
Nyota Animates
Nyota Animates 7 days ago
hi sisters
Adreana Fabian
Adreana Fabian 7 days ago
Samson Duval
Samson Duval 7 days ago
Hii evan
Eliem does stuff
Eliem does stuff 7 days ago
The bruh straight up wanted to buy panic at the disco
Charles Fulton
Charles Fulton 7 days ago
Wowowowwowow Evans voices changed And his look lol
Chim 7 days ago
Omg their mom is bad at guessing things
i am somebody
i am somebody 7 days ago
Evan's yellie does Mach the drawing 🕷🗣
Cat Coffman
Cat Coffman 8 days ago
High hopes!
Ibeammm 8 days ago
She said calculator because she did not want to say phone 🤣🤣
Priyanka Medhe
Priyanka Medhe 8 days ago
You are soo much lacky i want this only things from 1std
i am somebody
i am somebody 8 days ago
Evan: what does it do. Jillian: scream at it. Evan:AAAAAAA!. Me: laughing my head off😂
Eden Ava
Eden Ava 8 days ago
DDOGGY THE PRO 8 days ago
No way that’s my target they live in FL Miami
Geometry dash Kid
Simon CWL
Simon CWL 9 days ago
Can you guys do the parents do whatever kids can spell
Riahna Dela Cruz
Riahna Dela Cruz 9 days ago
Jillian is so lucky to get an iPad and camera
chicken nugget king
Whatever u can hold video
Veryan 1919
Veryan 1919 10 days ago
Hobokken Playz
Hobokken Playz 10 days ago
im sorry to say this but that final drawing that Evan drew I swear she thought the gaming headset was a ear muffs with a cord??????? tf hell no that a gaming headset dummy and a gaming mouse and a gaming computer and monitor damn ya'lls mom has no clue how to shop
Max _EYE
Max _EYE 10 days ago
“Looks like he is draw an entire menu” hahahahahah 😂
Coolboy 60
Coolboy 60 7 days ago
Max _EYE dude learn to spell
katharina rabbit
katharina rabbit 10 days ago
Try the mom and dad can ' say no challenge
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