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We have a giant area of land and whatever you build, I'll pay for it.
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Aug 6, 2020




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Comments 100
MrBeast Gaming
MrBeast Gaming 4 months ago
Who do you think will win? Dream or Technoblade?
Raylan Hallgren
Raylan Hallgren Month ago
jk a ps5
Mya Brown
Mya Brown Month ago
Guys are so cool and aka 🤠🤠 never give up.
DogGod4Real YT
DogGod4Real YT Month ago
Maybe Dream? ⭐️ ☁️ 😴 Idk 😐
Mary Mcmanus
Mary Mcmanus Month ago
Brenda Caballero
Booga booga
Beatrice Energy
Beatrice Energy Minute ago
Send dream 1000 baloneys lol
Keke Coop
Keke Coop 2 minutes ago
Send him a cup of nothing
Jenny Trimboli
Jenny Trimboli 4 minutes ago
mrbeast you should give him nothing in the box
Dragonnick YT
Dragonnick YT 17 minutes ago
Give dream a million dollars uwu
TripleTheFun 20 minutes ago
TripleTheFun 20 minutes ago
Socorro Medina
Socorro Medina 24 minutes ago
Send dream poo
Maggie 101
Maggie 101 31 minute ago
Send dream 1,000 dollars
niknik Aquino
niknik Aquino 34 minutes ago
I only disliked because I got annoyed...of "for the boys" 😬
parker miller
parker miller 41 minute ago
Techno blade Plush in dreams box
Slurpy Gamerzz
Slurpy Gamerzz 41 minute ago
put dog shit in itLOL
Dolphin Nell
Dolphin Nell 44 minutes ago
XwolfieX YT
XwolfieX YT 45 minutes ago
Give dream 100,000,000 pls
Estela Desouza
Estela Desouza 55 minutes ago
1 0000000000
Rafael Gutierrez 809
Jayden The Naughty
Im so sorry for the banned guy
maria ramos
maria ramos Hour ago
1 millon dollers fir dream
venomous5900 family
Lohitha Katta
Lohitha Katta Hour ago
Send dream poop
Edina Ziga
Edina Ziga Hour ago
DrEaM TeCnO WiLl PrOb NoT WiN
Jason Phillips
Send dream bologna
Nora Owen
Nora Owen 2 hours ago
Send dream a box of teddy bear wind up toys and un-stopping clocks111111!!!1111!
Soccer Fish
Soccer Fish 2 hours ago
Seed dream 100’000’000
eraser boii
eraser boii 2 hours ago
Send Dream $1 million dollars worth of baloney. *uwu*
Ashley Kinsella
Ashley Kinsella 2 hours ago
new words
Fred Davis
Fred Davis 2 hours ago
Can you guys do a fund raiser for food for a local food pantry and one distant food pantry chosen by the fans here. having a donating in two levels. one for the food for people, and one for the team putting it together. A donation area for feed the poor and superchat for you guys. If yes, bring me in. If yes hire a PR firm to do pressed releases before you start. It will help people ,it will bring money to you and it might bring an extra double in subs Fred Davis
Keila Dominguez ordonez
I think dream is gonna win i guess.
send dream $1,000,000 dollars uwu
Ien Hoa
Ien Hoa 3 hours ago
Ingat.... Ada allah....
TWISTY CLOWN 3 hours ago
Send dream 10,000,000 10 million dollars send dream 10 million dollars send dream 10,000,000
Sofi Trejo
Sofi Trejo 3 hours ago
I think Dream
David Von Joseph Lingga
DREM SEND 200 . 0000
HypidPlays 3 hours ago
Miranda Robison
Miranda Robison 3 hours ago
macie nelson
macie nelson 3 hours ago
Jaxon Yonke
Jaxon Yonke 3 hours ago
A Minecraft pig
Nico Blue
Nico Blue 4 hours ago
Big Legends
Big Legends 4 hours ago
For the Boys!
NZ_ ROBLOX_clan 4 hours ago
I would bulid a phone
Rita Tenorio
Rita Tenorio 4 hours ago
Mrs beast I’m actually a boy and I’m nine just using my moms account on RUvid and I’m a big fan pls make me in one of your challanges
Angel R
Angel R 4 hours ago
Put in play money!!
bgs player try hard bgs player
Its doubled lol
Peter Feng
Peter Feng 4 hours ago
Grian: builds mansion Mrbeast: wait what
Stacy Long
Stacy Long 4 hours ago
send him 10000000000000000000000000000 dolers
GalacticPlasma36 4 hours ago
"Please like I want 100k dollars!" little did he know...
Saflf Sesjj
Saflf Sesjj 4 hours ago
karl: look at this takis bag me: with a takis bag
imagine being so desperate for attention you have to copy someone else's comment word by word -_-
ItzJustFAXX 5 hours ago
ItzJustFAXX 5 hours ago
SEND DREAM $1,000,000
Elizabeth Bonura
Elizabeth Bonura 5 hours ago
send dream $1,000,000
pro player ahyaansonic
Send dream 10000000 dollars
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips 5 hours ago
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips 5 hours ago
Abel Zimbizi
Abel Zimbizi 5 hours ago
I actually feel bad too😥😭😀
Abel Zimbizi
Abel Zimbizi 5 hours ago
Joyse Gomez-Cortes
Joyse Gomez-Cortes 5 hours ago
Cecilia Medina
Cecilia Medina 5 hours ago
Omg Mr beast just got 2million likes
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 5 hours ago
cookiecrumble98 5 hours ago
Send dream 80,000 dollars
Matthew Pridemore
Matthew Pridemore 5 hours ago
karl: look at this takis bag me: with a takis bag
Leno Chandel
Leno Chandel 5 hours ago
The boiiiiiiiis
SILAS JENKINS 5 hours ago
Send a million dollars
Emily Straub
Emily Straub 6 hours ago
Send dream a unicor lol
drew quevedo
drew quevedo 6 hours ago
Can you send dream $100,000
Theresa Grondin
Theresa Grondin 6 hours ago
beatriz hernandez
beatriz hernandez 6 hours ago
Mister beat me that make people describe their parents your favorite character
Jaren Banos
Jaren Banos 6 hours ago
If I was there I would've build a house a normal house or ... secret
stargamer 6 hours ago
Send dream Chandler’s poop
Katie Janovetz
Katie Janovetz 6 hours ago
Emilygenesis Granados
(Bruh. Meme)
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 6 hours ago
Send DREAM $million dollars
Jake Paradis
Jake Paradis 6 hours ago
Send dream unspeakable 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Crystal Diaz
Crystal Diaz 6 hours ago
send dream $10000,00000
Crystal Diaz
Crystal Diaz 6 hours ago
Giancarlos Torres
Giancarlos Torres 6 hours ago
Dream get a 100000
paw Wonder world
paw Wonder world 6 hours ago
Send dream Mayo
_.Ivyela._ 7 hours ago
Send dream 7000
Gato Meow FN
Gato Meow FN 7 hours ago
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John Leo
John Leo 7 hours ago
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Marlow Eliot
Marlow Eliot 7 hours ago
I hate you for banning people for no reason
Joey Marks
Joey Marks 7 hours ago
send dream 1,000,000,000,00
Ethan Hernandez
Ethan Hernandez 7 hours ago
Good cool
Joey Olivas
Joey Olivas 7 hours ago
send dream $1,000,000 uwu
Alysabeta Wiskerchen
drty socks hhahahahahah
Fraggle Rock
Fraggle Rock 7 hours ago
send dream 100000000 dollors
Turki Best
Turki Best 7 hours ago
I’mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The first time we had the best time of our
Lizzie Rett
Lizzie Rett 7 hours ago
OK nice builds everyone:) :) :)) :) :))) :
DANISH IMRAN 7 hours ago
Plone [
DANISH IMRAN 8 hours ago
Becky Mason
Becky Mason 8 hours ago
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Awesome dude yt
Awesome dude yt 8 hours ago
Sunset Bloxx
Sunset Bloxx 8 hours ago
Send dream 1k dollars!
Mocha_berry UwU
Mocha_berry UwU 8 hours ago
It’s eitehr I have 100 thing or we have 100 things Xd
DrippyDice 8 hours ago
What if I said that guy that writes bruh meme is me😳😳😳
19 N.j.f
19 N.j.f 8 hours ago
Send dream 100000000000000000000 dollars
Julia Gregory
Julia Gregory 8 hours ago
Samantha Heywood
Samantha Heywood 8 hours ago
Pat Sheridan
Pat Sheridan 8 hours ago
I just watched watching every day bro for 10 hours, he is so much different and gives $100,000 every other day
mette neumann
mette neumann 8 hours ago
Nmayer 8 hours ago
Sent dream a potato with a face
Diana Pomorska
Diana Pomorska 8 hours ago
A pickle buy him a pickle
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