What your First Kiss is like

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Thanks Linda for being in the video!
(we made a video for her channel too, it will be up soon)
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Mar 17, 2017




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Comments 3 569
Annabelle Basgall
My dad said I can't date till im 43
Prem Singh Kashyap
Dee Waqa
Dee Waqa 14 days ago
dont kiss 🤔🤔
kazman art
kazman art 14 days ago
0:05 "i had a really great time tonight" Lol its daytime
Meg Noller
Meg Noller 20 days ago
mine was a dare
Cristina Fernandez Lorente
I never got my first kiss I’m only seven
Im Arabella2
Im Arabella2 24 days ago
TheLogan47 29 days ago
Me in 10th grade: 1. I wake up 2. I go to school 3. I ask my crush out 4. We go on a date 5. We kiss 6. I go home Now read 3,4,5,1,2,6 in order
blueeyes139 29 days ago
Hi clown
flor delgado
flor delgado Month ago
I has my firt kiss when I was 4
flor delgado
flor delgado Month ago
I want you to kiss whith a girl
Jose Cárdenas
Jose Cárdenas Month ago
JoshOMG Month ago
I'm boy I listen im 7
Mr Pumpkink
Mr Pumpkink Month ago
Thank you Cloe for info about kissing
Κυριος Μπαμπης
My crush likes me and we are gonna go out soon and Im so fucking scared idk how to kiss😂
Katie Windon
Katie Windon 2 months ago
achmad gibran
achmad gibran 2 months ago
Cayenne Martin
Cayenne Martin 2 months ago
I had my first kiss at nine
Little Ecevet
Little Ecevet 2 months ago
Wow I never new that’s I would ever come cross the video
Anaida Chanel
Anaida Chanel 2 months ago
my first kiss was with a girl when I was 5 and it wasnt that slobbery xD
carmen zarate
carmen zarate 2 months ago
I had my first kiss was with doritos
trish 2 months ago
Robin W.
Robin W. 2 months ago
There's a tongue in my mouth! Okay there was already a tongue in my mouth, but there's another tongue in my mouth!😂😂😂😂 I'm dead
Distant Voices Tunisia
Oralis Silva
Oralis Silva 2 months ago
May crush. Kiss 💋. Me. Omg His en Engel
ItsAva Jolie
ItsAva Jolie 2 months ago
And all my friends wonder why i haven’t had my first kiss or boyfriend yet 😕
alexia cerulli
alexia cerulli 2 months ago
Krystal Laffin
Krystal Laffin 2 months ago
Cloe im 7
I am not needed lol
I am not needed lol 2 months ago
Me and my bf r meeting up tomorrow and because we are always down for a spoonful of consent we have said that we are gonna kiss and I am excited
Obina Wilson
Obina Wilson 2 months ago
The video is so good
Abby Diamond
Abby Diamond 2 months ago
Mine was romantic, sorta
Rachael Pearl
Rachael Pearl 2 months ago
Heres my story of my frist kiss: so I woke up like every school day then I brush my teeth I use the bathroom, I got dressed, I ate breakfest, I went to school, I went to class, AND IT HAPPENED IT WAS TIME FOR LUNCH!!! Finally I was starving. Then I went to class, and then IT HAPPENED AND I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY...... IT WAS TIME TO GO HOME and thats the end of my story your probably like weres the frist kiss well......I NEVER HAD MY FRIST KISS IM ONLY 10 I know I know clickbat!
gdoggyfresh 1
gdoggyfresh 1 2 months ago
You should do it in his perspective
Sylvia Cain
Sylvia Cain 2 months ago
I had a boyfriend but
Mitch Wilson
Mitch Wilson 2 months ago
So I’m 12 and just had my first kiss (I’m a guy) and can confirm this is exactly what it’s like! 😂
Cerrillo Family
Cerrillo Family 2 months ago
adam fair
adam fair 3 months ago
My first kiss I made out with a girl on the floor 😎
Awesome Unigirl
Awesome Unigirl 3 months ago
I want my first kiss
Sharida Mohd Sharif
Sharida Mohd Sharif 3 months ago
And I don’t have a boyfriend because because I don’t I’m beauty but I don’t no way I don’t have a boyfriend I’m just 9 years old and byeeee🥺😭😢🥺💔
Sharida Mohd Sharif
Sharida Mohd Sharif 3 months ago
CLOE You have boyfriends you didn’t tell me🤯if you have a boyfriend you have married right
White Asian
White Asian 3 months ago
Just had my first kiss today like 3 times First time was really bad I mean really bad, she didn’t open her mouth But the second time she did and it was great
Licet B
Licet B 3 months ago
I'm in kindergardi i have a crush
Melda uTorba
Melda uTorba 3 months ago
Wow I love your first kiss
danyaslavin 3 months ago
Who has their 1st kiss in college?????
Nijon B.
Nijon B. 3 months ago
Wait at the beginning he said that was a great night but it’s daytime 😂 lmao
Smores Frappuccino
Smores Frappuccino 3 months ago
I had my first kiss when I was 7 years old and I'm nine now so ya and I was at school one person took a pic wall we were doing it and I was enbarest
Abrianna Miller
Abrianna Miller 3 months ago
an evil pineapple stole my tiara
This is something I'll never have.
PotatoWolf 70
PotatoWolf 70 3 months ago
Poor guy XD
The Willowy Hen
The Willowy Hen 3 months ago
My girlfriend and I both want to kiss but I'm scared lmao
Kahnee Rodriguez
Kahnee Rodriguez 3 months ago
I am 9 years old and I got my first kiss last year
Kahnee Rodriguez
Kahnee Rodriguez 3 months ago
#socute ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Karla •Torri
Karla •Torri 3 months ago
7 boys tried to kiss me rejected 6 of them kissed 1 of them it was a long makeout at the park still with him 💖
Jackie Thompson
Jackie Thompson 3 months ago
Roflmao. That's hilarious. Never had that happen that way. I already had a first kiss.
Lexis Nicole
Lexis Nicole 3 months ago
My first kiss story: so my crush was my BEST FRIEND. He asked me to go set up Hamic‘s on a mountain and watch the sunset... we were sharing a hamic bc the other one tore... we were having a really deep conversation and then it just happened... and then my alarm went off and I woke up to get ready for school 👍
Adventure Is there
Adventure Is there 3 months ago
Lexis Nicole lol
Brianna Lil Bree
Brianna Lil Bree 3 months ago
That's funny because mine was the same way😭😂
Kyla Angeles
Kyla Angeles 3 months ago
That was funny 😂
Sara Cox
Sara Cox 3 months ago
My first kiss was not like this. Because it never happened. 😂😭
Duverger Rosena
Duverger Rosena 3 months ago
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