What your First Kiss is like | CloeCouture

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What your First Kiss is like | CloeCouture

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Mar 17, 2017




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Comments 80
Chhaya Khude
Chhaya Khude Day ago
If a boy kiss me he's gonna regret it bc my breath........ iss.. veryyyy stinky
Chloe Polverino
Chloe Polverino 10 days ago
Omg i laugh when she said a dog is liking my face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
yesha And Matt jelyssa
I am only 6 and I have my 2 crush and 5 kiss
Rayana Rahman
Rayana Rahman 15 days ago
h a n a c h a n
h a n a c h a n 17 days ago
who else never had there first kiss yet, lol
Mirian Vicioso
Mirian Vicioso 21 day ago
ahmed Gharbaoui
ahmed Gharbaoui 22 days ago
-ffgfdwd ds ecv😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
Afia Khatun
Afia Khatun 29 days ago
I had many kisses in my life
Melet Villadiego
kiss O M G no no no no?
andre kohne
andre kohne Month ago
💖💖💖💖💖Liyah piek en pupl
Antonio Larin
Antonio Larin Month ago
I have not had mine im 7😁
Madeleine Unicorn
Magdala Elise
Magdala Elise Month ago
Omg my boyfriend cheating on me 😑😢😭
jessica Zeekona
jessica Zeekona Month ago
Girl you were so pretty there like he was so so it was so so so man romantically can you do that don't you should never mind a friend when you having your own dates so
Pamela Simmons
Pamela Simmons Month ago
Manasvi Marketing
I'm Manasvi jargaliya.i live in india . which is your city
Obiageli Egbuonu
hing girl
hing girl Month ago
What your name in snapchat
Panda Liv
Panda Liv Month ago
My first kiss was with my best friend 😖
Olivia O'Shea
Olivia O'Shea Month ago
I'm going to have my second kiss with my boyfriend when we go back to school in term 2
exekiel gamimg noob
I have crush but were always kissing on every bdoy out of shirt
Abigail Smith
Abigail Smith Month ago
Tia Joyner
Tia Joyner Month ago
2020 vibes
Kinman Wong
Kinman Wong Month ago
Gelsey Montalvan
Gelsey Montalvan 2 months ago
Oof she messed up
Neetu KANHAI 2 months ago
I can't think you never got a kiss before
Mesas YouTube world
Mesas YouTube world 3 months ago
Why why
Chief 3 months ago
Me: has had a first kiss Me: is literally in a relationship Also me: watches a video about what a first kiss is like
Mark Jamson
Mark Jamson 3 months ago
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Aubrey Levens
Aubrey Levens 3 months ago
Hi 😂🤣😂🤣😅😋😜😛🤪😝
Naomi Johanesen
Naomi Johanesen 3 months ago
I've had my first kiss before,and I em 11years old.it was AMAZING and now he is my boyfriend.🙂ok it was a little bit wierd but I was so happy.hope U be happy to.
Jessica Spindler
Jessica Spindler 4 months ago
Shiny Master Nikki
Shiny Master Nikki 4 months ago
Warning; **Smol vent cause I'm lonely and its 3am and none of my 2 friends are up** I am a lonely heck cause my first relationship, aka the one im in rn, is a long distance one. Like over the continent far. And I havent had my first kiss and am crushing on this other girl who gives me hugs and makes sure I'm ok when I'm upset at school. I'm pretty sure I'm just someone who is touch-starved but idk. Without anyone physically that I can be with... I just curl up and cry, feeling depressed and lonely. Even though I have a girlfriend. That I can probably never meet. And have a 3 hour timezone difference. Good luck to everyone who is going to get with anyone or is going through anything. *sighs in 'ima go cry now'*
Trio Adi Kuncoro
Trio Adi Kuncoro 4 months ago
i think that place is from 500 days of summer, right?
Tait Cartwright
Tait Cartwright 4 months ago
my first kiss was cute
Jemimah Amber Ashraf
Love Life
Love Life 4 months ago
I was in 2nd year high school. I really had no experience at all with girls or life. She told me I kissed like a fish,,,,in front of everyone, OUCH ! No wonder my self esteem with girls sucks
Scott Walker
Scott Walker 4 months ago
OMG what
Scott Walker
Scott Walker 4 months ago
The hug hahahahahahahaha
Tracey B
Tracey B 4 months ago
I wanna that boy
karin stupar
karin stupar 4 months ago
Today i had my first kiSS. I'm kissing like a dead fish
TotallyNotOdd 5 months ago
I had a Hersheys kiss and my friend Martin took my chocolate and he went up to my crush and said "Hey! _ _ _ _ _ _ wanted to give you a kiss!" he was like "..." I walked up and said " Oh my God Martin give me my chocolate back!" my crush looked at me like and he was like "oh sure then.." I was bright red my crush was bright red and Martin was behind me laughing his ass off standing next to his girlfriend I handed the the Hersheys to him and we held hands for a second I was having a mental breakdown while Martin was behind me laughing. OMG I was so embarrassed!
Hailey Rebekah
Hailey Rebekah 5 months ago
wellllll if anyone was wondering how i had mine and when it was a couple weeks ago when i snuck out to do sum stuff with a guy we ended up making out and yeh i was super akward bc i had no clue how to but im glad ive done it and in fact i keep doing it even though i have no clue how to!
Karra Añonuevo
Karra Añonuevo 5 months ago
Xx LilSpark xX
Xx LilSpark xX 5 months ago
Me amalia
Xx LilSpark xX
Xx LilSpark xX 5 months ago
Love you💋❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜💔❣💕💞💓💟💝💘💖💗
little princess
little princess 5 months ago
2:03 😂 so me
Ramirez Jonathan
Ramirez Jonathan 5 months ago
Allie Schlegel
Allie Schlegel 6 months ago
Bro I got a boy he tells me I'm beautiful like every day, so I'm working on it.
Nicky Evans
Nicky Evans 6 months ago
He kist my bum
Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner 6 months ago
I wonder when is my first kiss UH NEVER LOL :(:)
Roblox Dreams
Roblox Dreams 6 months ago
I have had my first kiss
Patricia Carty
Patricia Carty 6 months ago
Lol my Teachers Name is Mrs. Johnson
Mustapha Hamid
Mustapha Hamid 6 months ago
I love you I kiss girl
Mustapha Hamid
Mustapha Hamid 6 months ago
Sharon Bennett
Sharon Bennett 6 months ago
You had I diffent boy friend 🥰😍
Sebastien and his friends
In October 29 2019 I got my first kiss like 3 times at school well I was not expecting another kind of kiss, the only kiss i know is on the lips. Good thing nobody record it because it can get me scared if someone record it, (thinking: maybe I might post some pictures of me and Meghan kissing or hugging each other)
Natalie K
Natalie K 6 months ago
I'm 17 and haven't had my first kiss yet. :') Bf #3, let's go. I know I'll get it this time around.
Namika 6 months ago
2:46 no need to thank me
mike chipak
mike chipak 7 months ago
You should do lanother kissing video
Fely ventura
Fely ventura 7 months ago
I’m 10 and I have a boyfriend and we always kiss like CLOE OMG
Ihopeyouchokeonaplastickstraw Bb
Gonna have to delete history now 🤦‍♀️
evie dems
evie dems 7 months ago
Im in fift grade and i have my first kiss at school
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley 7 months ago
My dad said I can't date till im 43
Prem Singh Kashyap
Prem Singh Kashyap 7 months ago
Dee Waqa
Dee Waqa 8 months ago
dont kiss 🤔🤔
Kazman 8 months ago
0:05 "i had a really great time tonight" Lol its daytime
Meg Noller
Meg Noller 8 months ago
mine was a dare
Cristina Fernandez Lorente
I never got my first kiss I’m only seven
LeenBellePlayz 8 months ago
TheLogan47 8 months ago
Me in 10th grade: 1. I wake up 2. I go to school 3. I ask my crush out 4. We go on a date 5. We kiss 6. I go home Now read 3,4,5,1,2,6 in order
blueeyes139 8 months ago
Hi clown
flor delgado
flor delgado 8 months ago
I has my firt kiss when I was 4
flor delgado
flor delgado 8 months ago
I want you to kiss whith a girl
Jose Cárdenas
Jose Cárdenas 8 months ago
Ash 9 months ago
I am 16
JoshOMG 9 months ago
I'm boy I listen im 7
Faris Chang
Faris Chang 9 months ago
Thank you Cloe for info about kissing
Κυριος Μπαμπης
My crush likes me and we are gonna go out soon and Im so fucking scared idk how to kiss😂
Katie Windon
Katie Windon 9 months ago
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