What Your Cat's Sleeping Position Reveals About Their Health and Personality

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Cats’ Sleeping Positions can reveal a lot about their personality, health and how they are feeling.
This guide breaks down the most common cat sleeping positions and explains the science behind why cats sleep in certain ways.

#1. Curled-up
In the curled-up position, the cat curls its tail around its body and tucks its head towards the chest. This resting position means that your cat might be trying to conserve body heat and provide protection to the fundamental parts of its body. It’s the most common sleeping position for animals in the wild, too, as it helps conserve warmth and protects the vital organs.

#2. A Cat in a Box

A cat in a box position means that your cat is worried about its security and is seeking comfort and protection. When cats sleep in smaller, congested areas, this shows their concern about safety. The solid walls of a box make them feel secure by providing them with a tight and secure space. Other than boxes, cats may also seek out drawers, bowls, and other objects that they can fit tightly into. Maybe your cat is scared of other pets or children in the household. You can help her out by creating an enclosed box with sufficient fluffiness inside to help her sleep comfortably.

#3. Belly up Position

A cat’s stomach is its most vulnerable area. So, if your cat is sleeping in a belly-up position in which the legs are pointed at weird angles while the stomach is facing the ceiling, this is a sign that the cat feels comfortable and safe in your home. You can consider yourself lucky that you’ve won the trust of your fluffy pet. That’s because, cats are usually concerned about their safety and won’t expose their vulnerable parts when they aren’t sure about their surroundings. Sleeping on their back is an indication that your pet is confident and relaxed with its surroundings.

#4. The Half-Eye Shut Position

One thing about predators is that they hunt and do not like to get hunted in return.
This is the reason that your cat is not closing its eyes all the way even though it is dozing off.
In this position, you will notice that your cat’s ears are constantly moving, which means your pet is alert. This shallow form of sleep can last for hours. Your pet is aware of what is going on in its surroundings, and any unusual sound will jolt the cat into complete attention.
In another version of this position, the cat sleeps with one eye shut and the other open. This is called Unihemispheric Slow-wave Sleep. In this form, half of the brain is in unconscious while the other half is conscious and alert.
This form of sleeping is beneficial because your cat can rest even in places with some sense of threat.
#5. The Loaf Position

In this position, the cat sits upright but tucks its front paws under the body. If you find your cat sleeping in a loaf-like position, this means your cat does not want to sleep for long and is only resting before the next activity.

#6. Sleeping Sideways

Sleeping sideways is an extremely relaxing sleeping position for a cat. Sleeping on one side with their limbs stretched out means that your cat is fully content and feeling safe. Your cat is in total relaxation mode and does not feel the need to remain alert. Cats fall into a deep sleep in this position.

#7. Paw Above the Face Position

Paw-over-face is one of the most adorable sleeping positions common to cats which will leave you surprised at most times.
When the cat puts a paw across the face, it signals that they don’t wish to be disturbed.
This generally happens when the cat is sleeping soundly and unknowingly. This position also occurs when a bright light or the daylight is making the cat feel uncomfortable and so they cover their eyes as a result.

#8. Monorail Cat

Monorail position is when the cat lies on the arms or backs of chairs, sofas, staircase banisters, fence posts, or the tops of doors. Typically, the cat dangles down all four legs in this position. This position is called the “monorail” because the posture of the cat is such that it resembles a monorail transit system.
Cats have zero understanding of architectural rules regarding access and functionality. They like to rest in this position as it is more suitable for general surveillance

#9. The Contortionist
A cat in the contortionist position, will sleep all twisted up with their limbs hanging in different directions while her head is twisted at weird angles. There is no particular reason behind this position and your cat might only choose it because it is comforting to them at the time.

So, there you have it, all the most important and commonly observed cat sleeping positions lined up for you. You can now easily understand all those untold signals and signs that your cat cannot tell you themselves. You can find out whether your cat is feeling secure or threatened and if they are sleeping comfortably or not.

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robert 6 hours ago
my cat sleeps on his back in my arms 🥺🥺🥺
Thank you, most of the reason in here is explained.. but my cat likes to sleep in the loaf position with his arms out? I'm trying to figure out why.. but most of the sleep positions he does are in here and they show he feels safe, so thank you!
Jenna 14 hours ago
My girl cat will turn over to her back and stare at me till I stroke her belly but my boy cat will just move to the other side of the bed...
Sad Pasta
Guys guys cat doesn't want u to pet its belly if it bites u, if she finally feels relaxed and decides to expose belly u dont just run to her and pet it (sry for bad eng)
IceBear Pl
IceBear Pl Day ago
My Cat sleeps sideways usually :3
More Than Bipolar
Ha! So cool. My cat & I both have only one side of our brain working sometimes .. lol. I enjoyed this a lot. Thank you. My cat doesn't do seven or eight. 🤔
Мариета Иванова
My cat sleeps in my drawer and wardrobe
HypeMaster Day ago
my cat sleeps like one of these but he flips his head upside down
Sketchyy - Kun
“ MOMMMM “ “ Yes? “ “ I NEED BOXES CAN WE GO TO THE STORE! “ “ We have a box here at home. “ The box at home : 0:38
Enchanted 1802
*paw on the face means do not disturb me* Me: starts laughing 😂 because one morning my cat slapped me in my *sleep*!
Yonaton Axelrad
cyber burner
cyber burner Day ago
Bruh cats literally come with a do not disturb mode
luvv amyrass
luvv amyrass Day ago
Just admit that CATS ARE LIQUID and cute too🥺💗
luvv amyrass
luvv amyrass Day ago
What ever position my cat doing in sleep it still call *CUTE* uwu
minha mohsin
minha mohsin 2 days ago
My car sleeps on his back
xFloraPetalx 2 days ago
My cat tracks me down to sleep with me ;-; Like even on the couch
Aida Ab Jalil
Aida Ab Jalil 2 days ago
Based on the video, I'm glad to know how comfy my BJ now. I'm constantly hoping he receives the best from us. 😄
Balling Cuber
Balling Cuber 2 days ago
My cat sleeps in a box me :yeetus the fetus
Jamie Huff
Jamie Huff 2 days ago
my cat always sleeps belly up sometime I wake up with her butt in my face 😂
EMPIRE 2 days ago
I don’t even have a cat and I just watched all of it
Lady-Nina 2 days ago
My cat enjoys sleeping against me, with my hand resting on her belly.
juhnaay 2 days ago
2:40 but i gotta keep an eye out for selener ➖👄👁
cat warrior
cat warrior 2 days ago
To bad my sister keeps on messing with our cat
Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox 2 days ago
My cat is number 6
M N 2 days ago
I have a problem.. I have 4 cats ... they stole my bed ... 😃
“Usually when the cat is sleeping in a loaf position, it will keeps both or at least one eye shut” *But they only have two eyes*
The Slayer
The Slayer 2 days ago
I was wondering why my cat always sleeps curled up, now know why cuz she's a wildcat
livia dog lover
livia dog lover 2 days ago
sometimes i see my cat laying in a pose that's between laying sideways and curled up XD
Sameen Mannal
Sameen Mannal 3 days ago
My cat: *sleeps* Me: teehee *boops its nose* My cat: *opens eyes and proceeds to attack me*
David William Hazboun
My kitty is sleeping on her side as we speak
Nicole 3 days ago
I love cats
Haziq Hafiz
Haziq Hafiz 3 days ago
How about a cat sleep when i carried him? Like everytime.. My arms sore.. 😅😅
Strawberry Clips
Strawberry Clips 3 days ago
My cat did all of these today other than the box
Abbie McBride
Abbie McBride 3 days ago
I just got a new kitten, we have had him for just a week and he sleeps on his side but on his back (basically his belly is exposed). I think he feels comfortable in his new home 💕
Rachel Chism
Rachel Chism 3 days ago
Me at 1:22 Her she? Wth man! Cats can be males too like wittle lemon
Tracey Rowan
Tracey Rowan 3 days ago
Why u only call them a girl 😾
Tomalio The Tomato
My kitties always sleep on their sides
Potato San
Potato San 3 days ago
I don’t have a cat but I watched this anyways m(__)m
Zick Zag
Zick Zag 3 days ago
mari 3 days ago
What if its half curled up and half side ways? (Body side ways head curled up)
Equine_ _Sophia
Equine_ _Sophia 3 days ago
My cat sleeps in the box...She doesn’t like when you remove her from the box. But she bites you when you pet her.. She ain’t “scared” she just likes boxes
Hazel Waterblanket
What about when they put their head on their paw and lay staright? my cat does that all the time
EllieBellie Boop
EllieBellie Boop 4 days ago
My cat just loves boxes with a towel
dalal bo Hamra
dalal bo Hamra 4 days ago
My cat sleep belly down and very stretched like Superman what does that mean 😂
Maria Svarga
Maria Svarga 4 days ago
Sleeping sideways, food coma after working ( eating ) hard 😸
[LY] Koi
[LY] Koi 4 days ago
2:43 my cat keeping an eye out for selener
Emily Lee
Emily Lee 4 days ago
My cat sleeps curled up on top of my chest and in the loaf position always on top of my chest
Jacob Riet
Jacob Riet 4 days ago
what if my cat is facing the floor and taking a long time to wake up
D3viL Outsid3
D3viL Outsid3 4 days ago
My cat sleeps in all these positions... it's going to be hard to analyze it !
BIG T 4 days ago
I thought my cat was just really weird. But I guess every cat is the same.lol
🎭B.Radley Pro.👾
What about cats sleeping between the neck and shoulders while it’s head it’s on your cheek
Faith K
Faith K 4 days ago
I don't even have a cat, but this was cute.
The Grady files
The Grady files 4 days ago
2:57 Meatloaf
bubbly 4 days ago
*Proud catmom coming thru*
Elle 4 days ago
Then there’s me cat....... *She sleeps with her face on whatever she’s sleeping on and I don’t know how she breathes*
Aieris Frost
Aieris Frost 4 days ago
Kitty loaf
Alexander Fasching
my cat literally does all these but for no particular reason. Even when its super hot in the summer she still sleeps curled up every now and then. She literally always finds a different place to sleep and different seemingly inconvenient ways to do so. Like half hanging from the staircase not giving a fuck. Maybe its because shes a British shorthair which is usually a very lazy calm breed. She sleeps like 4/5th of the day xD so guess when you sleep that much atleast you need some variety in how you sleep lol
Channel 5 days ago
My cat goes loaf mode then buries its face into the cushion
Linnaea Compton-Balch
Let me go find my cats brb 😂
curli-lettey 5 days ago
My cat is sleeping sideways right now.
Dino yt ut fan
Dino yt ut fan 5 days ago
Aww is that why my mom put me in a shoebox when I was a baby :3 *joke btw*
Tiffany Lesley
Tiffany Lesley 5 days ago
One time I was reading a book and my cat just came on my lap and slept and I fell asleep too.
King Qas
King Qas 5 days ago
Like if your cat is ginger
DrillOfTheDeath 5 days ago
Another way to say cats are liquid
Light Fall On The Head
2:00 what is that monstrosity?
Swapna Lekha VB
Swapna Lekha VB 5 days ago
My cat always sleeps on my body...
ferociousgumby 5 days ago
I used to wonder why he slept with his eyes open! Makes him look like a lizard.
Sheogorath Everdeen
My brother named his cat loaf because he like to sleep like loaf My cat likes to sleep sideways under my dad's truck or on the porch They're adorable I love them
Marina 5 days ago
Every time my cat rests belly up and looks at me expectancy I get a warm feeling in my chest. Honestly, gaining the trust of a cat enough that it not only let's you but likes you rubbing its belly is one of the most rewarding things in the universe.
Fluffy Hugs
Fluffy Hugs 5 days ago
so cute 😍😍
Ahaii Cats
Ahaii Cats 5 days ago
When my cat sits in the monorail position, she likes to swipe at us when we pass by, especially when we stop patting her and try to leave. It’s so cute 🥺🥺
John C
John C 6 days ago
My cat is fat and loves sleeping on her back with her legs spread. I always giggle her tummy fat and she wakes, her eyes will go completely black and she'll hug my arm with her front legs and start kicking me with her back legs and play bite. It's a fun. lol
Leely Moonstar
Leely Moonstar 6 days ago
What about my cat she does yoga, I don't even do yoga I don't know how that happens 😆😆😆
Bangtan ARMY for life
Why am I watching this when I don't have a cat😂
Nelle Nelle
Nelle Nelle 4 days ago
Sleepy Sarah
Sleepy Sarah 6 days ago
Why am I here it’s 3 am
Paperjam .-.
Paperjam .-. 6 days ago
Oh ok my cat does most of these
Ba Ri
Ba Ri 6 days ago
My cat sleeps on his side: your cat is completely relaxed and feeling confident. Me: no shit sherlock he is asleep on my bed on top of my new $80 fluffy blanket that he has claimed as his own!
Sunflower Peachy
Sunflower Peachy 6 days ago
Number 9 scared me
Cookie150g 6 days ago
But- my cat does more than half of these in a day 🥺
Nahi Corua
Nahi Corua 6 days ago
My cat sleeps draped all over my chest when I'm lying down, and if I move she'll literally whine at me until I'm still again
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