What Vikings Gets Wrong About History

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Okay, so nobody out there really believes that History Channel's hit series Vikings is all that historically accurate, but you might be surprised just how many liberties the show takes with the truth. Here are some of the biggest inaccuracies and mistruths you'll find in Vikings.
In season one, Vikings introduces Ragnar Lothbrok and his brother Rollo, and they're kind of a big deal as far as the show's story goes. Both were historical figures too, though Ragnar himself was more of a mythic, King Arthur-style figure while Rollo is more firmly grounded in actual historical record. But one thing is for sure: they definitely weren't brothers.
Rollo was born in Scandinavia somewhere around 845 A.D., and he lived until around 930. It's true that he was a Viking, and it's also true that he participated in raids in the Kingdom of West Francia [FRAWN-kee-uh] and eventually became the first ruler of Normandy [NORE-mun-dee]. But he was almost certainly not related to Ragnar Lothbrok, and it's unlikely the two ever even met. Ragnar, if he was indeed a real person, probably lived from around 820 to 865, which means he's at least 25 years Rollo's senior, so he would have been approaching the end of his life just as Rollo was entering adulthood.
So why does the show commit to this particular historical error? Well, both men are fascinating figures, and it's easier for a television audience to invest in two divergent storylines if they're introduced at first as two parts of the same storyline
Watch the video to see what Vikings gets wrong about history!
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Brothers in arms | 0:00
Saint Cuthbert | 1:18
Ragnar's voyages | 2:30
Goin' Viking | 3:29
Dressed to kill | 4:27
Tresses and manes | 5:21
Athelstan | 6:24
Blood eagles | 7:26
Around the world | 8:26
Out of time | 9:21
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May 23, 2020




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Comments 80
Grunge Month ago
What's your favorite thing about the show?
Jj Quijada
Jj Quijada Month ago
Lagertha. She’s absolutely beautiful
Nate Durkee
Nate Durkee Month ago
Rullvard Athelstan for sure 100% lol
Rullvard Month ago
Floki, Athelstan and of course Ragnar
Cheryl Richards
Cheryl Richards Month ago
@Nate Durkee ... Oh, character progression and character development is great! Reminds me of Sons of Anarchy.
Nate Durkee
Nate Durkee Month ago
All the great character progression... started watching like a week ago and I’m season 3 now🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Jamie Rueffer
Jamie Rueffer 15 days ago
Since when is TV historically accurate? Its too bad because that's where most people get their "facts".
Gsel vl
Gsel vl 22 days ago
Nice be friends
tommy anderson
tommy anderson 23 days ago
Am I late? Yes I am. This video is as inaccurate as the show
Felix Davidsson
Felix Davidsson 24 days ago
Not watchin it for the truth, wathin it for the entertainment. But still, nice to know the truth!
David Fox
David Fox 25 days ago
how about tiny women killing battle hardened men on their droves? Physiologically doubtful, to say the least.
Marc Witorsch
Marc Witorsch 26 days ago
pretty much everything
Tarsan97 27 days ago
Vikings did not speak English ! They did not even speak broken modern Norwegian like heard some times on Tv, they speak norrønna, now just preserved in some words in Scandinavia and more preserved in Iceland. Vikings did not lit up rooms with candle lights from the mal. They used seal or whale oil with a floating something as a smokin wik. VIK= bay in Scandinavia. Ading "ings" is like say and add football-ers...It is just a description on people living along the bays, fjords and the coasts. Metal was labourintensive to extract so armoring with metal would be not often to see. Leather much more. We know from a viking battle in Norway that the same people in north gave one of the sides reindeer skins to use as ponchos against arrows and swords. There wil also bee a hugh difference on viking piracy from the earlier ages and the hugh viking amys under some king later. It is this soldiers people picture in their heads. On Tv vikings use creative torture methods. This is not in the culture of vikings, they was much pragmatic. They just wanted you stuff and smashed your head in if you was in the way. By the way, Norwegians do not like at all be referring to as "norse". They do not like the mixing on what they did from their maritime expertise and what Danish or Swedish did that was something different. Just so you will not end up hanging from a tree somewhere in frozen Norway.
Definix11 28 days ago
I am from norway, there is literally vikingships in my hometown. the nature in the series is very much like exactly where im from
huntressvideos 28 days ago
I knew that the show mostly made shit up from the getgo. This first episode was already incredibly inaccurate.
Jan Helge Hammer
Jan Helge Hammer 28 days ago
Vikings dont claim to be factional correct. Its a drama made around the Viking age, and they take a lot of freedom to make it interesting and make the characters likeable for the wiewers despite the fact that the raids where terrible and the Viking culture harsh.
I could be wrong, but I swear that there was a scene where Sigurd was sharpening his ax with his blade facing the opposite direction, which would have the opposite effect of sharpening.
I honestly hate the hair choices in the show. Most of the hair design resulted from what the directors thought Viking style may have looked like. There is really no evidence that recounts hairstyles for the Norse at that time period. However, it seems unlikely that most of the men would have a giant braid following down their back. Why? For the same reason that having a horned helmet is a bad idea. It gives your enemy something to grab hold of that would provide leverage for your enemy to cut your throat.
Shaun A
Shaun A 29 days ago
I don’t think Vikings really studied history. They were probably more interested in exploration and pillaging.
Sunset Simmer
Sunset Simmer 29 days ago
Can't be bothered to watch but I'll say one thing. Forks.
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne Month ago
Grunge is like that friend who cant stfu during a movie. MAN that looks so fake , DUDe that impossible! omg stfu and watch the movie nerd.
David McKay
David McKay Month ago
FFS Dude, it's a TV series!
Luke Harman
Luke Harman Month ago
This isn't even half of them
Sebastian Chantre
I hate when Shows, movies and games depicting historical events gets watered down and Hollywoodiest for the sake of broad appeal. I love the show but man it could've been so much more.
Mihai Popa
Mihai Popa Month ago
Almost everything
Jasmine Month ago
The premise of this show isn’t the fighting and battles. The how show is about the strength of enduring friendship that overcome life’s difficulties. Rewatch the show and keep this in mind.
Faerli Kreepi
Faerli Kreepi Month ago
I love “try to enjoy the violence” like we’re not watching the show for exactly that 😂
Jonathan Barker
Jonathan Barker Month ago
I never really get in that show .But I did watch the first season , When the show was new way back in day , but I watched fro those hot little blondes women in the show , And one of my family. tree's can trace back , To those medieval biker gang know as the Vikings , But there is not to many movies on Vikings , And most of them show them tear assing around North America ,Which is cool to think Vikings were one few Europeans to set here on North America , And it is a cool video on the Vikings .
Prs Grind
Prs Grind Month ago
History Channel "Vikings" is PURE Hipster Bullshit...
J. Holland
J. Holland Month ago
They did either braid their hair or they had dreads, possibly both. There are scripted accounts of people mentioning them having snake like coils for hair.
Crazy Destroyer
Crazy Destroyer Month ago
honestly who gives a shit, is the show entertaining and looks the part is all that matters. Not a great show but why pile on at this point.
Stewart Focht
Stewart Focht Month ago
07:30 06:01 09:36
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson Month ago
Not only is the show historically inaccurate, which is expected considering the History channel airs it, but I couldn't even enjoy it as merely entertainment; the show is just crap. Watch the show called _Norsemen_ instead if you want entertainment.
CALISVN 111 Month ago
Up next, what game of thrones gets wrong about history.
CALISVN 111 29 days ago
Mohammed Uddin only the war ark the rest was completely accurate
Mohammed Uddin
Mohammed Uddin 29 days ago
I thought he was doing Dragon Ball next...
Nicolai Larsen
Nicolai Larsen Month ago
The town of Hedeby is depicted with mountains in the background. The real Hedeby is in occupied southern Jutland, where there are no mountains.
Dr Atlan
Dr Atlan Month ago
4:50 the Vikings were purple - that’s where I stopped bc I’ve realized how much bs he is talking 😂
Jorge Johnson
Jorge Johnson 26 days ago
wdym? He said vikings WORE purple and other bright colors, which they did.
Lamonte Jones
Lamonte Jones Month ago
Even tho there wasn't an accurate account of the Blood Eagle I Still Wonder is it physically possible?
thekeefer690 Month ago
Its like this,you have to crack a few eggs to make an omellette,you will eat imitation cheese if it looks good,you will go for the most entertaining over the most truthful persona if your a normie,a bland grey chair is not as attractive as an embellished piece of furniture.Most of humankind looks for those...shiny things,yet actual History is beyond shiny,,,its invalueble.
James Aron
James Aron Month ago
What Vikings Gets Wrong About History - you mean aside from everything?
Dionysios Month ago
There were no women fighting, no women earls, lesbians... don’t even talk about it, they wouldn’t show it.
Lunsen 402
Lunsen 402 Month ago
the main problem i have with them having this many foults is that it airs on "the history channel" and sure i know they stopped making real history stuff a long time ago but it´s still frustrating, if they gonna not make akurate history stuff then they should change their name.
Phelan Pawly
Phelan Pawly Month ago
Your a moron. It was never said it was a historical series. It was loosely based on historical figures. It’s fictional drama.
Salma Mohsen
Salma Mohsen Month ago
Pretty much everythig
Sarah James
Sarah James Month ago
I’m sorry but if people are watching this hot historical accuracy then people are idiots. All it should do is entice you to research more into Viking culture, lore, and the people. It should entertain you.
boc234 Month ago
Good show except for that stupid "shield maiden" bullshit.
colmhain Month ago
LOL! More than an eleven minute video can cover!
Vestcoast Trashgnome
Maby they wore hats when it got cold?
Cole Parker
Cole Parker Month ago
One minor thing that annoyed me was; how come they never corrected the Steerboard inaccuracy on the ships? I mean I can understand the mistake being in the first couple of shows, but to continue it makes no sense at all.
Cole Parker
Cole Parker Month ago
The problem with the show? It became version of the Game of Thrones. It actually got sillier as it went on.
Hugh Freeman
Hugh Freeman Month ago
"La Girtha"?
Yely Harmony
Yely Harmony Month ago
In my opinion,if a show is gonna be based on historical facts or historical figures then it has to try to be as accurate as possible... Who the hell wanna watch some bent,reshaped history(that wouldn't be history anymore) By the way...History is entertaining as hell just the way it is!
Hornfjell Month ago
"La-girth-a" what.
d0nKsTaH Month ago
I've heard several different theories about Ivar The Boneless.... Some indicate that he was merely impotent and the nickname represented his inability to father a child. Another source suggested it over an incident where he refused to attack and the term boneless (spineless) meant something similar to being a coward. Wikipedia suggests even more ideas on his nickname and death. One story that I do recall that stands out was his death.... and his nickname came about posthumously because his captor(s) beat him so bad there wasn't a hard bone left in his body. Literally crushed by about a dozen rocks over and over in a brutal beating to death. Either way... the show doesn't seem to venture into either of this directions.
Ateyo Month ago
Its “History” Channel....im surprised we didnt see Adolph Hitler come down from a flying Egyptian Pyramid in at least one of those seasons.
Bob Salt
Bob Salt Month ago
The all woman, lesbian army fighting and defeating men was the most ridiculous thing in the show. Its when the show completely went off the rails.
mike henthorn
mike henthorn Month ago
you missed my biggest pet peeve. in season 1 Ragnar's ship has the steering board on the wrong side. steering boards go on the right side ( starboard ) and the other side (port ) went to the dock.
Nathan Morgan
Nathan Morgan Month ago
What did vikings get wrong about history? lmao - pretty much everything except that there were indeed Vikings once.
Dana Sharpe
Dana Sharpe Month ago
yeah we watch the show because it's ENTERTAINMENT and because Katheryn Winnick is HOT.
M L.
M L. Month ago
Steve Francis
Steve Francis Month ago
Also a bit stupid that Alfred was interacting with King Ecgbert when he was actually born in 849, 10 years after his death and 15 years before the 'great army'! Just saying.
VelkanKiador Month ago
Purple my ass! For a long time purple was a difficult color to produce in clothing, so it was crazy expensive. Anyone wearing purple would definitively be a very rich person of the upper class.
Taylor Allen
Taylor Allen Month ago
Go watch a documentary if you want accuracy.
Ronin1973 Month ago
The History Channel did away with history the same way MTV did away with music.
Lehtokurppa Von Fön
The show's point is to fit the entire Viking age into 1-2 lifetimes. That means all the major figures, events, parties, etc. from a period lasting nearly 300-years were put into a tiny frame. Not only that, they have gods and magic in the show since the beginning. Then came the Sherlocks who started to point out the historical inaccuracies, I mean how can you be so dense?
Politicus Rex
Politicus Rex Month ago
That would be a series in itself
Kanye East
Kanye East Month ago
I don't mind any of Vikings' inaccuracies. It's not a documentary, it's entertainment. But for some reason, the English soldiers wearing 16th-century burgonet helmets bothers me immensely. These helmets look so out of place and ridiculous. It's like watching a Civil War movie and seeing General Lee's army equipped with modern US Army helmets.
Stake L
Stake L Month ago
There was actually some degree of similarity between old norse and anglo-saxon languages so people could communicate to some extent
Rae C
Rae C Month ago
Mat 37
Mat 37 Month ago
You forgot to say that even if we all love lagertha shield maiden was never a thing either. Sux but it's a myth.
neil lamb
neil lamb Month ago
I loved watching the A team and night rider as a kid and I new they weren't real or historically accurate ffs is a show for entertainment.
Felix Häggblom
Felix Häggblom Month ago
But neither of those shows were period pieces depicting historical events. Vikings is and does
king and Country
Females never ever fought alongside men in battle's and they definitely couldn't take on any man in a battle but the females did protect their queens as shield maidens even though they were useless against men . This forced feminist crap on movie's etc is a cringe load of fake crap which is why they flop.
Martin Helgren
Martin Helgren Month ago
Wrong! Kattegat is very much a real place. Only it's the sea between Norway, Denmark and modern day Sweden - not a city. And the Ragnar of legend was called the king of Kattegat, meaning a sea king.
Scruffy Sandra
Scruffy Sandra Month ago
I'm English and for me the biggest bullshit for me is that the English are portrayed as weak when in reality the Anglo Saxons of the time were fierce warriors. Kicked the Vikings butt in many occasion.
Alan Haf
Alan Haf Month ago
Well-done except for the 5 different mis-pronunciations of Lindisfarne
AL 1402
AL 1402 Month ago
History channel is no history at all...
Makube Gysman
Makube Gysman Month ago
0:38 I was born at 9:15
Je crois que tu as mon agrafeuse
its funny i grew up knowing Ragnar was a girl name and Regnar was a boy name
Je crois que tu as mon agrafeuse
also that alot of the characters originated from norway, when the "Ragnar Lodbrog" was a Danish legend king, also they stick with some of the nordic sounding pronunciations of names, and with others they go full american. Thffor!
Felix Häggblom
Felix Häggblom Month ago
I find it hilarious that everyone on the show says Rollo, while that was a name given to him by the Franks because they couldn't pronounce his actual Norse name. In all likelyhood his real name was Hrolfr
Claudio D'Eugenio
Oh nooo! Tv-series aren’t historically accurate? What am I supposed to now? OMG, who would have excepted such cruel information?
MrGlenndini Month ago
" LindiNsfarne" seriously? in a video accusing someone else of inaccuracies. And whilst we're at it the were VikinGs not Vikins.
Morten Poulsen
Morten Poulsen Month ago
This series portray vikings as if they were only from Norway. Its so annoying to watch. Most of the stories told was done by danish vikings. We need to defend Norway. Fight for Norway. The Norwegian king rule over all.. It's so hard to watch
Morten Poulsen
Morten Poulsen Month ago
@Skully Not gonna say more.. anyways im danish and live in jutland.. i think i know about this stuff
Skully Month ago
Gorm den gamle was king of a largely coalesced Denmark which was named Jutland. Harald, his son, conquered Norway and credited himself with unifying Denmark, but then lost Norway late in his reign. Norway was reconquered by his son, Sweyn. Vikings came from both Norway and Denmark.
Skully Month ago
@Morten Poulsen Also you were wrong about Harald, he did declare himself king of Denmark AND Norway.
Skully Month ago
Danelaw was what the English called the region of England ceded to the Danes, it does not mean that there was a unified Denmark by that time, only that they knew of the Norsemen as Danes, a point I didn't dispute. Look up Gauls. They were a bunch of Germanic tribes that lived in what is now France, Germany, Belgium and Italy, just because people have the same umbrella name, does not mean they are the same nationality. Once, again, prove that Norway didn't exist at the time, or accept that people sometimes show loyalty to their own region.
Skully Month ago
@Morten Poulsen So Gorm den gamle didn't unify Denmark? It was already done by 865? Well, clearly I don't know about this subject, but, clearly neither do you.
mike goulis
mike goulis Month ago
pretty sure when he was referring to them as viking he was in fact saying that within the Norse people, we are a subset who are vikings (ppl that do the activity)
Vikings 2020
Vikings 2020 Month ago
Where are the Vikings lovers, I wait for everyone
Thomas B
Thomas B Month ago
I was mostly just in it for Lagertha !!!!
19buseye71 Month ago
Its Hollyweird,so you shouldn't expect them to be historically accurate.
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