What Truckers Need to Know About Long Wheelbase Trucks

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What Truckers Need to Know About Long Wheelbase Trucks. In this video, you'll learn a bit of history about the long vs short wheelbase trucks, and the advantages and downsides of a long wheelbase configuration in a semi truck.
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Feb 21, 2020




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Comments 80
Steven Savoca
Good info
russell379x Day ago
and mine would be 315” 🤙🏻😎 20 yrs never hi centered it ...it also helps with bridge weight distribution
Happy Days
Happy Days Day ago
Well, my boss bought me a longer wheelbase tractor, said "It'll ride better." It does, but I drive a day cab, tanker, and the weight it adds cuts back significantly the gallons I can haul, good thing I'm paid by the hour.
Thad Curry
Thad Curry Day ago
I use power mirror and passenger sleeper window all time blind siding
nikolai502 2 days ago
Yeah, get a volvo fh16 with globetrotter cab, it's enough
Andrew Doolittle
Andrew Doolittle 3 days ago
I think the *wheelbase* that matters is on the trailer not the head unit. *"Turning radius"* matters but of course that's far more than a function of the wheelbase on the tractor...though certainly there is that!
William Gleaves
William Gleaves 3 days ago
It interesting that you don't mention the existance of the cabover which was the end result of the truck length laws.
Tomy Tomy
Tomy Tomy 3 days ago
American trucks might look cool and pretty but... I'd choose european anytime over american...
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 5 days ago
I like my women , like I like my trucks. Wide wheel bases.
The King's Servant
20 yr 4 million miles trucker here. LWB trucks look awesome, ride better but are a nightmare to back and use in tight places or big cities. Keep them in the truck but don't use them for every day hauling.
B Felder
B Felder 6 days ago
Good stuff
Mark Poland
Mark Poland 6 days ago
Never go to NYC with one
buckeye farm boy
buckeye farm boy 7 days ago
Tim Mebruer
Tim Mebruer 7 days ago
Gotta love these super truckers and their long wheel base trucks lol. Try pulling a 130' bridge girder with a non steerable trailer. 100' of girder to the back of the trailer tandems and then 30' of overhang
miles wingard
miles wingard 7 days ago
for 4 axle specs i find that 315-325 is a good number for looking good and being slightly maneuverable
Joel Gonzales
Joel Gonzales 7 days ago
In and out uses long wheelbase trucks, I don’t know how long the trailers are. In CA
Shawn Dinterman
Shawn Dinterman 8 days ago
Was the length law the reason cabovers were created? Or was it a maneuverability reason the cabovers were created?
John Randall Banks
I live about 12 miles from that very stop you mentioned that's at exit 104 off of I-94 in Michigan and have been by it many times. The Pilot is still small and the one across the street is much bigger
Rob Crow
Rob Crow 9 days ago
All through the 1960's up to 1972 my dad hauled swinging beef out of Colorado, East to Chicago and NY. He ran cabovers all those years because of the length restrictions.
faisal adi nugraha
faisal adi nugraha 11 days ago
Dear smart trucking I wana know how tall is a W900A driver's cab from the ground up to the top of the driver's cab in mm not inches. looking forward for the answer, thank you...
Joe Zech
Joe Zech 14 days ago
Good video. I totally enjoyed the story at the end. lol
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking 14 days ago
Thanks Joe!
jetegtmeier71 14 days ago
if wheelbase is center of steer to center between drivers than why does DOT measure center of steer to center of rear driver ? Not trying to create an argument just seriously curious :) Edit: I do drive tandem axle dump is it different with tractor trailer ?
William Nelson
William Nelson 15 days ago
Gotta be nuts to extend these tractors.
diamondheat9 14 days ago
Not at all. Better ride on longer tractors.
Shmup 2-3-4
Shmup 2-3-4 16 days ago
This guy is incredible. 🇨🇦🇺🇲
Falcon 1
Falcon 1 17 days ago
Words of wisdom. If a truck that massive Bulls into a truck stop and proceeds to park Blindside or not, bet on the driver not against. Now there is a flatbed Fleet in the states that has custom made trailers and if you cannot put 29,000 pounds of cargo on it without scaling over you have to start jedison private gear.
seaplaneguy 17 days ago
How far can a load be extended forward of the king pin if there is room to turn, assuming long enough tractor wheel base? Can 56 feet from end of trailer to overhang work?
seaplaneguy 16 days ago
@Smart Trucking I want to load 4 containers 51inch x14 ft in two rows. 14 x 4=56ft. That makes 8 containers single high. Stack another layer of 8 for a total of 16 containers 14ft long by 51 inch wide by 54 inches tall. That makes overall 56ft x 8.5 ft x 108 inches, all on a flat bed. Inside each container are 4 pallets 40Lx48w with some space to nest at 42x50 inside the container. Each pallet is stacked to max 53 inches. The idea is to load them on the flat bed with the container in rear flush to the end of the trailer and the last forward 14 ft box would overhang 3 feet over the front of the flat bed. The box can handle this overhang. Can most truckers haul this, or would I need a long wheel base specialty truck like your truck?
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking 16 days ago
If you mean on a 53 footer, sure!
Mickey Lewin
Mickey Lewin 18 days ago
How do you measure wheel base on a single drive bro..😂😂
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking 17 days ago
Center of one axle to center of the other.
Douglas Heffner
Douglas Heffner 18 days ago
Brings me back when i used to run a 333 inch longnose 379 hauling grain..stuffed that puppy in places these new drivers couldnt with their slope nose units😂😂😂
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking 17 days ago
Separates the men from the boys!
Ben obrien
Ben obrien 19 days ago
Yeah and every foot of wide-open space between the truck and the trailer is another quarter to a half a mile to the gallon.
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking 17 days ago
I don't think he's worried about fuel mileage.
Nomad IH
Nomad IH 19 days ago
Id love to build a 130” bbc with a wb of 280”~. Im workin on my experience for haulin equipment. Stepdeck would be my preferred work. I think that kinda truck would be perfect for it.
Kalvin Labuik
Kalvin Labuik 20 days ago
Lol I know the small private scales mainly the some old feed mills and older feed lots where I have had to split weight my outfit a few times
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking 17 days ago
Hey Kalvin!
I worked for a kw dealership in the shop and we had a customer that wanted a w900 with a 400in wheel base we tried to tell him but he had to find out the hard way that he couldn’t back it out of our shop because of the grade of the drive way he teeter tottered with half his ass out in a public hwy we pulled him back in and red faced he said how much to fix it needless to say be smart there are limitations for a reason
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking 17 days ago
Geezuz, that was an expensive mistake! Some guys just shouldn't own trucks!
Remington Steel
Remington Steel 20 days ago
5 words you’ll never hear: let’s make the driver happy.
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking 17 days ago
Got a chuckle out of me there! Thanks!
Deeen ch
Deeen ch 19 days ago
Remington Steel unless you are in Europe.
Remington Steel
Remington Steel 20 days ago
Since when did anyone care about the driver?? Thanks for the videos!
Glenn Maberg
Glenn Maberg 24 days ago
I drive small truck i am a total just tracktor 314inches in norway what is the longest in us
Glenn Maberg
Glenn Maberg 17 days ago
Total max lenght in norway 100feet
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking 17 days ago
No length limit in U.S. Some are 80 ft. long or more. Then you can get twin 53 ft trailers coupled together in some states and provinces.120Ft long all hooked up.
John Doe
John Doe 24 days ago
Some of those long wheelbase trucks you showed were like mobile homes lol. Incredible trucks despite the disadvantages you mentioned that have to be taken into account
My Trucking 2 Cents
Long wheelbase without extending sleeper just looks idiotic and in 20 years I’ve seen no less then 30+ drivers total their own or others tractors because of just retarded vanity. Again it doesn’t look good at all.
David O'Brien
David O'Brien 14 days ago
My Trucking 2 Cents cascadia driver confirmed
Trucker Jay
Trucker Jay Month ago
Good channel and good content.
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking 29 days ago
Thank you!
Captain Peacock
Captain Peacock Month ago
Great information.....My pet-peeve is seeing a conventional (of any make) pulling a trailer which is visibly (often comically) shorter than the tractor pulling it. Hate it.
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Throws off the balanced look of the whole thing, right?
Gordon B
Gordon B Month ago
Most extended frames I see aren't doing it for the better ride, they're doing it because they think it looks cool but it looks ridiculously retarded. They take a beautifully customized truck & completely ruin the looks by extending the frame way out.
matthew anderson
Ford has a little trailer knob on the dashboard behind the regular steering wheel. I bet Richard wished he had a ford
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Oh, I'm sure!
daw dawiskid
daw dawiskid Month ago
If you don’t know anything about wheelbase you don’t need to be out here..
Super Dave
Super Dave Month ago
Richard Acosta?
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
God no! He's dead, by the way. Drug overdose.
Loren Rasmussen
Loren Rasmussen Month ago
I was a yard jockey for a while....stuffing 30-40 trailers into docks or parking places every night. It really spoils you....short WB and lots of windows. Was tough to get into long WB Pete and drive into Chicago again.
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
I bet!!
bobby chi
bobby chi Month ago
Right i love your feeds you have more knowledge then 25 of my years will always respect you
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Thanks for watching Bobby!
bigdaddeo76 Month ago
With how tight that Pilot in Battle Creek, Mi is, the guy on the right side of your buddy, probably had to wait for him to leave before he could get out! I would rather park across the street in the Tiki, or now TA
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Him too, ordinarily. I don't know why he needed the Pilot.
Ford Dave
Ford Dave Month ago
I have a 86 pete 359 long C18 motor 18 speed 36 inch flat top 325 wheel base with a drop axle I pull a quad axle cattle pot
Ford Dave
Ford Dave Month ago
@Smart Trucking mated to a new cat generator that had fell off a semi trailer so I bought the the unit with only 24 hours on the motor $35,000
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Wow, that's a machine! Bet there's a story finding and installing that engine!
Eat black angus
Eat black angus Month ago
About 3 months ago, I reframed a 379 extended it from 255 to 297. I think even that was to long
Roy Bond
Roy Bond Month ago
You absolutely have to kerp tje storries ip thats pne of my favorite things to lool forward too with your vids are the storries i love it
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Glad you like them!
Athony Nesbitt
Athony Nesbitt Month ago
That is a cool wooden 379, you should start selling them because i would love to buy one & keep it in my truck😁
interesting alot of truck show trucks are really long for looks
skinny bigstuff
skinny bigstuff Month ago
4:39 LOL!!
John Moore
John Moore Month ago
I call them “ handicap” trucks. You can’t even park them in a truck stop. They are longer than the parking spaces with their trailers.A practical 260 inch wb is best. No longer than a 275 max.
KY K Month ago
I knew of the guy that ran the NY NJ corridor for some time. He had a 350 called it project 350 at the time
Carl Ferrigno
Carl Ferrigno Month ago
I had a short cab over, it rode lousy..
Paul Sutherland
Paul Sutherland Month ago
Well that was nice of you to share your knowledge!
Carter Scott
Carter Scott Month ago
Even the wooden truck is a Longhood Pete!!! Perfect!
Carter Scott
Carter Scott Month ago
Because its badass duh!!!
Deathscythe Hell
I've drove for 32 years, I've retired at 50. I'm 53 now I run my own small company six trucks. When I started the wheelbase was 255 inches. Then I went to 280" when I started my company I was rolling 300" with a big sleeper. For the last 18 yrs of my career I was running 325" wheelbase with a 155" sleeper. Since I ran electronics all my career weight wasn't an issue. Truck stops wasn't a big issue either, running the northeast was. Tiny streets, a...hole drivers and small warehouse lots were, so I haven't ran the northeast since the late 90s. All of my trucks are spect out the same 325wb 155 sleepers, 08 Westernstars, I mainly run the southeast to California that's it.(no automatics either, 18 double over manuals) My drivers are very skilled, picked them myself, they haven't had any issues, plus it saves them money and time. They buy and make their own food and don't have to pay for showers. That's the benefits of having long wheelbases and sleepers.
Jambale_97 Month ago
I dont think u mention enough how horrible a LWB will turn. And another reason why a really long LWB is a big disadvantage is when all the engineweight is on the front, the driving axel wont have much weight on it so it will be awful to drive in the winter and will just get stuck alot
Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson Month ago
not a professional driver by any sense, but i did work at a junkyard where we had a 312" wheelbase rig that was converted to a day cab flatbed, for hauling crushed cars and stuff around the lot. really makes you pay attention to what you are doing, and i now have a newfound respect for any truck driver on the highway. give at least a few car lengths infront and behind, never stay beside a truck on the highway (avoiding blindspots) and so on. i even honk once or twice as i pass a truck, just to make sure they are aware of my intentions, to avoid any confusion, as they have enough to concentrate on. Got yourself a new subscriber here! Cheers from Southeast Texas!
baloo21 Month ago
I plan on getting a Peterbilt 389 with a 280 wheelbase to haul a 53 foot reefer out of Stockton, California. What's your thoughts on that wheelbase for my setup?
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
As you may know my own truck is 280 wheelbase. I found it just right for reefer work. Easy to scale, not too long to get into places and it rode really well. Good set up especially if the reefer is a spread axle with a dump.
Graham Elliott
Graham Elliott Month ago
“The feds in their wisdom” lol
everything guns
everything guns Month ago
Yeah thsts funny huh
Daniel Pinto
Daniel Pinto Month ago
Joe Smuckatelly
Joe Smuckatelly Month ago
Gotta sell ur soul to be an owner operater it aint luck
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
It's a tough business these days!
Tommy Sargeant
Tommy Sargeant Month ago
Stretched frame rails are all about looks now... as are drop visors, straight stacks, bagged front axles (and then some) along with flattop bunks and light bars, etc., etc.....It's not about practicality or comfort. It's about 'looks' ....always about looks (these days) Back in the day, drivers would just stretch out the fifth wheel all the way until they came up to the Chicken Coops. They'd slide back (weight and distance) until they passed through. Practicality has kind of gone out the windows these days, especially with the split axle tandems. A split axle set of tandems with a stationary #5 axle (last) is pretty much impossible to get backed into a tight space, or to make tight turns without scrubbing the tires and possibly losing its air. Looks, looks, looks
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
I had one friend who had a hydraulic ram on his fifth wheel back then who could pull the trailer forward or push it back in transit to suit the scale he would be crossing.
underpsi5150 Month ago
my 1st truck was a 1982 359 288 wheelbase with a single coffin and 80 gallon tanks, a lot of frame for its time.. it was special ordered for a o/o in barstow who hauled short heavy sea containers and he needed to be a certain length for the bridge laws back then
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Cool truck! Would have liked to have seen that one!
Mr T
Mr T Month ago
Great info. Thnx.
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Thank you!
Andreas Frind
Andreas Frind Month ago
how about on a tri drive
I’m looking forward to telling our delivery dude I like the swing dip clearance of his truck lol
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Yup, give him some pointers!!
Tony Preston
Tony Preston Month ago
I thought that the longer wheelbases was for "bridge" weight
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Certainly helps with bridge law but that is rarely an issue with the tractor.
Cp Month ago
I have a long Peterbilt 379 and when this guy was telling the story about using the back side window I knew what he was talking about I’ve done that move many times and surprised a lot of drivers when u blind side like that lol
Steve Jurado
Steve Jurado Month ago
Good for you.
Alfonzo Oliviera
Does the longer driveshaft effect anything?
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Not really. A little extra weight and another hanger bearing.
The Fatman56
The Fatman56 Month ago
Thanks for your video I play a truck driver in a video game and I found this video very helpful thank you.
J J Month ago
good video do u know double clutch Debbie or twin turbo tuna?
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Sorry, but no I don't.
Greg Wood
Greg Wood Month ago
I've been considered one of the SMARTEST drivers out there ................... I RETIRED !!!
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
I hear that!
m g
m g Month ago
I absolutely love that little wooden truck!
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Thanks, it is kinda cool isn't it?
Rodney Patton Sr
LOL way to go Richard!!!!! It was a Richard who taught me to drive as well. From the mid-70's. Richard Patton Sr. My Dad. RIP Midnight Cowboy. Who was a real Cowboy. Who could ride and rope as well as split, shift (5X4) and go-get! Thank you for that story.
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
My pleasure Rodney and thanks for watching!
Dachamp2001 Month ago
Now shippers want us all to scale 45k forget that noise lol. Plus the megas want 265wb or shorter tractors and cant weigh more then 20k full of fuel. I like me 280wb W900L and my 48ft stainless steel reefer and my 11ft spread 😉
Dachamp2001 Month ago
@Smart Trucking I used too run for Cargill didn't have too many problems till they got bought out some yrs ago drop dead time sucked. But I would come in drop my wagon grab there wagon at a (little lesser rate) deliver. Get a back haul and repeat. Taking my wagon out.
Smart Trucking
Smart Trucking Month ago
Shippers never stop wanting things that are good for them and bad for us. It's their nature. They don't get that most professional drivers like the best equipment and that means a little more weight loading a little less product and getting a far better job on the load than Prime could ever do! I was lucky to work for a produce buyer that DID understand all that!
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