What To Do With Your Life

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In which John answers the oft-asked question, "How do I figure out what to do with my life?" Along the way, he discusses adulthood, careers, movies, and the meaning of life and stuff.

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Comments 100
Sassy Sasquatch
Sassy Sasquatch 21 day ago
I have literally no idea wtf to do with my life anymore. I don't want to contribute to society.
Samantha Vitela
Samantha Vitela Month ago
Can I just say I love how John Green delivers ideas? Like, he's really compelling to listen to
TheSwiftEcho Month ago
I wanna be great. Not go to college and work the 9-5 everyday like others. Has to be something to make me stand out from the rest
Felipe Fülber
Felipe Fülber 2 months ago
Reminded me a bit of Sylvia Plath :)
Lisa Dixon
Lisa Dixon 2 months ago
John, I'm 34 and graduated college over a decade ago. I worked in labs for a bit but don't now. I'm happy with my job and where I live and all of that; but yes, sometimes life still can feel like an escape room where the walls are closing in with each successive thing that happens. Thanks for reminding me that's ok & I'm gonna be ok. ❤️
Shiela Mae
Shiela Mae 2 months ago
rewatching this after 4 years and still ask the same question hahaha thanks john!
Saksham Jaiswal
Saksham Jaiswal 2 months ago
I have the completely opposite problem I just want to do everything. And everyday Adam Smith's ghost haunts me and preaches me that being a specialist is a virtue and trying to do everything and running after every bit of information you hear is a waste of time.
Lalit Sunar
Lalit Sunar 2 months ago
Study broadly and without fear.
Aakriti Poudel
Aakriti Poudel 3 months ago
I am in grade 11 and when you said,"You're staring at the night sky one night and decide you wanna get a PhD in astrophysics." U exposed me :) I can't wait to get my PhD in astrophysics
Crimson Cheetah
Crimson Cheetah 2 months ago
Super Novae I wish you luck with getting your PHD in astrophysics!
Rhys Cooper
Rhys Cooper 3 months ago
I'm a law student and a lighting designer. I've felt a lot of pressure lately to basically "pick" a direction. I don't want to!
Ragha Abhinaya M
Ragha Abhinaya M 3 months ago
Had watched this video long ago and suddenly today, I was feeling very lost and depressed and this shows up! This is kinda very comforting
SAMUEL MA 3 months ago
This guy could literally be a rapper. Probably over 500 words in a 3:22 video.
C S 2 months ago
true! although you need rhythm and flow to rap, not just talking fast; nah, i think hed KILL IT in the auctioneer business😂😂
Kaitlyn McCarthy
Kaitlyn McCarthy 3 months ago
I may or may not be decorating my college graduation cap with "study broadly and without fear" at the moment.
C S 2 months ago
thats lovely!!🥺
Juliet Gore
Juliet Gore 4 months ago
Even if your only 14 or 15 your kinnda already DOING adulthood! If this is true then I am, in fact, failing
C S 2 months ago
NO SUCH THING! if u think ur failing thats how u know ur probably already doing it since almost ALL 15 yr olds feel that way😭😭 being a teenager is ROUGH MAN like i can finally say as a graduated “adult” it was the HARDEST PERIOD OF MY LIFE HANDS DOWN. idk why so many ppl r so condescending abt it, saying u haven’t experienced “real life” yet and things “are easy for you now; just wait.” its such a lie. you’re doing great because its really hard and i promise it will someday stop feeling like every moment is the end of the world❤️ (at least internally...) as long as you are trying, you’re doing great. one day you will look back on yourself, and see how hard you were trying, and be so proud of yourself. okay?🥰
Dylan Burnham
Dylan Burnham 4 months ago
Thank you
Will Vi
Will Vi 4 months ago
fuk u
V. Hansen
V. Hansen 4 months ago
My one note is that fog horn tone. Decided in .5 seconds. Now if I could only decide what to do with my life.
That One Guy
That One Guy 4 months ago
"Hank, you have a stupid face!" I randomly saw this video soon after watching another one from a year ago, where John asks his daughter Alice to give him something mean to say to Hank. In that one, she suggested telling him he has a stupid butt. Heredity at its finest. Also, thank you RUvid Algorithm, for showing me two random vlogbrothers videos with a unique connection!
Kaitlyn McCarthy
Kaitlyn McCarthy 4 months ago
bout to make "study broadly and without fear" my graduation cap WATCH OUT. im painting it tonight :)))))
Sp3ctre 4 months ago
I searched this up because my parents told me to get a life and they hate me
Sp3ctre 2 months ago
C S to be honest this is one of the most inspiring thing someone has ever said to me. I’m 13 right now and to be honest this really is a amazing comment. I have always dreamt about being a RUvidr and pro gamer since it’s a fun way to make money and to live. I will cherish this comment for the rest of my life!
C S 2 months ago
you have a life, and its yours. the fact you looked this up means you care, and are probably trying really hard, and that is the most important thing. i see how hard youre trying and although it feels like your life will always be your parents, it ISNT and it WONT always feel that way, and just because theyre scared of that happening doesnt make your life any less yours. idk u so i cant speak on how your parents rly feel, but the fact that they let you feel this way means they have no right to have a say in where you end up, and they are not the ones who need to live with their choices; you do just do your best to make choices that make YOU happy, and though its easier said than done, their opinions will one day stop mattering so much and YOU will be able to look back on your life and be satisfied you did the best you could do at the time that you did it
JRTG 4 months ago
Thanks! I'm going to download this video and make a note on a post-it to go watch this video whenever I feel clueless about my life.
Danillawafas 5 months ago
I’d pick c# minor
Mandyy B
Mandyy B 5 months ago
Man I needed this
Ronick Palomeno
Ronick Palomeno 6 months ago
"Learn a language if you can because that will make your life pretty interesting." Thanks John, I more eager now to study the Korean Language. 😊
C S 2 months ago
me too!! 화이팅!! btw: coursera has a free course to get u started (idk if its ecpired now?) and @ lindsey botes has a great channel and blog for language learning resources!!!
Sayali Dhabugade
Sayali Dhabugade 7 months ago
Omg... perfectly explained...loved it
Snubble Bubble
Snubble Bubble 8 months ago
I'm a college senior and I don't know what to do with my life.
Sophia Laver
Sophia Laver 8 months ago
It scares me that I'm 15 and I just had to google "I don't know what to do with my life" because I've been having a crisis
somebody that you used to know
Batsy Same, I hope everything is going alright with you and that you're safe. Have a nice day/night!
Brumby Bailey
Brumby Bailey 9 months ago
The ending... Awwwwww
Ekaterina Sysoeva
Ekaterina Sysoeva 10 months ago
Looved it!!
Detham 10 months ago
This made me think about something. I have been out of college for 2 years now, and i have to say; i still have no idea what I'm going to spend my life doing. I feel like the first few years after college are kind of like the freshmen years of your adult life. I have had my first real job , gotten my first promotion at work,Went to Ireland for vacation, been responsible with my finances so that I have a high credit score, learned the value of putting all my bills on a spreadsheet, bought my first car of my own, and learned how to get up every evening and go to work day after day. The only other time in my life that has been so transitory was when I went from being a high school to a college student, and even then it was mostly dealing with less hand-holding within the same academic system.
TheRaretunes 10 months ago
This culture needs an INITIATION
Vikeing Blade
Vikeing Blade 10 months ago
OtakuRonnie 11 months ago
God I’ve been trying to find out for years
Daniel Yahalom
Daniel Yahalom 11 months ago
when your little brother starts the world's largest video conference and forces you to go >:(((((
Efflorescentey 11 months ago
Baby John!!
Marco Lee
Marco Lee 11 months ago
I am so lost right now. The problem is I don't even know what the hell do I like. How do I explore more options for myself?
C S 2 months ago
this is the hardest part. i was the same way til i randomly stumbled upon art history and museum studies in college survey courses-i think its about being honest with yourself, following anything that mildly interests you as far as you can take it, and writing out or at least thinking upon your life and experiences as they come. im bad at self-assessment, but its something we need to all practice this is 8 months old lol but hope you figure it out! good luck!!
khushbu ubana
khushbu ubana Year ago
That's a beautiful -"An Imperial Affliction" frame in the backdrop.
Opalina Atlantis
Each time i made a decision my options narrowed. You couldn't have said it better. That is the reason i am not so positive about my 5 year education in one field because then i am probably stuck
Juliet McKaig
Juliet McKaig Year ago
"try to surround yourself with people you like and do cool stuff with them"
Jessie Carty
Jessie Carty Year ago
The tension between idealism and practicality is SO true. At 44 and still not sure what to do next? REAL LOL
Holly Hales
Holly Hales Year ago
John Green GETS it
Holly Hales
Holly Hales Year ago
I’m not gonna lie, I really really needed to hear this... I’ve been stressing about it for so long, this message was a relief
Sjors Houkes
Sjors Houkes Year ago
Oh wow. Thank you.
{1}Ambuj Kumar
"Each time i make a decision my options narrowed".So true and it give me anxiety. I need to overcome this.
TheKiwiboy182 Year ago
I just started my uni degree and they just showed me this video. So good
Ali Saied
Ali Saied Year ago
end it.
Vladimir Starnov
Damn! That was good.
Brenda Namuh
Brenda Namuh Year ago
This video is important.
Scott Korin
Scott Korin Year ago
Late 2012 John videos have a definite "Crash Course" feel to them.
Majid Almasoudi
I've been recently almost desperate because I kept asking my self what do I want to do in my life this video changed the way I looked at it and now I feel way comfortable and ready to go . thank you
Erik Moe
Erik Moe Year ago
How can you study broadly if you're an engineering major? If I take any extra classes I'll be in school for a decade.
Khadijah 3 months ago
Study online! loads of resources on any given subject
Darryl Calder
Darryl Calder Year ago
The anxiety for most is probably not about having this single role for the rest of their lives, the concern is that people are going to invest a lot of time in things at school that they arent going to do well in, arent going to enjoy, and arent going to be able to earn a living doing it professionally.
Jo Moody
Jo Moody Year ago
Don't buy Chilean aguacate please. They are drying out our soil and the small agriculture is dying in favour of big business
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Year ago
I wasn't freaking out before watching this video... I am now. Thanks.
Dominic Klingher
Remember, it's not legendary unless your friends are there to see it
LadyShahdMD Year ago
every time I have a major life decision to make that appears at the moment to have the ability to alter the course of my life, I watch this video. It always gratifies my anxious indecisiveness.
ferman Qehremanbeyli
i dunno why i like him this much❤
. Year ago
Good idea. I’ll become an evil mastermind and respec later if I change my mind.
karl luppold
karl luppold Year ago
I'm 26 and I'm still as anxious as I was when I was 18 about life decisions. All I've figured out is that I want to be out of being a mechanic as my career or on my way to being so within the next 5 years. Other than that, I have no Idea how I'm going to acheve that and have a career thats better for me.
Julie Jacobsen
Been lying awake for several nights feeling utterly helpless and shameful not knowing what I want to do with my life. This video was exactly what I needed to watch to calm down a bit:)
Jon Thomas
Jon Thomas Year ago
My first vlogbrothers video ever. Thank you John :)
Stephanie Wallace
This was probably the most helpful video I have saw in awhile, thanks!
shravya shree
shravya shree Year ago
This video completely neutralises my stress and confusion whenever I think about the future. It gives positive outlook on uncertainity and the assurance that everything will be alright no matter what you choose to do,if you have a right attitude towards it.
Deepika reddy
Deepika reddy Year ago
i just dnt want do anything with my life,just eat and sleep,lol
Jimena garcia
Jimena garcia Year ago
This really helped me
Aya kalander
Aya kalander Year ago
This is the advice i really wish i’ve heard when i was younger, but i reached something like that ideal with myself, and i’m glad to hear it now cause i question it and myself a lot. Thank you
Rooney Mara
Rooney Mara Year ago
Who's here from 2Vertasium's video?
Hearteu Softie
True. Life is one confusing mess and here i am trying to figure out which part of the web should i really get stuck with! 😀 there is God's plan. That's the ending of every story😀 nice discussion though👏👏👏
Veni Vidi Amavi
this is spot on, SPOT ON. I'm not terrified of school or hard work or anything really except being trapped. So this video helped soothe me because yeah so true, we can have side hustles and hobbies and volunteer time etc. Cool. Life is cool. It's also Winter Break so I'm chilling.
Veni Vidi Amavi
*hey I feel personally attacked by the avocado comment* but I love this video and that beginning pope joke was way too good
Astrid Larsen
Astrid Larsen Year ago
This was exactly what I needed to hear today.
YAOES Year ago
This is also one of my favorite Vlogbrothers videos of all time.
Celly Jordan
Celly Jordan Year ago
6 years later and I came back to this video cause i really needed to hear this again
Chan Myae Naing
Chan Myae Naing 2 years ago
Hank do has a stupid face.
Blue Bell
Blue Bell 2 years ago
That musical note question was easy as hell. G, of course.
Sîhêm Nôûr-Elhouda
I did not know John Green was funny 😍😍💞. Thank you for writing the fault in our stars. I'm obsessed with both the movie and the book 💓💓
Laura Araujo
Laura Araujo 2 years ago
I always come here for a little inspiration for every day because god knows I need it ❤️
Trevino 2 years ago
I wish I had seen this back in 2012 when I was 18
oui wee
oui wee 2 years ago
I laughed when I read the title because it was so blunt and relevant to me 😂
Raijou Konishi
Raijou Konishi 2 years ago
Who else searched up what to do with life
basically hell
basically hell 2 years ago
Im 16 and im scared of what comes
Valtress 2 years ago
King 2 years ago
Hey, I was pre-med, got all my pre-reqs, and now I'm a software designer. But, now it's unlikely I'll ever be a doctor lol.
Micah Buzan
Micah Buzan 2 years ago
Don't be an emasculated soyboy, for starters.
Machiel de Groot
Don’t be so hard on yourself Micah
TheVaultdweller 2 years ago
That cliché about learning a new language is true. You'll understand what I mean once you start reading articles on the Internet that is NOT written in English.
Castiel Phantom
Castiel Phantom 2 years ago
I think this made me more anxious
Lisa Dixon
Lisa Dixon 2 years ago
So yes all this. I just came back to this video after a few years. A demonstration on Colbert reminded me that science (biology being my field of study) IS cool. That if I've thought otherwise, it's because I'M doing it wrong. And that just because I'm a scientist doesn't mean I'm not also an historian and a linguist and that I can't like music or art or mountains. I'm 32, and still figuring out what I'm doing with my life- and that is a good thing! The journey is the destination. ❤️
Carrie Ames
Carrie Ames 2 years ago
Yes...yes, yes, yes. Thank you
Gray Fox
Gray Fox 2 years ago
I want to die . We need someone to create a magic pill. 😔
Ewwahh Eternus
Ewwahh Eternus 2 years ago
Ewwahh Eternus
Ewwahh Eternus 2 years ago
Wowwww. I think you are... Ive seen u both on youtube... But wow! Brothers!! Crazy and smart must run in the family lol Nothing wrong with that!
Bakedsynth 34
Bakedsynth 34 2 years ago
Cant believe i accually searched for this
Teresa Marin
Teresa Marin 2 years ago
Best recommendation ever!!! Going out to live a bit ;-) Thanks!!!
Happy Bear
Happy Bear 2 years ago
"Hank you have a stupid face, see you on friday"
Happy Bear
Happy Bear 2 years ago
Kia D.
Kia D. 2 years ago
Thank you! This seriously really hit home! I felt really lost when it came to any future career and now I'm not so anxious about going forward. Great video!
Jessica Stein
Jessica Stein 2 years ago
Ahh my 14 year old self really could’ve used these videos. Regardless, happy I found them eventually
that_marc_guy 2 years ago
It's also why when we go to college, we are "forced" to take classes that have nothing to do with our major. Because life isn't as simple as following that one track. And quite often we find answers in the field we want to go in, in unexpected places. The more you expand your mind, the less trapped you'll wind up when life throws over-ripe artichokes at you. And to be 100% honest, at 48, I still don't know what I want to do with my life.
MrApplewine 2 years ago
I'm not trying to figure out what to do with the REST of my life. I'm trying to figure out what to do with my life NOW. There will be a series of NOW's and I always want them to be a good choice that will make me happy.
Aaron Foti
Aaron Foti 2 years ago
i thought it was carlos williams carlos
fsxelw 2 years ago
This video could save people who are depressed and have suicidal thoughts!
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