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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau laid out his government's priorities in the speech from the throne today promising a tax cut, climate action and a ban on military-style firearms. The speech also called on MPs to work across party lines in a minority Parliament.
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Comments 80
Dwayne Hepburn
Dwayne Hepburn 2 months ago
Trudeau and CBC need to be gone from Canada for good !!
Autumn A
Autumn A 3 months ago
Trudeau is a dirtbag
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony 3 months ago
As soon as Chavez took away the guns from Venezuelans ...he imposed his dictatorship and forced socialism on everybody...and the wealthiest country in South America, dripping with oil, gold and many other natural resources, saw it's citizens lining up for hours to get a loaf of bread, and fighting each other to dig food from dumpsters. And those on the right side of the dictatorship became wealthy on their government wages...Chavez's own daughter is still the richest person in Venezuela. Learn from history.
Whisky O
Whisky O 3 months ago
No, Singh. The best way to better health care is chronic disease prevention through positive behaviour change. It would also save the government(s) money as well.
Whisky O
Whisky O 3 months ago
Give me a break; out with the oil industry and in with the pharmaceutical industry? 🙄 what a joke.
Ron Wuerch
Ron Wuerch 3 months ago
What Is This Crap...You No What A Throne Is...A Toilet...Guess It Fits.
Tony Farias
Tony Farias 3 months ago
To all Canadians please pay no attention to Donald Trump. He is a moron, and has no idea what he is doing our what he is talking about. Americans think very little about Donald. He is a pion.
Tina S
Tina S 3 months ago
It says that Canada is not an independent country.
J Chors
J Chors 3 months ago
Trudeau tucks his junk.
FREEDOM 3 months ago
Freeland is a deceiver
FREEDOM 3 months ago
You don't know what Canada is and why is Trudeau not being impeeched for treason venting the loser the gypsy
FREEDOM 3 months ago
What about the homeless and all the people living in poverty if we put a scarf on can we have can salmon instead of tune we are getting tired of tuna and its doubled in price should we all survive off rice bye Freeland can't wait till your gone
FREEDOM 3 months ago
She is aware of stealing Canada and its money
FREEDOM 3 months ago
Does anyone like Trudeau only if you like being robbed
FREEDOM 3 months ago
Hope Trudeau is in Prison by next snap election
FREEDOM 3 months ago
Cut cellphone bills please veshy even thou your blowing the clown you even know that's a lie moron
FREEDOM 3 months ago
Where is Canada
FREEDOM 3 months ago
I ask once again were are all the REAL CANADIANS
FREEDOM 3 months ago
Canadians don't support criminals we lock them up
FREEDOM 3 months ago
Julie the original crook why have you not fired him yet keep us safe and healthy we have record breaking crimes and record number of shootings all across Canada really so we have to sue you and the clown
Buck Norris
Buck Norris 3 months ago
God help us,get ready to be even more broke come January.
john smith
john smith 3 months ago
hope people grow ball to overthrow him by force
John Forbes
John Forbes 3 months ago
WHAT JOKE THIS TRUDEAU IS! THE problem is that he has made all of Canada a sad joke as well! He does not care about the WEST or the resources produced there & this is why the WESTERN PROVINCES must stop this "cap in hand grovelling" & demand equal rights as Quebec!
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 3 months ago
Freeland talks like a kindergarten teacher.
Nam P
Nam P 3 months ago
I really wanted to learn about the content and substance of the throne speech...
2019 Camaro SS 1LE
2019 Camaro SS 1LE 3 months ago
Trudeau POS plain and simple. Mr Two face, Mr Blackface. Canada the only country run by a former clown private school teacher. Not really even a school teacher.
MrSwatt17 3 months ago
You get what you voted for f me...
Norma Jackson
Norma Jackson 3 months ago
When did "the West" not include BC? Maybe we should be thinking of leaving confederation?
MyUboat JVO
MyUboat JVO 3 months ago
Not our PM out here in the ALTASASK terrority. The more they stay away from coming out here .The less we will be bothered.
Dominic D'Urzo
Dominic D'Urzo 3 months ago
quite a show! Second act of the Trudeau show, slightly different character. People who rarely merit their respective positions
Here Beforeyou
Here Beforeyou 3 months ago
At 10:41 Ms Frieland has notes written on her palm 😂
joeseph desormeaux
joeseph desormeaux 3 months ago
Here Beforeyou Not too hard to see why they call them the acting government,the liberals are all actors.
Joseph 3 months ago
Climate change is lie.
Posie Top
Posie Top 3 months ago
How can Trudeau remain the PM of Canada with his anti Semitic views? I notice the extreme liberal party leader in Britain has anti Semitic views as well, this is strictly to appease their Muslim voters ?
Denis N
Denis N 3 months ago
Canada needs to separate from this "Royal pain" and move on with it's own regime! The days of playing "King and Queen" is for movies! Get with the new and out with the OLD!!!
Hyun 3 months ago
The drone speech (droning on and on) is useless decades of missmanagement and corruption and then cbc and power panel brain trust add nothing to dialogue so more than useless this is destructive start doing your job
Jeff Biggies
Jeff Biggies 3 months ago
I still get a kick out of how hard Canada tries to be a country when they are just a bad carbon copy of the USA. Their ceremonies are like a pageant put on by high school students. The architecture of their buildings is that is amateur builders....very amusing and entertaining as always!
Millie Me
Millie Me 3 months ago
Jeff Biggies You are funny. Our system was based on the old British system not the US, although the US based a lot on the Brits too
Hyun 3 months ago
It hasbeen too long decades of government mismanagement
Hyun 3 months ago
Wow this is low level stuff totally inside the box
Hyun 3 months ago
H i gh school level thinking in the drone speech dronin on and on and cbc matches with high school level analysis
R mcvyp
R mcvyp 3 months ago
high schools don't deserve this much credit
Vertti Koo
Vertti Koo 3 months ago
Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Finland and UK spends around 4000$ per person per year for the healthcare. Life expectancy is 4 to 9 years more than in the USA. In the USA people spends around 11000$ per year for the “healthcare”. In Finland the spending includes the dental 🦷 care. Think 🤔 hard what do you want. Pay 4000$ for government with dental care or 11000$ for the insurance companies and Big pharma with the possibility of personal bankruptcy.
tscholent 3 months ago
Freeland doesn't know the difference between a majority and a minority
Jaime Calle
Jaime Calle 3 months ago
tscholent 3 months ago
Payette sounds like she's telling us a nursery rhyme...
Eamon O'Connell
Eamon O'Connell 3 months ago
Can't stand her. The English translator spoke better English then she did. That's sad.
joeseph desormeaux
joeseph desormeaux 3 months ago
Not easy to read a book and make all kinds of fascial expressions at the same time.
R mcvyp
R mcvyp 3 months ago
looks like she's shared a bong or two with her boyfriend, PM FACE
Shilo Patterson
Shilo Patterson 3 months ago
Trudeau squats when he pisses.
R mcvyp
R mcvyp 3 months ago
yes, he certainly does from a choice of three gender-based pissing facilities
Barb Dallaire
Barb Dallaire 3 months ago
I hope that one day a whole crowd of disgruntled Canadians , will moon Trudeau in public view as he deserves to know what we think of him. Will never call him PM ever, as he is nothing to most of us but a problem we can't get rid of. Some of us maybe are hoping his plane will crash, or something good like that, but his best buddies are terrorists so they won't do it. damn it.
tscholent 3 months ago
CBC? Let me go to the washroom quickly!
James Leel
James Leel 3 months ago
Worst prime minister in history
Dosflamingos 3 months ago
Then don't vote for him.
Peter McDonald
Peter McDonald 3 months ago
worst prime minister in the history of the world
Ryan Ceh
Ryan Ceh 3 months ago
He looks like his dad!
Pat Gui
Pat Gui 3 months ago
2face trrudeau
wallace shears
wallace shears 3 months ago
we,re not the climate proplem..is someone raking in money from usa to oppose pipeline yahimport more oil instead of develop alternative energy take care Saudis pollution for them just increase carbon tax DUMBER THAN DUMB LIBERALS
Big Mike
Big Mike 3 months ago
Meanwhile Alberta did the opposite. Increased taxes for the low and middle income by sneaking it in with a bracket sneak. Even the Canadian tax Federation called it a sneaky tax hike.
Big Mike
Big Mike 3 months ago
What do they constitute as military type guns? AR15?
MARGARET SCHAFF 3 months ago
@Antho2529"Military style weapons" broad definition and deliberately vague. The Liberals won't stop until ordinary law abiding Canadians are completely disarmed and the bad guys are running wild. They will have whatever they want.
Antho2529 3 months ago
Any black rifle that some liberals think is scary. So yes AR15, AR10 all those variants
don hansen
don hansen 3 months ago
We have come to a very sad state of affairs when the nonsense of man made climate change makes it into the throne speech. This is all the more the case when Canada is of no significance in the world of carbon dioxide. Who can think these people are legitimate? For those of us who are patriotic Canadians this is a desecration of a sacred trust. So sad. Don Hansen
ryan rempel
ryan rempel 3 months ago
We need to have a conversation not a one sided yelling match
Ryan Ceh
Ryan Ceh 3 months ago
"In this corner"....
michael degroot
michael degroot 3 months ago
Why can't we get anyone real, to do all of your jobs?
Schjon Aster
Schjon Aster 3 months ago
As an Albertan, I'm most disappointed in the climate change deniers and the fact that the Liberal government isn't doing more to transition away from fossil fuels quicker.
Zubair Ahmed
Zubair Ahmed 3 months ago
Schjon Aster and Lillian Miller, I wanna show of how my appreciation of how you both debated each other as civilized adults AND your objective supporting details for your respected sides. It’s so hard these days to have proper debates with reason instead of rash reactionary emotions.
Millie Me
Millie Me 3 months ago
Schjon Aster There are in fact a lot of government grants for climate science. Look that up. Most of your scientist friends would not have jobs if not supported by governments. This constant focus on CO2 takes away from very real climate concerns. Our government focuses on CO2 while importing cheap plastic junk from China that breaks in 2 days and then goes to the dump. Plastic is in the oceans and water systems, our appliances are made to break in 5-7 years when my parents lasted 20-30 years. I could go on and on but the only government action is a carbon tax. If scientists really care about the environment they would not be pushing this alarmism. Yes we have to take care of the environment but it is about way more than CO2
Schjon Aster
Schjon Aster 3 months ago
@Millie Me Sorry that your response is plain wrong. I know several world climate scientists, and if you think they get huge amounts of money, especially government money, you are sadly mistaken. That is what lobbyists for oil and gas keep feeding into the public and it obviously works as you believe it. The results are actually higher than they report. The scientists are not alarmists, they are conservative in their calculations and realists. please no not believe the hype of the oil, gas and coal lobbyists, future generations will judge you for your dismissal of facts.
Millie Me
Millie Me 3 months ago
Schjon Aster If you paid attention in the 1970s it was acid rain and global cooling. Are you not disturbed at all when you go back and see that almost all the predictions have been wrong
Millie Me
Millie Me 3 months ago
The climate is always changing. Please do serious research. Don’t believe what you are fed. 97 %. of scientists believe in climate change. That’s great. So does anyone who has actually lived for any period of time. The question should be Do you believe CO2 is changing the climate in a negative way. If you ask the right questions the results are way lower. Secondly there is a lot of financial reasons for scientists to agree with climate alarmism. There is big government dollars invested in this. Most people would say They believed if it meant their job. Thirdly scientists who disagree lose their jobs or their careers do not advance. You also have to realize the science was settled on the world being flat and many other ideas in the past. David Siegel did a nice concise article called “What I learned about Climate Change: The Science is not settled. He actually wrote a pro climate change book until he started looking into it. Ask yourself why 500 scientists who write a letter to the UN saying their is no climate emergency are ignored while a 16 year old girl speaks. This focus on CO2 is taking the focus away from real world climate issues such as plastic and our throw away society
Jim Dort
Jim Dort 3 months ago
Nothing changed his still more concerned about pleasing the UN dictators and foreign interests in cutting our industry and resources. Signing on with north Korea at the UN proved his 2 faces .ask any canadain and I guaranty climate change come last .jobs,food,heat,shelter and health comes first and without jobs and industry you cant do it. China and America economy are growing fast as ours shrinks
Steel Horse
Steel Horse 3 months ago
CBC....why have comments been turned off on some of your videos and not all of them? All or nothing but don't be cowardly...please.
R mcvyp
R mcvyp 3 months ago
@mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit] Taxpayer funding of over a billion dollars annually defines "partially" to you! The Cult Broadcasting Corp is a Crown corporation. Do you not know the difference? Find a new sandbox to play in Matt
Sir S-Spec
Sir S-Spec 3 months ago
@mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit] oh I seeeeeee. Where would I be without you here making excuses for the leftist cabal? My statement stands. They take taxpayer money. I am a taxpayer. Regardless of whether or not I pay for the whole meal, or, I just chip in, if I paid for it, I should have full access to it.
mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit]
@Sir S-Spec The CBC is only partially funded by the taxpayers. They are still legally a private entity and have a lot of freedom in that. The CBC is not the BBC.
Sir S-Spec
Sir S-Spec 3 months ago
Videos which ilicit truths from the plebs (us), have the comments shut off. Canadian taxpayers should never be stopped from commenting on stories published by a broadcaster funded with canadian taxpayers money.
Jd Brunette
Jd Brunette 4 months ago
Lets ot forget the milions Trudumb will give CBC to keep lying and promoting his bologny. Great fiction news agency, maters of misinformation aka FAKENEWS. Bought and paid for by your tax dollars, and the check is signed by Justin
Brian Greene
Brian Greene 4 months ago
TRUDEAU’S BEST KEPT SECRET..... On Aug 30 2018, your government took away the status of 10,500 First Nations Newfoundland Mi’kmaq. This act of cruelty has destroyed so many Mi’kmaq families. Brothers and Sisters of the same family separated by status , their identity taken from them, many just because they moved away in search of work. Even a set of twins were separated, it does not get more Cruel than this , WHY DID YOU NOT STOP IT.
William Chan
William Chan 4 months ago
Was the GG trying to sound British for the throne speech? If so, that's pretty cringy
Cam Anderson
Cam Anderson 4 months ago
No, she has an accent. She is French first language
Vernon Thomas
Vernon Thomas 4 months ago
It's sad ..wexit may be good.
Dmitri Barbu
Dmitri Barbu 4 months ago
I'm amazed how a simple yes or no question, turns to a rant without a definitive answer. Freeland you need to spend less time with Trudeau, it's starting to rub off on you.
Millie Me
Millie Me 3 months ago
Trudeau is an expert at talking a lot but saying nothing. Never directly answers a question
R mcvyp
R mcvyp 3 months ago
"Starting" ??????
Vitus Yu
Vitus Yu 3 months ago
Dmitri Barbu turdeau is a forked tongue serpant. Destroyer of nations. Nothing good will come out of this throne speech.
NUMBER_SIX 4 months ago
Two faced. Black Faced. Many faces that Justin wears. Justin only serves Quebec and Ontario. To hell with the rest of Canada. This country is being run by a dictator.
Yvon Desrosiers
Yvon Desrosiers 4 months ago
He has two faces. With you ( meaning again you ) and again you . Who is he ? If you don't know , him too !!!
James Dean
James Dean 4 months ago
Climate Change? WOW! How did dinosaur bones in Alberta, Sask, Manitoba get there? Logic would tell you that the climate was much warmer in those places. Climate change is never ending and constantly changing, so please keep your fingers out of the climate and let mother nature due her thing! And stop wasting tax payers money on things that are way beyond our control!
lada zibarova
lada zibarova 2 months ago
Are you proud to be so ignorant?
Deepika Tanwar
Deepika Tanwar 4 months ago
I am indian and even i can clearly see he isn't good for your country. wake up canada
Ricco Bastien
Ricco Bastien 3 months ago
Deepika: You can "clearly" see that can you? What part endowed you with such clairvoyance ? Maybe you "see" what you want to see. Could that be it?
Deepika Tanwar
Deepika Tanwar 3 months ago
@tim murphy ohh really ?? is that why most of the top companies CEO's are Indian???? and most of the educated class of doctors and engineers in the west are basically indian? lol you people have such small brains that it's not even visible under microscope.
tim murphy
tim murphy 3 months ago
@Jim Dort no Jim, guys like dark are just too lazy to educate themselves, research or pick up a book before saying such small brained nonsense. Unfortunately, we have many people like this in our country...and it's sad.
Jim Dort
Jim Dort 3 months ago
@Dark Scorpion56 you obviously dont do business in Asia or the middle east I can tell.
Jim Dort
Jim Dort 3 months ago
India is the largest democratic country and a government that puts its citizens and industry first ,unlike Trudeau the globalist and UN dictators yes boy. India may very well become more powerful the china yet.
Proud Guy
Proud Guy 4 months ago
He is two faced.
Cixelysd 4 months ago
Defund the CBC. Let Vassy Kapelos worry about her future. Maybe she could come to Alberta, stand in an unemployment line and use the good bank to feed her family.
Vitus Yu
Vitus Yu 3 months ago
raymond long
raymond long 4 months ago
They "listen they listen they listen" but they do nothing and if they actually listened then they would know that the people in a large portion of Canada are tired of these useless politicians talking and listening. They need to just stop with the bull and work.
Ryan Ceh
Ryan Ceh 3 months ago
My grandfather ww|| veteran is struggling to pay for ends meat staying alive to live.
Jaime Calle
Jaime Calle 3 months ago
Y bibliablando el clero.una sarta de mentiras..y buen estado económico.moral y sucial miente ante el parlamiento
Jean-Yves Mayer
Jean-Yves Mayer 4 months ago
Candice your the best xx.
mybudshoteyes 4 months ago
with climate change in mind, how the fluck does she get to all these places she talks about being at? 100s of thousands of bucks in jet fuel? dam hypocrites!
S N 4 months ago
Viva Canada Societies’s sovereignties, members of UN U.S Republicans are abusing liberty leveraging criminology they’re accomplices they’ve committed organized war crimes invading Iraq with false pretences to their president discounting his need of congressional approval dropping mother of all bombs killing civilians committing war crimes while ordering dessert to separating refuging families killing, loosing kids without trace. U.S capitalism has set back their country’s culture, economics even their justice system and healthcare. Their inflation proves capitalism is criminal mind set service’s ill self interest, U.S is betraying humanity and Democracy of the globe U.S is not fit to stay UN member!
Cory Smith
Cory Smith 4 months ago
is it just me or does Chrystia Freeland have notes jotted on her left hand???
R mcvyp
R mcvyp 3 months ago
on her "shorthand"
Peter McDonald
Peter McDonald 4 months ago
What a joke watching these liberals strut down the red carpet I really want to throw up No skill no brains no honour no plan Just destroy
Vitus Yu
Vitus Yu 3 months ago
Peter McDonald Traitors they are!
Pong Suk Cho
Pong Suk Cho 3 months ago
@Hrcbzvz aa we
Pong Suk Cho
Pong Suk Cho 3 months ago
xd guapdad
xd guapdad 3 months ago
wah wah wah
Hrcbzvz 4 months ago
Dramatic much?
Jean-Yves Mayer
Jean-Yves Mayer 4 months ago
Wow there doing hard work she says.
joeseph desormeaux
joeseph desormeaux 3 months ago
Jean-Yves Mayer what a joke
Metal Sasquatch
Metal Sasquatch 4 months ago
5:15 A WILD JAGMEET APPEARS! *Pokemon music plays*
TheXtreme32 4 months ago
I wonder what's written on Freeland's left hand?
R mcvyp
R mcvyp 3 months ago
milk, bread, oh, and some maryjane for her boyfriend, Justee
Cayrick Pan
Cayrick Pan 4 months ago
Canadians in their infinite wisdom have voted for a huge increase in carbon taxes.Economic anxiety will not go away. Good luck Canadians.
regular donkey
regular donkey 4 months ago
Did his actions match words 4 years ago? Nope! Big surprise Quebec sides with Trudeau, china and Saudi.
vinceslapchopper 3 months ago
@mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit] it had to do with quebec anglophones concentrated in the western side of montreal, but immigrants today are a big reason why pretty much all Montreal votes red. You could see that as well in the last Quebec provincial election, where the QLP is basically extinct outside Montreal.
mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit]
@2freeIvX What are you talking about? Montreal has literally been a Liberal stronghold for over a century. It has nothing to do with immigrants.
2freeIvX 3 months ago
Excuse me we do not? The bloc has the majority. Only montreal and its because there's such a high quantity of immigrant ofc they would. And even then it was a close call in most region. Also why are you not blaming toronto.
Mason McDixon
Mason McDixon 4 months ago
Qc voted mainly Block, Montreal being so big gave him the rest Our voting system is flawed giving an election away even if only Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver vote for him
tijrus 4 months ago
Too bad, the Conservatives have Scheer. At least Jagmeet sounds intelligent and plugged into what Canadians want. The Conservative party needs a new leader.
Millie Me
Millie Me 4 months ago
tijrus Jagmeet is like a child. Where is the money coming from for his programs. Destroy oil and gas which is about 23 percent of the economy, pass laws like Bill C69 and Bill C48 and still think you can really have more Social programs without raising taxes dramatically
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 4 months ago
Crown hooker at 5:20
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