What The Final Year Of Freddie Mercury's Life Was Really Like

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The legendary lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, was diagnosed with AIDS in the late ‘80s and passed away a few years later. But what were his last days like? From his final songs to last birthday, here’s what happened in the final year of Freddie Mercury’s life.
Mercury spent the last years of his life involved with men, but his greatest love was a woman. Mary Austin remained by his side for his whole life, despite no formal vow exchange. As shown in the popular film Bohemian Rhapsody, they were a couple for six years and friends until the very end. When Mercury finally became too frail to manage alone, she became one of his caretakers. What makes that more impressive is that at the time, she was in a relationship, had a son, and was pregnant with her second.
December 25th, 1990 was Mercury's last Christmas, which he reportedly spent with Austin and her family. According to Refinery 29, the love Mercury had for Austin was clear. In fact, he left Austin his home and half of his fortune, and in the end she got $37.5 million.
The last months of Mercury's life were low-key. His health didn't permit him to live like a king as he once used to. Refusing to become the poster boy for AIDS, he became a social recluse.
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Living like a recluse | 0:15
1991 album | 1:09
Final music video | 2:20
Last birthday | 2:57
Passing away | 3:59
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Comments 80
Grunge 2 months ago
Which is the best Queen album?
Shinra Tensei
Shinra Tensei 2 days ago
Innuendo obviously
MR GAME BOI 6 days ago
Killer queen
its ya girl
its ya girl 7 days ago
Hot Space
Mat Bolles
Mat Bolles 8 days ago
harshal mehlawat
harshal mehlawat 13 days ago
My favourite album is night at the Opera.
j Jensen
j Jensen Day ago
Nothing new here...
Jason West
Jason West 3 days ago
if you watch the documentary, he thought he should get paid more than his band mates,thats why,for a short period ,he made no song,then he got back with his band mates,and they all got the same pay,he is a fantastic singer
carl hernandez
carl hernandez 5 days ago
ahhhhh those dicks ...
Alexander Kusgan Mananguete Morales
Doctor: *RoJohn Maycury* does'nt exist it can hurt you. *RoJohn Maycury* : 1:16
rodeo o
rodeo o 11 days ago
i heard one time on some tv program that he said he regretted his life style,,,,and that if he could he would do it differently ,,,,,we must face the truth about certain life styles unlike what some social classes want you to believe,,,,,,,like drug use , alcohol abuse,marijuana etc etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the truth is the truth,,,,but death is real,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
R0bert Mckenzie
R0bert Mckenzie 13 days ago
Fredie mercury was agreat singer
Ray Abernathy
Ray Abernathy 14 days ago
Just as Jesus said, "What will you do if you lost your soul and gain the whole world? I pray he did not lose his soul.
Delilah Mosley
Delilah Mosley 14 days ago
I love Queen music and makes me smile
mheldy pacs
mheldy pacs 16 days ago
Let's pray that God is a merciful God,
MAC THE SLOVAC 17 days ago
A frail man who became extremely strong to The bitter end...
John Clark
John Clark 18 days ago
It's sad what homosexuality does but it is what it is and it ain't good
Breny07 Tubby
Breny07 Tubby 19 days ago
Freddie:died in aids Me:died with corona
Christine Barzev
Christine Barzev 20 days ago
Love you Farrokh Bulsara born in stone town zanzabar Tanzania in 1946
Harlo Watkins
Harlo Watkins 20 days ago
Don’t you dare call him Jim Beach, that name is boring, we call him Miami Beach
Muzammil Ahmed
Muzammil Ahmed 21 day ago
Still the greatest ever
Emily Walker
Emily Walker 21 day ago
Justice Johnson
Justice Johnson 21 day ago
I just wish I got to experience his music while he was alive ! Bc I love how strong his voice was ! It kinda reminds me of Whitney Houston's voice when she first started !
Roy Rj
Roy Rj 21 day ago
I was in a hospital isolation ward back in the early 90s on the ward were aids victims, I could see them outside through the window...they were like skeletons walking around, so I can imagine what Freddie was like at the end, I'd take his boyfriend's version of events to be more like the truth
Martin Nevey
Martin Nevey 22 days ago
Your songs are forever.....that means your immortal Freddie. .
Saymore Mccalman
Saymore Mccalman 24 days ago
Wilbur Mcbride
Wilbur Mcbride 24 days ago
He's very blessed to have a confidant in Mary his longtime girlfriend. Even though he had homosexual tendencies she stayed loyal to him to the end. I don't know many people that would do that today.
Harry Kane
Harry Kane 26 days ago
He was listening to his RAAAAADIOOOOO
I love freddie
I love freddie 26 days ago
I'm going through heartbreak . I'm so low . But listening to his music and remembering his words gives me hope . Freddie won't let me give up and I will not . - show must go on
Steven Malham
Steven Malham 27 days ago
At the end, he looks a lot like Julie Andrews in "Victor/Victoria." That's a good thing. Dame Julie Andrews and Freddie Mercury are two of Great Britain's national treasures. ruvid.net/video/video-eQHX1Qczp6E.html
Tim Bit
Tim Bit 26 days ago
Steven Malham I always thought that especially with “These Are The Days Of Our Lives”
Erika Hogan
Erika Hogan 27 days ago
Love him so much it is killing me my heart is broken 💔💔💔💔 never forget him never play hes music
drybones 28 days ago
Freddie's foot must have been really bad towards the end. You can clearly see him limping at 3:29 . Sad.
Cushena Owens
Cushena Owens Month ago
I saw Mary wasn't there on his bed days only his husband
dragos avram
dragos avram Month ago
Pamela Hobbs
Pamela Hobbs Month ago
I will always be a Queen fan, I was literally in love with Freddie Murcury in my younger days, that's when music was real, the talent was alive, not like today.
emmaamrcr Month ago
He's the person I cried the most for in my life and I keep doing it all now, and it is strange because I was born after his death. It's amazing that Freddie is still loved after 28 years
Thomas Pick
Thomas Pick Month ago
I enjoy that vest he wore in the Days of Our Lives video. It has 4 cats. Freddie loved his cats.
Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips Month ago
One of the greatest musical bicons ever. 💖💜💙
reddognsdq Month ago
So sad he’s gone. So happy he was here....Rock on Fred! Unequalled showman & talent.
3:30 😭
Nath Bunting
Nath Bunting Month ago
Freddie you are amazing
timmy 900
timmy 900 Month ago
Catherine Telford
Freddie was the must powerful person in the world, you will never get another Freddie great singer great song writer and great voice RIP
James Connelly
James Connelly Month ago
Martinni rolling stone. Nailed by a pit.
Bon Mcf
Bon Mcf Month ago
I'm miss this band..RIP Supervisor
Galaxy Stars
Galaxy Stars Month ago
Freddie Mercury was probably the most talented singer of all time. Queen is the only band I listen to and most of the time the only thing I listen too. RIP FREDDY!!
Wech Gros
Wech Gros Month ago
Thanks freddie we love you Kiss from France 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Rover Waters
Rover Waters Month ago
2:11 false, made up legend on social media no one take
John Llewellyn
John Llewellyn Month ago
Very sad, thank god now they got things under control with this nasty disease, RIP to all that have been taken to young
Dale And Joy Explores
Freddy mercury The great pretender and also the greatest showman who's has ever lived and Walked planet earth- don't be sad that he's gone- smile that he was here. Queen4 ever
Memu Month ago
You didn't even mention Mother Love
BloggerX Month ago
Rover Waters
Rover Waters Month ago
QUEEN FACTS: Freddie did not record "Show must go on" in one take. The Bohemian Rhapsody guitar solo was written/created solely by Brian May Vanilla Ice does not own the rights to "Under Pressure" Freddie did not have AIDS when he sang at Live Aid 1985
Michael Wilkinson TV
Queen will Always Rock🌟 I like every song they made. Also Like Brian Mays Guitar 🎸
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury Month ago
I’m still here darling!
Emperor Palpatine
@Freddie Mercury I've good how about you
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury Month ago
Emperor Palpatine How are you my love! 😘
Emperor Palpatine
Angerfist fan
Angerfist fan Month ago
Mireille Murengerantwari
He was the best and still. He leaves us a legacy. I loved he’s energy and he’s songs .Rest in peace Freddie 😍😍😍🙏
20centurymodern Month ago
Anne Phair
Anne Phair Month ago
Great talent
Ciaran Neill
Ciaran Neill Month ago
His music will live on forever
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal Month ago
They could have made the movie Queen into a heartbreaking and beautiful tragedy, but they chose to make a typical rock biopic. Damn those fools.
Banana Drama
Banana Drama Month ago
Would you rather have sappy and depressing movie or a movie that shows Queen's raise and the good times the band have. I know which one I would and I'm sure Queen wanted it that way too.
Alyx Rees
Alyx Rees Month ago
It is so beautiful how this icon is still so relevant today. I literally was at a school dance today and they played bohemian rhapsody and everyone bopped. Rip freddie mercury 💕💕💕
shadow storm06
shadow storm06 Month ago
He was concerned, the show must go on!!!!
Barbara Khan
Barbara Khan Month ago
So sad yet so brave... love u forever dear Freddie...🤗
victory victory
victory victory Month ago
What a pity, from one man to the other, could this fellow not be rescued, it was reported he was cautioned about his lifestyle by close friends, how can such a phenomenon , talent be engaged in sexual relations with men like himself,
Patricia Orlando
Its so so sad the death of Freddie Mercury. But you have to give it to him. He was a great performer. A great singer. A great dancer. .A great song writer . A wonderful personality and beautiful physique . To round it all up Freddie had the hold package. He was a true perfectionist. Never will he be fogotten. He was loved by millions of people loke myself RIP Freddie 💜💛💚
Tara Sarvas
Tara Sarvas Month ago
Did Jim Hutton give Freddie mercury HIV?
César Rabbit
César Rabbit Month ago
Brigita rozenbergaitė
This broke my heart ....
Michael Tunnicliff
God bless you Freddie.
Highly Suggestible
I love you just as much today as I always did.
it's like the same but different
Queen II This is Queen’s mission statement, a manifesto if you will. Everything that Queen was before it and what it became is well manifested in that album, on those two sides- the black and the white side.
Karen Mcadams
Karen Mcadams Month ago
I still love you Freddie R.I.P u are a legent
voodoochile333 Month ago
One up the bum, some harm done
Sarah Venable
Sarah Venable Month ago
If a romantic relationship fails, then have a PLATONIC friendship!!!
Princess Isabella Mercury
Freddie is the greatest rock god of all time Agree *:* like Agree *:* comment No? *-* see a therapist
Moon Rise
Moon Rise 7 days ago
@Coitus Interruptus The Beatles were lame. Boring
Coitus Interruptus
Coitus Interruptus 28 days ago
The Beatles are definitely better and were more succesful. Queen is great tho.
Frank Vallelonga
he is maybe top 10 but he aint page, plant, lennon, hendrix, mccartney, ace frehley
?????? Month ago
Nope Chuck Berry is
Geena Schmidt
Geena Schmidt Month ago
Yall should just read Mercury and Me. Mary Austin is a cruel human and the movie was all wrong but alright. Please do your research before posting videos
Geena Schmidt
Geena Schmidt 4 days ago
PensiveCzar you realize there is more evidence out there then just Mercury and Me? And Jim who loved Freddie who Freddie chose wrote the book thank you. Mary was extremely manipulative and that’s why he kept her in his life period
PensiveCzar 4 days ago
Mercury and Me was a trashy tabloid read (written by someone who was bitter because he was the "Jan Brady" of Freddie's lovers) for the sake of cashing in on the legacy of someone who wasn't here to stop it from being released. Freddie would've been mortified that someone who he trusted would betray his trust by putting out such an exploitive piece of trash. Do YOUR research, sweetheart. There's a reason why Freddie honored Mary more than your guy. There's a reason why in the end, Freddie made Mary his honorary widow; giving her not only the majority of his estate, but also entrusted her with his ashes and burial arrangements. For Freddie to do all that WHILE he was with Jim speaks volumes about his and Jim's relationship.
dominique gaillot
I do agree with you, I really think that Mary Austin is a goldigger and toxic woman
electronic home
electronic home Month ago
1. A night at the opera 1975 2. Sheer heart attack 1974 3. Queen II 1974
electronic home
electronic home Month ago
Everytime when I see this guy from this nonsence movie, I immediately stop the video! Don't ask me why!
Charles Bosing
Charles Bosing Month ago
Legend that will never be forgetten...
ConnorPlaysFortnite !
This video is facts tho
Katvano E
Katvano E Month ago
My fav song is the show must go on
Pebbles Flintstone
Oh Freddie😥❤️🌹
Dorothy Edge
Dorothy Edge Month ago
Freddy Mercury what an amazing talent. Love him and Queen.
Atomic Month ago
Mercury's death is one of the greatest losses in entire history of music, there will always be a void that can never be filled.
MORTIMORE 6 days ago
@Moon Rise Wacko? * Vomits *
Moon Rise
Moon Rise 7 days ago
Nope. Micheal Jackson was
Dale And Joy Explores
richards9407 Month ago
If he'd said that he wouldn't have got AIDS.....
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