What the Ancients Knew - Rome

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More than 2,000 years ago, the Roman army swept across Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East. Backed by the legions, their military, and engineering skills, the Romans built one of the largest empires in history, dominating as many as 36 modern nations. Technology helped shape the ancient world and reverberates in our Western lifestyle and amenities today. But the Roman legacy is less about invention itself than about the spreading of the ancient technology. Rather than invent most of what they became famous for, the Romans adopted, perfected, and spread their enemies' inventions throughout their empire.
Hosted by Jack Turner. Published by Discovery Channel, 2008.

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Dec 30, 2012




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Comments 80
Manchu Scout
Manchu Scout Day ago
Ironic that so many who had an interest in viewing "What the Ancients Knew - Rome" chose to comment, not upon Roman engineering, but with the intellectual prowess of juveniles who had seen their first porn show, upon Roman bathing, nudity and homosexuality.
Lisa Shears
Lisa Shears 10 days ago
Ostia antica is amazing
Chan Xavier
Chan Xavier 21 day ago
48:54 Nazi roman spotted
Tim Small
Tim Small 22 days ago
It should be knocked down its racist built by slaves I'm the mayor of Bristol
Chris wells
Chris wells Month ago
We lived
Chris wells
Chris wells Month ago
Modern day America Annuity Novus Ordo
Zeljko Jankov
Zeljko Jankov Month ago
24 emperor of Rome woes Serbs. For long times capitol of empire woes in Sirmium, today Sremska mitrovica in Serbia...
Stanislav Daganov
"Tecchnology alone would not make you rich. For that, you need Organisation..." - good one! Now, the fact that Rome became the epitome of egotistical hedonism & vain excess, decadence, moral and social decay, depravity and slavery, bloodthirsty cruelty, bloody never-ending power struggles and murders, genocides committed over smaller peaceful agricultural nations & tribes... that's another story...
sabine medrano
sabine medrano Month ago
i loved it
Alethia 21
Alethia 21 Month ago
The Roman's would look at what others built take it apart and improve it. They built bigger and better than those who went before them. Roman aqueducts are monuments to their engineering skill. No one in the ancient world moved water from one place to another like the Roman's.
2serveand2protect 2 months ago
Austria and Southern Germany (oddly enough!) have probably the best historical re-enactments groups, as far as the "Roman-era" goes - or maybe that 's not so "odd" at all - afterall Vindobona (Vienna) was one of the greatest cities of the Roman-Empire and the MOST important on the central-European "limes". I remember that when I was a kid I made the trip from Vienna towards the Czech border and you could see the Roman wall still for ...I don't remember but probably 40 kilometers... 40 kilometers AFTER having left Vienna you could still see pieces of the Roman "limes" (and I bet they are still standing there). Austrians ae extremely keen (and GOOD) in preserving Historical Heritage.
Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett 2 months ago
The greatest and Most Endurant empire..? What about the 1000 year empire the Byzantine ? Some and the ancient Italians adopted ancient Greek knowledge civilization . Who the f*ck makes these shows ?😅
Teacher Mark
Teacher Mark 2 months ago
One thing I can't understand is why an organized society that was around for over a thousand years with scholars and mathematicians didn't advance even much more? For example, if they could make glass, why not telescopes and microscopes? Why didn't they discover electricity?
Steve S
Steve S 2 months ago
A thousand years after China did many of the same things. But Romans were much larger.
Jack Hubley
Jack Hubley 2 months ago
It would be refreshing to see a presenter do what they are good at and not have to get into the middle of something they didn't have two clues about ten minutes ago.
Lori Anderson
Lori Anderson 2 months ago
I have done quite a bit of research on the Romans, as I am an elementary teacher in Spain, and we teach a short study on the Hispania Romana. The video was fascintating and definitely one to share with others.
avamira deocho
avamira deocho 2 months ago
Same old lies about meghalitic stones.
Survivortech Harold
Survivortech Harold 2 months ago
The romans are far from ancient. People love to ignore the fact humans have always been just as intelligent as they are today. Technology isn't intelligence, it is result of many many thousands of years building on intelligence.
Paul D
Paul D 3 months ago
Sooo it looks like the bathhouse was their version of the internet.
hityouwithacoustic 3 months ago
An interesting scope on Roman planning and engineering . good content stitched together superb narration. Great documentary.
jim crow
jim crow 3 months ago
We still have special effects to a horror show. Now it is called Terror.
joomanburning 3 months ago
Romanes eunt domus
Nick Cohen
Nick Cohen 3 months ago
Evil Empire !
Jack Decker
Jack Decker 3 months ago
Oh iam sure the slaves were just standing in line to get in for such a grand life
Thomas Vieth
Thomas Vieth 3 months ago
Anyone who knows anything about antiquity knows that the Persian Empire was the greatest of all time, yet when the same anyones talk about the Romans they swiftly forget that fact. Hm
Lynne Kuntz
Lynne Kuntz 3 months ago
i despise ur family
Kevin O
Kevin O 3 months ago
And today they're always working on the roads they don't make anything to last nowadays
Lynne Kuntz
Lynne Kuntz 3 months ago
fluck you 69
John Gialanella jr
John Gialanella jr 3 months ago
Great Documentary, but I thought that the bath scene was a little strange. The Romans were mind boggling builders, Engineers, and Solders.
Lynne Kuntz
Lynne Kuntz 3 months ago
ur gay john 69
Terri Mcwilliams
Terri Mcwilliams 3 months ago
Everybody hated Rome.
James Richardson
James Richardson 3 months ago
Just think if they'd gun powder.
Halibut86 3 months ago
So cool! When are we going to rebuild the colosseum?
Mel Smith
Mel Smith 4 months ago
Did he say that the water was distributed from the aqueducts by series of lead pipes? LEAD??
A Leo
A Leo 4 months ago
Aaaaaaaand THAT is how the Egyptians built the Pyramids. Them winches on every tier.
Mike Cruise
Mike Cruise 4 months ago
Iraqi Babylonian Have everything to
Dabney Tatum
Dabney Tatum 4 months ago
Greetings from the sout side of Chicago wouldn't be here without Roman ingenuity
Willy B
Willy B 4 months ago
If the earth was curved and those water things follow the earth then the water things should be curved, same thing with planes, the white streaks they leave across the sky are always straight lines,
Eric Dew
Eric Dew 4 months ago
Nice documentary!
darthvader5300 4 months ago
The mixture of equal volumes of slake lime and powdered brick and clean river sand and mixed with the right amount of water to create a kind of putty like substance which is a semi-solid/semi-liquid level of viscosity which can allow it to be placed or poured. Or mixed first with clean stones or clean gravel of the right kind before he right amount of water to create a kind of putty like substance which is a semi-solid/semi-liquid level of viscosity which can allow it to be placed or poured like concrete is a GODSEND to the Eastern Roman Empire when they are building their Haigh Sophia for that mortar mixture of equal volumes slake lime, powdered brick, and clean river sand produces a mortar having a high tensile strenght as if it is reinforced with steel rebars and with steel fibers.
Adam Lang
Adam Lang 4 months ago
They were the strongest and the smartest people that ever existed ever.
RADman 11
RADman 11 4 months ago
The greatest and most enduring empire the world has ever seen? Really? That's your opening volley? Two demonstrably and factually incorrect statements combined into one glorious idiotic verbal fart? See ya.
Graco Migues
Graco Migues 4 months ago
Very interesting, but why he does not talk about the evolution of laws in Rome? Why not talking about the Greeks based republican ideals? About the written codes of Law. About written language and philosophy, math, algebra, medicine in books, History, rationalism in the Mediterranean world?
Satan Official
Satan Official 4 months ago
The truly grotesque evilness that was Rome...
Beth Bartlett
Beth Bartlett 4 months ago
*The Roman Empire continues, and it manages the entire Western World.* If "Greatest" is defined by "a few elite controlling the masses" then it was and is... That is not the definition I subscribe to, then or now. In a Generalized sense, Roman is synonymous with: Ego Mind, Arrogance, Narcissistic, Coveting, Self-Absorbed, Greed, Power Addicted, Control, as well as: Fascist, Totalitarian, Dictatorial. It is a taught to be accepted as superior and heroic to minds of the West. (A clue to the mass arrogance of the USA Public£ Again, I made these statements in a Generalized sense, yet it is accurate, and I suspect it has gained in its "expectation sense" in the current era's Adolescents and Young Adults. There's an absence of Families/Parents/Teachers teaching or expecting any detectable Social Manners, *Polite Mutual Respect, and - Gentleman/Lady's Behaviors are almost so remote that they stand out and are suspect.* (I raised my son in the 1985 - 2004+ era), with basic: "Respect Adults, Polite to Ladies and Elderly, and a Genuine Manner of Self with Male Peers. I had people actually try to tell him not to call them Mam or Mr - as it made them feel old, I responded with: I'm sorry for your insecurities, but I am raising a young man to respect others, all others, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, or political choice. It made a difference. If he has any prejudices, they have been acquired through personal experiences, not insecure teachings by his parents. The absence of insecurities, the balance of self-love, self confidence, and a genuine respect for mankind/womanhood, are the most healthy foundations for an individual to launch their Life Journey Experiences and must be one of the most generously loving and wise gifts a Parent can give to their child, another human whom has their very own journey to experience. 2 things I did well in this life: 1. Graduated College 2. Parented my child with a Focus on his behavior and that in interaction with others, while promoting a Positive self-concept. Realizing that Mom was the nurturing role and Parenting a separate and important responsibility. I did both well, not perfect, but they remain what I consider the golden accomplishments. I happened to have achieved Professional Success, Status, and Material Wealth - but then anyone can do that and lose it and do it again. It varied in importamce, clearly the more I gained in Conscious Thought and Higher Minded Thought/Response, the less I cared about Ego and the greater the Feelings of the real that matters, my wealth was always in those whom I called my friends and the observation of a healthy minded Son interacting with his peers. Those are values, the Roman Empire was Rulership
Just Traveling
Just Traveling 4 months ago
Eventually they had an authoritarian leader like we have and the empire ended in chaos
METAL_MASTER4686 3 months ago
Just Traveling Not very intelligent I see.
James Williams
James Williams 4 months ago
Legionnaires fought bravely.
Darr Danley
Darr Danley 4 months ago
Lead piping for the rich?
Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison 4 months ago
Don't get me wrong, I really like this guy's narration and I wish more documentaries were made with this kind of pace and detail. But he's a weird little guy. The way he walks, moves and touches things is really bizarre.
Kwa ndo
Kwa ndo 4 months ago
You gonna get mad if you knew how medieval people walked and talked.
Pishposh Magoo
Pishposh Magoo 4 months ago
The only thing that the Romans couldn't defeat was Rome and her self destructive tendencies.
kirk stinson
kirk stinson 4 months ago
Ok, less then a minute in and you Fed up the story. It was supposed to be TWINS! Romulus and Remus . How can I believe anything you say after screwing up the most basic stuff? Next up "The Europeans wouldn't know something of this power until the advent of gunpowder" . This so called historian never heard of a trebuchet??
Patrick O'Meagher
Patrick O'Meagher 4 months ago
Very well done. I saw a video somewhere about how they filled (and drained) the coloseum with water for ship battles. The technology some of these ancient civilizations had in antiquity is astounding. These folks did videos about other civilizations like China and Japan that are equally as great.
John Champagne
John Champagne 4 months ago
What he says near 27:54 didn't make sense at first or seemed an odd thing to say, because I was reading the text while listening. (Sometimes the text is wrong.)
bjhodge8 4 months ago
Where was the strigil and it's importance in cleaning the body before bathing? And you call yourselves expert.
2ndEndingVintage 5 months ago
"Romans would spread their knowledge, technology, way of life across the world"....by subjugating or slaughtering everyone....hooray.
Adrian Vacarescu
Adrian Vacarescu 5 months ago
You forgot Syria and Dacia on the map
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 5 months ago
If the Romans was smart they'd just build some whorehouses and there enemies would build roads to Rome
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 3 months ago
Original idea? Hi Patsy.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 5 months ago
I wish I could be a roaman back when it was being built
DJ SYN 5 months ago
Austen J
Austen J 5 months ago
Great programme. I didn't know that the Romans built a long defence boundary in Germany [7 minutes in]. Pity that Cologne has practically no evidence above ground of having 50,000 Roman inhabitants. And, in southern France, the cascading overshot waterwheels powering 2 parallel sets of 16 flour mills [31mins 30secs]. Fantastic!
Ski Racer
Ski Racer 5 months ago
Excellent documentary
Stormy Sampson
Stormy Sampson 5 months ago
I've been waiting to hear about the ship battles done on water in this coliseum! Deep enough for real ships to float. Let me know if you've heard about this 'trick'. Heart breaking how cruel and ignorant we were even back then.
Steven Hays
Steven Hays 2 months ago
I have heard of this. I was in Rome for 30 days. They flooded the arena by deverting the water from acuaducts. Then having battles with real casualties.
Rosolino Lo Sciuto
Rosolino Lo Sciuto 5 months ago
Braccia incrociate e' crani allungati
Rosolino Lo Sciuto
Rosolino Lo Sciuto 5 months ago
Come quando ti staccano la testa e' te la poggiano sul petto con le braccia incrociate
Rosolino Lo Sciuto
Rosolino Lo Sciuto 5 months ago
In Britannia i Druidi hanno adottato tattiche da rituali da stregoneria per resistere contro l'avanzata dell Impero Romano
jim Parr
jim Parr 5 months ago
Fascinating. Thank you.
Ronald Tucker
Ronald Tucker 5 months ago
The Greeks did not invent arches. There is brick architecture in Mesopotamia with arches that are 1000 years older than Greece.
Sugary Snax
Sugary Snax 5 months ago
When the Romans blew some guy to smithereens with a hellfire missile because they wanted to distract the populace from the upcoming corruption trials they didn't have to come up with any kind of cockamamie "any day now he was gonna attack five our embassies" stories. They just did it.
Steffen Ritter
Steffen Ritter 3 months ago
You know that the emperor was found "not guilty" last month, right.
boomer21 5 months ago
All this technology that was lost after the fall of Rome makes one thing quite clear, the further back in time you go the more advanced the society. Something that atheists and evolutionists will never come to terms with.
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw 5 months ago
For Gods sakes man! Take those spears away from those Germans and don't let them start marching! You know what happened last time-twice! That bearded one looked like Angela Merkel.
Popeye The Sailor
Popeye The Sailor 5 months ago
48:54 Hitler? That one guy sees the camera and is like aaahh cumon were all just trying to have a good time.
Ben Quinney
Ben Quinney 5 months ago
The weapon of the enemy
Elmos Pasco
Elmos Pasco 5 months ago
A caravan route following the western shore of the Arabian Peninsula doesn't make much sense if you think about it. Darius the First of Persia commissioned a canal that connected the Red Sea to the Nile completely negating the need to follow a dangerous coastal hike with little water but loads of marauding caravan raiders in Arabia. If you've got goods coming in from India you just bypass western Arabia. The twenty five meter wide canal would've been more than wide enough to accommodate any ship of its day but I'm guessing they just sold their goods at the port in Egypt and went on their merry way. Same thing with goods from the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. Why hazard an expensive and dangerous land trek through the territory of thieving marauders who would just as soon slit your throat as look at you? Shipping to a civilized port and then floating the goods down river on barges was safer and less expensive.
Reward1138 5 months ago
25:47 WOOHHHH.... This just turned SUPER gay real quick and unexpected, like an episode of G.O.T. or something.
Steger 13
Steger 13 5 months ago
Then spartacus came and destroyed the Romans.
DREW JEERS 6 months ago
26:00-27:00 was a bit unsettling
Arden Ritchie
Arden Ritchie 6 months ago
Millions of Roman slaves (endless pool of labour) gave their lives to build the Roman world. Very brutal and I believe they should be mentioned more often in this documentary and not just in reference to Spartacus.
Esoteric Services
Esoteric Services 6 months ago
i like
Vernon Findlay
Vernon Findlay 6 months ago
Always wanted to ask,was the Colosseum floor wooded plakes that has rotted away. 🤔
Arden Ritchie
Arden Ritchie 6 months ago
wooden planks?
parrmik 6 months ago
Mary beard was supposed to narrate this documentary. However the bath scene made it a non starter.
Debasis kumar
Debasis kumar 6 months ago
I would have become the king of beautiful rome if born in that era! I love roman and greek architecture.
MrCloudseeker 6 months ago
Those guys need to hit the gym before making their next video in a Roman bath.
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