WHAT?! Saveria's Audition Has Katy Perry Jumping Out of Her Seat - American Idol 2020

American Idol
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Saveria may have Katy Perry levitating out of her chair, but does her original song "Tell Me This Is Real" have Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan feeling the same?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2020
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the beloved series.




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Comments 80
Aleeza Mahmood
You can see her baby bump here!!
Chevy Case
Chevy Case 2 days ago
She’s amazing. So disappointed they didn’t put her through. She deserved to go to Hollywood
dat boi's bleach
dat boi's bleach 2 days ago
so no one gonna talk about that cake katy is carrying around?
Dhriti Nath
Dhriti Nath 3 days ago
And people like Nick Merico have made it to Top 20 sighhh
Kiersten B
Kiersten B 3 days ago
I literally stopped watching after they told her no. How? Smh. Well, they made me look her up and follow her music. She’s amazing. She will make it anyway.
ladyabercrombie 4 days ago
Her songs on Spotify are awesome, let’s support her. Side note: this is exactly why I stopped watching AI 10 years ago-rigged. The real artists never win.
Katie Smith
Katie Smith 5 days ago
Couldn't even believe she didn't make it through! Katy was 100% right. These guys should lose their judging credibility. Such a mistake.
asmu II
asmu II 6 days ago
(THE 1ST CLIP) I might be wrong here guys cause its just my opinion but I feel like other two judges were more looking from the political perspective rather than from talent perspective. When she said she was from Canada then I noticed weird vibe from judges. I think she definitely killed it her audition. At least better than "Katie girl" who Luke was crushing over last year...but still they gave her chance to go to next Hollywood round. BUT WHY NOT THIS GIRL?? I agree on Katy here
Rinjamin Button
Rinjamin Button 7 days ago
she's fire
julie mays
julie mays 7 days ago
That's why i hate american Idol i mean seriously she's so good .
Natalie Nunya
Natalie Nunya 8 days ago
I have to say I’m not easily pulled in, and this girl beautifully pulled me in! Lionel and what’s his name really do need their hearing checked. She has an angelic quality to her falsetto, and a warm resonance to her lower tones. Not only that she riffs very beautifully, and even has a naturally developed vibrato. And most importantly you could see her passion, which is what ultimately pulled me in. I heard star quality in her voice.
Jason Cruickshank
this discourages me from auditioning from idol its like what are u talking bout her fal setto is ridiculous i can't hit 20% of the notes she did pure pure pure stupidity savera if ur listening dont be discouraged u are so talented ur a better singer then both luke and Lionel
Jason Cruickshank
this discourages me from auditioning from idol its like what are u talking bout her fal setto is ridiculous i can't hit 20% of the notes she did pure pure pure stupidity savera if ur listening dont be discouraged u are so talented ur a better singer then both luke and Lionel
Jason Cruickshank
This girl is a better singer then Luke and Lionel combined
Tracey Bruseski
Tracey Bruseski 9 days ago
She got rejected because she didn’t have a sob story like everyone else
Susan Hudson
Susan Hudson 9 days ago
Why didn't she get to go thru, the last young boy was not that good at all
Susan Hudson
Susan Hudson 9 days ago
I think she is great
Bree Anna Rollins
Bree Anna Rollins 10 days ago
She should have been asked to sing another song!
Den Jiongco
Den Jiongco 11 days ago
She kinda looks like Joyce Byers of Stranger Things
Little Giant
Little Giant 11 days ago
I agree to theirs disagree, she will come stronger next time.
Daniel Kohen
Daniel Kohen 12 days ago
Someone get this girl, for fuck sakes. KATY GO AFTER HER 🥺🥺🥺
Renita 12 days ago
Y'all butthurt she didn't make it, but she broke the cardinal rule of this show. SING A SONG PEOPLE KNOW!! Don't EVER sing an original. This show is not for artists, it's for industry products!!
Marilyn S
Marilyn S 13 days ago
Im getting amy winehouse vibes 😍😍😍
Tudorinc 13 days ago
What’s up wit dat - the boys being mean
Dallas Winston
Dallas Winston 13 days ago
I would like to say y’all are constantly they which implies all 3 so I’m assuming you heard it stopped listening to the video, read comments abt her not making it through and blaming all 3 judges. If you watched Katie got pissed since Lionel and Luke stupid asses said no. She broke things and stormed off set. If y’all are gonna be rude about something at least direct to the people who did it and not people who tried help or bystanders. That’s goes for more than just this. People dumb as hell now. Smh
s B
s B 13 days ago
This girl already has a successful career. Look her up. I had a feeling this would be the case. What she is doing now is prob way better than winning idol and losing all her rights. She already writes her own music.
My TwoCents
My TwoCents 13 days ago
Either Lionel and Luke had gone nuts.... or it was just for a "show."
Katherine Petri
Katherine Petri 13 days ago
I’m glad Katy wanted her to go through but I was upset the boys voted no.
montanadoctor 14 days ago
Katy’s arrogant. This singer was B- at best. Richie should have the middle chair.
2751mid 14 days ago
Katy is the only one with a brain and a real ear for talent - Lionel and Luke are usually complete idiots when it comes to judging talent. Katy was absolutely right to be furious that Saveria wasn't put through to Hollywood. #bringsaveriaback
Troy Long
Troy Long 14 days ago
Cheyenne Cheyenne
Cheyenne Cheyenne 15 days ago
This is crap I can’t believe they did her like that she can SANG I was levitating through my seat for sure her voice is so clear and satisfying I didn’t hear what they heard I thought her performance was an easy top 5 this show literally sucks sometimes
cristian ald-rod
cristian ald-rod 15 days ago
the best original song !!
Kirsten Barbero
Kirsten Barbero 16 days ago
she was amazing...! a lot better than so many ppl that went to Hollywood..... so disappointing.
Zarya 16 days ago
Zarya Devnivi Lalit Thanki I from Lafayette Lousisna My job is study Social work and my own Buinies I have lived here fr twenty years old I from the country town I love my family I care about everyone in the word I want to go to Nashville this year I love my new home
Letty Aguinaga
Letty Aguinaga 16 days ago
I really liked her you guys should of given her a chance..
kidwave1 16 days ago
Take notice of how they use reverb on some singers and not on others!
Nick Georgiou
Nick Georgiou 16 days ago
She released this song on Spotify too: open.spotify.com/track/4slmYuHJWlMtgbB8MuTumE?si=aT5G098jTo2mrn5uQ0FenA
Daniel kozasky
Daniel kozasky 16 days ago
She should go on the voice!!!!!
StanislavyeungHK 16 days ago
This audition literally has more views than some of the other ones' who have gotten into top 20 e.g. Jonny West, Francisco, Nick, Julia, Kimmy, Lauren M. , Lauren S.S., Dewayne, Sophia, Mikayla, Olivia, Faith, Franklin, Grace, Aliana... Tell me this is real??
Sofia._. K
Sofia._. K 16 days ago
LoLo 17 days ago
Gabby Cuvin
Gabby Cuvin 17 days ago
i was swooning and swaying to her voice and my heart shattered when she didnt get in!!! DAFQ???
Love.hopes 17 days ago
Were they listening to the same person I just heard? They have put through shit singers but let her go? This is stupid!
Emmanuel Marian Mathew
No hate but Kay Genyse went through and Saveria didn't 🤐
Emmanuel Marian Mathew
she's so real and a really good singer.
David Gearardo
David Gearardo 18 days ago
She got a no? She should have said her mom had lupus and she worked two jobs so she could eat.
Tim Sarai
Tim Sarai 18 days ago
This is literally one of the best things I’ve seen on here. I think these judges are usually pretty good but this was a stupid decision
Anisa Ali
Anisa Ali 18 days ago
HOW???? Undeniable talent.
Suzie Rey
Suzie Rey 18 days ago
Katy is so great I love her haha
Miranda VanBuskirk
Miranda VanBuskirk 18 days ago
Okkkk American Idol be whack!! And that’s on period!!
J K 19 days ago
Her voice is incredible. It makes no sense why they let people through who arent even half as talented as her.
Baha Rabhi
Baha Rabhi 19 days ago
one of the best auditions ever!!
philsalvage 19 days ago
She’ll b back next year and kick ass.
Stevie Ray Klon
Stevie Ray Klon 19 days ago
Amitav Mazumder
Amitav Mazumder 19 days ago
ooo I thought they gonna ask her to sing another song... no disrespect but are the deaf?
kelly conley
kelly conley 19 days ago
She sounded wonderful i cant believe she didnt go through. Wow! I think they made a big mistake.
Melisa May Ministries
She’s really good! They made a mistake
shemidah ragguette
shemidah ragguette 20 days ago
No that's so unfair. Some of the ppl who got through ain't any better than her. Smh
Funn Foto
Funn Foto 20 days ago
Saveria totally gave me Amy Winehouse feels. They let some less polished and way rougher in this season. Last season Alejandro killed it and lost to Hardy who was hella cocky and not real.
KARIM A 20 days ago
With 1.8 million views and a lot of negative comments they need to bring her back for a second audition call it the (redemption hour) If you want a fake show just call it what you want this is outrageous. American idol the redemption hour
KARIM A 20 days ago
She didn’t get a ticket because she doesn’t have a backdrop story behind her dumb af fake ass show.
Jamsen Tampubolon
Jamsen Tampubolon 20 days ago
Her voice and everything about her is good tho, why? I can't believe this happened.
Boo Lynne
Boo Lynne 20 days ago
Hmmmm...she won “The Launch” in Canada.....what happened that she had to try out for AI?
Halie Maxine
Halie Maxine 20 days ago
Those of you commwnting how "she is better than half the people who DID get through" and are upset that she didnt get through where i can understand your thoughts i do also just have to say somwthing. A LOT of people who do get through are only sent through so that they have people to vote off the show... As stupid as that sounds think about it... Not everyone can win so tjey have to vote people who are NOT so good because they need ONE winner and a bunch of "not winners", ya know? However i do agree i think this one should have gpnenthrough...
Matteo diLuce
Matteo diLuce 21 day ago
What was there not to get?!? Momentarily tone deaf? That girl was great! There might be work to do, but come on!!! An original song, a beautiful voice, what do those d![kheads need? I don't get it ...
Melissa Gaudet
Melissa Gaudet 21 day ago
She ONLY needs to work on her weird facial expressions.....her VOICE is amazing. I think she's got it A L L DAY LONG....Hell yah!!!
Qt Gelato Dulce Singer, Writer,Dancer
Seriously, she sounded amazing!
Zak Zanotti
Zak Zanotti 21 day ago
She’s a great singer but I got lost to be honest I don’t think the song choice was right. Would of liked to here another song
senpai spc
senpai spc 21 day ago
This is why The Voice is the real show form artist! American Idol is looking for an entertainer not a singer. American idol decisions are made base off of looks, sob stories, and someone good for Hollywood.
ErkFX 22 days ago
Katy running away reminded me of an Oompa Loompa haha 😂 For real though, that girl deserved to go through! It was just her song choice, but you could hear everything she could do! I’m pretty surprised by this!
M L 22 days ago
She should of sang a cover, she has a great look n very cool... and yes i have no doubt she will get a deal off the back of the views n comments from those who know best, us the public. If your reading this Saveria, good always rises from bad n u will get a deal trust me, look at the comments n views! love from the UK x
Velvet Rose
Velvet Rose 22 days ago
Loved her voice, straight and simple!
Neishu T Maymac
Neishu T Maymac 22 days ago
Katty is such a spirit 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joshua Burns
Joshua Burns 22 days ago
She was great, I think they made a mistake. She was better than alot of others they let through.
Dianne Marin
Dianne Marin 22 days ago
This is ridiculous she was literally one of the best what the actual fuck
Andrea Devisser
Andrea Devisser 22 days ago
This is maddening. All they had to do was ask her to sing Lady Gaga. She would win.
molly l
molly l 22 days ago
Huge mistake
Aidan Austin
Aidan Austin 22 days ago
She's absolutely amazing!!!
jenna 22 days ago
She looks like Lady Gaga
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