What's Your Game Of The Decade?

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We're about to enter a whole new decade, and that's had us thinking about all the AMAZING games we've played over the past ten years - but which were the best?? We took an office poll, and we're about to share the results...
Which years did we nail? Which games did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!
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Dec 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Tom Bryant
Tom Bryant 14 hours ago
Not a game of the decade, but Sonic Mania made me happier on the first playthrough than just about anything I've ever played. Unbridled joy.
BummyCheese 2 days ago
For me, it was Ni No Kuni. One of the only games I really replayed nonstop and cried at each and every time. Definitely my game of the decade.
Spider Man
Spider Man 5 days ago
qiexia 7 days ago
You couldn't even throw in Nier Automata as a number three? Really?
Siddharth Nagarajan
persona 5 dont @ me
Duckerz 7 days ago
How did Borderlands 2 not make top 3 in 2012? It's my favourite game of all time lmao
Angory Tom’s Biggest Fan
Fallout New Vegas
Rushil N
Rushil N 8 days ago
No mention of Red Dead Redemption 2!? 😮
Thomas Heider
Thomas Heider 9 days ago
Bloodborne over the witcher is a joke in my eyes i have platin in both but the witcher was so much better
Yuvraj Zala
Yuvraj Zala 9 days ago
I stopped watching after 2015!
seanbcusack 10 days ago
not even a casual mention of nier: automata?!
Oscar Vayro
Oscar Vayro 11 days ago
Red dead 2?
Aaron Holland
Aaron Holland 13 days ago
Did she just say odyssey
Marteen Alias
Marteen Alias 13 days ago
Most of the people on this comment section are wrong and they should be ashamed.
Hadrian Rigley
Hadrian Rigley 13 days ago
Colyde 13 days ago
playing uncharted series and then journey at 13 yrs old it had me sold on video games and I knew that's what I wanted to do with my life. I'm about to finish my last year in school with a BFA in game design, very excited to be entering the industry finally soon.
mehdi D
mehdi D 15 days ago
Zelda?? It was the best game of the generation without a doubt
David Ehman
David Ehman 15 days ago
Kinda surprised their is no bioshock on this list
WiII-surf-dude 16 days ago
Gotta be gta v who hasn’t played it
Doomguy 233
Doomguy 233 16 days ago
God of War
Radek Rydzewski
Radek Rydzewski 16 days ago
What! Astro bots, Red dead 2. Astro Bots, Red dead 2. Ughh
T G 16 days ago
Clash of clans
Carve 17 days ago
Dark souls 1. By far the most groundbreaking game I'd played at the time. The intricate level / world design and game play is unmatched imo
ClarkCayenne 18 days ago
What??? No Persona 5??? It`s like the best JRPG ever made
SparkySpice0911 19 days ago
The fact that breath of the wild didn’t get mentioned is a sin
Luke Warm
Luke Warm 17 days ago
Look at the channel name friend
ML12 0
ML12 0 19 days ago
1. Skyrim 2.fallout new Vegas 3.kingdom hearts 3
RobieFIG 19 days ago
So that woman just chose Odyssey over Red Dead Resemption 2....wow
Angry Tom Nook
Angry Tom Nook 20 days ago
No Titanfall 2?
Mai Nem
Mai Nem 20 days ago
Marry me Elle!
ruboen96 21 day ago
Okey...... Witcher 3 is the best game of the decade hands down.... and i would have liked to see RDR 2 on the list either as numbe one or two in relation to God of War.
alexander tate
alexander tate 21 day ago
Lots of great games but I’m almost shocked that Spider-Man ps4 didn’t hit the top three on its year. Phenomenal game for sure, fingers crossed for a second one soon
MR popodopalis
MR popodopalis 22 days ago
I couldn't continue after Witcher 3 got beat by Bloodborne
Dean 22 days ago
Uncharted 4 for me it’s my favourite game franchise so can’t look past it
Miller 23 days ago
My list: 3. Batman Arkham City 2. The legend of zelda breath of the wild 1. Persona 5
Franco Zamora
Franco Zamora 23 days ago
Minecraft or Dark Souls
Rey Ray
Rey Ray 24 days ago
Bloodborne was great but not better than the Witcher, you can see that you are being bias because it’s a ps4 exclusive, don’t do that guys, it makes you loose credibility.
James Herbert
James Herbert 25 days ago
One of the tomb raider games should of been on this list
Gummi Bear
Gummi Bear 25 days ago
Im glad Journey's on the list. That was a spectacular experience. If there was a trophy for finding a complete stranger and going through the entire game with them, I would've gotten it. This person had the white robe while I was on my first playthrough, he showed me countless glitches in the map, we finished the game together start to finish, and I even waited 15 minutes for him not knowing if he would come back. Such a cool concept for a game.
therainbowgamers32 25 days ago
Skylanders trap team.
Richard Ramirez
Richard Ramirez 25 days ago
2010: AC Brotherhood 2011: AC Revelations 2012: Skyrim 2013: AC 4 Black Flag 2014: Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor 2015: The Witcher 3 2016: The Division 2017: AC Origins 2018: God of War 2019: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
Ali Riayde Jawad
Ali Riayde Jawad 25 days ago
#1 - Arkham Knight and DISHONORED 2 both, on the PS4 are my games of the decade. #2 - Arkham City and DISHONORED both, on the PS3. #3 - Arkham Asylum on the PS3.
Absence Of Faith
Absence Of Faith 26 days ago
Bloodborne Hollow Knight The Witcher 3
Akbar Satria Fitriawan
My favourite : 1. Nier Automata 2.The Legend of Heroes series as a whole (TOCS 1-3 in PS4) 3. The Witcher 3
100 subs no videos challenge
Breath of the wild spiderman and fornite
David Sen
David Sen 26 days ago
Bloodborne over Witcher 3 !?
andrew fil travilla
Witcher 3 is the game of the decade period! ........
Getaneh Heaven
Getaneh Heaven 26 days ago
Sekiro and Bloodborne 🖤FromSoftware🖤 Released the best games for this current Gen console
T C 27 days ago
Bioshock infinite out here getting disrespected
xxx s
xxx s 27 days ago
Witcher 3,Zelda BOTW, God of War 4,RDR2
RAVEN AK47 28 days ago
The Last Guardian
Caleb Haynes
Caleb Haynes 28 days ago
fill in blank
fill in blank 28 days ago
did you seriously leave dark souls 1 out for 2011...shame
Leon Anderson
Leon Anderson Month ago
The fact that they didn’t include Doom Dark Souls and Mass Effect ll is crazy to me. EDIT: Wait, how on Earth do they not have RDR2 anywhere in this video
Leon Anderson
Leon Anderson Month ago
Is there any other videos like this style. Not perhaps by them but I just want to play more of the best games.
Zona Khawlhring
Zona Khawlhring Month ago
Assasins creed over RDR2??? What a joke
Shane Cahill
Shane Cahill Month ago
Game Of The Decade The Last Of Us
Satadeep Saha
Satadeep Saha Month ago
Every number 2 should be swapped with number 1
MyAlevels Revison
Blood borne over Witcher ? Geeeeeeeeet outttt
Larry Medina
Larry Medina Month ago
Last of us is no longer my fav game of all time bc of the direction it went. Bioshock goes back to best of all time. Last of us is no longer in my top 5.
Blair Month ago
For 2018 they said the goty couldn't be anything else, there is rdr2 what the hell how did rdr2 not place 2nd???
Carlos Pagi
Carlos Pagi Month ago
Nier Automata?
Scarolinaviper Blue
God Month ago
1. Horizon Zero Dawn. 2. Destiny. 3. God Of War.
Alassane Soumare
I’m going to need the lady in the Batman raglan tee to hit me up lol!
Jeevz Rap
Jeevz Rap Month ago
No red dead2, persona5, nier automata?
Jeevz Rap
Jeevz Rap Month ago
Raze XIX
Raze XIX Month ago
Botw Galaxy 2 Last of us Spiderman Persona 5 Bloodborne
Szkoropan Viorel
Candy Crush
Dillon Shanks
Dillon Shanks Month ago
Did i just hear death stranding? *unsubscribed*
Yunus Tuncel
Yunus Tuncel Month ago
The Witcher 3. End of discussion.
Tushar Rain
Tushar Rain Month ago
where is nier automata?
BrikWall02 Month ago
how tf did last of us beat gta v
Muhamad Imran
Muhamad Imran Month ago
Ant1 Month ago
Happy to be bingeing your channel - you're doing God's work.
GlazersOut MUFC
GlazersOut MUFC Month ago
Red dead 2 last of us and gta 5
Mohammed Akbar
Mohammed Akbar Month ago
The Witcher 3 is game of the decade without a doubt
Raven Spurs
Raven Spurs Month ago
Mass Effect 2 ? RDR2 ??
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Month ago
Bro why's everyone ignoring that red dead Redemption? It's like it isn't the best game ever story wise
your face reminds me when I stepped on a burrito 3
You talking about the 2nd? Because the first one is the first pick
Anthony Decarolis
Skyrim is my game of the decade, anyone else?
Novadz Month ago
You’re telling me borderlands 2 isn’t in the top 3 of 2012?? I would put borderlands 2 in the top 3 of my entire decade I think
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