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The_Mushroom_Lad 2 hours ago
Todd howard XD
Johnny Salami
Johnny Salami 4 hours ago
Elephants exists* Hannibal: it's free real estate.
Andreas Olsen
Andreas Olsen 5 hours ago
The muscovy. Maybe not an S-tier but this type of duck is very suitable for humans who own any type of larger outdoor area. These companions have no need for exploration, being content in a known area, they hunt and eat small rodents and other undesirable creatures from the humans home area, and in exchange the human cares for and protects the muscovy. Lastly the muscovy don't need much other than a shelter, which any small and easily constructable box can grant them. There is also the added benefit of the human not needing any extra large walls or defenses to keep the muscovy in as they are poor fliers and tend to stay where they are. Lastly muscovy do not need much space, and xp for them is relatively easy to get access to as a human player, but they tend to need other muscovy to not get lonely.
Sarraceno DF
Sarraceno DF 12 hours ago
In Brazil we use Bulls and buffalos
Sarraceno DF
Sarraceno DF 12 hours ago
Also horses donkeys and its combinations also in Peru they use llama.
Aj Weiss
Aj Weiss 19 hours ago
5:55 Yeah Todd Howard is a horrible build
SpitfiretheCat16 21 hour ago
Geese. No immediate charisma debuff on sight, easy to care for, better at territory defense than even dogs.
Biggest Meme
Biggest Meme Day ago
I feel like the Parrot class would of been great if the Pirate human sub class hadn't been abandoned so early on
Maksimilyan Sytchev
Camels even have a projecttile. Weak bit can inflict irritation and concussion debuff
Orion Mayers-White
"Humans dont have flying or reach" lol mtg ref
Leffer suck it
7:35 that's in Sweden i was on that exact street yesterday lol
Cameron McCoy
You forgot loot farming support. Tank builds that can pull a plow are super great team players.
Cameron McCoy
Another great support class are loot defense, such as dogs, llamas, and geese.
Smash Verse
Smash Verse 2 days ago
Keeping fish as your companion can increase the effectiveness of the humans passive Charm, Care and Mother abilities, all while having a low maintenance cost.... Hey I tried
Jupiter_Mane 55
Jupiter_Mane 55 2 days ago
Really can't tell if he's on about a game or real life
Charles Goldberg
Charles Goldberg 2 days ago
Turtles can be interesting companions because they are easier to to take care of than every other support class on this list which lets you have time for many other activities.
eanna connolly
eanna connolly 3 days ago
Ponies are a decent mount too, they are smaller and smarter than a horse but this leads to them being less efficient at work or downright unwilling to do it
Couldn't think of a name
my favorite supports are from the human technology dlc which includes tanks, jets, speed boats, autonomous bombing drones and my personal favorite: the nuclear submarine
Ignacio Toconas
Ignacio Toconas 3 days ago
Once i had a hedghog the pros were: can be used as a proyectile Cons:dies if used as a proyectile
Maxime W.
Maxime W. 3 days ago
Sorry, but "octopi" is one of my pet peeves. The word octopus comes from Greek, while "-us" pluralized to "-i" is a Latin thing. The authentic Greek plural would be "octopodes", though in the English language, "octopuses" is also acceptable. Though, I guess "octopi" has been misused so many times, it can be considered to be a valid plural too now, even though it makes absolutely no sense.
S-1-D 4 days ago
Came ability - have red blood cells that can expand up to 200 percent so they can drink a lot of water at once without their red blood cells exploding
Your Demise
Your Demise 4 days ago
The best battle summon is a gun
Devin Blackburn
Devin Blackburn 4 days ago
That hog was fucking z o o m i n g
Sarah Petrus
Sarah Petrus 4 days ago
Did you just show a knowing better clip?
Nemanja Kocic
Nemanja Kocic 5 days ago
Ay there was Ari and Jaiden in this video
REETHETEE 5 days ago
What’s the humon
Juan José Morales
Dean Schneider be like I have support of 2 cheetahs, 1 hyena and even a whole pride of lions
Ask Sister Ninja - - June Sonaak
A snake is ideal for human players who already have charisma as our dump stat, because they will protect you from rats and other glitch makers, like squirrels. It also gives you a charisma buff with people who don't hate snakes. If you spec into venomous keeping, you can also climb the skill tree to the very top, and breed dangerous animals who are needed and endangered in their servers. This can keep a balance patch from wrecking the game, and help human players who are researching the use of venom as needed hp items for status effects like chronic pain and cancer.
Hans Lasagna
Hans Lasagna 6 days ago
Cant believed you used zues polecat as the ferret clip i play ark with him!!!!
deni kehi
deni kehi 6 days ago
Chris Cross
Chris Cross 9 days ago
"the lungs ability"
Chocolate 9 days ago
Birdo: *Reported for ganking*
The Joker
The Joker 9 days ago
So as a kid in russia i had a wolf as a friend. It was fun until it brought it's pack to my home
Jacob W
Jacob W 10 days ago
Nice dig at Todd Howard lol
The brainpower of 17 worms
The thing about elephants is they didn't put many evolution points into back strength. Their backs struggle carrying weight, and riding them can lead to a permanent decrease in stats.
Bagel Man
Bagel Man 10 days ago
Excuse me have you on my server me as a human and a gecko have teamed up it seems to be a joke giving me really high stats
BookWyrm 10 days ago
5:54 po7rdtfyghjopoutilkdytfyghigesrdtfygyb the last one im WHEEZING
Smaakjeks K
Smaakjeks K 12 days ago
1:35 - nope, not watching more
Someone Someone
Someone Someone 12 days ago
The horses from totally accurate battle simulator are broken, they just run over everything
Sandy Ruitenberg
Sandy Ruitenberg 13 days ago
Without horses humans would never have been able to build the globalized world we have today. The silk road was really important for trade and it has only been established by transporting on horseback. I watched another vid about how important they are. So they definitely should have been put on a higher tier. Especially since they also can be categorized in the other categories, since they also are good companions and they have a good kick for defence.
Nickelgoose 13 days ago
You are forgetting about the Donkey mount build. They can hold a pretty good amount of weight, but other than that they have pretty average stats.
MD HUSSAIN 13 days ago
5:56 lol Todd Howard
Hi Mink Man.
Krishiv Agarwal
Krishiv Agarwal 15 days ago
You have misjudged octopi's intelligence stat. They have a brain for each tentacle, making them possibly the most complex and intelligent animal in the game.
General Grievous
General Grievous 16 days ago
well i think i'm camel main now
Sujit Suram
Sujit Suram 16 days ago
poor todd howard man
theallmightycroak 16 days ago
No one is mentionning the Al-kharid ost in the background?
Avery Lee
Avery Lee 16 days ago
ferret is inarguably the best because they are FERRETS and AMAZAZING
StreamBase 18 days ago
Human children are a really bad choice for a support class, they can drastically lower your charisma stat
spruce badger
spruce badger 18 days ago
*spruce observes at his pet crab intently *spruce learnt fiddler guard. Use your main hand to defend and off-hand to deal damage *spruce learnt redclaw rage your damage increase and both hands can be used to deal major damage for the rest of the fight. (Yup. Crabs can be real good companions)
Kartoffelkamm 19 days ago
I actually had a spider player in my base a while ago. We had an unspoken non-violence agreement and I let it do its thing. I saw a massive decrease in other insect players in my base, which was really nice because all those fly players were really bothering me. I heard flies are the class with the lowest intelligence stat. So low, in fact, that it can't use any of its skills actively, and only does so in reaction to its environment. Seriously, who plays a class that has such a low intelligence stat that it can't even use the one skill it is named after, and only does it out of reflex?
Daniel Jan Roque
Daniel Jan Roque 19 days ago
Hamster mains are a good support class Pros:they need low amounts of exp and are do not have a high inteligence stat Cons:they are always trying to get out of their cage if you dont give them the right amount of care and they have a bad matchup against rats and die to rats if your not careful.
Gordon Denny
Gordon Denny 19 days ago
Imagine some humans with one or two of all of these. Best team ever
St5v9n 20 days ago
Of course, the best human support build is the machine.
RobotDragon 13
RobotDragon 13 20 days ago
there is the llama which can help with mountain travel and the hare/bunny which give you charisma in pair with dogs and cats, AND there is the hamster/Guinea pig wich can help with weeds since they love munching on it
Jack Kuni
Jack Kuni 21 day ago
Hedgehog-great morale boost thanks to adorable face and low upkeep cost, but can have a negative effect if you don't like needles
MLG Hazrad
MLG Hazrad 21 day ago
What is a sufficient human class build to unlock special animals as my companions similar to how Joe Exotic did it?
BlueRedGooGoo 22 days ago
I disagree with snakes nerfing the charisma stat. I teamed up with a python for a number of years, and he actually boosted my charisma enough to allow me to temporarily partner with another human build quicker than might have happened without his support. Also, I know somebody that has formed a team with a Bobcat build here in Wyoming, and their Bobcat has helped with creating a rodent free zone in their 3 acre home base. Another player I know has made a party with a racoon main, but there isn't much benefit aside from just enjoying their company.
Half Cooked Rice
Half Cooked Rice 22 days ago
Todd Howards in the wild are amazing on their own, as some of them have been seen to lead their own massive packs that specialize in a Thievery guild, which heavily relies on the intelligence build as they’ve speced into the “sneaky consumerism” trait, in combination with the “deceitful” trait
Karl Vega
Karl Vega 22 days ago
God, that spider was in her mouth.
Levferno 22 days ago
Lmao I didn’t know that camels could literally ignore the defense of cacti.
LOLSflint 22 days ago
7:45 I once had 2 parakeet support players with me, a build similar to the parrot, but one died of some issue in their character's body, and the other fled. These support classes require a lot of attention, and due to their relatively small size and high intelligence, it is difficult to not only give them sufficient attention, but also the right kind of attention, the attention that would boost their morale. They don't provide any special survival aid either, making them one of the least favorable support classes one could choose in the rumored Apocolypse update, or in a situation where the Human guild falls apart due to infighting between factions in the human guild, such as the Russia and the USA factions.
RobotDragon 13
RobotDragon 13 22 days ago
Ookay Tier Zoo, I have the most experience with the guppy main, the pros are that the males can provide high charisma levels and it's easy to form a spawn point with the guppy main if you give them high vegetation or more than one biome to separate new players from the deadly female adult mains since they WILL eat their offspring, the cons are that females aren't so charisma giving in poor conditions and you must form a 6 month long relationship with bacteria before putting fish in your aquarium biome to guarantee safe water for them, adult females eat bite sized fish, young or old and you MUST give your support class adequate living conditions for it to reach the max charisma level, and females can give charisma too if their requirements are done better than poorly, also if too many players join the server by the human transport function your aquarium biome will be unhabitable for most fish mains, and you must give non violent mains to be with the guppy if you want different fish mains with different stats and charisma levels, that's about it.
Mysterious Chicken
Mysterious Chicken 22 days ago
We've got a squirrel. Great charisma buff, not much practical use though.
Nature 23 days ago
5:53 ,no wonder Bethesda is struggling.
Thanos Grape
Thanos Grape 23 days ago
codsworth is the best companion.
Elias Hornwall
Elias Hornwall 24 days ago
Wouldn’t livestock be the best build. I mean humans would never let you die out
Rens The big
Rens The big 24 days ago
Kimberly Webster
Kimberly Webster 24 days ago
24cm cast iron non-stick frying pan
Sometimes the human class can become very boring especially with the depression perk. Thankfully some support classes help
Le Child
Le Child 24 days ago
Wouldn’t another human with “Medical” skills be useful???
moe riou
moe riou 25 days ago
Did the dude who got kicked in the face die?
Forgotten rRoots
Forgotten rRoots 25 days ago
Hippo is top tier pet
American Boy
American Boy 26 days ago
Other humans. Literally every ability you have.
Kat Murphy
Kat Murphy 26 days ago
I think rats have a potentially high morale boost, given that they are smart enough to train and do bond with their humans players, though charisma may also suffer with them.
August Siverskog
August Siverskog 26 days ago
I think that horses could rival dogs in the support class, only not today. They certainly were the best support before humans unlocked cars, trains, tanks, tractors and the telegraph, witch replaced many of the horses important jobs.
Abdulkader Ajlani
Abdulkader Ajlani 27 days ago
Todd Howard intelligence 😂😂😂😂😂 Also the knowing better appearance
Raccoon On Coke
Raccoon On Coke 28 days ago
I've partied with a german shepherd/Doberman spec dog. Good for everything and surprisingly brilliant for cuddling with. Will eat anything he can reach though. Including remotes.
TheRolemodel1337 28 days ago
my guess: e-girls
Hakeem Mussada
Hakeem Mussada 28 days ago
While fish can cost some money they are very bad at not being dumb so u can use them soly for charisma boosts plus they will remember u
Pikachu Productions
You forgot the donkey and mule build, they are more hearty that horses and have higher int stat
lovepeople777 28 days ago
Honestly I’d say that the gold fish build is the worst companion. They just drain human players of there exp with out giving anything in return. Though they are good for training low level humans on companion builds
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