What's On My iPhone XS (2018)

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Nov 20, 2018




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Comments 54
Suraj Ghosh
Suraj Ghosh 3 months ago
Wallpaper link pls... previous one is not working
Artuchok 3 months ago
how many gb is your iphone? Why do not you use the Max model? thx :)
jamie ann
jamie ann 4 months ago
u were listening to blood orange!! so much respect
OliverDykes 6 months ago
Where did you get your glasses from?
Nico K
Nico K 6 months ago
link to the glasses?
Spielen 7 months ago
I switched from Monzo to Starling because they were much better for overseas travel which I do a ton for work. But Monzo’s app is 100x better than Starlings.
Spielen 7 months ago
Do you find that you overload your router if you’re using so many smart devices without a hub? Just a concern of mine, wonder if you had any insight!
Speedsk8r 8 months ago
It should be nothing get a note8 or note9 iPhone's are old new's my friend 👈🏾🤣😄
Matt Davisson
Matt Davisson 8 months ago
extremely high quality vids. Gained a sub from me!
Florian Hill
Florian Hill 8 months ago
So many thirsty people in here. 😂😂😂
Sxanee 8 months ago
Hey Oli, i use a app called SongShift its perfect for Apple Music & Spotify Users its definitely worth a look!
Saul Martinez
Saul Martinez 9 months ago
Mate, odd question but where are your frames from? They’re brilliant. Love the video by the way.
André Bernardo
André Bernardo 8 months ago
are they from ambreyewear.com/ by any chance? They are quite similar but might not be it
wmosleycr7 9 months ago
Phillips Hue is better bc of the hub. Your router doesn't need to connect to 10 different light bulbs. It just connects to one device
Oliur 8 months ago
Interesting. Maybe there is some interference somewhere because I definitely have not been experiencing any issues like that whatsoever. I've never had to reset any of my lights. You shouldn't even be having an issue once a month, regardless of Philips or LIFX.
Sergio Quiros
Sergio Quiros 8 months ago
@Oliur Wanting to avoid depending on a hub, I outfitted my whole apartment with LIFX light bulbs and light strips; 11 total. It was a nightmare: all 3 of the LIFX lightbulbs that went into my dining room chandelier started disconnecting randomly every day or two. For a whole week I lived with my portable ladder sitting next to my dining room table because everyday I had to move my dining room table, and climb up to reset one of the light bulbs again. Same thing in my living room. Don't get me wrong, the LIFX light bulbs are cool as hell. But after a week of this nonesense, I returned them all to Best Buy, replaced them all with Philips Hue light bulbs (plus one light strip for my office) + a dedicated hub, and now I might have an issue with one light once a month. Now I understand why there's a reason for the existence of hubs. NEVER looking back. Oh, yes: I own a small apartment, thin walls, open layout. 1 Gigabit per second download and upload internet connection by Verizon Fios. So… no, the issue was never my internet service nor my wireless router.
Oliur 9 months ago
Most routers can support up to 250 devices. LIFX bulbs use no bandwidth most of the time, only when you're changing settings do they use any. The "work" you think your router is doing is pretty much nothing.
wmosleycr7 9 months ago
Oliur more work for your router to process. If you don't have too many smart lights and Bulbs with brighter and better luminance is the way to go. I prefer Phillips Hues hub and wide variety of lights.
Oliur 9 months ago
What's wrong with 10 different bulbs connecting to the router?
Nicolas Vardavas
Nicolas Vardavas 9 months ago
Hi, Thank you for theses references. I’m trying to get the app for controlling light and the on for the home temperature. Could you provide the links please ?
Oliur 9 months ago
LIFX and Tado.
Khadijah Frye
Khadijah Frye 9 months ago
Waze >>>>> Google/Apple maps
Laura Houghton
Laura Houghton 10 months ago
Park Jimin
Park Jimin 10 months ago
*r/ExposurePorn, r/DesignPorn...*
jamie ann
jamie ann 4 months ago
terms used for people interested in photography LOL Very funny
Susan Dwiasmorojati
Susan Dwiasmorojati 10 months ago
You're really good looking! Also thanks for the video! Liked and subscribed!
Rahul Pandey
Rahul Pandey 10 months ago
Things app, one football 😛
Jason Polkovitz
Jason Polkovitz 10 months ago
I used to use Spark but for some reason I keep coming back to Mail. Boring, I know, but it just works.
Blake Daze
Blake Daze 10 months ago
You’re gorgeous. I’m subscribing
wrabyapta 10 months ago
@Thomas Mitchell gay means happy though
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell 10 months ago
Hey, non heterosexual
wrabyapta 10 months ago
Blake Blake gay
Skytcity 10 months ago
I like ur voice!
Ranay Padarath
Ranay Padarath 10 months ago
Hey man, you minimalist vibe would love the MoleSkin TimePage app (calendar ) and MoleSkin Actions app (task manager)
Kert Veira
Kert Veira 10 months ago
Monzo sounds like what we have in the United States - Simple.
Taojin10 7 months ago
Kert Veira is that similar to Ally?
S H 8 months ago
Elias Ben Yupp, heard it. They expand all over the world now.
Elias Ben
Elias Ben 8 months ago
@S H its in the UK now
S H 10 months ago
In Germany we have N26 🙂
Kert Veira
Kert Veira 10 months ago
It’s a technology company that partnered with BBVA Compass Bank to offer better banking. I’m not sure if they operate in Canada. www.simple.com
Irresistble 10 months ago
Please do a decoration tips 🌚 thank you for this video ❤️
Lxzca _
Lxzca _ 10 months ago
where can i get that background you used in your thumbnail
Oliur 10 months ago
It’s a default iOS one.
Hakeem Adjei
Hakeem Adjei 10 months ago
Ryan Douglas
Ryan Douglas 10 months ago
Have you tried out shortcuts by apple? I'm wondering how it compares to if this then that
Oliur 10 months ago
Both VERY different. I'll be here all day explaining the differences but both services operate differently. So I'd recommend researching them both.
Courtney Moore
Courtney Moore 10 months ago
Is that what IFTTT basically is? I’m planning to get an iPhone xs this weekend I’ll try the shortcuts by apple then.
Drew Carr
Drew Carr 10 months ago
Use both :)
Parker 10 months ago
Great video, but I have a question about if your using an iPad Pro as your main device or are you still using MacBook Pro because of the adobe apps?
Parker 10 months ago
Oh I must have missed that..@Courtney Moore thanks for answering my question though!
Courtney Moore
Courtney Moore 10 months ago
Parker did he actually switch over to the iPad Pro? Cause if so I think I missed a video...!
Hope Godswill
Hope Godswill 10 months ago
Himanshu Shrestha
Himanshu Shrestha 10 months ago
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