What's inside a Bulletproof Tesla Tire?

What's Inside?
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Tesla run flat tire vs Truck run flat, how do they work? Watch us Test a bulletproof Tesla window: ruvid.net/video/video-bAlGzsVsbLE.html
You can use my referral code to get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging on a new Tesla: ts.la/daniel3063
Huge thanks to Armormax for letting us destroy their tires and show how they work. Check them out here: www.armormax.com/
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Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Smokeyduck X
Smokeyduck X 2 days ago
Zack looks like the thick and good looking version of seth everman
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 6 days ago
Why blur the car
Michael_Mishin 10 days ago
Michael_Mishin 10 days ago
Agent 47 showcase how he escape with his car if necessary :0
Peer Brent
Peer Brent 11 days ago
Fun Fact the blurred out tank is a Rezvani Tank
ayokay123 18 days ago
FYI, those are called caltrops.
Florian Glawogger
Florian Glawogger 22 days ago
Is that illegal or can I use this for fun? Like the spike box
BoaJackHorseMan 22 days ago
Why they blurred out a car in the video
Peer Brent
Peer Brent 11 days ago
@Rohit Bhardwaj Fun Fact Its not a cybertruck its a Rezvani Tank
Rohit Bhardwaj
Rohit Bhardwaj 17 days ago
It's the Cybertruck.. Tesla might have given it for a test but didn't want the looks to be disclosed
Zack Lariviere
Zack Lariviere 25 days ago
I’m not a hit man! I’m a Stock man!
- A13X -
- A13X - 27 days ago
i feel like these need to be tubes
zaron h3
zaron h3 Month ago
Why would they blur out and entire truck
Armand Aziz
Armand Aziz Month ago
the vid startes at 5:35 🤝
Ipadguy Guyfightsushi
zach is a human defualt skin
Ethan Jiang
Ethan Jiang Month ago
Zack is a hitman
Swayam Amin
Swayam Amin Month ago
why are you not showing the big truck thing?
The Pianost
The Pianost Month ago
Nope pirelli makes non steel band tires with sidewall strength
Rifat Rico
Rifat Rico Month ago
show the CyberTruck!!!
Husnul Habibie
Husnul Habibie Month ago
I hate that child
Funnyclips Safari
The Music is so loud. We cant really hear what you guys are saying clearly.
AlmightyGalaxy Month ago
Why did yall pixalate the truck?
ScytheNoire Month ago
Caltrops. They are called caltrops.
Jorge Cisternas
Jorge Cisternas 2 months ago
what's inside Zack
val/John Longo’s
val/John Longo’s 2 months ago
Congrats it is a bullet resistant tesla my bmw is too who cares really though I have bullet resistant windows doors engine and wheels too I also have a few extra features it’s not a big deal some people require these cars it’s not fun needing one for your kids and wife to be safe. So you can take them out of your home
mywaifunow 2 months ago
theres some goop that you pour in to tires and itll fix 1/2 inch punctures
Nick Eskandar
Nick Eskandar 2 months ago
Lincoln really out here wearing lil pump merch
Sontar 2 months ago
I'm not saying Zack is a hitman, but whenever I put on a 'JerryRigEverything' episode, my cellphone has a nervous breakdown.
OwO Reagan
OwO Reagan 2 months ago
Gonna get my car in a few months...might install that extra feature UwU .... . . . Jk Lol
Em 2 months ago
there was nothing bullet proof about this
King Baba
King Baba 2 months ago
So what was exactly inside that🤔
YAOGAMING 2 months ago
Why is the other car blurred out?
SkyGamer 3 months ago
1:25 you just got the job as my driver for my bank heist, if you bring that truck with you. That's the catch ....
Eli Burger
Eli Burger 3 months ago
Guy was driving way too fast it all spread
Darius Fryar
Darius Fryar 3 months ago
Can I get the blueprints for the tack deployer
Nicholas F
Nicholas F 3 months ago
This video shows what white privilege is. You all should be ashamed.
bubsn_on 3 months ago
Thats a hammer i think?!
Vitz Bangaroo
Vitz Bangaroo 3 months ago
Skin is skin And skin get damage
Alex561 3 months ago
Ok Mr. 47
John T Leyva
John T Leyva 3 months ago
So did Tesla make that tire or are they the same ones that's been around for awhile
Antonio Gonzalez
Antonio Gonzalez 3 months ago
The grey shirt I think he's the one from the movie hit men
rosales edgar
rosales edgar 3 months ago
Is this what white people do now 🤦‍♀️
Benjamin Cacatian
Benjamin Cacatian 3 months ago
Not A Hitman
Kyzuhky 3 months ago
"Totally "NOT" a Hitman"
Vasu Maru
Vasu Maru 3 months ago
Michelin airless tire works
AJ Dowdy
AJ Dowdy 3 months ago
I dont believe you show me the barcode 47
AJ Dowdy
AJ Dowdy 3 months ago
You mean calstrops or tire spikes
AJ Dowdy
AJ Dowdy 3 months ago
This guy is linking the video that linked this video
Dennis Rosa
Dennis Rosa 3 months ago
That was not sharp, it is just dried skin.
immDroidz 3 months ago
The tacks should be hollow to let the air out, with that setup they wont even go flat as long as the tack is stuck in the tire.
PS Logistics LLC
PS Logistics LLC 3 months ago
Somebody in 2020
Kevin Angel
Kevin Angel 4 months ago
nice video def enjoyed it keep them coming guys
Valiant Warrior
Valiant Warrior 4 months ago
Not a hitman? He looks a lot like the guy in the Hitman games.
PISETH Chhay 4 months ago
Background music so nice. Can I have the tilte of the music pls!!?
- Luiz
- Luiz 4 months ago
The design on the tacks could be better
abdul rahman
abdul rahman 4 months ago
It's a Hummer H1 from the wheels you can say it is Hummer H1
Precious Fatoba
Precious Fatoba 4 months ago
Lydell Hinton
Lydell Hinton 4 months ago
I just seen the video of him shooting the tesla
Suspect_Productions 4 months ago
Why is the front propshaft at 4:49 missing?
skyler hanna
skyler hanna 4 months ago
I got tacs on my car
Miles Snipez
Miles Snipez 4 months ago
Whats inside a bullet proof tesla tire? Me: uhh, Air..
Gideon 4 months ago
Lincoln is trying to get all the attention in this vid lmao.
Josh Devenish
Josh Devenish 4 months ago
Tesla glass scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a 7
Spinrod Johannsen
Spinrod Johannsen 4 months ago
4:47 they knocked out the front drive line as well
LED Solver?
LED Solver? 4 months ago
Giving criminals ideas to pop cops tires 😑
Frecklez Love
Frecklez Love 4 months ago
Lol he does look like "hitman"!🤗 neck barcode???🤔🤔
Adis Ibrahimobic
Adis Ibrahimobic 4 months ago
Jery from jeryrigevrything looks like agent 47
Paul cortes
Paul cortes 4 months ago
Did anybody see Lincoln’s jacket was marshmellow merch?
A M 4 months ago
Who's this Zack everyone's referring to? Oh, you guys mean...47? Zack...that's a good cover name, 47.
Anshad zaman
Anshad zaman 4 months ago
definitely not a flamethrower so not a hitman
ـIήsⱥne 4 months ago
Iraq starter pack
Alex Kovats
Alex Kovats 4 months ago
Zach is a celebrity
Talal -
Talal - 4 months ago
Now you know kids never piss off the hitman when you’re behind him in traffic
Chris & Tango #SaveTheBees
shouldn't the kids in the back have helmets..?? 🙊🙊
Khayden plays XD xD
Khayden plays XD xD 5 months ago
bank robbers oh so know i know how to stop damn cops lol
lol_v exploiting and trolling
Taha Abdelatife
Taha Abdelatife 5 months ago
I watched this video and you're newest video and his voice has changed sooooooooooooooooooooooo much. lincon
Professional Cyberbully
Congrats Lincoln you balls dropped.
wes childress
wes childress 5 months ago
Sorry not impressed
Daniel and Charlie’s Channel
I hate puberty
R2Fシ AYAAN 5 months ago
1:35 beside is dphq2 ❓
Ray Rivera
Ray Rivera 5 months ago
"you would know" lol
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