What's inside a Bulletproof Tesla Tire?

What's Inside?
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Tesla run flat tire vs Truck run flat, how do they work? Watch us Test a bulletproof Tesla window: ruvid.net/video/video-bAlGzsVsbLE.html
You can use my referral code to get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging on a new Tesla: ts.la/daniel3063
Huge thanks to Armormax for letting us destroy their tires and show how they work. Check them out here: www.armormax.com/

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Apr 13, 2019

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Carla Barfield
So it was out one week before I was born PS I was born in 2011
United Gaming
Pretty sure the “tank” is an MRAP, maybe a Gurkha
Christopher Pavelescu
dude im getting a model tesla model x
Edgar Orozco
Edgar Orozco 2 days ago
Bruh all they talk about is tesla Tesla tesla tesla, and I’m not a hater
Alex Gao
Alex Gao 5 days ago
marshmallow jumper!
Alex Gao
Alex Gao 5 days ago
marshmallow jumper!
Roblox User
Roblox User 6 days ago
Yup totally not a hitman
Ven0m x Snake
Ven0m x Snake 6 days ago
2:47 Well done agent 47
Tornado Brady
Tornado Brady 9 days ago
Not a bullet
TheOGMusab 10 days ago
Want to know that mystery tank's name? Rezvani Tank
Yusuf Moosa
Yusuf Moosa 12 days ago
How old is Lincoln
MinatoAce 14 days ago
Hell! Jerry can definitely run for next Hitman... 😂
StarB_0 14 days ago
* testing the spikes on a military car * 5:20 hits "And now, *Oddly Satisfying Car Crushing* "
RaptorsXD 14 days ago
No but for real don’t go selling this stuff you can get in serious trouble I hate to see that happen
Zack, is there anything you need to tell us?
Etienne Carpenter
Etienne Carpenter 14 days ago
Barcode + jerry= agent 47
Amos Philippe Bajado
He looks like agent 47
Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang 15 days ago
You should make a chanel called TeslaTube
Kobinski 15 days ago
Arent these peeps the peeps that vit their golden playbuton in half to look insideit?!?!
IPulse -ll
IPulse -ll 15 days ago
Here from jerry
standinglennard 7
standinglennard 7 16 days ago
Not a Hitman. Hmmmmmmm🤔🤔🤔
Poonnapat Xu
Poonnapat Xu 16 days ago
Royalty Gaming
Royalty Gaming 17 days ago
U had 10k subs I come back and 6.5 mill well done 👍
Ligma 17 days ago
Its a insurgent
Catie Young
Catie Young 17 days ago
Jesus Lincoln gt hit hard my friend his puberty at 9 years old NO JOKE
aryan bhuiyan
aryan bhuiyan 17 days ago
His hitman
Noah W
Noah W 18 days ago
Erm. They're called caltrops. Also they're supposed to be hollow.
Meep Lol
Meep Lol 18 days ago
Love how most these comments are about Puberty hitting Lincoln like a truck
Dust Hawk
Dust Hawk 18 days ago
What’s inside of a tire..... air
Todd Hart
Todd Hart 19 days ago
The tacks need to be hollow
Pl0geN 19 days ago
Not a hitman? dude he fkn looks like agent 47
SluggardRaccoon 20 days ago
Pretty sure I know what truck that is.. not sure why the truck itself is blurred cuz it's not like, a bad thing to show it? I mean yeah the person or the liscence plate but why the whole vehicle?
A PIZZA GAMER 23 days ago
Mission failed agent 47
Lucas Updike
Lucas Updike 23 days ago
This is Luke Updike I recently met your son Lincoln at basketball camp at BYU tell him I’m waiting on that shoutout (inside joke by the way)
Gylemuir Campbell
Gylemuir Campbell 23 days ago
Plz read hold the Tesla icon for four seconds then enter 007
Archie Anderson
Archie Anderson 25 days ago
Why did you cover the rezvarny tank
JME Litty Squad
JME Litty Squad 25 days ago
Happy early birthday Lincoln June 3 2006
billbobags11 27 days ago
What's in side can you look in a SMARTbord
Peter Ricketts
Peter Ricketts 28 days ago
Why do think of jerry as agent 47
Dhanush Krishna
Dhanush Krishna 28 days ago
Happier balloon on Lincoln's jacket.
Bradwynn Huisjes
Bradwynn Huisjes 28 days ago
a bullet proof tire is a normal tire and if you shoot it on the wheel the first layer can be destroyed but the seconde in not destroyebal
GamingC00KI3 28 days ago
Zack is a hitman! He's bald like any other one.
Joey Nelligan
Joey Nelligan 29 days ago
He is a hitman
Kelly _Gamer23542
Kelly _Gamer23542 29 days ago
Was this long time ago
Xavier De La Luz
Agent 47
50ccm Boys
50ccm Boys Month ago
I just want to see that car, which they blurred out! 😂
VastSecritiveYT Month ago
I feel that armored vehicle is a Insurgentfrom GTA 5 or something.
PoKéMoN PlAyEr
PoKéMoN PlAyEr Month ago
Zack has a Tacoma TRD 4X4 Off Road
0Tocix0 Month ago
Good in the hood
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