What's inside a Bulletproof Tesla Tire?

What's Inside?
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Tesla run flat tire vs Truck run flat, how do they work? Watch us Test a bulletproof Tesla window: ruvid.net/video/video-bAlGzsVsbLE.html
You can use my referral code to get 1,000 miles of free Supercharging on a new Tesla: ts.la/daniel3063
Huge thanks to Armormax for letting us destroy their tires and show how they work. Check them out here: www.armormax.com/

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Comments 100
Jae Kim
Jae Kim Hour ago
Technically, those are caltrops vs. tacks ...and hollow tubes work 1 mln times better. = )
The jimmy and Me
The jimmy and Me 11 hours ago
Is it just me or does Lincoln’s voice sound different
Varun Sankar
Varun Sankar 14 hours ago
Dislike because no eye pro
N4NO 16 hours ago
Try using hollow tacks, they'll work a lot better 👍
Phaselly 412
Phaselly 412 19 hours ago
I like Lincoln’s Marshmello hoodie
Main SpeedyGeeDUBs
Main SpeedyGeeDUBs 20 hours ago
Squeaker Lincoln: hey guys Puberty: nah b Man Lincoln: HEY GUYS
Killer king
Killer king Day ago
Lincon looks as if he is going through puberty
Nic James
Nic James Day ago
The boi hit puberty
J.D 2.0
J.D 2.0 Day ago
Nice to have extra features for the 🚔
Andy McAdams
Andy McAdams 2 days ago
Brian Bradley
Brian Bradley 2 days ago
Y’all are right outside my work at the Hershey Distribution! Next time knock the door and come open some huge pallets of candy!
Jessie Cunningham
What’s so special about the armored truck
dan spto
dan spto 5 days ago
Lincoln got puberty now and it’s big meaning deep voice
WILL RAMOS 5 days ago
*LiNcoN HiT pUbERtY* :| we see that
That one Williamson Gamer
Not bullets
Pootis Birb Birb
Pootis Birb Birb 7 days ago
Damn I could use a car like that
destrojer124 7 days ago
Huh, cool that they got agent 47 to be in the video.
Dumb Videos
Dumb Videos 8 days ago
They’re called caltrops
Suzy Siviter
Suzy Siviter 8 days ago
Right said fred must be so proud of his son.
YouTube stuff
YouTube stuff 8 days ago
What is inside a glitter tornado lamp
Matty Ice8
Matty Ice8 9 days ago
His voice hit a frait train
Alexander Kingaard
Dad sounds like Ryan Reynolds brother who never made it to the big screen
California y McDonald
chris wu
chris wu 10 days ago
Call it tack detination
SUB TO HAPPYLAD _ 11 days ago
Lincons voice is so much more depper
bulbul ldh
bulbul ldh 12 days ago
Agents 47 Jerry rigs hitman
NukeStomp PH
NukeStomp PH 13 days ago
Anti police wheel
The Legend27
The Legend27 13 days ago
Puberty btw
Green eyed Lucky eyed
KennyTh3boss 14 days ago
Hello Agent 47, your new equipment is now ready. You must succeed you next mission. We are providing bullet proof windows, spikes, and super tires for you car. We also equipped all those features on the tesla because of its stealth ability provided by its electric engine. Good luck Agent.
CP D 14 days ago
Run flat tyres are a joke. I slipped a little on the edge of a small country lane in my M4 and took out 2 tyres. They certainly were flat but they definitely weren’t running and this video could have been done in 2 minutes cause that’s how ling you kept my interest!
mjc0961 14 days ago
I've always wanted the pin dropping box. There's going to be a video on how to make one, right? 😋
mutsa ushewokunze
mutsa ushewokunze 14 days ago
Tacks, no caltrops
Evelynn Amico
Evelynn Amico 14 days ago
Why the truck plurred?
Jimmy German
Jimmy German 15 days ago
Woow.. I've havent seen Lincoln for a while and his voice is getting deeper 😳 this guy growing
BackpackBLOX 15 days ago
gOoD JoB LiNcOn
Raymond Liang
Raymond Liang 15 days ago
Level one hundred mafia bossssss
LeeAnn Wood
LeeAnn Wood 15 days ago
Nice hoodie lincoln
J Y 15 days ago
Idek why i think Lincoln looks like Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton as a teenager aka from harry potter lol
corn_fed_ls 16 days ago
They need to be hollow tacks.
colla 555
colla 555 16 days ago
I'm used to runflat tires having a thicker sidewall so it keeps the tire kind of upright and running. Never have seen the systems demonstrated in the video here yet. Learned something about alternative runflat technology.
Clout Tv
Clout Tv 16 days ago
Lincoln is one of the cringest kid ive seen
Timperi YT
Timperi YT 16 days ago
Totally not a hitman yeah
Nightmare Danish
Nightmare Danish 16 days ago
lincoln your voice
Zane Freeman
Zane Freeman 16 days ago
1:39 😂😂
Windex from the 1990s
Wow Lincoln ur voice changed bruh lol😂
FroggosAndMore 17 days ago
Oof I must be mentally 6 or something cuz I haven’t started nothing
Gamer/vlogerjaylen Jaylen
R.i.p Lincoln’s voice
Austin Allen
Austin Allen 18 days ago
Is he actually a hit man
WILPLAYZ 18 days ago
Was that a resvani tank?
Sally Neff
Sally Neff 18 days ago
What’s inside a Tesla battery?
Rush Meta
Rush Meta 19 days ago
Lincoln = Puberty
trey nobles
trey nobles 19 days ago
Your wife like my photo on instagram trey noblesbrevelle instagram
Neon_man909 19 days ago
its tyre, not tire
shyfour 20 days ago
lincoln got that mello hoddie on lol
tealhorn 20 days ago
the "tank" is a Rezvani SUV
Mikael Kalliokoski
Mikael Kalliokoski 20 days ago
1:35 😂😂😂 but Zach does look like a hitman for real!
sierrah Halloween
sierrah Halloween 20 days ago
The GunMonster
The GunMonster 21 day ago
I love Lincoln's Marshmello sweatshirt! I'm a big Marshmello fan :)
DooM _ Vlogs
DooM _ Vlogs 21 day ago
What the comments are about Zack is a hitman 1% Lincoln went through puberty 99%
Christopher Doyle
Lincoln a grown man now!
Suzilah Tarmizi
Suzilah Tarmizi 21 day ago
If i was a agen i want a tesla bullet proof
Diamantazul 21 day ago
Hitman 100
Scarlett Pig
Scarlett Pig 22 days ago
Did you say 2018? 0:10
feuerrmFilms 22 days ago
Remember guys... *zAcH iS nOt A hItMaN*
Oli Mcd
Oli Mcd 22 days ago
Those are improper tacks as they need to be hollow so it let's the air out instead the tacks replug the hole because they are solid
Logan Thornton
Logan Thornton 23 days ago
Caltrop, not a tack
Michaela Grace
Michaela Grace 23 days ago
XxKevincoolxX Gaming
Yeah puberty did hit Lincoln hard
عبدالله الحربي
اعربي لايك اثبت وجودك
FERNANDO COC 21 day ago
Adam Doheny
Adam Doheny 23 days ago
Zach is agent 47 brother so he is agent 48
Slim Biscuit
Slim Biscuit 24 days ago
couild i get a shout out plz
Pheara Lim
Pheara Lim 24 days ago
Hey, can you make a video of What's inside of automatic toilet flush?
Taz 24 days ago
how old is lincoln??? he grew up???? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Nathan The Collector
What’s Inside’s milking Tesla hard!
Touch my piano 9
Touch my piano 9 25 days ago
So why is that car blurred ?
Glitcher101 Gaming
Glitcher101 Gaming 25 days ago
1:03 LOL
The Gaming Harry
The Gaming Harry 25 days ago
Why is the armoured vehicle blurred out?
Yeet; -;STICK
Yeet; -;STICK 25 days ago
Does Lincoln ever stop yelling
CMDR John Crichton
CMDR John Crichton 26 days ago
Glad I looked at the comments before I heard Lincoln's voice or I would've woken the dog up.
Omg he hit puberty
Vat 26 days ago
The dad is hot
Adam Billson
Adam Billson 26 days ago
Run flats are good until you need to pay for new tires .
Crazy Nate
Crazy Nate 26 days ago
Legal disclaimer: not a hitman... even if he looks like Agent 47. Haha 😂
LKS Cryonyx
LKS Cryonyx 18 days ago
EHH Crazy Nate love you're vids
HappyCrazy Production
geogamersking 26 days ago
Hallow Tacs Would Work Better.
Rayden Seah
Rayden Seah 26 days ago
Lincoln has puberty like me if I am true
JMaxOH 26 days ago
the tacks should be hollow.
Galaxy Brix
Galaxy Brix 27 days ago
Why did you have to destroy that tire, What’s Inside? the children in Africa could have eaten it!
I want to Work at mcdonalds
Totaly not e hitman for e bald guy
Galaxy Brix
Galaxy Brix 27 days ago
starblazerish YT
starblazerish YT 27 days ago
Spiral Gaming
Spiral Gaming 27 days ago
What’s inside a Xbox/PS4 controller
dot dot
dot dot 27 days ago
1:05 😁😄😆 1:33 😁😄😆 2:15 😁😄😆 2:35 😁😄😆
Jake Thelemaque
Jake Thelemaque 27 days ago
Joel Silver
Joel Silver 28 days ago
Remember when you did "What's inside a S-Class Seat" you should do that but with the BMW 760i xDrive.
Zachary Livingstone
The top three comments are about Lincoln going through puberty
Cold Neptune
Cold Neptune 28 days ago
Do what’s inside iPhone X’s max
FinPlayz09 28 days ago
Lincoln got puberty oof
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