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*loves back to school supplies shopping, doesn't love actually going back to school*
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Hi everyone! In today’s video, I am doing my annual what's in my backpack/school supplies haul! This is one of my favorite videos to make every year because I LOVE school & office supplies and get so excited about it. I hope y'all are excited too :)
Thank you so much for watching! xoxo, Han
Backpack- herschel.com/shop/backpacks/classic-backpack-xl?v=10492-02077-OS
Laptop case- www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MNNFT2G/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
How I stay organized/productive in college:
Past ‘what’s in my backpack/school supplies hauls’:
(2019) ruvid.net/video/video-aUA263yDM_U.html
(2018) ruvid.net/video/video-SaO-XKApj7E.html
Back to school playlist (of all my BTS videos ever!):
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Music by ninjoi. - Caffeine - thmatc.co/?l=FE8A92E2
Music by Mr. Chase - Wild Cherry - thmatc.co/?l=4AF031FE
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For business inquiries only plz
What camera do you use? Canon EOS M50
How old are you? 21 (as of when this video was posted)
What do you use to edit your videos? Final Cut Pro X
What apps do you use for thumbnails? Procreate, VSCO, PicsArt
When do you upload? Every Sunday at 3pm EST(ish)!
FTC: This video is not sponsored, all opinions are my own. Some links may be affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission off of purchases made through my link, but it does not cost you anything extra!
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Aug 2, 2020




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Hannah Elise
Hannah Elise Month ago
hi everyone, I made a tutorial for the face masks and little carrying pouches! :) ➡️ ruvid.net/video/video-8XhI33chbzI.html ⬅️ thank you for all of your kind comments about them 🥺
Pranavi Talasila
Pranavi Talasila 13 days ago
Can you please put the link for where you got that planner, it’s sooo cute.
helu fren i from sabah malaysia, done you video,i like, suppot my yotuber,sumandak mologiou
Mahek Kasmani
Mahek Kasmani Month ago
You should start selling them bc I would buy them
Sasa Cvetkovic
Sasa Cvetkovic Month ago
@Libby Kay *Billie Elish
Snowy Art!!!
Snowy Art!!! Month ago
do a middle partttt
Canal Videos do Luan
Canal Videos do Luan 53 minutes ago
Rumama Ajaz
Rumama Ajaz 2 days ago
This girl make me feel poor as hell
TT Moore
TT Moore 2 days ago
I'm a real one, I really feel motivated and made my own list. I'm gonna update it after going through what I currently have, I will be making my own face mask.
Bilge Özge
Bilge Özge 3 days ago
Hello , I sincerely say that if you can buy any kind of unneeded stationery materials , you can gift them or buy new ones for children who need them , (children who in misery ) :))
Remas Gwazi
Remas Gwazi 3 days ago
I like you
fateme jahan
fateme jahan 3 days ago
Karen Khatana
Karen Khatana 4 days ago
so we are not going to talk about the sound the bottle made coming out the back pack? like drawing a sword? just me? 5:49
Khadija Warraich
Khadija Warraich 4 days ago
h AnNa
h AnNa 6 days ago
I see.. Hannah really likes the colour *violet* 😁💜😅
Yesica Mayta Cama
Woohoo torque los ingles Harlan tan Rapids.siento q los latinoamricanos hablamos mas lento encambio ellos NO
Adrianna Booker04
Is all that you really need is a 5 star divided notebook per a semester in college??? Cause WOW!!!!
Upanita Kundu
Upanita Kundu 8 days ago
Your makup is soooooooo beautiful ❤️♥️😘😊🥰😍🤩
Sweetbabe 16
Sweetbabe 16 9 days ago
I’m a real one 💕
Ròbinson García
im baby.
im baby. 9 days ago
I hate when my backpack has side pockets that will obviously not fit a non-plastic water bottle. It’s enforcing plastic waste like...why?
Estefanía _05
Estefanía _05 10 days ago
I´m a real one :)
Lou An
Lou An 11 days ago
I'm a real one
apple 12 days ago
I love the way you talk!!
Andreea Iosub
Andreea Iosub 12 days ago
Im a real one lol
rebecca ferrante
rebecca ferrante 12 days ago
did y'all hear when pulled her hydroflask out of her backpack, it sounded like she was pulling out a sword. it made me laugh. hehe
Iasmina Andreea
Iasmina Andreea 12 days ago
I adore you
Lana 13 days ago
Doraemon's bag
Lana 13 days ago
Esto es el bolsillo magico de doraemon, no una mochila
h e h
h e h 13 days ago
Heres how it is for me in school: There are 30 of us in class, in school we have an IT class and a design measurments type class. So 15 of us go to one class and the other goes to the other class, and we switch each semester. So they split us into the two groups this year, except the first group is going to school first (on the 14th) and the second (the one im in) is going after them (on the 21st). So we are going to be switching beetween online school and irl school. So the 1st group (the 1-15 group) is going to school irl and the second one (the 15 -30 group) to online school and then we switch. So yeah thanks for coming to my very weird ted talk.
Rania Ashar
Rania Ashar 13 days ago
Omg i have the exact same backpack! But its in red and black, really love it :)
Rania Ashar
Rania Ashar 13 days ago
Omg i have the exact same backpack! But its in red and black, really love it :)
Yanytza Amezcua
Yanytza Amezcua 13 days ago
My birthday is on august 2 ,2020
Deniz Yuksel
Deniz Yuksel 13 days ago
Kamryn Ringstad
Kamryn Ringstad 13 days ago
I’m a real one
yekta safarali
yekta safarali 13 days ago
Im a real one 😌✌
Esha Zoysa
Esha Zoysa 13 days ago
Nice kute bag
Викторија Митевска
I love you❤️.
Sassie Mitchell
Sassie Mitchell 14 days ago
I am a real one.
Sara Grey
Sara Grey 14 days ago
When I started to realize that Hannah is talking so fast I went to see if this is on speed but it turns out that this is original I was like ; wow
Cecilia Catozzi
Cecilia Catozzi 14 days ago
i'm a real one :)
sofia esler
sofia esler 14 days ago
the moment of realisation when the water bottle fit!!😂😂
nicole vanbeek
nicole vanbeek 14 days ago
You are supposed to wash the mask and not keep reusing them.
MaryamGame Over25
MaryamGame Over25 15 days ago
Can someone tell me please what size of the bag she have
Laura 15 days ago
Where did you buy your planner ? I love it
The RA
The RA 15 days ago
If you're reading this, you can read.
Annelise Marier
Annelise Marier 15 days ago
It’s funny because high school students in tv shows look older than you; a senior in college
fatema 16 days ago
تشبهههه ليلى مرررررررراد
Alarna Perry
Alarna Perry 16 days ago
I start college tomorrow (7th September) I have to go into my college (my first year) and I’m studying musical theatre I’m so nervous as this is going to be the first time out my house since the break out of Covid in the uk 🥺😔 I will study maths and English along side my theatre class too so I will have lots of homework :(
subscribe to me for no reason
imma real one 😎🤣
eaudenil 17 days ago
I am a real one :)
Bouchara Nassam
Bouchara Nassam 17 days ago
Love this video and love you more please make more of these vids 😘🥺💞😊
Giovana Cantoni
Giovana Cantoni 17 days ago
ok im addicted to this chanell
ina dada
ina dada 17 days ago
What about BOOKS?
My studies
My studies 18 days ago
By the way, I have already released this video too🙂
ftoo. 18 days ago
عراقيه تتعلم انكلش 🥺😂
lynda grogan
lynda grogan 18 days ago
yooo the masks are soooo cute... u should sell them on depop
Anastasia Stanila
Anastasia Stanila 19 days ago
ahh gorgeouss ilyyy
Susie Roupe
Susie Roupe 19 days ago
the mask pouch was so clever !! 🤯
Fathima Mehrin
Fathima Mehrin 19 days ago
I am literally in love with your outro music... I'm sorry I don't know what else to call it. 😅😂
Joy Nakhleh
Joy Nakhleh 19 days ago
I’m a real one❤️
Marise Randall
Marise Randall 20 days ago
Omg you’re so beautiful 🥰❤️❤️❤️
The Algerian kitchen المطبخ الجزائري
omg you look like an arab youtuber "Laila Mourad"
Ines Ahumada
Ines Ahumada 19 days ago
She actually really does
Mackenzie Terry
Mackenzie Terry 21 day ago
hay Hannah do you sell the facemask and the little pouches because I am going back to school so plzzzz reply
Erika Notarangelo
The face mask are very beautiful! I love the print 😍 I want to ricreate a video like this on my RUvid channel ❤️
Elizabeth Akidi
Elizabeth Akidi 21 day ago
Your stationary is soo cute! Especially your planner 😍🥺
T 1703
T 1703 21 day ago
I’m french but il like your videos and your bag. I don’t know what the connection is but hey 😅
Sejal Jatana
Sejal Jatana 21 day ago
Watching again because why not ❤️
ghost 61
ghost 61 21 day ago
mct.05 mct
mct.05 mct 21 day ago
8:51 Haha so good that part in the video😂 a hug from spain🙌🏽🇪🇦
Faten Lina_2
Faten Lina_2 21 day ago
wheb she graped her water bottle it sounded like a sword 😂😂😂 5:49
서근후 21 day ago
Maybe you should have first aid kit lol.. in your bag..
서근후 21 day ago
I thought you ripped the bag when you relocated your hydroflask lol
서근후 21 day ago
I like the "survival kit" in your bag lol.. very well prepared huh?
Emma. Gilliver
Emma. Gilliver 22 days ago
4:11 "this is kind of like an emergency kit ig... so we have an extra scrunchy." 😂
jacqueline vanessa
jacqueline vanessa 22 days ago
Wheres your nailpolish from?
Núria Noró
Núria Noró 22 days ago
Does anyone know where I can get a similar agenda on internet?
Blue Berry
Blue Berry 22 days ago
im 9th grade this year...... and i hate thatttttttt🥺
Mikyla Espino
Mikyla Espino 23 days ago
If you are selling those mask with the bag im buying it i will beg for it and yes i will nuy lots of it.
Gabriela CALM
Gabriela CALM 23 days ago
does anyone has a link to the pencil case?
Annie Chen
Annie Chen 23 days ago
This video was so helpful! -I'm a real one-
Liya Lee
Liya Lee 23 days ago
I want to go to school too,gosh when everything will stop?!😫😫😫
Alyssa Shaffer
Alyssa Shaffer 23 days ago
I’m a real one 🥺
Rebecca Ly
Rebecca Ly 23 days ago
The matching bag for your masks is so so adorable. Love it!
Isis De Dios
Isis De Dios 24 days ago
Excuse me is the real color or is edited??
I M PAW Universe
I M PAW Universe 24 days ago
Such cute pink water bottle...it's such beautiful pastel color. Cute adorable things to share from your shopping; thanks for sharing! The pastel pink reminds me of cute Kiko the cat character too, with animated back-to-school sticker pack app at apps.apple.com/us/app/kiko-school-life/id1528452440
Sandy Joseph
Sandy Joseph 24 days ago
I'm a real one
Linda Komi
Linda Komi 24 days ago
I'm a real one💗
Роберт Петросов
I study English and because I watch this video,can somebody speak with me for instagram:toma_petrosova
jesuis baizuo
jesuis baizuo 24 days ago
I was gonna say. No way this girl is a Princeton student
julia biggemann
julia biggemann 24 days ago
I'm a real oneee
Signe-Liis Busch
Signe-Liis Busch 25 days ago
Me who haven't buyed planners for 4 years👁️👄👁️
Hajirah Hussain
Hajirah Hussain 25 days ago
If you sold them I would 100 % buy one
Furever Best Friend
Love the ideas!
Ana Muberuka
Ana Muberuka 25 days ago
Am I the only one who notice the way she says mask btw love your videos ❤️
Miss Feona
Miss Feona 25 days ago
Hi, I am going to get the same backpack for my freshman year in HIGHSCHOOL just wanted to ask if someone has the backpack so I wanted to ask is it worth the money and if yes do you think I can fit a lot of stuff in it or not?
Eragon Arrow
Eragon Arrow 25 days ago
Im a real one, hope you have a wonderful day see ya
Kevin Davies
Kevin Davies 25 days ago
0:53 What's wrong with it?
Miriam Alqam
Miriam Alqam 25 days ago
god knows how your backpacks fit all this. i swear if i put that much i'll be fighting with it every time searching for sth😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mar Medusaman
Mar Medusaman 26 days ago
The way her nails match with the bottle 👁👄👁
Diário da Gabi
Diário da Gabi 26 days ago
Só queria uma mochila igual a essa kkkkkkk
Alayne Williams
Alayne Williams 26 days ago
Hi, I have the same backpack!
Maria PDV
Maria PDV 26 days ago
Where do you buy your watter bottle?
Emily Garner
Emily Garner 26 days ago
In America, people do be wiping down desks cuz of the virus and cuz of the lack of handling their president had with it. In the UK, we don't care cuz our prime minister actually bothered to go through lockdown
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