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Kylie Jenner
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It’s been almost two years since I did my last “What’s In My Bag” video and I’ve seen you guys requesting this video for a while, so I wanted to take you guys inside my closet to show you the must haves I take everywhere with me!

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Sep 15, 2020




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Lauren Elise
Lauren Elise 20 minutes ago
Kylie: showing all her lip products Me: wow that’s a lot 😳
Rinesa Krasniqi
Rinesa Krasniqi 3 hours ago
I Bet her collection etc bags or somethin that's bigger than my room-
Ilaria Moscagiuri
Ilaria Moscagiuri 3 hours ago
I love you kylie
Jhunu Debbarma
Jhunu Debbarma 4 hours ago
Why don't the Kardashians--Jenners call Kris Jenner their mom
Jhunu Debbarma
Jhunu Debbarma 4 hours ago
She is 24 and almost a billionaire
Seher Ak
Seher Ak 4 hours ago
Türkiye den selamlar 🤗
Beautiful FetchingRose
i like the background sounds i might sneak in it great Kylie girl
Matina Filaj
Matina Filaj 6 hours ago
House tour
____마리아 7 hours ago
"My Kylie skin..." Stay safe everyone... GOD Bless We all💗🕊🙏☁
Naysha Khurana
Naysha Khurana 8 hours ago
Why is this Kylie cosmetics ad on youtube and why is this ad so long?
aishwarya pamulapati
Kylie; I had them make me my own little stash Me thinking; maybe like 20 Kylie; now I have a million of them me; sure, I was about to say 20 million
All Things Tierra - ASMR
All Things Tierra - ASMR, subscribe?
that one gurl
that one gurl 11 hours ago
So vogue didn't offer her to do what's in my bag? So she did herself.... 😶
Morgan Prada
Morgan Prada 11 hours ago
Cute !
Alveena Babar
Alveena Babar 11 hours ago
Who calls their mother by their name? Completely uncultured and trashy people these Kardashians. She too is a mother of a 2 year old daughter and she would not like it if her daughter grew up and starts calling her by her name.
Racs Jimenez
Racs Jimenez 13 hours ago
When she said im gonna show you Me:how brave i im
April Winter
April Winter 13 hours ago
The only way to receive true happiness is to be born again. Jesus loves you and is coming back to earth soon. This year is giving signs of end times. You need to repent. Please believe and spread the word to your friends, family etc so they can be saved. I'm doing this because I care about where your gonna end up on judgement day Jesus loves you
xtasy rox8797
xtasy rox8797 16 hours ago
She forgot to pull out her lip injection syringe
viktoria winfield
viktoria winfield 17 hours ago
What’s the camera she had
Alba H. Quiroz
Alba H. Quiroz 18 hours ago
Please subtitulos
nancysaldana13 18 hours ago
I refuse to believe that she only uses products of her brand hahah
need another purse closettt!!!
Finja Schieferdecker
Wow you are soo beautiful 😍
Haneen Duais
Haneen Duais 20 hours ago
it should have been called promoting me and my sisters stuff
zainab naqvi
zainab naqvi 21 hour ago
shes so calm and i feel like its thats very nice to be around people like her when something serious is going on, or if stormi is being cranky.
Mz.NoneYa Buzinezz
Mz.NoneYa Buzinezz 22 hours ago
If my son ever called me by my 1st name I'd get that a$$. Momma dont play that. Why is everything kylie this isnt WHATS IN MY BAG THIS IS HEY CHECK OUT AND BUY WHATS IN MY BAG LOL
Gabriella Hernandez
Gabriella Hernandez 22 hours ago
The background looks like a green screen...lol
Fabiha Memon
Fabiha Memon 23 hours ago
More like promoting my products for 8 minutes straight
Himanshi Diwan
Himanshi Diwan 23 hours ago
Don't you get bored naming oeverythimg Kylie 😂
N N 23 hours ago
Ugly looking 👍
Ana Luiza Ramos
Não to entendendo nada kkk - algum brasileiro 🤔
Bronze Butterfly
Name him bean
Reyyan Day ago
Kylie : *wears a mask with KYLIE on it* Also kylie : YoU wOuLd NeVeR kNoW iTs mE
Gabbie Bekele
" we are adults and we do adult things " - kylie jenner 2020
B Y123
B Y123 Day ago
adult things🥶
Brace Michell
Did you leave any perfume in the bottle😄
Sizwe Mhlongo
Kylie looks rich af
The pooh gang
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼Love kylie watch my channel her all new unseen videos 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌼🌼🌼
Ânnyka Barbosa
Só eu q assisto sem entender nada🤦‍♀️
Nameless Day ago
I rather see u share what u have in your soul and heart.. your bags of dreams for your family and the world beyond the pursuit of materials attachments to the world🐚🙌🏽☀️😘🕊💕
Sen Bolo
Sen Bolo Day ago
Sprays 80 times then says 1234
ania999 ladyhawk
The whole video is about selling and selling, funny that the whole product looks like new ... Pls
퍼니영틴 Day ago
She is so gorgeous
Maria Perez
Maria Perez Day ago
I love Uno too! Girl great closet btw
genesis Cisneros
This video was like literally just a promotional video ... she literally was advertising 20 things that haven’t came out yet lol😂💀
Xue Yan Xie
Xue Yan Xie Day ago
Akasha Andrea's
Love The Video 🌈🌠 Please Show Some Love To My Channel💛🌻💛🌻🌈🌈🌈💖💖💖🌻🌻💛💛.
swage Day ago
how about like um no
que bonitas cuando esta juntas
no name
no name Day ago
Her body looks great but her face is ugly
Nadie a la español y inglés
Seoul WonderGirl
So basically this is one big giant ad because her and her culture vulture family are money hungry. This would have been more genuine if she would have just came out and said this was an ad for her families products like my goodness
Layla Cole
Layla Cole Day ago
Love them
Arias family
Arias family Day ago
Do you ever not use your makeup just a question
what dives me the most crazy ,nothing had its own bag in her bags .....tf so all that was just tossed him her messy bag ???
Joy Chan
Joy Chan Day ago
Me looking at her bags and shoes:me thinking I’m rich cause I have a bag too😌
AKA Autumn
AKA Autumn Day ago
Sister just called us broke in 54 languages
Savannah Mae
Savannah Mae Day ago
Omg your so rich can I be like famous
Signe Nydal Abildgaard
I miss kuwtk 😩😭
Jéssica Grossi
Jéssica Grossi 2 days ago
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia 2 days ago
Ugh I hope to grow one day like you. 😔🥺 I wish I had support like her. Biggest idol for me
Anis Nabli
Anis Nabli 2 days ago
Jade Coles
Jade Coles 2 days ago
"when kris jenner tells you to do something you do it" ....oop
Nyiko BaloyiC
Nyiko BaloyiC 2 days ago
I also did this video though am a new RUvidr 🙊🙊🙊 It was fun watching
Nashira Cobos
Nashira Cobos 2 days ago
this video is absolutely TRASH!! only promotion !! they all are loosing credibility
Sougandh Cm
Sougandh Cm 2 days ago
Who cares ok beiiii
Mariyam Nisthar
Mariyam Nisthar 2 days ago
Gum thing😂
Dakotah Bourke
Dakotah Bourke 2 days ago
You all say that she is promoting her own products and saying she shouldn't. If she likes using the products she makes, why wouldn't she put them in her purse. I know I would. She gets so much hate but she has feelings you know. That hate she will see and it could also make her hurt really bad. She is a good person and she should be able to say that she uses her product cause that is how she makes a living for her and Stormi. So stop giving hate. Thank you.
Cara Sun
Cara Sun 2 days ago
She knows how to make money...easiest and even most effctive marketing strategy for her target group...what did I do wrong in my life?:F
cardy 2 days ago
So pretty 😍😍😍😍🥰
Breanna Hayward
Breanna Hayward 2 days ago
A wallet....makes you think of being an....adult??? What the fuck
sari1484 2 days ago
Me : I wonder which store she’s in .,, Also me : Wait? Is that her room?!
sage williams
sage williams 2 days ago
i want to be just like you when i grow up
Comprehension Password
12.5 Kendall and I spoke earlier. Over.
Isreal Logan
Isreal Logan 2 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-aE6DVwHoM4E.html watch
B.D. 2 days ago
No money in the world can't buy intelligence nor a personality. She is the best example. Her mom made her the brand she is today. Otherwise she would be 18 year old single mom without a degree.
serenity Pasto
serenity Pasto 2 days ago
We are adults and we do adult things 😂
you is beutiful I am in Brazil I love you and storme
Dania. de. Yutu Ayala. Sanchez
Lisa Stremmer
Lisa Stremmer 3 days ago
What watch is Kylie wearing?
Nandni Ramchandani
Faithfully Faith
Faithfully Faith 3 days ago
Not me having the same things in my bag as Kylie Jenner??? Video on my channel (mine isn’t a birkin tho)🤣
lenna maier
lenna maier 3 days ago
wow Milapim.redbubble.com
Shruthi Rao
Shruthi Rao 3 days ago
This video low-key ASMR
aditi soni
aditi soni 3 days ago
Kylie in whole video: my kylie skin.... my kylie skin.... my kylie skin..... your baby..... my kylie skin...... I love it
kimbapkimbap 3 days ago
4:50 Kylie: you would never know it's me, you would never know! Also kylie : *wearing a mask with her name on it*
Zulk_hairi Abdtalib
A are you rich 😀
Iman Bilal
Iman Bilal 3 days ago
Y’all are saying she is just promoting her brand but why would she use other brand products when she has her own and if she will that will make people say to themselves “oh she doesn’t even use those products their probably bad so we shouldn’t get them” like what
squirrel squad1s
squirrel squad1s 3 days ago
This is just an add
Ashiii P.C
Ashiii P.C 3 days ago
Kylie really i love you im your big fan
koo luvbot ༉
koo luvbot ༉ 3 days ago
"Kylie skin hand sanitizer" ..
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 3 days ago
Gross it has never touched a port person
Terry Terrence Terry Terrence
I can't believe this person millions find interesting, must be millions of real dull lives out there
Sushmitha Suresh
Sushmitha Suresh 3 days ago
Can someone please tell where can I watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians" season 5 onwards??
Daysia Blue
Daysia Blue 3 days ago
Plugs 😱
Jayakumar Mallalli
Who's here after emi Watson bag?????
Hello Kylie i Love you ❤❤😍
Austen Davis
Austen Davis 3 days ago
Car collection video!!!!!! Please
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez 3 days ago
Yk just gum things lmao
Arya Viegas
Arya Viegas 3 days ago
We are adults and we do adult things Three seconds later. so these are my scrunchies
All Things Tierra - ASMR
Bai Ley
Bai Ley 3 days ago
kendall and kourt are definitely the best looking
Adam H
Adam H 3 days ago
Third world problems , having to class a mask that will prevent the spread of a virus as a fashion accessory
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