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As we are in Back to School season for 2019, here's my top tech recommendations on all of your essential tech items for your upcoming school year! Enjoy!
Tech List
BackPack: www.aersf.com
Laptop: amzn.to/2MVNMIP
Fumarii: www.fumarii.com/copy-of-new-home-v2
iPad Pro: amzn.to/2YZ5A8i
Apple Pencil: amzn.to/31uoZj0
DBRAND Skin: dbrand.com/shop/skins
Bose QC 35: amzn.to/2YTY5j3
Pixel 3A XL: amzn.to/31u2T03
Nintendo Switch: amzn.to/2YXoGvF
4 Port USB Hub: amzn.to/2Z04OYx
BT Speaker: amzn.to/2YTY9PP
Notebook: amzn.to/2YVMBM3
Pen: amzn.to/2GXAwzK
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Aug 10, 2019




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Comments 4 621
Chris Tian
Chris Tian Month ago
Amazing content Karl🍊 Love the Backpack.
Chris Tian
Chris Tian 27 days ago
🙌🏻🙏🏻🍊🍊 chris.rey247@ gmail.com
Zoozoo 27 days ago
Chris Tian
Chris Tian Month ago
3AWEEK thanks🙌🏻🥳
3AWEEK Month ago
Christopher McHugh
Garmin smart watches are a brilliant competition to the Apple Watch. Especially if suggesting the Google Pixel! 👍🏻
Andrey  Sosa Pérez
Where i can buy the backpack?
Tech Wise
Tech Wise 2 days ago
Could I have it I will take good care of it
Surjo Seth
Surjo Seth 3 days ago
The orange theme is fire 🔥🔥
crack bunny
crack bunny 5 days ago
and all i have is a notebook
ICYX 5 days ago
Love the backpack and switch, orange is my favorite color too :)
LuisNegroM 5 days ago
Big fan of this channel!!!! Good job
Rithek Ghalla
Rithek Ghalla 7 days ago
Jeff atkins
Fmkm _
Fmkm _ 8 days ago
Looks like vacations are over... :(
Victoria Athens
Victoria Athens 9 days ago
Just found your RUvid videos..luv them! I luv everything tech. Can’t wait for more videos! Would love to win some tech for school! Cheers!!
/\.L.\/.I 9 days ago
The Subtle Art of Not Giving A fuck
Incline -_-
Incline -_- 9 days ago
To be honest i can't afford any of these stuff for college they so expensive.
Scott Bickhaus
Scott Bickhaus 10 days ago
Great reviews Karl.
Josue Barreto Medina
Nice bag dude 🔥
Tech Point
Tech Point 11 days ago
my backpack contains one physical notebook, a pen, earphones, waterbottle, done
gameR 12 days ago
Pick meeeeeeeee
ajayi samuel
ajayi samuel 12 days ago
browlee jnr
M.N.M NIFLAN UD 12 days ago
Xggzotic 1
Xggzotic 1 13 days ago
Bro the bose qc 35 iis came out 2 years ago and the bose 700s vame out 2 months ago😂but still good content
Anh Tú Vũ
Anh Tú Vũ 13 days ago
“This laptop is right on that level” Ye sure because they literally copy apple’s exact design. I’ll personally never buy anything from these cheap chinese companies.
jeonjkgiggles 13 days ago
ouuuu getting a laptop for back to school os definitely a need
Carlos OjX
Carlos OjX 15 days ago
Hey Karl! Love your videos and the bag. I am wondering if you did ever give away the LV x Supreme card holder in that last video? 🤔 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊
Toneese Perry
Toneese Perry 16 days ago
You are the coolest person ever
Jimmy Berthelon
Jimmy Berthelon 16 days ago
Orange is my favorite color
Orange is my fav color
OPTIMISTIX 16 days ago
Amazing bro Backpack is so cool 🥰
Jefferson Lee
Jefferson Lee 17 days ago
Good backpack plus ipad
Elton Poole
Elton Poole 17 days ago
Very cool the backpack... the orange makes it pop... will be over the top with the Huawei MateBook X Pro Signature Edition.... cant ask for better
Andre Philadelphia
Andre Philadelphia 17 days ago
Where do u get the orange nintendo switch
Alex 18 days ago
The switch is so cool 🍊🍊🍊
theo farr
theo farr 19 days ago
I would like it
hayley howard
hayley howard 19 days ago
Cool backpack and I love the orange!!
Kristopher Waight
Kristopher Waight 19 days ago
Need the pack with a laptop or switch inside
Vikesfan Gaming
Vikesfan Gaming 19 days ago
That iPad is gonna bend like a paper clip
Misteroriel 19 days ago
Bro I finally found one of your videos I used to watch you daily because of your switch reviews but I lost my account so I forgot your channel name Lolol
Dan M
Dan M 19 days ago
I hope I win
iboRotti 52
iboRotti 52 19 days ago
nice man
Ooi Canon
Ooi Canon 20 days ago
Cool backpack I love it
mohammed sidat
mohammed sidat 20 days ago
Your content is amazing bro keep up the good work 💯
The Wise Tutor
The Wise Tutor 20 days ago
Nice video
Toufic Farhoud
Toufic Farhoud 20 days ago
Justin Hensley
Justin Hensley 21 day ago
That backpack is dope! Would be awesome for a college student like me haha 😂
senzor007psn 21 day ago
That backpack is sick af
Refael Gez
Refael Gez 21 day ago
Love your videos!!! You have such an amazing energy!!!!
Inna Ragas
Inna Ragas 21 day ago
Karl AWESOME content as always!!!!!
Diego ojeda
Diego ojeda 21 day ago
Love the backpack! The orange color on the inside is sick!!
Peccy Ception
Peccy Ception 21 day ago
Love your videos, it reminded me of school, not the best thing but I will get to see my friends soo im happy. I really like the laptop!
Daniel Gill
Daniel Gill 22 days ago
Lol google pixel with apple watch
XPilot P
XPilot P 22 days ago
the backpack looks so stylish. plus that orange. oooooof beautiful. would love to have that
Emiliano Baltazar
Emiliano Baltazar 22 days ago
great list, love the minimal aesthetic of the bag!
Oronnok Prithibi
Oronnok Prithibi 22 days ago
pixel phone with apple watch....... hmmm
Rogelio Medrano
Rogelio Medrano 22 days ago
Ugh how come I’m just watching this video :/
Alexander Viljoen
Alexander Viljoen 23 days ago
Damn that backpack is sick. That is ideal for my travel
K0RY :P 23 days ago
Ngl the thumbnail made it look like it was naruto themed
I Design
I Design 24 days ago
amazing content I like the backpack
Vanessa Teixeira
Vanessa Teixeira 24 days ago
OMG! I love that backpack, the orange details are awesome!
IT Jogot
IT Jogot 24 days ago
I love your video😘😘
G4m3rs BR
G4m3rs BR 24 days ago
Tech always helping
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