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As we are in Back to School season for 2019, here's my top tech recommendations on all of your essential tech items for your upcoming school year! Enjoy!
Tech List
BackPack: www.aersf.com
Laptop: amzn.to/2MVNMIP
Fumarii: www.fumarii.com/copy-of-new-home-v2
iPad Pro: amzn.to/2YZ5A8i
Apple Pencil: amzn.to/31uoZj0
DBRAND Skin: dbrand.com/shop/skins
Bose QC 35: amzn.to/2YTY5j3
Pixel 3A XL: amzn.to/31u2T03
Nintendo Switch: amzn.to/2YXoGvF
4 Port USB Hub: amzn.to/2Z04OYx
BT Speaker: amzn.to/2YTY9PP
Notebook: amzn.to/2YVMBM3
Pen: amzn.to/2GXAwzK
#BackToSchoolTech #StudentTech
Email for business: karlconrad@live.com
Facebook: facebook.com/twomobile
Twitter: twitter.com/karlconrad
Instagram: instagram.com/karlconrad
Periscope: @karlconrad
Google + plus.google.com/+KarlConrad/
Snapchat: karl.conrad
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Comments 80
Chris Tian
Chris Tian 7 months ago
Amazing content Karl🍊 Love the Backpack.
GodStar Pro
GodStar Pro 2 months ago
@Karl Conrad lool
RIAN Kapur
RIAN Kapur 4 months ago
Chris Tian
Chris Tian 7 months ago
🙌🏻🙏🏻🍊🍊 chris.rey247@ gmail.com
Zoozoo 7 months ago
Chris Tian
Chris Tian 7 months ago
3AWEEK thanks🙌🏻🥳
shahnawaz sayed
shahnawaz sayed 17 days ago
Awesome color combinations black and orange
Dàrkraì 23 days ago
Love your videos, keep it up!
Austin Bell
Austin Bell 25 days ago
Bro I didn’t even like orange until this video 😂
Vince Gabutan
Vince Gabutan Month ago
That's a pretty nice bag. I have a aer sling bag and its it's awesome
Plague inc and glitch
What school are you going to
V1G Month ago
I sheep alert
Odd Kxng
Odd Kxng Month ago
Where do you get the orange car?
Neev Shah
Neev Shah Month ago
Bennefitial video
TANMAY WNL Month ago
an ipad pro is not a budget item
Timothy Tay
Timothy Tay Month ago
Tooooooooooooooooooo much tech for school and it will be stolennnnnnnnnnn by me
ThatOcelot Month ago
Karl Conrad: Recommends Apple Watch Series 4 and Pixel 3a Tim Cook: *_Wait, that's illegal_*
Renni 2 months ago
Lmao fumarii costs 500 dollars a month what a fat waste of money, it basically makes any computer run at the speed of a mid range laptop
fadel alfadly
fadel alfadly 2 months ago
1:44 that orange book tho 🤣🤣🤣
Norak Rottanak
Norak Rottanak 2 months ago
1. Don’t like Chinese products 2. Don’t like Huawei company 3. Don’t like Huawei logo (ugly)
notswedish at all
notswedish at all 2 months ago
U just need the mobile n laptop n nothing else u know it n i know it n we still cry for these things lol
Im Thrillz
Im Thrillz 2 months ago
But u used a macbook during the vid lol
xX_YoloHD_Xx 3 months ago
Love your planet ocean man
Erick Rodriguez
Erick Rodriguez 3 months ago
Great video man.
Techmxster 3 months ago
For the laptop, since it's a touchscreen I don't really think there should be a touchpad or it should be smaller because sometimes when typing essays, it can be annoying to drag the mouse or accidentally tap something while typing, so in my opinion, the smaller the touchpad the better or just farther from the keyboard would do fine.
Rafa Blandino
Rafa Blandino 3 months ago
I want the backpack
Fine Person
Fine Person 4 months ago
I'm too much of a broke boi
Rowan Perry
Rowan Perry 4 months ago
You go to school?
Hobbes 4 months ago
these videos are more about the tech you use than actual school lol
Tech Raid
Tech Raid 4 months ago
If I go to school with this it will be gone in a day
Daragh Mckeon
Daragh Mckeon 4 months ago
Yeah this is all in good stuff but like how do you think students can afford them items
Legendary Ocelot
Legendary Ocelot 4 months ago
All kid's teachers when the kids can finally save the $3,000 to get this: You will get this back when you die.
Michael John Sayaman
Wow😱 I hope you I had one of aer bag...
Guiller Antonio Almalvez
love the line of bags man. 🙌🏽
Omar Wahdan
Omar Wahdan 4 months ago
Nishant Jaiswal
Nishant Jaiswal 4 months ago
My school name is Bishop Conrad
Mychael Weynn
Mychael Weynn 4 months ago
Does anyone know where I can get a fit pac 2 x pac? Since it’s sold out on the website
Happy Feet
Happy Feet 4 months ago
We’re is the link
Mcwaff 4 months ago
Microsoft surface pro 6 is better than iPad
George Trigwell
George Trigwell 5 months ago
The laptop looks really nice
Siddhant Singh
Siddhant Singh 5 months ago
The buget things for US students is EXPENSIVE for Indian students..So not helping
Skyze09 5 months ago
I love that shoe space. I want a similar bag to that but without the orange accent. Preferably monochrome colors. Any suggestions? .-.
Tovi Carter
Tovi Carter 5 months ago
How did he get a orange Nintendo switch!
Xander Thorn
Xander Thorn 5 months ago
Tovi Carter it looks like the neon red ones but based on it matching the back I’d guess it’s a D-brand skin
Saumya Ranasinghe
Saumya Ranasinghe 5 months ago
love how Karl is being really open ended and choosing the best models and prices for students and not being bias to a more "well known brand"
ReiltasGame 5 months ago
Mikey Lejan
Mikey Lejan 5 months ago
I wish I am as rich as Karl
George Robles
George Robles 5 months ago
I need that bag in my life.
cujo 5 months ago
im not sure about you guys but my school blocked instagram, snapchat, bigger games, and many vpns dont work.
Raiku 5 months ago
"bigger games" coolmath laughing at ya
Renato Joseph Rojo
Renato Joseph Rojo 5 months ago
Love the color combination of the bag.... Huawei is a reliable brand, using a Nova 3i and its very reliable brand... what do you recommend an ipad pro 12 inch or the 11? ... lastly i would really like to buy a Switch but since it has been out in the market for some time i was thinking will there be an new model I should wait for? Would love to hear from you...
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar 5 months ago
Love the backpack
Sţέρħαηε Sεłίкσz
Siri - “I am not sure I understand.” 😂
ethan doake
ethan doake 5 months ago
Your content is sooooo amazing would love the backpack. And your face is not that bad👌
James Yi
James Yi 5 months ago
im am glad to have discovered you! awesome content. Subbed.
Nrod 5 months ago
Loving the backpack dude
Dankus 5 months ago
это пиздец.так сильно запариваться, что подобрал все в единой цветовой палитре.йобанырот, дядя, ты шо ебанутый?лол
Josh Patterson
Josh Patterson 6 months ago
I would be so grateful to win the iPad. I don’t have a laptop for school and I love the thought of using an iPad instead so I can draw/hand write with an Apple Pencil. Best luck to everyone in the giveaway!!
Charlie Bailey
Charlie Bailey 6 months ago
nice bag :)
SIDD TIME 6 months ago
Muskan Fatima
Muskan Fatima 6 months ago
Buying ipad pro atlast 🤗
Fattah Swangin
Fattah Swangin 6 months ago
Finally a youtuber that doesn't try to get struggling college students to spend thousands of dollars on these top of the line Apple products, I appreciate you man
Natan Calluy
Natan Calluy 6 months ago
I'd love to win anything in that video, but I would be fine with just the backpack. :)
Novak Zsolt
Novak Zsolt 6 months ago
Amazing backpack! Nice combo in general. :)
Christopher McHugh
Christopher McHugh 6 months ago
Garmin smart watches are a brilliant competition to the Apple Watch. Especially if suggesting the Google Pixel! 👍🏻
Andrey Sosa Pérez
Andrey Sosa Pérez 6 months ago
Where i can buy the backpack?
Tech Wise
Tech Wise 6 months ago
Could I have it I will take good care of it
Surjo Seth
Surjo Seth 6 months ago
The orange theme is fire 🔥🔥
crack bunny
crack bunny 6 months ago
and all i have is a notebook
ICYX 6 months ago
Love the backpack and switch, orange is my favorite color too :)
LuisNegroM 6 months ago
Big fan of this channel!!!! Good job
Rithek Ghalla
Rithek Ghalla 6 months ago
Jeff atkins
Fmkm _
Fmkm _ 6 months ago
Looks like vacations are over... :(
Victoria Athens
Victoria Athens 6 months ago
Just found your RUvid videos..luv them! I luv everything tech. Can’t wait for more videos! Would love to win some tech for school! Cheers!!
/\.L.\/.I 6 months ago
The Subtle Art of Not Giving A fuck
InclineGamer -_-
InclineGamer -_- 6 months ago
To be honest i can't afford any of these stuff for college they so expensive.
Scott Bickhaus
Scott Bickhaus 6 months ago
Great reviews Karl.
Josue Barreto Medina
Nice bag dude 🔥
Tech Point
Tech Point 6 months ago
my backpack contains one physical notebook, a pen, earphones, waterbottle, done
gameR 6 months ago
Pick meeeeeeeee
ajayi samuel
ajayi samuel 6 months ago
browlee jnr
NIFLAN_ UD 6 months ago
Xggzotic 1
Xggzotic 1 6 months ago
Bro the bose qc 35 iis came out 2 years ago and the bose 700s vame out 2 months ago😂but still good content
Anh Tú Vũ
Anh Tú Vũ 6 months ago
“This laptop is right on that level” Ye sure because they literally copy apple’s exact design. I’ll personally never buy anything from these cheap chinese companies.
jeonjkgiggles 6 months ago
ouuuu getting a laptop for back to school os definitely a need
Carlos OjX
Carlos OjX 7 months ago
Hey Karl! Love your videos and the bag. I am wondering if you did ever give away the LV x Supreme card holder in that last video? 🤔 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊
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