What's at stake for the Clippers if they don't get Kawhi Leonard? | The Jump

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Chiney Ogwumike says the LA Clippers should "trust the process" and keep building if they don't get Kawhi Leonard in NBA free agency. Ogwumike says they have such a strong nucleus that blowing that up to risk getting a free agent isn't worth it.
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Published on


Jun 24, 2019




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Comments 514
Chicken Wang
Chicken Wang 3 months ago
Short answer: Everything
Elisa Palmer
Elisa Palmer 3 months ago
Why are all these American shows not talking about how much money Kwahi would lose signing with the Clippers?
Mollywhop 3 months ago
Where's the Raptors special on why clinics and stay there how come we only get Clipper specials???? It's just ridiculous
Mollywhop 3 months ago
Doc river had not won in long time 2008?? Toronto is fresh Toronto 3.0...
Mac L
Mac L 3 months ago
Man this is getting brutal. Raptors aren't a "periphery" team. He got them over the hump. For him to win a Chip with the Clippers he'd be carrying them on his back from the very bottom of the mountain. Is he suppose to make the Clippers a top 4 team while doing load management? Nah.
Kani Ellis
Kani Ellis 3 months ago
AD=Top 10 player
FreeMind Canada
FreeMind Canada 3 months ago
ESPN Shills! How much they getting paid by the clippers. Blah Blah Blah about the Clippers front office.. meanwhile the Raptors front office head Masai, is the one in demand... who's the better performing front office right now? Raptors. @Espn.. stop shilling and just give us the info we want. Good thing i don't pay for an ESPN subscription!
DJuan Brown
DJuan Brown 3 months ago
I mean...not much is at stake. They made the playoffs and quite frankly gave the warriors a run for their money
Chester Wilson Jr.
Chester Wilson Jr. 3 months ago
do a sign and trade with the Spurs for Derozan!
Eric Franklin
Eric Franklin 3 months ago
Taking a team from the periphery? You seriously slandering a team that has been in the playoffs for the past 6 years and has been in the top 4 of the east for the last 5? Keep up being completely useless ESPN your continued incompetence makes everyone else look better
SSV 3 months ago
What young core do the clippers have besides SGA and Shamet????
Jonathan D.
Jonathan D. 3 months ago
LMMFAO, the staff of ESPN is definitely on Steve Ballmer‘s payroll for them to be saying this.
Colin Hodder
Colin Hodder 3 months ago
He's never won back to back championships as the top player, that's something nobody mentions. Only Toronto can give him that opportunit,. At least right now
alvin villanueva
alvin villanueva 3 months ago
if clippers get kawhi and klay.. clippers will be a contender next yr.. but i want kawhi to stay with toronto!! i can see og and siakam and kawhi to be rodman pippen and jordan..
David Nelson
David Nelson 3 months ago
They have no legitimate reason to go there
David Nelson
David Nelson 3 months ago
alvin villanueva Clippers are not getting Kawhi or Thompson
Hookers n' Cocaine
Hookers n' Cocaine 3 months ago
I'd eat both of those ho's assholes.
Michael Morse
Michael Morse 3 months ago
You all need to get off this stupid tangent! So Kawhi should just throw away another 40, 50 million after he lost enough leaving San Antonio!
PlanetZay Channel
PlanetZay Channel 3 months ago
Why go to Kobe town when you have Kawhi country?
Grapehunter420 3 months ago
Does anyone else find it strange when someone is talking and then all the other people on he panel will turn and face the camera?
Do The DEW
Do The DEW 3 months ago
The Clippers Ain't Toronto Let's Get That Straight @ESPN LOLz
ammiel David
ammiel David 3 months ago
Raptors without Kawhi would slap the clippers without kawhi
Donald Pace
Donald Pace 3 months ago
That weave is ridiculous jeez
Joe Harris
Joe Harris 3 months ago
anything about kawhi other than in toronto gets a downvote from me
Pacific Heights
Pacific Heights 3 months ago
Why does Scottie talk like Cleveland Brown?
Bryan Egan
Bryan Egan 3 months ago
Can ESPN be charged for "tampering"? There hasn't been a single player in NBA history that left a championship team to play for another team for any reason...closest thing to it would be Michael Jordan leaving the Bulls to retire. Masai took a gamble & it paid off, let us have it.
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith 3 months ago
Clippers. Aren’t. Getting. Kawhi
Grey Fox23
Grey Fox23 3 months ago
One championship What it cost Raptors The most Loyal Compton native Demar Derozan
72defender 3 months ago
People it’s simple: ESPN has a vested interest in stars playing in the bigger U.S. markets. That’s where their biggest advertising revenue comes from. Which is why they always promote NYC and L.A. teams even though they’re garbage. Any player serious about winning will look at teams like Toronto, Milwaukee and a handful of others. The Clippers are not amongst those teams and have done little to warrant relevancy. Which makes it obvious guys like SAS, Damon Jones, Broussard, etc. are promoting made up narratives about the Clippers being favourites to land Kawhi. The US media will be on suicide watch when Kawhi resigns.
Apollovn 3 months ago
It's just hilarious that if Kawhi had won on the Clippers last year, no one would be saying that he should go to the Raptors to build his legacy. The bias is ridiculous. ESPN would be questioning why Kawhi would want to leave the defending champs, etc etc.
Virgil Joshua
Virgil Joshua 3 months ago
Shai Gilgeous Alexander and Montrez Harrell
Michael Paul
Michael Paul 3 months ago
2021 free agency is WAY deeper and was always the Clippers plan. They didn't expect to have a shot this soon. They already made it clear they will focus on 2021 not 2020 if they strike out on Kawhi.
Ervinn Sanagustin
Ervinn Sanagustin 3 months ago
Clippers Curse!!!
Saransh Bhatt
Saransh Bhatt 3 months ago
The Raptors are gonna eat the Clippers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And then have em all over again for desert. Just because of all this trash talk. He's staying in Toronto!!!
Davester J
Davester J 3 months ago
Leonard signed up with cargojet few days ago who gave drake his private jet so these people might be playing stupid for american tv ratings for free agency...
KLUV 3 months ago
When do they get their own arena...sharing with the lakers is got to be the worst...even they have been mediocre
ABjustdoit 3 months ago
I hear you Rachel and I’m not saying this will be his decision but if the question is basketball and you gotta Choose between the clippers and LeBron or even the clippers and the Lakers the answer will never be clippers idc what’s goin on
GuerillaFX 3 months ago
LOOOOL Philly 'built well for the future for so long'...they tanked to get draft picks. Bravo. Raptors are a much better example of building a team while actually competing, not just tanking. So little credit given to Raps by ESPN
truthseeker89 for life
Imagine kawhi lebron and AD on the same team
Jeff Berg
Jeff Berg 3 months ago
Imagine? Why I gotta imagine? I just spent the last three years seeing how hated the Warrriors were. You think Kawhi is gonna trade in being THE solo rockstar of the league for being the last one to join a super team and be in the KD hater spot? Well all I can say is it's a damn good thing you ain't his brand manager.
Dan R
Dan R 3 months ago
Kawhi should stay in Toronto.. he can always go back to LA in the summer.
BB Cute
BB Cute 3 months ago
Kawhi will win another NBA title if he stays with the Raptors! 👍👍👍👍
1stnamebrandon 3 months ago
I see you Chiney with the Nigerian garb on.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday 3 months ago
Next summer looks so lame, 2020-2021 nba will be a disaster year in terms of rating
Thomas f.254
Thomas f.254 3 months ago
Please Kawhi isn't leaving Toronto.. Clippers need to go find someone else..
lamri 094
lamri 094 3 months ago
Phily did so well for their building what ? They've been trash for years
kroos jiro
kroos jiro 3 months ago
Would u people shut up already and just wait and see what happens and then you can talk about it all you want. Enough with your BS speculation.
Neo Levert Malapane
Neo Levert Malapane 3 months ago
The lady said she's 27.. Who asked?🤦‍♂️🤔
Elyas B
Elyas B 3 months ago
How would winning with a third team be better for Kawhi's "legacy?" MJ won all his titles with Chicago. He seems to be doing okay and there is nothing wrong with Jordan's brand- pun intended.
Josh O
Josh O 3 months ago
AD is definitely top 5
Jeff Berg
Jeff Berg 3 months ago
AD is mos def top 5. Right now top 5.....Kawhi, Giannis, AD, Lebron, Embid.
Rafael Salcedo
Rafael Salcedo 3 months ago
Clippers or Lakers is the stupidest thing i have ever heard !!!!
Wesley Johnson
Wesley Johnson 3 months ago
alex caruso is a good option if they cant get kawhi
Sham Gawd
Sham Gawd 3 months ago
Kawhi will be a raptor
LveMlike 3 months ago
Go to the Lakers please!!
Mr.Dioneo 3 months ago
The Raptors minus Kawhi are so much better than the Clippers are now. What makes them appealing to him outside of location exactly?
David Nelson
David Nelson 3 months ago
casey douglas Uh the Clippers suck ass and could not beat the 76ers, Bucks, or Warrirors
casey douglas
casey douglas 3 months ago
lol uhh I think both teams are similar ,defensively both are solid ,both have great front offices,but people fail to realize that clippers weren’t even trying to make the playoff they traded all there valuable assets and still won 48 games,I’m sure that counts for something they have the appeal,that Toronto had which is ,I come and bring a championship to the team ,something that no one has never done before,I don’t think he leaves but if he does clippers on paper can really do something as well,plus the team is a whole lot younger
RKM 10
RKM 10 3 months ago
I will be so glad when Sunday comes. The back and forth everyday on where or what he is doing is making my brain tired.
934ist 3 months ago
DeRozen back to the Raptors in 2020 with Kawhi
Omar OO7
Omar OO7 3 months ago
Giannis to Toronto in 2021
mr.T T
mr.T T 3 months ago
The American media is pushing the Clippers narrative because they can make so much more money off Kawhi in LA than TO. Never have we once heard from KAWHI that he wants to play in LA. But they successfully implanted the idea that Kawhi is going to LA in our heads.
silentchaos1 3 months ago
lol these people have no idea what there talking about
Javi G
Javi G 3 months ago
Who the hell cares about what's at stake for the clippers, after the sterling incident screw the clippers
gm pm
gm pm 3 months ago
“Take a team from the periphery to the mountain top”... lol, the Raptors were the #1 seed in the East last season. What the fuck is wrong with these people.
eric gingrasfishing
eric gingrasfishing 3 months ago
Kawhi wins chip and has a ton of fun with his teammates. Media: KAWHI MAY BE LEAVING EVERYONE CLIPPERS BOUND
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 3 months ago
I stay with the Raptors but on a 2+1 deal player options make Raptors build a great team around Leonard control your destiny
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