What really happens when you have a heart attack

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Apr 10, 2021




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Comments 99
TheWolvesXx 3 minutes ago
This reminds me when my grandfather died:( R.I.P
Jackaylon Brown
Jackaylon Brown 27 minutes ago
🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🌫️💔💢💥🔥🛌 get it
why ?
why ? 2 hours ago
This would be a stroke not a heart attack lol
Mei Mei
Mei Mei 10 hours ago
Sorry I'm late lol but how about a vid of What happens to your body when you smoke?
eldric1 13 hours ago
This is more of a stroke when oxygen can't get to the brain
shrekthelord 13 hours ago
Fun fact:these types of videos are inspired from the anime cells at work
Sherry Belle
Sherry Belle 14 hours ago
That's a stroke!
Anu Aradhya
Anu Aradhya 14 hours ago
"You see the blockage?? Nah man he's dead" I snorted man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Charles Mccullough
Thats funny
Lexi Feng
Lexi Feng Day ago
cells at work ☺️
To everyone! You are beautiful just the way you look! You are important! You do have worth and meaning! I love you! You are important! You do not need to be skinny or have abs to be Beautiful! You are beautiful just the way you look! Never forget that! Always be loving and kind to everyone! Jesus loves you! Never forget that you are so beautiful and you do have meaning and worth! Everyone is beautiful!
Tommy Ohlrich
You mean a stroke? Stroke is lack of air to the brain and heart attack is lack of blood through the heart.
happbapp_yt Day ago
I think I lowkey learn more from all these then my teacher wants to teach me
TPS Platinum
TPS Platinum Day ago
This series has to be inspired by Cells At Work
zaza ZaZa
zaza ZaZa Day ago
oh i see the problem hes dead
I love Season 3 of Cells at Work its such a good anime!1!1!
victoria mary
By now I think that mattress should have a permanent role, he has been featured in alot of scenes it's kind of unfair he doesn't even have a name
Godzilla !
Godzilla ! Day ago
Fuzzuh Wuu
Fuzzuh Wuu 2 days ago
Cells at Work who???
Sherlock Holmes' Apprentice
Actually it's just a Highschooler writing your name in a Notebook.
Powerful Dog's Dick
Man, I should stop injecting queen mattresses into my arteries.
How about what happens if you have sleep paralysis 😃👍✨
BP12nd 2 days ago
Play me in SMASH ILL WIN 😎
daryl harris
daryl harris 2 days ago
I'm wondering is this a reference to an anime it's about the exact same thing you're doing
To everyone you are beautiful just the way you look! You do not need any abs or to be skinny to be beautiful! You do not need makeup either! You are beautiful just the way you look! Never forget that you are important! You are special! You are valuable! You do have worth and meaning! Jesus loves you! You are important! You are a special Beautiful human being! You do not need any adjustments or makeup! You are beautiful naturally looking! Never forget that! You can change to be loving person!
C. R. Eppright-Givens
So funny but very true! 🤣 🤣 🤣 😂 😂 😂
Misorashi 2 days ago
Cells at work lmfao
Soviet Union Mapping
*You see the problem?* *_Nope, he dead_*
smirty meme
smirty meme 2 days ago
this reminds me of cells at wotk
F.O.R. Sebbs
F.O.R. Sebbs 2 days ago
Did anyone else see that smash bros appeared in the background on a tv?
Political420 2 days ago
I kinda feel like it’s more of a stroke, than a heart attack
S T X N K 2 days ago
Pretty sure that's a stroke not a heart attack
Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader 2 days ago
The small blah when the brain cell died! 😂
sandmanjr1213 3 days ago
And then they all died
butterkidgaming 3 days ago
This is basically a non anime version of cells at work and I Love it.
Ian Gordon
Ian Gordon 3 days ago
This reminds me of osmosis jones. Just super casual. It's great love it.
jurrell hudson
jurrell hudson 3 days ago
Bruh i swear this is managers are, there's literally a reason for why something can't happen and they just keep asking stupid ass questions. Like bruh!!!😂😂
Soft boy Academy
Soft boy Academy 3 days ago
This reminds me of a anime
Noob! 3 days ago
_nope hes dead_
Nicholas Diehl
Nicholas Diehl 3 days ago
Best series ever i want more these are the best explanations for some of our most real situations but in a simple manner that anyone can understand without going to ask a medical question to a doctor for over 1000 dollars a question if you understand American Healthcare in general
Breanna Jordan
Breanna Jordan 3 days ago
This is a stroke. When you have a heart attack oxygen doesn't make it to a part of the heart muscle. When you have a stroke you either get a clot preventing the blood bringing oxygen to a part of the brain, or a blood vessel breaks and you bleed into your brain.
1lxKxydēñ_ 3 days ago
Why does my heart hurt again while watching this
Aiden 3 days ago
Close. Your manager said to the brainn blockage to the brain is a stroke. And a blockage yo the heart is a heart attack. Not that big a deal tho. Love the vid Subscribed
Glitched 4 days ago
You can just throw the box over ;-;
KaiJ 4 days ago
This guy is really make my iq to be higher
Golden Holden
Golden Holden 4 days ago
Looks like Will Smith Joined them
Jaco3 4 days ago
I think he means what happens when u have a stroke
Rexus ST
Rexus ST 4 days ago
"oh, it's Frank."
Turtle Palmer
Turtle Palmer 4 days ago
Yes a *heart* Attack will be because of lack of oxygen to the *brain*
Pantalon 4 days ago
I'm pretty sure this is a stroke not a heart attack.
David 5 days ago
This is a stroke lmao
Dabi Todoroki
Dabi Todoroki 5 days ago
Nope he’s dead lmao
Mr Piggy
Mr Piggy 5 days ago
Am I dumb or is that a stroke
Agent J
Agent J 5 days ago
These videos probably teaches better than the online classes lol
que 5 days ago
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 5 days ago
That’s not a heart attack it’s a stroke sum I learn in EMR
Food Death
Food Death 5 days ago
BeetsbyDwight 5 days ago
Alright I need some more explaining chief, wtf is the mattress supposed to be irl
Lir J
Lir J 6 days ago
I saw this while watching death note lol
QuëënKåii Lå Bâë
Is he a medical student???
Jay Sorto
Jay Sorto 6 days ago
It's wierd he looking for 702 and its 7:02 am right now
Bread Bread
Bread Bread 6 days ago
Sread the word about god
Crimson Rimson
Crimson Rimson 6 days ago
How about "what really happens when you become a corpse"
Brian Mills
Brian Mills 7 days ago
You are really great, bro, I love your comedy! Thanks for sharing, for FREE, what it obviously takes some time to do for us, I think I speak for everyone when I say you ROCK! And thanks 😎👍😷😁
omg I get to watch cells at work on RUvid now 🤩
E J 7 days ago
Can u do one of how cramps happen
El Tercero
El Tercero 7 days ago
Ummm nice video, but I thought it was a stroke when oxygen doesnt get to the brain.
Mohammed Moaaz Saleh
wouldn't this be a stroke lol
Innocent Guy
Innocent Guy 7 days ago
So he ate a mattress?
Zeno 786
Zeno 786 7 days ago
Can we appreciate he’s playing smash brothers
M i l k y
M i l k y 7 days ago
His videos just give me so many “Cells at work!” Vibes
I accidentally disliked but no worries I changed it Anyway Is this dude in school he learns something his brain cell starts twisting it up in a better more accurate explanation??
FN0118 7 days ago
How do you find so many people that look alike
Christopher Sparks
I'm only passing my health class with the little bit of knowledge I get from your videos and cells at work
Dhruv Chandaria
Dhruv Chandaria 7 days ago
This is actually a stroke if the oxygen can't get to the brain lol
Elijah Scott
Elijah Scott 7 days ago
Why does it look like he’s got foundation on his face
Jamie Tallstone
Jamie Tallstone 8 days ago
i think you mean a stroke but love it lol
Roux 8 days ago
I learnt how heart attacks happen
• MizuIsCringe •
This guy makes my life look wonderful. I mean you have a heart attack, BOOM! A comedic skit.
Super Maliek
Super Maliek 8 days ago
momololtote's shit
Wow its not 100% mega cringe
Adylaa R
Adylaa R 8 days ago
Me a biology student seeing more blood cells coming in, oh no not embolism :(
Gravox Xavox
Gravox Xavox 8 days ago
Only the whole thing happens a lot faster and can happen to extremely healthy people. Having your heart checked is the only way to know that you’re not at risk. Yes that includes you, men. I don’t want none of you telling your wives you’ll do it later. My father died from saying that shit for too damn long. Get your hearts checked men.
Freddie gamer XL
Freddie gamer XL 8 days ago
If your a blood like this video
slxiky 9 days ago
I did not mean to dislike
Asap Mimic
Asap Mimic 9 days ago
I really don’t wanna be that guy cause these clips are funny but it’s kinda triggering me cause I’m a monke but lack of oxygen to the brain is a stroke. Lack of blood to the heart is a heart attack. Both can be caused by blocked blood though so you got that right.
The White Faced Slamo
Love this man keep up the good work
Jota Pedro
Jota Pedro 9 days ago
Hataraku Saibou tell you this and more
ag ch4ch4rr
ag ch4ch4rr 9 days ago
First day of school be like
Stefan James
Stefan James 9 days ago
We need to create and get on technology just like on the movie AVATAR when old military dude got his leg 🦵 all the way back and healed from not having to live like an avatar but still a ale to go into it
Ethan Bacote
Ethan Bacote 9 days ago
My guy better make it to the movies with this content i swear
Trolmaster -
Trolmaster - 9 days ago
cells at work black heart attack episode in a nutshell
Delinquent Is Here
Cells at work in nutshell
Why does the boxes remind me of cells at work
Human Haker9
Human Haker9 10 days ago
Hello skedadudlers
Hafiz Shah
Hafiz Shah 10 days ago
Dude,it's not the brain that is dying of oxygen,it's myocardium itself....in a heart attack.
Dannyboy 10 days ago
Wait a minute, shouldn't blood not getting oxygen to the brain cause a stroke? Like, I know it's similar to a heart attack where a lack of oxygen kills of muscle cells to a point where the organ can't operate. But this is a stroke
EREN YEAGER 10 days ago
Полностью моя