What people think programming is vs. how it actually is

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Max P
Max P 16 hours ago
Super Videos
Super Videos 16 hours ago
I’m studying library art and I can confirm
Abdel Khayyam
Abdel Khayyam 16 hours ago
Was he about to scroll past Stack Overflow?
Cheezy Dayジ
Coding is like learning words in russian but you don't understand what the words mean.
wwemusicfanC Day ago
"All we need are quick zoom ins and some boomin' techno music"
Adam Tarasiewicz
best video on the internet ever
Tortoise010 Day ago
That' because you aren't using linux like the first half of the video is.
What am I doing here? RUvid already recommend me this video
xHeptc Day ago
Only people who dont know c++ have this shit
Amey Raj
Amey Raj 2 days ago
As an Indian this comment section is the funniest and racist at the same time. I love it!!!
sunsmiles 2 days ago
Why did this make me cry.
Evokxi 2 days ago
Don't tell 'em. Let us be cool for once! :-(
Jude Davis
Jude Davis 3 days ago
It’s funny because it’s true. But programmers are extremely clever people (most of the time)
Bertland Hope
Bertland Hope 3 days ago
Computer programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program to accomplish a specific computing result. Programming involves tasks such as: analysis, generating algorithms, profiling algorithms' accuracy and resource consumption, and the implementation of algorithms in a chosen programming language.
Sammy 4 days ago
Here's a good one.... Program an entire week without internet access. I'm not talking about the ui stuff, I'm talking about functionality.
programming novices
Googling the right question is skill for programmers
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 4 days ago
Me: My dream is to be a programmer What I Become: Indian *TRIGGERED*
Beth Johnathan
Beth Johnathan 20 hours ago
LOL Indians are actually very talented , I admire them
Cedric Caquilala
Cedric Caquilala 4 days ago
You forgot the part where you realize you just forgot to add a semicolon.
Klaudia 4 days ago
me: *turn on computer* my mom: wow, how you doing this. That's so difficult. You're amazing
Slinger 4 days ago
The only "programming" experience ive ever had was to make a .bat file for my minecraft server
Aggressive Blaze
Aggressive Blaze 4 days ago
This is one of the best comments section in RUvid history. Don't worry, keep scrolling. You won't be disappointed
ALL IS WELL 5 days ago
Initially I thought there are many competitors for coding but now seems that there are even more companions for coding I think you understood me right
Rave.n Jyro Felix
I feel attacked.
DJ Alfa
DJ Alfa 5 days ago
does elite peogrammers make mistake and rethink where his programme went wron
NerdWithFriends 5 days ago
Step 1: Come up with a great idea Step 2: Start writing the code Step 3: Get an error within the first 20 minutes Step 4: StackOverflow time Step 5: Indian Guy time Step 6: Realize your problem Step 7: Fix Step 8: Get a new unknown error from your solution Repeat steps 4 and 5 until giving up on the project with a fatal error
ESphere 5 days ago
Brain. exe has stopped working
中原マリ 5 days ago
As if programmers nowadays know how to write code. It's mostly just grafting frameworks together.
Miyubi The Sloth
Miyubi The Sloth 6 days ago
and most students will stick with "stackoverflow"
Entrepreneurial TV
Agreed !!!
Ahmad Zubir
Ahmad Zubir 6 days ago
I love how he went from quickfeet to program tutorial
MλresDλniel TV
MλresDλniel TV 6 days ago
Hackers in movies:"smashing the keyboard for 5seconds" *I'M IN*
Mahaan 6 days ago
Programming vs DJ
feath goose
feath goose 6 days ago
Spectation vs Reality😂
ȥαιԃ 6 days ago
*Stack-Over-Flow Has Entered The Chat*
Tom 6 days ago
KatouMiwa 6 days ago
I thought the video was gonna be the intro x2 ha I thot .
Yuri 7 days ago
I wanted him to say "I'm in" so badly
Gorfyx 7 days ago
100% real
M_Cookie 7 days ago
Ramash440 7 days ago
You don't know the true essence of programming until you have done any of the following: 1)Unironically looked for answers on Stackoverflow 2)Looked up tutorialspoint to see how a function or method works 3)The above, but you're doing it for the 5th time in a row because you forgot 4)Spent more time trying to commit from the terminal than you would have taken just doing it manually on the git website 5)Entered a language war 6)Insisted on not using an IDE for 3 god damn years only to find out that that's stupid
Dr_Doctor 7 days ago
Hypothetically if all Google servers break down who will be debugging it?
Alten_47 8 days ago
hey this guy used your video without your permission: ruvid.net/video/video-UxP1EFuKsBs.html (in 7:59 )
Gamer Ruffout
Gamer Ruffout 8 days ago
YandereDev is using this video as an excuse.
张媚 8 days ago
Mikael Morrell-Stinson
Idk man, the first scenario seems more accurate when you use unit testing :P
Lobster with Mustard and Rice
This is the most accurate video I've ever seen
Akami Channel
Akami Channel 9 days ago
People on stack overflow: "Why don't you just fcking Google it!? Goddamn, do your research first." Me: I did. This page was the first result.
I'm A Weeb
I'm A Weeb 9 days ago
That is what you call A Hacker Not Programmer, Bullshit.
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 9 days ago
when you only forgot to end a tag and it shows no result and you spend the whole night searching for the problem.
Sensible Teaching and Learning
My roommate works in IT and loves to shout BACKTRACK and ZOOM AND ENHANCE IT!
J.P. Nery N.
J.P. Nery N. 9 days ago
"I'm in"
Beth Johnathan
Beth Johnathan 10 days ago
India please be safe from the Coronavirus , programmers need u
necaton 10 days ago
I love the comment section. More entertaining than the video itself.
necaton 10 days ago
Plot twist: the first half of the video is about how programming actually is.
Janith Perera
Janith Perera 10 days ago
spliket 11 days ago
all i need is the indian guy off of RUvid to tell me everything and I’m all set.
Khoa Doan
Khoa Doan 11 days ago
Brings me back to when I took computer science, it was not for a biology major...
positivity Zone
positivity Zone 11 days ago
Haha....damn true 🌚
Alish Awasthi
Alish Awasthi 11 days ago
Print(“ *HELLO WORLD* ”)
Hyunji현지 12 days ago
When you had just done your coding ; work well : WHY??????? doesn't work : Why Not... (much usual)
Not Splash
Not Splash 12 days ago
So true xd lot of em watch movies too much
Alessio Cirella
Alessio Cirella 12 days ago
Programming: searching for an error for 2 hours. The error: *_;_*
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez 12 days ago
Hackers in movies be like: **Smash keyboard for 5 seconds** -Im in
rishi 12 days ago
99% of my time i spend on stack overflow trying to fix a problem
Gabriel Freitas
Gabriel Freitas 13 days ago
That's not even funny, that's a 100%++ precise
Mates1CZ 14 days ago
For me, I am 99 % of time waiting for "Not Responding Task". I just paste some code, bum - waiting. Click to reference somewhere - bum - waiting. So I am spending all the time in killing processess, restarting IDE and computer. Than I can finally wrote what I want - before IDE crash and Windows shows me blue death.
Santiago Guevara-Sandoval
How to become a programmer Step 1: be indian
Pranav Chaturvedi
Aren't they a bit dumb?
Groxil 15 days ago
There is always someone that knows more about the subject than you
Nick Villigan
Nick Villigan 16 days ago
Legit the most accurate I’ve seen it.
Darth Fruiter
Darth Fruiter 16 days ago
this comment section is so relatable
Maciej Wnuk
Maciej Wnuk 16 days ago
It depends if you speak fluent language
CA Animated Fandom
CA Animated Fandom 18 days ago
Lmao 😂😂
Djlaw56 18 days ago
2nd half sums up every programming class....
walop 19 days ago
Wow! you showed some real skills up until the half of the video, but then you just switched to a regular human doing boring stuff.
Moonlight Flash
Moonlight Flash 19 days ago
My dad does this stuff for his job with cyber security and he got a kick out of the video
笑dumja 21 day ago
me who knows what coding is like since i have done it
Marchi Yac
Marchi Yac 21 day ago
Лева Сандлер
Programmer: Googles something Google with the voice of Athena (from Overwatch): *nOw aRrIVinG To iNDiA*
Gekyume Onfroy
Gekyume Onfroy 22 days ago
Nice video *Guava juice*
Rey Li
Rey Li 23 days ago
this is exactly what I thought before and now I end up with doing Google search.
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