What Parents See vs Reality

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Do you think that your parents are a little crazy, and perceives everything some differently than you? Don’t worry too much, it's true! Watch our new video and you’ll understand a lot about your parents. And have a good laugh, of course!
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Tobu - Damn Son
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Jan 20, 2020




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Comments 80
Allenscheazar Buenaobra
8:00 so trueeee
Raheeq Suhaib 9 AM G2
Claire M
Claire M 19 hours ago
Parents:your still a baby My parents:clean up after your self clean now his minute.
Sidra Kidwai
Sidra Kidwai 20 hours ago
My parents say that I'm still small but I am like I'm 12 I'm going to be a teenager soon. My parents are like no u are still our little baby.
Rossanna Mendez
The dad one is not true because my brother feels weak because he's sick and my brother has to do everything like a dust work WHEN HE'S FREAKING SICK!!!
Lisa Cost
Lisa Cost 2 days ago
This is sooooo true
Eddie Kaspbrak
Eddie Kaspbrak 2 days ago
This is my favorite vid from them
lps diamond TV
lps diamond TV 4 days ago
My parents see me a kid because l am a kid (like if you are a kid too)
Fiona Thoreau
Fiona Thoreau 4 days ago
My mom won't let me turn 10??
Unova Unicorns
Unova Unicorns 5 days ago
why do you still live with ur parents tho? ur like 28 or something bruv!
Marleny Machado
Marleny Machado 5 days ago
Ansruta Chatterjee
6:12 the cat: *stoopid hoomans* *I'm not amused.*
Isabel Urbano
Isabel Urbano 5 days ago
i stil dont get why dads see way differnt than us
Francisca Loreto
Francisca Loreto 6 days ago
I have a sitru that is men😡
Rylo's World
Rylo's World 6 days ago
I can relate bc I did not realize that my mom had called 13 times in a row and then I got grounded bc she thought I got stolen
Shemi Sheriff
Shemi Sheriff 6 days ago
Amalia Bagdasaryan
Ya you are rite my mom tinks that i am a caild but i am a tinagr🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Ashley Tolson
Ashley Tolson 6 days ago
My parents don't see me as a little girl
Bevyn Lomenick
Bevyn Lomenick 6 days ago
Zaini Rubabi
Zaini Rubabi 7 days ago
Dad : Dear
Meadow Wright
Meadow Wright 7 days ago
Are you trying to be mean or are you trying to be meanBecause that’s not nice maybe you should go to baby Manor school
Kim Aabenhuus
Kim Aabenhuus 8 days ago
At 15:41
Kim Aabenhuus
Kim Aabenhuus 8 days ago
Aaahhh my eyes 👁👄👁
kiki adekunle
kiki adekunle 8 days ago
my dad treats me like a new born baby
Erika Ramirez
Erika Ramirez 8 days ago
5:25 lol I would say you have the Coronavirus
Shelby Vass
Shelby Vass 8 days ago
Yeah My parents Still see Me as A baby And I Am 7 years old
Elisha Games
Elisha Games 9 days ago
AYYY YOU COPIED SOMEONE!?!?!?! side comment: "take atleast 100 pics"
Anna ! ꧂
Anna ! ꧂ 10 days ago
My mom and dad: ur a grown up!! Come on just be useful for once!! Clean the house! Me: I'm only 10.... Dad: mhmmm Edit: I'm 10 and this did happen and go see my face reveal :3
Daisy's Crazy World
Durva Gadhvi
Durva Gadhvi 11 days ago
I love my parents 👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧💜💜💜💜💜💜
Maya Strijewski
Maya Strijewski 12 days ago
Maya Strijewski
Maya Strijewski 12 days ago
Raksha Shetty
Raksha Shetty 12 days ago
Ketchup story is funny😀😀
jihan osama
jihan osama 12 days ago
Yes because I am still a kid
its trixie plays
its trixie plays 12 days ago
I love my dad he gives me anything at least i had good grades in school
Katy Mowat
Katy Mowat 12 days ago
Future Homes
Future Homes 13 days ago
Wynona Honeylove
Wynona Honeylove 13 days ago
The dad: start to panic because his child is a bit sick The cat: what are these hoomans doing?
Mary Cristine
Mary Cristine 13 days ago
There parents: *thinks there still babies* My parents: *why aren't you cleaning up after yourself, your all grown up now and you still don't have manners* Me: *im only 11 ,* My parents: *blah, blah……* Me: *😪😑🤦🏻‍♀️*
Su O'Brien
Su O'Brien 21 hour ago
Same thing. I am only 8
Maggie Chen
Maggie Chen 5 days ago
@Rylo's World Not trying to be rude but, If ur ten then u would know how to spell "enjoy".
Rylo's World
Rylo's World 6 days ago
Same here girl I am 10 and I clean the house and I neeeeeeed to injoy my child hood
crystal flores
crystal flores 13 days ago
Shashou Gustav
Shashou Gustav 13 days ago
I love you so much troom troom selct
Shashou Gustav
Shashou Gustav 13 days ago
Shashou Gustav
Shashou Gustav 13 days ago
Yaran Mohammed
Yaran Mohammed 13 days ago
Victoria Schilling8
My mom is the best friend ever ❤️❤️❤️
Sabyan Gambus
Sabyan Gambus 14 days ago
me too my mum and dad feed me like a baby
Ehsanul Haq Rahul
Ehsanul Haq Rahul 14 days ago
My dad is a good dad 😊😊💙💙💙❤️💙😉💙💙❤️😉.my mom is a good mom.
Adeifeteniola Banjo
lol this is so funny
mahesuresh8 15 days ago
Troom troom make more videos
farah saleh
farah saleh 15 days ago
Who’s a kid watching this
Beauty Johnson
Beauty Johnson 15 days ago
What if your channel was your stupid ugly fat head
Mark RAMIZ 16 days ago
Tuvshinjargal Purvee
Deirich Saje Santos
Boma Altraide
Boma Altraide 16 days ago
Life hacks 101
Life hacks 101 17 days ago
you forgot the sauce on the pizza HOW COULD YOU FORGET THE SAUCE
Nuhan Soha
Nuhan Soha 18 days ago
That's why you should lobe your parents
Teniola Otusanya
Teniola Otusanya 18 days ago
They also think I'm 2 years and I'm a pre-teen
Anahita Ashena
Anahita Ashena 18 days ago
This video was my life😂
So Mar
So Mar 18 days ago
I hate the dad
Isis Dominguez
Isis Dominguez 18 days ago
To my parents i m sill a baby 👶
Ria Completo
Ria Completo 19 days ago
They just keep getting pictures of you (my mom).They both see me as a three years old!! They won't even let me cook so the only choice is starve-_-
Meihua Lin
Meihua Lin 19 days ago
no, no, no, is this what is this what is this please this place is please please please
Meihua Lin
Meihua Lin 19 days ago
My phone freeze too, why do this every time happens, all of the parents when the kids has a boyfriend or girlfriend, why, why, why is it so weird that the parents hate when kids do this I'm so used so much makeup in reality, she just look like a normal girl, and then she not even part of the magazine, you are sooo stupid, so stupid and sodon't even know anything I hate that
Caleb Czartowski
Caleb Czartowski 19 days ago
Why did u drag the girls by the ears!!!
Evangeline Hagler
Evangeline Hagler 20 days ago
me: bruh mom: get rid of him me: ug mom: get rid of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me:NO!!! mom:YES!!
Maya Strijewski
Maya Strijewski 20 days ago
LeahGamer 113
LeahGamer 113 20 days ago
Troom troom = GOOD Five minute crafts = BAD
nabiha tashrin
nabiha tashrin 21 day ago
nabiha tashrin
nabiha tashrin 21 day ago
Alma Solek
Alma Solek 21 day ago
Kerrin Simmons
Kerrin Simmons 21 day ago
Every thing
ALIYAH ALLY 21 day ago
Subrata Bhattacharya
6.53 hilarious 🤣🤣
temp20111 22 days ago
All of them
Unicorn Playroom
Unicorn Playroom 22 days ago
That idiot wants his daughters to take off their gorgeous clothes and make up?! Dark me: if someone does that to my friends I will trap them in the far room that smells really really weird 😡
Zahoual Saiid
Zahoual Saiid 22 days ago
De eeeeeeeeeee eeéeeeeeeeeeeeeeéeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr4rrr4r4ppppppfrpooooo je suis à papa joojgik je hhh qeuio je vous souhaite obtenir des informations confidentielles protégées par une autre fois peut tu tt
Elizabeth Gharavi
Elizabeth Gharavi 22 days ago
Karhoong Lau
Karhoong Lau 23 days ago
i love the parent
Kamyla Rueda
Kamyla Rueda 23 days ago
Ok so if u do something wrong it looks like its good in there eyes but if it's good it looks bad
Alyssa Mejia
Alyssa Mejia 23 days ago
I only have brothers no sisters at all its boring all the time so i just play roblos Lol
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