What Minecraft Dungeons SHOULD Look like!

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What Minecraft Dungeons SHOULD Look like! dungeons in minecraft have stayed the same for over TEN years. Villages were updated in 1.14, so when is it time for the humble minecraft dungeon? Time to transform...


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Jul 21, 2019




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Amanda Rapson
Amanda Rapson 9 hours ago
In minecraft i made a Scel
Gerby Baby
Gerby Baby Day ago
How did you do the redstone
ROK2006 Day ago
Bruh, grian be designing dungeons like ancient nord ruins from skyrim.
Aweirdyoutubeacwnyouridkbutlookstthidnamelol U!
Redstone grian activated
Chr1stown 2 days ago
Zibron 3 days ago
For the spider dungeons splash potions of poison instead of arrows
AutumnSprinkle 3 days ago
12:31 Cave ambience
Haru the Ramen lover
Grian: *Shows what minecraft dungeons should look like in MINECRAFT* RUvid: *Minecraft DUNGEONS*
Becca Makin
Becca Makin 6 days ago
Grian: "*-about Spider Dungeon-* This is my favourite design" Me: *-an arachnophobe-* "I... Am not okay with this."
CamiDrago 9 days ago
This is a awesome idea im with you in this dungeon
Luka Cronqvist
Luka Cronqvist 9 days ago
Mojang: I'm sure we can implement this by 2060, no promises though.
Super Playz
Super Playz 9 days ago
0:53 Rip diamond btw
Savannah Hutton
Savannah Hutton 9 days ago
Whoah whoah whoah first time watching this video fossils??
Doom Guy
Doom Guy 10 days ago
I was never a big fan of their structures, they are sometimes very weirdly generated and look like crap. Only good thing is the loot.
Sad Boi
Sad Boi 11 days ago
hol up... there are fossils in Minecraft 0:09
Cori Handsaker
Cori Handsaker 12 days ago
Alexander Gardiner
Alexander Gardiner 13 days ago
lego4life 14 days ago
the ice one could spawn in iceberg biomes
Rendierenschijt 15 days ago
I don’t think the update of the dungeon is handy for redstone farms. With a box, you can easily make a farm with water streams for example.
Shinji391 15 days ago
Those cobwebs sure did a great job of keeping you out of those chests... -_-
Muffin 16 days ago
So it's pretty much a jungle temple
zack pataffaire
zack pataffaire 17 days ago
like its cool but tof to create and a little bit cheated with all the redstone and thign like diss
Silvie 456
Silvie 456 17 days ago
i think the minecraft people could really watch some videos and make minecraft an even better game
Vancci Wong
Vancci Wong 18 days ago
Dude you should encase the treasure with bedrock
1GN4X 206
1GN4X 206 19 days ago
Can you make nether and end dungeons?
EVL2016 GamingDK
EVL2016 GamingDK 19 days ago
Category gaming Game: minecraft dungeons 2020 Release date 21. july 2019
FRK_AsanGTV 19 days ago
They should replace the old ones with these!
No u man
No u man 19 days ago
I would love this in Minecraft
LMT Gaming
LMT Gaming 19 days ago
Who else thought he was talking about the game😂😂
The dungeons can sometimes also be a way to tell what biome you’re in
Ra_The_RECKER 19 days ago
what if the dungeons were encased in bedrock? So you could not cheat and go around.
Sokandueler95 19 days ago
I’m totally tweeting this video to Mojang
Horselover278 19 days ago
If you redesign it it will be harder to make an XP farm
Hugo Young
Hugo Young 19 days ago
i liked the stray dungeon
Toby Zilla
Toby Zilla 20 days ago
Dungens They are one of Minecraft’s oldest natural structure Thay do have a purpose to make Xp farm’s and to loot
MultiJamesman 20 days ago
good content, thanks.
Radiant Shark
Radiant Shark 21 day ago
Will grian ever stop roasting mojang’s building?
Gabe F
Gabe F 21 day ago
Graveyard near villages. Spawners bellow graves but no room to spawn in mobs. mod in ghost spawner that can spawn in blocks if the spawner above it is inactive. Ghosts have noclip and cause the spectral outline effect. Let ghosts be a zombie varient.
Tariq Rahim
Tariq Rahim 22 days ago
I know i'm a bit late but these are honestly some really cool ideas that still have a very minecrafty feel about them. Plz Mojang
phil wilson
phil wilson 23 days ago
Love the design for the spider dungeon and the drowned
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