What Minecraft Dungeons SHOULD Look like!

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What Minecraft Dungeons SHOULD Look like! dungeons in minecraft have stayed the same for over TEN years. Villages were updated in 1.14, so when is it time for the humble minecraft dungeon? Time to transform...


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Jul 21, 2019

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False_CopyrightClaims 1058
I would suggest making it so the dungeon is surrounded with bedrock from every side beside the entrance so it can’t be cheated
the skeleton spawner can be just blocked
KanJI 2 hours ago
But even tho what will happen if you digged down and then just dig behind the chest you can just take them and go away
UntrHunter 4 hours ago
They should add Mimics in minecraft
Gage Sanderson
Gage Sanderson 5 hours ago
I think that all of these are good ideas (even though a lot of it needs tweaking).
peapot1187 6 hours ago
Very Strange Me.
Very Strange Me. 6 hours ago
I like the spider one
Saturn Army
Saturn Army 7 hours ago
approved by me
ghost 141
ghost 141 7 hours ago
The spider dungeon reminds me of skyrim when you find the frostbite spiders
Block The Gamer
Block The Gamer 7 hours ago
can you make it a mod please i would download it
Block The Gamer
Block The Gamer 7 hours ago
make a creeper one
Flame Jey
Flame Jey 7 hours ago
Mumbo Would be proud with that piston door
Sebastian Ferguson
Sebastian Ferguson 9 hours ago
Mojang should hire you grian
Samee Sher
Samee Sher 9 hours ago
Am I the only one who didn’t know fossils were in the game
Shepic Does Stuff
Shepic Does Stuff 10 hours ago
I like the ice dungeon. But even though there’s a flaw with that one, I think they could all be good additions.
Powchow 11 hours ago
A witch dungeon with potions instead of arrows would be cool
Dyllan Bills
Dyllan Bills 14 hours ago
Grian moning those diamonds near lava gave me anxiety. 0:46
Just Laura
Just Laura 14 hours ago
im shocked at how im unironicly watching your videos
Just Laura
Just Laura 14 hours ago
when you really want mojang to take your idea so you even show the redstone behind it
Apersonyoudontneed toknow
Microsoft is in the future if you look at the bottom of the description it says mincraft dungeons is in 2020
SoyEver 18 hours ago
Sir have you ever heard about modded?
Olli Ojala
Olli Ojala 18 hours ago
WolfieGalaxy26 20 hours ago
I have an idea. How about a more greater version of mob dungeons? There would be different hostile mobs surrounding something in the middle, which would be the loot, but also in the middle, are all of the mob types mob spawners, like skeletons, spiders, etc. It would also have to be more rare.
Seb’s show
Seb’s show 23 hours ago
RIP single diamond when he was mining also the way he made the dungeons are so cool and look so fun
Noah Finney
Noah Finney Day ago
The spider one is so cool
Treble Clef Guy
9:15 Actually People love dungeons for the spawners because they allow for xp farms. Im sure this shouldn't be an issue
Gemarald Cursed
Sponges in 15:07 would be Godlike with the amount of effectiveness they would bring. It would make everything so easy that the drowned would be just a joke.
SolidFox76 Friedsberg
You should make a ice cave and something in the ice like a big monster or something
Khaled X
Khaled X Day ago
Notch if you are watching this don't listen to him
Ozone Day ago
Another cool thing, nether fortresses and nether caves could use an update!
Mystic B3akui
I actually had a seed where 2 dungeons spawned into each other and I got a glitched double chest where I can walk through one half of a chest and it's pretty crazy...
Bobby Bologna
I like your design but part of me just wants them to be like Nether fortresses just underground, like we have some cool stuff now but I really would like something to dungeon crawl through like it's The Elder Scrolls or Diablo Lite lol
hidde roos
hidde roos Day ago
What if minecraft just Made it that you cant destroy the blocks in the dungeon, or around it. They did it with the temples in the sea aswell...
While these are all awesome, there's no way to stop a player from just mining around the entire dungeon to get to the loot Edit: oops nevermind he mentioned it
DJNicolaas 7942
It would be amazing if added in the game. I like dungeons but they seem to boring now because they have always been the same
Dallas Robertson
Rip diamond
Frick off with your desperate sub channels
I would put enchanted arrows in the dispensers, gives the player a bit more of a reason to actually go through the dungeon
Radiation Rats
*yawn* Hytale will have good, different dungeons
World Of Ignatius
Whats the video at 0:18
Loupo26 Day ago
5:26 Hello there!
Mléko ve slevě
0:51 rip
Elsa Frost
Elsa Frost Day ago
I love your dungeon designs! I wish it was a mod lmao
The Quality Comedian
Leaked footage of the cave update
Raza Hassan
Raza Hassan Day ago
Grain Graccefa 11:26
Raza Hassan
Raza Hassan Day ago
I scroll to read desc. Minecraft dungeons? Thats not what he ment youtube!!!!
Random stuff Yt
And the husk gives you effects
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Day ago
lol it says minecraft dungeons on game next to gaming
Kondanai Sanguanshua
I think one of the main reasons that the dungeon is a cube is bcuz it has entrances on all sides. If you could make another one with more entrances that would be better
Peterson Chavez
Peterson Chavez 2 days ago
Me: everybody in the chat is saying make dungeons 1.15 Also Me: 1.15 IS GOING TO BE THE DESERT UPDATE SO SHUT UP ALREADY Also Me: They could make it 1.16?
SilverFoxSpectre 2 days ago
Hey so I loved this idea and decided to make it a reality via datapack... It took about a week to make but I enjoyed making it, it's lightweight and multiplayer compatible as well. Note that it doesn't replace vanilla dungeons, just adds these along side them. So yeah if anyone wants to check it out the video is here, which links the file download as well: ruvid.net/video/video-_zP3i_5iC68.html
singjago .G
singjago .G 2 days ago
The spider one
Chosen 2 days ago
Oh my God RUvid thinks you mean the Minecraft dungeons game thats upcoming
Prarie YT
Prarie YT 2 days ago
They could make special dungeon chests which make it so u can only open them if u trigger 2 sets of pressure plates. 1 on the entrance the other at the entrance to the second room
Chicken - RBLX
Chicken - RBLX 2 days ago
Um, why was there a Chicken in the Zombie Spawner?
SgtKOnyx 2 days ago
Grian.... I've done many a thing you have here, but I always mine the whole vein.
Ryan McCarty
Ryan McCarty 2 days ago
I like these as replacements for current dungeons but I think it would also be cool to add larger dungeons. Like the size of the ender stronghold but with spawners
Mystic Squid
Mystic Squid 2 days ago
Wow I got two you tube premium ads in a row edit: make that three
Jeffrey Basangal
Jeffrey Basangal 2 days ago
Its lever no leevers
Space-Man Gympy
Space-Man Gympy 2 days ago
Mojang should absolutely do this.
TaReOs 2 days ago
Mojang's designer team: Grian
Michael Reid Peters
DarkMoon 3 days ago
mojang should make this an update for 1.15 lol
Efrain Zarate
Efrain Zarate 3 days ago
I wish Minecraft can add this into the game
More RollTGW
More RollTGW 3 days ago
Water dungeon? More like, Zelda Water Temple. ha ha ha..? fish man: This guy STINKS!
NateCove 3 days ago
Great job Charles Oh yeah I just called you by your real name! I'm a BIG fan I just want to say great job really enjoyed this vid
Puffy Howler
Puffy Howler 3 days ago
I love this idea!
ZERO FILMS 3 days ago
0:48 0:55 oof
subject05 3 days ago
Somebody make a datapackand post it to reddit!
SnakesRobbs746 3 days ago
tell crayfish to make this a mod
Ultragamer 7843
Ultragamer 7843 3 days ago
Grian: does redstone Mumbo Jumbo left the chat in anger
CousinFun Unlimited
Why isn't anybody talking about the chicken in the zombie dungeon
HYPERGDD ͔ 3 days ago
grian: wants to make minecraft more harder me: *calling the police*
HYPERGDD ͔ 3 days ago
mojang: **wants to know your location**
HYPERGDD ͔ 3 days ago
me playing optifine also me realizing it haves "brightness at maxim"
HYPERGDD ͔ 3 days ago
pray for me to get an pc lol
HYPERGDD ͔ 3 days ago
noobs: mining diamonds on lava pro: stopping lava before mining
Jahangir Alam
Jahangir Alam 3 days ago
Why did zombies appear on the ice one
Jahangir Alam
Jahangir Alam 3 days ago
Wandering trader was wandering what's in their then he found the loot and tried to steel it but got traped
Jahangir Alam
Jahangir Alam 3 days ago
Umm...there is a new dungeon update coming soon
RodeoDani 2 days ago
Yeah? What’s it going to change?
Andrea Farská
Andrea Farská 3 days ago
I definetly love the spider one! The surprise effect is what I love within things. :)
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