What it's Like to Have a Pet Alligator

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From bathing, to feeding, to cleaning, in this video I share with you my day-to-day life with a pet alligator! Rex is a rescued American Alligator that had a rough past, but we try to make her as happy as possible now :)
Link to Rex's story video: ruvid.net/video/video-6Hnv_YzJQYU.html
Music by BenSound and the RUvid studio library used under the creative commons license.

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Oct 16, 2018




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Comments 100
Edward Blake
Edward Blake 8 hours ago
Does that soap work for bearded dtagon?
Erick Flores
Erick Flores 17 hours ago
Like por los que vinieron a qui por lo de un poco de todo
Stacy Draws
Stacy Draws 20 hours ago
Ok!Now he’s small but what are you gonna do when he get old?Hes gonna eat u!And his tweets much more bigger how are you gonna clean him??Anyway I love your enthusiasm about animals!And I think that in two years you gonna need a bigger poll than your house!!
Sister Shenanigans
Sister Shenanigans 21 hour ago
Okayyyyyyy 2020 we having alligators for pets.........bettttttttttttttt
Benjamin Schaetzle
You americans really love Thanos (snap)
hunter karr
hunter karr Day ago
I would have bought two pools and just doubled them up but, that’s me
Tea\Cup Day ago
*Woman* "He has his own toothbrush" *me* "Jeeze I hope so..." *Alligator* "I would rather have you as a tooth brush."
Unexisting weeb101
Lowkey wish I got this kind of special treatment.
Julie Brown
Julie Brown 3 days ago
what do you feed rex
Jeff Allcock
Jeff Allcock 3 days ago
You should not 'own' an alligator. They will grow, cost more to feed, and become unmanageable, until the only solution is to dump them somewhere in the wilderness and hope they survive. It's cruel, and no-one who calls him/herself an animal lover will attempt it. Please STOP the trafficking in wild animals---the solution STARTS with you!
Katie Satie
Katie Satie 3 days ago
And boy
Katie Satie
Katie Satie 3 days ago
Katie Satie
Katie Satie 3 days ago
T8mes she says he,him,his,: Too many times
Ardens bmx
Ardens bmx 4 days ago
you shoulds get her a cat liter box to poo in.
Pika hooman
Pika hooman 4 days ago
This is how my baby iguana be like: *ill post him on me channel
Mein zoof
Mein zoof 4 days ago
she is soo cute i love her
Natalie Ruelas
Natalie Ruelas 4 days ago
9:11 did anyone else see the pickle guy plz tell me his name
kiyomomi Hour ago
Pickle Rickkk
Tricia zeiner
Tricia zeiner 4 days ago
This puts a smile on my face
Autumn Grimes
Autumn Grimes 5 days ago
Yeah bc alligators care about tooth hygiene and takes baths in the wild lol what in the world
Sheireen 4 days ago
well, alligators in the wild aren't as severly crippled as this one
Ayo Fayose
Ayo Fayose 5 days ago
Can you Rex snakes next time?
NyxXaos 5 days ago
can you imagine being the next owners of this house? so gross
Anna Abernathy
Anna Abernathy 5 days ago
The alligator likes bAtHs
I love seeing them on my walks they are so majestic --- i see them many times a week and so far i cant get near one they run away so fast and go in the water so i stopped trying to get closer there is like a 10 foot rule with them any closer they jet so fast... but i would not go closer than 8 feet even if i could i just wanted to find the limit lol
April Zackary
April Zackary 6 days ago
Do they live in a dimension where outside doesn’t exist
xxkiwwipotattoxx 2 Yay
Awwwww so cute!
joan baczek
joan baczek 6 days ago
Oh my god how do you know he won’t whip around and bite you in the tub?will he keep growing? Does he ever get to go for a real swim? How old is he? You keep calling her he in parts of the video do I’m confused isn’t Rex a boy name? Can she ever be rehabilitated to be wild again? A pool can’t possibly be a suitable swim fir an alligator
Hartaty Napitu
Hartaty Napitu 6 days ago
you forget your turtle he/she whant fud!!!! speking of turtle i have a turtle to! :)
Lori Berry
Lori Berry 6 days ago
Does she try to poop in that corner a lothaha😂😂
Erika Poll
Erika Poll 7 days ago
Omg I love her!!!!
nivesknight 7 days ago
If you use a pool in a pool you may have less issues.
nivesknight 7 days ago
Until the husband realized it was his. Hahaha
Angel demon Girl
Angel demon Girl 7 days ago
The alagater life is good.1 minuet later. OH NO THE BOX. Like for Rex
Addisyn Tally
Addisyn Tally 8 days ago
Did u touch his poop
John Smitty
John Smitty 8 days ago
Why brush from side to side instead of up and down
Inquisitor Whitemane
I imagine she knows what she's doing, but that room looks neither sanitary for people living in that apartment nor adequate for an animal that size.
alli lina
alli lina 9 days ago
Little do they realise in the future they will learn of the deathrolls
Lydia Derhake
Lydia Derhake 9 days ago
Thank you for sharing! She's lovely. THANK YOU for saying up front that alligators shouldn't be pets! They're way happier in the wild. But thank you for rescuing her from an awful situation!
Master Exploder
Master Exploder 9 days ago
Mama said alligators are so ornery because they have all those teeth and no tooth brush.- The Waterboy
New Routemaster Fan
2:57 that’s like in where’s my water
Brandon Angle
Brandon Angle 9 days ago
What a psycho! That's not normal.
VikP1996 10 days ago
Awww little foof
Sandra Ellens
Sandra Ellens 10 days ago
Maybe you could rename her Rexana that's my moms name. It means princess.
Ida Baker
Ida Baker 10 days ago
Rex is soooooo cute
Jay Taps Away ASMR
Jay Taps Away ASMR 10 days ago
What an incredible woman! Your mamas makin you betters lil one🥺❤️
Typhanie 10 days ago
I don't know why but she reminds me Hange from Aot
Brittany Payne
Brittany Payne 11 days ago
Is rex a he or she Cause you keep saying he
Michelle Ng
Michelle Ng 11 days ago
What a cute doggo🐶
Maybelline Barraza
Maybelline Barraza 11 days ago
,eke sep4
Maybelline Barraza
Maybelline Barraza 11 days ago
its, maybe men
Maybelline Barraza
Maybelline Barraza 11 days ago
Maybelline Barraza
Maybelline Barraza 11 days ago
I wish I was your friend
Maybelline Barraza
Maybelline Barraza 11 days ago
your pretty sweet and awesome 🙂
Kel Coker-Williams
Kel Coker-Williams 12 days ago
Put the pool near the lights
Lautaro Silveira
Lautaro Silveira 13 days ago
5:22 that smile of pure happiness
Sleeping Repurr
Sleeping Repurr 13 days ago
pov : you broke into a house and when you're walking around you not only find dozens of snakes and other reptiles theres also an alligator
CodeKirby 13 days ago
forget the alligator.. *the turtles are the deadly ones*
some POTATO 13 days ago
cutie pie :3 Bambina
It’s very stupid that you call it a him even tho it’s a her actually it’s very stupid to call a female a male.
Troll Hidden Cave
Troll Hidden Cave 14 days ago
She's cute
Leondre Dilbert
Leondre Dilbert 14 days ago
aBigButterStick 14 days ago
I was just beginning to wonder why she was holding a snake when the video was about a Croc😂
Audrey-Ann’s World
But but you said through out the video SHE was a boy
Amelia Piner
Amelia Piner 14 days ago
I live in Minnesota!!
Amber Something
Amber Something 15 days ago
You guys are so awesome!! I'd love to have a pet snake but I'm afraid of being bitten.
Laurel 15 days ago
Emily thinks Rex is a boy Rex: DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER!?!?!?
Vaughn Autry
Vaughn Autry 15 days ago
I love alligators and crocodiles there’s some of my favorite creatures in the world
Vaughn Autry
Vaughn Autry 15 days ago
The lady is very skinny
AlphaMaxx 16 days ago
I want a pet alligator now but don't you need like- a license or something to have a wild animal as a pet?
Leland Burman
Leland Burman 16 days ago
I want to know if you have ever been bitten by rex
NEVAEH Fyffe 16 days ago
albino gator
Juliette B.
Juliette B. 16 days ago
She is a girl so... She need pink...? Is that what you're saying
Tsukii Animated
Tsukii Animated 16 days ago
Lol this is when the thought her teeth was ruining the pool. But her deathroll was just spilling the water everywhere 😆
dannore 16 days ago
What where that mammal you fed her with, I was looking for a tail to identify it but couldn't see one
Jelwolf 16 days ago
That weird noise was her going “yES”
Sasquatch Hadarock
Sasquatch Hadarock 17 days ago
It died of natural causes. "You killed it!" I'm part of nature...
Sasquatch Hadarock
Sasquatch Hadarock 17 days ago
Dang, rich girl over here just randomly holding her gold sneklace
StoneDeceiver 17 days ago
i like aligator c:
Navie Swortwood
Navie Swortwood 17 days ago
If you want to skip thr brutal, click these numbers 18:15
Alice Simple Life USA
I don't but Crodile is not a pet! What you gonna do when that thing grow big?
Juliette B.
Juliette B. 16 days ago
She is at least 27 so she will not grow anymore, and may be she save her
Logan 17 days ago
two things, rexs growing is stunted. second its an alligator
Conner Peterson
Conner Peterson 17 days ago
I want an alligator in 20 years so we die at the same time.
unnecessary kin
unnecessary kin 17 days ago
Do she bite you ?????????
Logan 17 days ago
maybe nips. but a gator that size would break her twig like wrist
Jung Kookie
Jung Kookie 17 days ago
It’s 2am :) what am I doing here 🐊
Juliette B.
Juliette B. 16 days ago
Me too don't worry (actually it's 2:15 and I'm drunk)
Truth Stalker
Truth Stalker 17 days ago
*_This is truly incredible to witness! Rex is so timid! I'm so happy that you've been able to rescue him from all of those years of neglect! It's great that you've tried to warn viewers to NOT attempt to have an Alligator 🐊 for a pet. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that there will be viewers who're tempted to do just that based on how well you're able to deal with Rex. Especially adults with small children. For some incomprehensible reason, people with babies, infants and/or toddlers seem to have this insatiable urge to get animals (such as Pit Bulls) that are the VERY LAST things that should have access to said children._*
JustBriiTv 17 days ago
Let that gator free this is not natural ! She shouldn’t be living in a kiddie pool
Bogusz Wojciechowski
She had deformed teeth and is stunted. She will be dead fast.
Logan 17 days ago
Rex is a rescue. His growth is stunted. he would not survive in the wild
Alyssa W
Alyssa W 18 days ago
She's stingy with that food 😂 like "it's myne" and runs into a corner.
Sabrina H
Sabrina H 18 days ago
Emily:I obviously dont want to get it in his eyes Me:I hope you dont want to
Rebekah Johnson
Rebekah Johnson 18 days ago
What toothbrush do you recommend
Pia Russell
Pia Russell 18 days ago
Omg that is cool
Ariana Gurevich
Ariana Gurevich 18 days ago
Matthew Valles
Matthew Valles 18 days ago
wow im glad Rex is OK i was freaking out when rex was in the vet 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🏣🏣🏣🏣🏣🏣🏣🏣🏣🏣🏣🏣😁👍
King124 18 days ago
2:31 Emily: she even has her own toothbrush for this Me: Well duh
Moon Rose Snake
Moon Rose Snake 19 days ago
Do you only have to clean him cause he is a “pet” or do alligators in the wild do things to bath themselves?
Logan 17 days ago
they probably clean him because he is a social tame. (he is around people all the time, helping them learn about nature)
Miranda Adria
Miranda Adria 19 days ago
Adorable alligator but... I really do not understand the point of buying a gendered pool... for an alligator.
Logan 17 days ago
nvm i realize.
Logan 17 days ago
tf is a gendered pool
sean hurley
sean hurley 19 days ago
Does she know that those animals would eat her without a second thought?
Logan 17 days ago
obviously nutbrain. thats why she gives them respect. and most would not eat humans
April A
April A 19 days ago
Emily:we weren’t expecting or wanting an aligator but we had to get her out of this situation Me: so your saying you don’t want her?!
Blair the cat
Blair the cat 17 days ago
Well, yeah. Alligators belong in the wild but she’s unable to. You shouldn’t WANT an alligator, because in nearly all cases they’ll be neglected and stunted, exactly what happened to Rex.
Josephine 19 days ago
Imagine going to brush your teeth but instead you use your alligators toothbrush
Funtime foxy UwU
Funtime foxy UwU 19 days ago
Awwww so cute😍😍😍
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 19 days ago
U r in MN with a gator hmmmm maybe yours is the 1 they found in the Mississippi. U should never have one as a pet. Hope u r still around when it gets bigger.
Bogusz Wojciechowski
Rex is adult
Logan 17 days ago
it most likely wont get bigger. His growth is stunted
Nicklas Von Cloust
Nicklas Von Cloust 19 days ago
If I tried to clean my caiman like that it would end very badly; they don't like being touched at all. They are extremely aggressive.
Nicklas Von Cloust
Nicklas Von Cloust 19 days ago
I'm surprised Rex doesn't hiss when you were brushing his teeth. Alligators are alot tamer than caimans.
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