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Just in time for #HockeyHalloween, we ask NHLers to reveal their favorite candy
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Oct 31, 2019




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Comments 129
Gabe Mollet
Gabe Mollet 4 days ago
sean couturier looks like the most innocent person in the world.
Gracelyn Clark
Gracelyn Clark 4 days ago
And just like that, now I dislike tuuka Rask.
Matt Miller
Matt Miller 6 days ago
I have a lot of favorites, I like Hershey chocolate, Kit Kat crunch and m&ms
Illuminyte 12 days ago
hendrik does not look 37 he looks like 45
Alexandre Polonês
Alexandre Polonês 13 days ago
Milka e Reese's are the best ones for me.
Waffle Pants
Waffle Pants 21 day ago
Rees-IS or Rees-EES?
George Skittle
George Skittle 22 days ago
Nerds are the best
Lokai Spooky
Lokai Spooky 22 days ago
Ketchup chips
Long Island Avenger
Can we acknowledge that anyone who chooses black licorice or jujubes is a monster 😂😂
Omar Roshan
Omar Roshan 29 days ago
The best part is a chocolate Stanley cup for vasilevskiy...
Chewy Hall
Chewy Hall Month ago
Hockey season
MMarkley22 Month ago
reeses r nasty when there not the tree or the egg
MMarkley22 Month ago
is chocolate not candy
Scott Month ago
*"I'm not a candy guy more of a chocolate guy so I would probably go with a kit kat bar but you could probably consider that candy" - Cale Makar 2019*
Boston Sports Fan 17
I'm literally identical with Jacob Slavin But I'm still a Bruins fan
Leyton N
Leyton N 2 months ago
Shattenkirk: does an apple count as candy
GermanPopTart 64
GermanPopTart 64 2 months ago
Chocolate covered cookie dough Fight me
TBNR Lyfe 2 months ago
Finnish choclate
Anna Si
Anna Si 2 months ago
Thanks NHL now we can give them their favs after the games or before
Anna Si
Anna Si 2 months ago
What are the Canadian specific ones that were said?
Your Local Memoligist
ketchup chips
AlaskaAirlines 17
AlaskaAirlines 17 3 months ago
Samuli Keinänen
Samuli Keinänen 3 months ago
salmiakki saatana
Lillian kline
Lillian kline 3 months ago
Kit Kat all day
James Potanin
James Potanin 3 months ago
i knew they werent going to add phil kessel; no need for a 1hr video.
VonBlade 3 months ago
Why on earth does Hertl have subtitles?
Sigge Markfjäll
Sigge Markfjäll 3 months ago
The swedish Cindy is the best
Matthew Jin
Matthew Jin 3 months ago
The only person I agree with was Dylan larkin
Swift Nift
Swift Nift 3 months ago
Nice green screen
Bunny McFoo
Bunny McFoo 3 months ago
Hertl knows what's up, and going by his Halloween instagram story he's out to share the wealth with full size candy bars and bags of skittles
CrimsonStang 3 months ago
Jaccob Slavin knows whats up. The eggs, pumpkins, and trees are better than the regular cup.
Jonbab 3 months ago
Me: Sorry I dont like candy.
combat rock
combat rock 3 months ago
It's concerning how many of them don't think chocolate is candy. Well I guess they're all in pretty good shape anyway.
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 3 months ago
Tomas hurtle
Ally 3 months ago
i thought “they never put marchessault in these” but there he was!!!
Jumbo Shrimp
Jumbo Shrimp 3 months ago
Finish licorice....LAKUPIPU!
Jordan Broxton
Jordan Broxton 3 months ago
Jonathan Marchessault’s real favorite candy is hatred. Or whining and complaining.
yung choppa floppa
yung choppa floppa 3 months ago
jamie benn: ummm... probably ketchup chips
Anna Rinaldi
Anna Rinaldi 3 months ago
No Connor mcdavid??
Xtravegant 3 months ago
Molly w a little bit of addy. #Hockey4Pussy
Anthony Wabegijik
Anthony Wabegijik 3 months ago
Rolos are unreal yeah
Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill 3 months ago
nobody: Nikolaj Ehlers: 😠
MineKart2009 2 months ago
nikolaj looks scary tho
Stanley Cup 2006
Stanley Cup 2006 3 months ago
Dang Jacob
tabby 3 months ago
hertl with his trademark combine every word into 1 big word
Jordan Broxton
Jordan Broxton 3 months ago
tabby that’s why we love him!
Steven Grady
Steven Grady 3 months ago
i think my favorite it is, idk, but that is cool.
1,000 subs with 0 videos
Licorice was the best thing lunqvist could have said
I like Caromello and rolls 😋
Hannah Gidley
Hannah Gidley 3 months ago
We we going to ignore the fact that Dylan Larkin said Ha-Ri-Bo instead of Hari-Bo?
Gina M
Gina M 3 months ago
I miss jujubes
Jonathan Cristao
Jonathan Cristao 3 months ago
“ the watermelons that are salty”
D V 3 months ago
Jonathan Cristao that’s what I’m saying wtf is he talking about
Rentta 3 months ago
I go with Lundqvist, Rask and Klingberg
Judy Lan
Judy Lan 3 months ago
Anyone else refrigerate their chocolates?
BossWafflez 3 months ago
So it doesn't melt 👍
Pancouver venguins
Pancouver venguins 3 months ago
I'm a twix and starburst guy myself
Daniel Tyutin
Daniel Tyutin 3 months ago
Huberdeau straight up said "Jelly ranchers" 🤣
Justin Greene
Justin Greene 3 months ago
I love these
Ellie Scott
Ellie Scott 3 months ago
no one: matt duchene: jew-jewbs
David Westlund
David Westlund 3 months ago
Salty black licorice is the best, nothing even comes close. Signed a Swede.
imBruiseLee 3 months ago
Am I the only one noticing the subtitles for Hertl?
Ginger Weatherbee
Ginger Weatherbee 3 months ago
cool, so my Red Hots are safe ;)
Richard King
Richard King 3 months ago
Should've had Johnny Gaudreau. I think we all know why.
Sometimes it be that way
Skittle god
Leyton N
Leyton N 3 months ago
Richard King snack pack
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