What Is Intelligence? Where Does it Begin?

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Humans are proud of a lot of things, from particle accelerators, to poetry to pokemon. All of them made possible because of something humans value extremely highly: intelligence.

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Jul 12, 2020




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Comments 60
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
You can find our beautiful education posters in our shop: shop.kurzgesagt.org Ok! Intelligence! Next up in this series: more Consciousness and similar things! And by next up we mean in like half a year or so. Probably longer. But we are on it! Bigs thanks to the Templeton World Charity Foundation for supporting this series!
learn maths
learn maths 8 hours ago
N SD 8 hours ago
Kurzgesagt really, when you will make a videogame about your videos
learn maths
learn maths 16 hours ago
Hey man can you make a poster of the kardashave scale?? From your new video。◕‿◕。
Rohit Chavda
Rohit Chavda Day ago
Big fan
Please make a video on "If everybody in the earth hold the breath for a minute" Please! Please!!Please!!.🙂🙂🙂
HYDRA• ZENO 7 hours ago
What is intelligence ? Me: Doesn’t have the intelligence to understand this video
Amazing Ulti
Amazing Ulti 7 hours ago
what if there was a planet with pokemon? idk it sounds cool if there was
Opportunafish 8 hours ago
Kurzegesagt: this is “learning” Me: I’m “upgrading my bean spider”
Peter Fox
Peter Fox 9 hours ago
The Kurzgesagt style Squirrels are so adorable
Gábor Süveges
Gábor Süveges 9 hours ago
It would be an inteligent move from you to make a game already
Inrain Tears
Inrain Tears 9 hours ago
Where did you learn to fly?
suma murali
suma murali 9 hours ago
Kurzgesagt : “Where does intelligence begin?” Me : watching Indian people drinking alcohol and saying It is the cure for COVID 19
caleb pearce
caleb pearce 11 hours ago
Someone else can use the toolbox cba
Re-l Mayer
Re-l Mayer 11 hours ago
I'm free of my burden. I am not free to realize truth because that can only be done collectively after we are all individually free through resolving our feelings.
Re-l Mayer
Re-l Mayer 11 hours ago
When you identify with anything you are afraid to feel. Understanding is an illusion. Only feeling is matter. Don't "gang" up before everyone is individually free. Be free and then we'll be together as forever demands.
Re-l Mayer
Re-l Mayer 11 hours ago
This is what we have done folks. We have split everything up into categories and fragments to gain CONTROL over EVERYTHING. Intelligence is not in any single creature or species on the planet. It's a collective thing. We are GOD sleepwalking. We have to wake up. Don't worry because we don't have fate. Only God does. I really wish i could explain it better or even describe. I did adequately i think and as much as i can feel.
סהר דמבוס
סהר דמבוס 12 hours ago
Please make captions in hebrew
Samuel Müller
Samuel Müller 16 hours ago
Amo esses vídeos sou do Brasil bom se tivesse em português
Luke DS
Luke DS 16 hours ago
Ah finally someone debunking the commonly held belief that intelligence is merely the sum of ones knowledge. I had a feeling it would you be you, Kurzgesagt team.
Thomas Sears
Thomas Sears 17 hours ago
It seems to me that the most accurate threshold test of intelligence is the ability to lie. This is different from mimicry, like the Viceroy butterfly, or species specific behavior, like some ground nesting birds feigning a broken wing and leading a perceived predator away from the nest, or reflex, like puffing up hair to appear bigger. Lying requires awareness of self, awareness of others, awareness that others perceive the liar and interpret the liar's behavior, awareness of time flowing into the future, prediction, planning, sustained attention, execution of the plan, adapting to changing circumstances during the execution, and following through with the results of the successful execution of the lie. It requires the complete set of traits of intelligence in a compact and easily recognized, observable testability. (N.B. The ability to detect a lie requires only parts of this set.)
Jammy joe
Jammy joe 17 hours ago
'rapid climate change'? Ridiculous
Fernando Lovato
Fernando Lovato 17 hours ago
I lost the box that makes me smart
Crazy Monkey
Crazy Monkey 18 hours ago
This remind me of a gaming website called eye maze
dynamic 20 hours ago
Really love this channel.
Marco Penso
Marco Penso 20 hours ago
"In a nutshell, intelligence is a mechanism to solve problems"- Kurzesagt aight we done here
Brawl Stars Pro Tips
Fun fact at 5:44, the monkeys (including our ancestor, Australopithecus) historically have eaten termites as a source of fat rich nutrients. The fatty chain amino acids aided in brain function and growth. The monkeys would even go so far as to search for the fattiest termites, which usually ended up being larvae. I learned this just yesterday from a video by "It's Ok To Be Smart" featuring insect consumption in the form of cooked or baked goods. The title of the video is called "Will We All Eat Bugs In The Future?", if you are curious and want to check it out!
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 20 hours ago
is there a link between race and intelligence?
Alan Rizkallah
Alan Rizkallah 23 hours ago
I'm suddenly getting the urge to reinstall Spore.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 20 hours ago
I would love that game that you shown in the video!
GrandNoble Day ago
why is your world map wrong?
Retro Trooper
This is looking more and more like something from Zelda... *creature smashes pot and obtains a ruby* Aha!
Harlan Rucker
make a game
جابر Day ago
كلامك صحيح ⁦♥️⁩
I left a comment
S a Z m
S a Z m Day ago
I love the subjects, I love the art style but I liked the birds better than the strange alien forms... Sorry
I left a comment
Surble Chev
Surble Chev Day ago
7:41 Is that you, Gromit?
Codename_Ps Day ago
I want a video game styled like this
Col. SchweatyBallz
So what you are saying is..... Raccoons really ARE natures burglars... I have always thought, "Aww cute. They look like little burglars with their little masks" but these little guys can really pick locks!!!
PHCuber Day ago
7:42 *shawn the sheep*
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
So basically r/selfawarewolfs
Obaida Kahya
Obaida Kahya Day ago
Conclusion: every organism is dumb and intelligent in its own way life is a super organism...
Lil' Ansell
Lil' Ansell Day ago
Living in a world with Kurzgesagt's art style would be fun
Froster396 Day ago
I would love that game that you shown in the video!
do0myk Day ago
is there a link between race and intelligence?
Norswil 20 hours ago
do0myk, are you serious? A child to an adult an animal to a human.... Do you know what intelligence actually means by definition? Might you be referring to the 'potential for intelligence'? Even then, no to race.
do0myk 20 hours ago
@Norswil so intelligence is not determined by physical characteristic s? therefore children and adults have it equal, or even men and animals.
Norswil 21 hour ago
do0myk do0myk, 'race' refers to distinctive physical traits, you might want to sub in ethnicity or culture... it's a non stater when you're comparing intelligence within a category referring specifically to physical diversity. A study is irrelevant when common sense is sufficient.
do0myk 21 hour ago
@Norswil do you have a study to support this claim?
Norswil 21 hour ago
do0myk, no
Fardin Khan
Fardin Khan Day ago
Man that Shawn the Sheep reference. I love you guys
Shubh Thakkar
When you come up with names of people you know while watching this video to be like "yeah this is about as intelligent as they are"
Shawn Murphy
Shawn Murphy Day ago
@Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell: 5:02 "duckstape" should be "duct tape"
Billy Lun
Billy Lun Day ago
Kurgesgat should make a game it would be a good investment
Nethaura Day ago
5:47 Uuhhhhhh kurzgesagt....
Nethaura Day ago
I know octopuses is technically still a word..
feel toofree
feel toofree Day ago
So, I have only one question: What level are humans currently at in that game?
Hope Elizabeth
So what we learned is that racoons could have been the superior race in a different evolutionary path. Haha
John Deper
John Deper Day ago
Wow! Cartoon spore!
gerry obadiah
If Kurzgesagt made a game about like " Evolving Together " like in there video "Intelligence" I would play it
Dumbfilfa Day ago
Maybe the reason we are so advanced technologicly from animals is because we strive for self improvement,think about it,the caveman hundreds of thousands of years ago could have just be stagnant and din't improve itself because they're lifestyle is good enough to survive in earth ecosystem but they were not stagnant,they improve and erased many problem they have and keep improving their civilazation to now.
Catalyst 88
Catalyst 88 Day ago
Pls do a video on loop quantum gravity
Chadx M
Chadx M Day ago
So when's the game coming out...
Trump: my intelligence told me to hide in the bunker
Kukainis Day ago
hey Kurzgesagt, Patreon is about to be wiped out, you're one of their top users, might want to think about alternatives soon...
In Mafia it's easy to get lvl 100
Please make a video on "If everybody in the earth hold the breath for a minute". Please! Please!!Please!!.
TecNeck Day ago
Rip Patreon, they might bite the dust soon...
Kee Wii
Kee Wii Day ago
I’d like to see a video game of that little orange boi
M Mikita
M Mikita Day ago
Time for you guys to release a video to tell what people do from patreon your channels at risk
Leo RollsGD
Leo RollsGD Day ago
when the thing got a big brain
Stephanie Scott
Stephanie Scott 2 days ago
do a shooting stars vid plz (u dont have to) i always wonder how shooting stars are made
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