What is he HIDING down there in Roblox?

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Can we survive living in a bunker for 24 hours?
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Comments 100
ItsFunneh Month ago
Hey! We hope you guys enjoyed today's video! Thank you so much for supporting our channel! :) ► *If you could bring one thing to the bunker what would it be?* 🥫
Eduardo Batista
Eduardo Batista 23 hours ago
ItsFunneh it would be a cake
Sowers Family
Sowers Family 2 days ago
ItsFunneh potato chips! 🥔
Xavier Young Henderson
ItsFunneh 🍕🍟🍔🌭🐺🦴
Albert Rivera
Albert Rivera 26 days ago
Lilly Fair
Lilly Fair 27 days ago
Touch a duck You little truck
It’s not just beans I found secrets hidden behind! Try to find one
Andrea Barksdale
Draco:beans beans beans The rest of the krew:shut up Me: ...zzz oh its still on im going to edit
Lilly cupcake toast
Lilly cupcake toast 15 hours ago
I see the legendary beans on the ship that you guys were on
Ronika Quick
Ronika Quick Day ago
Comment down below would you like to live in a bunker?
Jordan_ Weird
B Be Bea Bean Bean Bean A Bean Ad Bean add Bean addi Bean addic Bean addict Bean addicti Bean addictio Bean addiction To Lazy To Speel It Back Out... Lazy po-ta-toe
Christina Joy
WOW...Mine are funny too............have a look , lol especially for girls subscribe. Come on !!!
hi funneh you hmm
Gloria Torres
Gloria Torres 2 days ago
Deltarune confirmed!!!
Gloria Torres
Gloria Torres 2 days ago
It was Ralsi!
beautiful singer
beautiful singer 2 days ago
gg I love you funneh
h gomera
h gomera 2 days ago
why is allways about beans?😬🥜🥫
Dolls 66
Dolls 66 2 days ago
Love you crew you guys are aminzing
Manar Uthman
Manar Uthman 3 days ago
Find Ralsrei! From deltarune!!!!
Squish.sparks 3 days ago
I only love 💕 red beans! 🤗
Damage Inc.
Damage Inc. 3 days ago
Your kat?
Itz_Meowsry ฅ'ω'ฅ
Hey There Was Ralsei
Jerlyn. Lin
Jerlyn. Lin 3 days ago
what game is this
Heather y
Heather y 4 days ago
Hi funny my name isallison😍😍♥️
Joanne Ray
Joanne Ray 4 days ago
Ur so funneh
MissiB 4 days ago
elsiedejesus28 4 days ago
Goldy Shopie
Goldy Shopie 4 days ago
The golden beans were in the garden you guys died in :P
May Liao
May Liao 4 days ago
May Liao
May Liao 4 days ago
Rainbow is ice cream i eat ice cream nom '(🍦)
kitty xd gacha wolfie loves inquisitor master
I think u noticed ralsei
Yanan919 Xu
Yanan919 Xu 4 days ago
I HATE BEANS!? i don't know what you are saying
Yanan919 Xu
Yanan919 Xu 4 days ago
Georgi Boy
Georgi Boy 4 days ago
Awhina CHAN
Awhina CHAN 4 days ago
what is he hiding down there on roblox
shirley cannon
shirley cannon 4 days ago
beans make you fart
shirley cannon
shirley cannon 4 days ago
Yeet. you guys meesup
Jenny Bugday
Jenny Bugday 5 days ago
If you die with the golden beens on the floor you can click on the golden beens on the shelf and you will become the been thick
Joselene Benitez
Joselene Benitez 5 days ago
Funneh and the krew you are the best RUvidrs I ever seen before in my life and I love you and the krew wishing you beans,potatoes and luck
Alyssa M
Alyssa M 5 days ago
I know where they are..... IN YOUR POTATO CHIPS
ms roo
ms roo 5 days ago
idk what a bunker is btw wht is shout out plssssss
ms roo
ms roo 5 days ago
ummm me
ms roo
ms roo 5 days ago
Umm I just wanna put this sign OwO
*Royal DIY*
*Royal DIY* 5 days ago
3:50 dance dance till your ded!
Leylanie G
Leylanie G 5 days ago
Hi funneh
Richard Lam
Richard Lam 5 days ago
natalie wong
natalie wong 5 days ago
Justin Harrington
Antonio Graves
Antonio Graves 5 days ago
I'm a fan you and the krew
Antonio Graves
Antonio Graves 5 days ago
I got yes to
Minex0gacha Wolfexgamer
E I dount want to live cause I love you
sophie fiona
sophie fiona 6 days ago
Roses r red Violets are blue Flowers are amazing Less than krew! Make it blue so you can SUB 👇🏻
sophie fiona
sophie fiona 6 days ago
Secret sisters episode 1 Meeting us Eevee Karia Miracle Summer London Alana
Frances Rodriguez
Teresa Laberinto
Teresa Laberinto 6 days ago
I can stop laughing ahahahahaha!!
Teresa Laberinto
Teresa Laberinto 6 days ago
Hahahahaha Gold's face is funny hhahahahahahahaha
AMANIENVOAR 6 days ago
funneh what's wrong with gold's face has she gone insane with beans like draco
Jio Uiop
Jio Uiop 6 days ago
Not me too far away ok
Remigo Gregorio
Remigo Gregorio 6 days ago
Plies live a like on the game
Remigo Gregorio
Remigo Gregorio 6 days ago
I spend a day on it :( their was like 10 people
House-of-screams 6 days ago
I LOVE the walking dead
House-of-screams 6 days ago
He is hiding a tomato
cupcake playz
cupcake playz 6 days ago
I found the golden beans i cheated i wasted all my rubux my butiful rubux is gone forever but now i have 1000 rubux
sandy sisakda
sandy sisakda 6 days ago
You are so ni 😃👑
Hyper Manny
Hyper Manny 6 days ago
Draco has a bean fetish!!! Lol😂🤣😅
Tink Bell
Tink Bell 7 days ago
The beans are the ones luner had
hernan blancada
hernan blancada 7 days ago
Ok that rainbow door is the crash beans because of black beans
Kawnayah Osawamick
That's a hard one I would bring ice cream
mariogalia septiembre27
If you love beans make the button orange 👇🏻
sweetie coco Hazzard
Bounpheng Salienekham
I like the movie
Ms KishaD
Ms KishaD 8 days ago
I found it
Arville Villanueva
coolest app ever!
Georgi Boy
Georgi Boy 9 days ago
Donovan Nhoung
Donovan Nhoung 9 days ago
it could be a secret golden beans and it couldbe legendary
Kay Trehan
Kay Trehan 9 days ago
I would bring a unicorn because I could ask the unicorn for anything I needed for the bunker and it would give it to me 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Xochitl Vasquez
Xochitl Vasquez 10 days ago
Can you please come to Visalia California
Čhloe Thât Hušky
_owo_ *-Rainbow and Lunar 2019*
Mihael Mađaroš
Mihael Mađaroš 10 days ago
I want more of this game
ItzWMRudolphPlayz 10 days ago
Rudolph's nose is red, Watermelon too. I loved your videos Like how much I love you
HIDROCALIDO Mtz 11 days ago
Thanks you funneh for making me happy
H1ttmanpro 33
H1ttmanpro 33 11 days ago
Me:beans don't have bones *turns on TV* News reporter:Beans have bones Me:omg
Emma K. Andersen
Emma K. Andersen 11 days ago
Aydin Val
Aydin Val 11 days ago
hello funneh is twistedpuma
Mymy Rose
Mymy Rose 11 days ago
1 like = 1 prayer
Marjorie Quilang
Marjorie Quilang 11 days ago
play some roblox waterpark
FOR_66 TOMMY_ vintage
I would get all the food I love ❤️ 🤣😂😂🤣☺️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️
Duckachu Gamerz
Duckachu Gamerz 12 days ago
If Draco is I love with beans then call him bean boi!
Myrtho Joly
Myrtho Joly 12 days ago
i love popato soo much but not as much i love you.(i love the krew.
Glibby Glob Glooby
Glibby Glob Glooby 13 days ago
Why so many beans and how long has Draco been addicted to beans someone please help him
Hoshi Chan
Hoshi Chan 13 days ago
Beans beans good for your heart the more you eat the more you fart
Totally gacha
Totally gacha 14 days ago
i was eating beans while wathing this hehe
Rene Villar
Rene Villar 14 days ago
Me: watches video Dad: hey you want some Me:want what? Dad: beans Me:wait what? Dad: BEANS Me: UwU Dad: wAnT SomE Or NoT? Me: REEEEEEEE
Shirley Phillips
Shirley Phillips 14 days ago
hi im dejeanae and im a HUGE FAN i love you guys so much and my thing to carry a buncker is BEANSSSSS I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK xoxo dejeanae burton
Marion Van Uden
Marion Van Uden 15 days ago
Sorry aj give you on like echt sorry
I saw the golden being
Emily Ortiz
Emily Ortiz 16 days ago
Evelyn H.
Evelyn H. 16 days ago
I saw it but you were to late
john Barayazarra
john Barayazarra 16 days ago
Chau Luu
Chau Luu 16 days ago
Hey funneh im your big big big van
linyanfei0918 17 days ago
I found the golden bean!
Starwarsmarster6.0 TMT
Funneh when i first watch your vidoes i said i going to kep your chanel alive so make that button blue 👇🏻
вероника Журихина
Можно на русским
Tiffany W
Tiffany W 17 days ago
Hi you make me happy so much :)
Izzybella Marino
Izzybella Marino 17 days ago
A sack of potato chips.
Mauretti Family
Mauretti Family 17 days ago
It would be pickles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Funneh! I'm a big fan! Please notice me!
Angelica Andrade
Angelica Andrade 17 days ago
Funneh you your do a lot of people so that you have lot more
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