What is he HIDING down there in Roblox?

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Can we survive living in a bunker for 24 hours?
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Apr 20, 2019




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Comments 5 029
ItsFunneh 10 months ago
Hey! We hope you guys enjoyed today's video! Thank you so much for supporting our channel! :) ► *If you could bring one thing to the bunker what would it be?* 🥫
Hatem Alhyassa
Hatem Alhyassa 16 days ago
Umm maybe scary
maria jacinta ncha biebeda
I like bins
Donnalynn Betia
Donnalynn Betia 2 months ago
Angel On YouTube
Angel On YouTube 5 months ago
Hi funneh i like Your videos ther great
Vincent Bichot
Vincent Bichot 5 months ago
Y loooove you videos funneh!!
QMAX5 _ 12 hours ago
I’d bring a rug........... A Magical Rug! And it would make pizza! Bean Pizza!
Aiden Kidd
Aiden Kidd 12 hours ago
I'm just kidding I'm not you're a bucket fan I'm your biggest fan!!
Aiden Kidd
Aiden Kidd 12 hours ago
Funneh is the best! I'm ur bucket FAN!!
Colette Commodore
Colette Commodore 15 hours ago
faith jones
faith jones 18 hours ago
Yeet means yes?
brylle dosayla
Draco beacause his too funny gret job draco
Eamahnplays Peterson
In the game you are eating raw beans and I'm like why are you eating raw beans and I'm like reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
Aya Lamaadi el bakri
Whats the games name my brothers wanna know
Bloody Marriage
I a big fan
Laurence Patis
Laurence Patis 2 days ago
I eat beans and they were are yummy trust me
jim phil
jim phil 2 days ago
I love blue to
kira giffin
kira giffin 2 days ago
What is the name of this game???
Richard Knight
Richard Knight 3 days ago
Ram Coronado
Ram Coronado 7 days ago
hello funneh
Ruffa Mae
Ruffa Mae 8 days ago
hi im a big fan :3 🙆🏻‍♀️
Leo Hughes
Leo Hughes 8 days ago
I love beens mhm yummeh in my tummeh 😋
Bello Debbie
Bello Debbie 9 days ago
country bumpkin
country bumpkin 11 days ago
Hayden Phan
Hayden Phan 11 days ago
red x 0.o
red x 0.o 12 days ago
jAdE RAID 12 days ago
Is there a dog in Roblox? 🐕
Veronica Mason
Veronica Mason 12 days ago
Peter And Zenith Plushies
Hi funny and the crew
Layla P
Layla P 13 days ago
i would bring YOU GUYS!
Carnival Of Seriously Funny Objects
Draco lovez beanz
Debbie Sapsford
Debbie Sapsford 15 days ago
GURDEEP KAUR 16 days ago
Funny the pro master
Brenda Hughes
Brenda Hughes 17 days ago
Pizza 🍕
Wyn Delmundo
Wyn Delmundo 18 days ago
Funneh i it binz😋
white -bløød- devil Bløød
3:49 If u guys listen carefully you guys can hear the dance to dead song
Xyzyn Namuag
Xyzyn Namuag 18 days ago
Jennygail Bulatao
Jennygail Bulatao 19 days ago
Karaline Steffen
Karaline Steffen 19 days ago
I found it
Maxwell Esquire
Maxwell Esquire 22 days ago
Beens yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttttt
Maxwell Esquire
Maxwell Esquire 22 days ago
Maxwell Esquire
Maxwell Esquire 22 days ago
Amelia McGuerty
Amelia McGuerty 23 days ago
Funneh your the best i wish i could join you but i cant because i was at my grandmas house she was soweing and a nedle came up and pocked her in the eye and she died
Amelia McGuerty
Amelia McGuerty 23 days ago
I cant wait to join you funneh
Beanie Boo Playground
I love itsfunneh.👩🏽‍💻❤️❤️
Korba Kids
Korba Kids 23 days ago
I would yeet The beans I don’t really like them
kas 23 days ago
its lie itsdraconightdragon
Bj blaze
Bj blaze 24 days ago
what is this game and just asking
Richard Douglas
Richard Douglas 26 days ago
There was actually a beautiful thing can you you can
Josie and the colouring book Blue cat
Hey funny this is very funny even though I said your name twice🥇🤣🤭😆🤣🤣😂😂👨‍👩‍👧‍👧A funny guess what my favourite animal is
joaquin guino
joaquin guino 27 days ago
Melanie Rafferty
Melanie Rafferty 28 days ago
I love beans I
Richard Douglas
Richard Douglas 28 days ago
No I didn’t I knickknack and then broken door is sealed and just make a part two
JerRis Ross
JerRis Ross 28 days ago
ß E H O L D- C I N I M O N_S K Y S
Update 2020 the golden beans are the special beans to that room
linkstern x
linkstern x 29 days ago
Rose's are red violet's are blue omae wa shindeiru
Aaron Enriquez
Aaron Enriquez 29 days ago
I hate roblox they never let me join this game Leave one so I can go to the game 🔽
Incredible Ky and Pa
I love holds faces
bonbopMAD Month ago
WHATS THE GAME NAME????????????? im in my bro account .-.
MaryC Koda
MaryC Koda Month ago
Hay FUNNEH try 2 guess my name!
MaryC Koda
MaryC Koda Month ago
MaryC Koda
MaryC Koda Month ago
myfrikenchannel Month ago
4:37 que the Danganronpa theme song
Mary Grace Macariola
Hope Wolf
Hope Wolf Month ago
Do you like beens? Me A British person that has beens everyday of my life:Yes I do
Alan Daviduk Jr.
Alan Daviduk Jr. 29 days ago
Hope Wolf NO
Sienna Weyburg
Sienna Weyburg Month ago
Next videos