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What is electricity? How does electricity work? What do electrons do? What is short circuiting? These are all questions answered in this video: A fundamental explainer on what electricity is and how it works.
In following videos we'll look at voltage, ampere, ohm (resistance) and many more electricity related topics. All of this is to build a foundation of knowledge to serve all the future (and past) videos here on Into The Ordinary.
A couple of choices were made during the production of this video, that can be helpful to know:
- I chose to mention the Bohr-model in relation to the orbital model to bring the point across that there is more to atoms than just this. The What Are Atoms? video better explains orbitals than this video does, though.
- I intentionally used the word "shells" instead of orbits because it better catches what electrons are in real life, although still a simplification. This video is about electricity, not particle physics.
- Power generation, how batteries work, amps, volts, ohms, are all topics I want to address in separate videos.
- There will probably be a few more questions about this video, which I will try to address in the comments or in the description, here.
Never directly connect a wire to both holes of a wall socket, and never directly connect a wire to both ends of a battery! This can be dangerous and potentially life threatening!
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Nov 24, 2017




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Oleg Pakhotin
Oleg Pakhotin 2 hours ago
Finally!!! A video that I understand!!!
Rajvi Dave
Rajvi Dave Day ago
Woow this is so perfect...😎💕 Perfect explaination, perfect animation ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Abia Susan Mathew
Thank you for this video...
harshitha hr
harshitha hr 3 days ago
Superb n clear explanation 😍👏🙏
Prince Baba
Prince Baba 6 days ago
V good . I like your way of explaining
Ansh Dagar
Ansh Dagar 7 days ago
Everyone:thx this means a lot thx thx blah blah blah blah...I wish u were my teacher blah blah blah I blah blah blah I studied blah blah blah school blah blah blah Me: so is that supposed to mean the vid is good Everyone:yea Me: SO CANT U SAY IT STRAIGHT AWAY!!!!
Fukz 7 days ago
I looked for good videos in english to repeat my knowledge about electricity and improve my english. This one is very good and i will still watch another one's. Thank you from Germany and keep going on ! :)
Ammar Taicho
Ammar Taicho 9 days ago
Best video about electricity ever.
muhammed shijas
muhammed shijas 9 days ago
Wow. Thank you ♥
Danny Emsi
Danny Emsi 9 days ago
What happened to all the other videos that you were going to make? Lol, but good job with this one, thanks for the info!
real spirit
real spirit 11 days ago
let me say, that this is a great explanation. thank you much for your effort !!
R B 13 days ago
Thats just great 💙
Lowson Db
Lowson Db 13 days ago
abid hussain bashir
I learned so much
Ravi Shinde
Ravi Shinde 13 days ago
Excellent animation video 👏
propotatochip 13 days ago
so in theory i could have a positively charged glove and a negatively charged attachment on an object and it would attempt to come to my glove?
Eroz Ghost
Eroz Ghost 13 days ago
The explanation that electrons are just carriers, and they are not necessarily "created nor destroyed" Goes back to the teachings of Einstein and energy. Energy is just transferred from one source to another for an allowed function ideally. And eventually will dissipate back into a neutral net charge of 0 at some point. Until it binds itself to something else, or some other source will attract a set amount of it. Basically it's nearly everywhere and all around us, and nearly in all things just being stored, and transferred from one source to another, and dissipating. It's really and ever flowing source, recycling substance/matter. So intriguing, makes sense within grasping it's properties and how we have come to harness it and understand it today for what it's worth, however it's behavior and true nature in sense still seems to be a weird anomaly -- Just another one of the many marvels of God, in which all things are God manifest. Great video and content, good stuff!
angelo senlob
angelo senlob 14 days ago
bravi anche Voi
Mar Stan
Mar Stan 15 days ago
People have no idea what electricity is capable of its a
Studyguru 17 days ago
Thanks a ton
Egemen Oztas
Egemen Oztas 18 days ago
so having one electron on the outer valence shell makes it easier to send charges across a wire (copper). But why? Is it harder to send electrons if there are more of them on that last valence shell, does that create a stronger bond between those electrons because there is more of them on that line? Are they more structured when there are multiple? Does that makes it harder/impossible to send? And if so, wouldn't it be more beneficial/efficient to send multiple electrons for more powerful electricity??
Sumitra Sowmya
Sumitra Sowmya 19 days ago
It was awesome. I understood more a electricity
Hossam Elwardany
Hossam Elwardany 19 days ago
For grade what
P.manoj Kumar
P.manoj Kumar 19 days ago
Plz make more vedios about this..
Shams Vip
Shams Vip 22 days ago
Cool also I love your explanations I love it how cool so negative is the _is that crocet And positive is + 💕❤🦄
Haneef Saeed
Haneef Saeed 22 days ago
God bless You dear!!!!!!!! I'm sure making that video requires some special attention and skills. and so far you've explained it faaaaaaaaar better than all my high school teachers back then. Great video!! Keep it up!
Hamna Yousuf
Hamna Yousuf 23 days ago
the explanation of what is electricity starts at 5:00..thank me later. Good effort though😂🤙🏻
Mateusz Wysocki
Mateusz Wysocki 24 days ago
Thank you sir for this very valuable video
charles klein
charles klein 26 days ago
I CANT HEAR YOU BECAUSE IM FLOATING AWAY ON YOUR MUSIC! wow! im so HIGH! on your music! what did you say! sorry, im floating away on the music! cant concentrate on what your talking about because im being distracted!
Sottam Sikidar
Sottam Sikidar 26 days ago
Pls add all the things related to electricity in videos bout 10-12mins
אביגייל אהרונוביץ'
thank you very much for putting in so much effort into this video you helped lots of people understand a complicated material
iceiceisaac Month ago
Will you ever finish this series? Really loved this one
Albert Jackson
Albert Jackson Month ago
I can tell you what is not electricity: Hillary Clinton
Deepa Krishna
Deepa Krishna Month ago
I must say, this video explains it all, the flow is information is spot on!
Sujit Kumar Mandal
mnemonic brian
mnemonic brian Month ago
easy to understand. nice.
Mr Fugi
Mr Fugi Month ago
Dina Rabadi
Dina Rabadi Month ago
I was looking for a video that would help me better understand electricity for a story I am writing. This is so well done. Do you have a website? I tried the one above and it didn't work...
Eduardo Moran
Eduardo Moran Month ago
The Wild Raven Tales
Well explained!
LLL B. Month ago
Excellent presentation guys.
G.L Venkatesh
G.L Venkatesh Month ago
great work...thank you
krishnaa sharma
krishnaa sharma Month ago
How electron can be created Or destroyed..?
good be friend
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cool video
Hyper Saiyan
Hyper Saiyan Month ago
baudoin benjamin
Great video. Keep up the good work
Karunakar jack beats
for the 1st time Crystal clear about electricity.....thanks to team...who worked on it
Prajoosh N
Prajoosh N Month ago
How did u make these animated videos, any specific software?
Roshan Kujur
Roshan Kujur Month ago
Thank You...😇
Andr jsja N
Andr jsja N Month ago
7:45 batteries don’t create/originate electrons, they just change the delta v.
Isabel isabel
Isabel isabel 2 months ago
i have spent the last 3 or 4 days tryng to undertand basic chemestry. I could just have clicked this video first and it would have been broken down for me this easly. Great video by the way
Team gaming gang
Team gaming gang 2 months ago
Okay I am 13 and I am like so good in science and this video which I took to expand my knowledge is amazing I can’t believe it so very well explained I really appreciate the effort you have put into this
A THAHIR 2 months ago
Excellent presentation & animations Well detailed
Md Naushad
Md Naushad 2 months ago
Any one from jis
saketh raja Manne
saketh raja Manne 2 months ago
it is use for all
saketh raja Manne
saketh raja Manne 2 months ago
good to understand
Rejesh Rajendran
Rejesh Rajendran 2 months ago
Nice video..could you also please explain how the flow of electrons is completed from a AC power generation plant to household equipments
Juan Zingarello
Juan Zingarello 2 months ago
Travels from negative to positive. What used to always drive me nuts in my electrical engineering courses in college is that current is measured the opposite from positive to negative.
Real 'N' Thing
Real 'N' Thing 2 months ago
Simple & connected video...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Pradeep Verlekar
Pradeep Verlekar 2 months ago
This video teaches pseudoscience Solar system is a Big fat lie. The earth is a stationery circle. No rockets leave our atmosphere.
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 2 months ago
Just one thing. As everything was clarified for the sake of truthfulness, I must add that the perfect conductor is silver, not copper. At least reagring what we can get out hands on and theoreticaly speaking of course. Also, there is no such thing as an insulator (100%). But yeah, great video
Mark Josiah
Mark Josiah 2 months ago
3:13.its negatively charge right but nucleus is positive its like an error
Pavan kumar Bikkavolu
Pls make more videoa
Marcus 3 months ago
Background music sounds like the galaxy map in Mass Effect... I damn well approve of that! Great choice!
Shampa Jha
Shampa Jha 3 months ago
Very nice 👍
lostintashkent 3 months ago
my 9 year old son has just understood what is electricity because of this video. Thank you!
A Noth Nimous
A Noth Nimous 3 months ago
Thank you for this 👍👍
Nate Robby
Nate Robby 3 months ago
caglar keskin
caglar keskin 3 months ago
I m a seasoned electrical engineer, i can say this is a great video👍
what is the track used playing in the background?
Cyborg Basumatary
Cyborg Basumatary 3 months ago
You are freaking awesome... I like you...
Fayez NS
Fayez NS 3 months ago
Q pls
Fayez NS
Fayez NS 3 months ago
If electrons are the source of energy why they power systems do not run out of electrons after many years in service. Supplying power to huge cities
Paidi Sitaram
Paidi Sitaram 3 months ago
Thank u for ur explanation , i would like to request u to please explain the basic components like diode, resistors and other electrical components
Vanitha 3 months ago
Great video about electricity, thank you
Kanwar Virendra
Kanwar Virendra 3 months ago
Wonderful lucid n clear explanation..
Vilo Shmillo
Vilo Shmillo 4 months ago
You are describing electron flow which is actually correct direction of the flow in the metals. Since I like to imagine circuits as they actually flow I prefer to use electron flow in my thinking. But it will confuse the hell out of people who will look at textbooks that describe conventional current and where they describe current flowing from the + to - .
George Reynolds
George Reynolds 3 months ago
The current flow convention is confusing and doesn't add anything to the understanding of electronics. It is useful in physics to explain the mechanisms.
Anton Shishkin
Anton Shishkin 4 months ago
lol probably the only year 5 kid who understood the explonation and the vocabulary
Houda Dihaji
Houda Dihaji 4 months ago
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