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What is electricity? How does electricity work? What do electrons do? What is short circuiting? These are all questions answered in this video: A fundamental explainer on what electricity is and how it works.
In following videos we'll look at voltage, ampere, ohm (resistance) and many more electricity related topics. All of this is to build a foundation of knowledge to serve all the future (and past) videos here on Into The Ordinary.
A couple of choices were made during the production of this video, that can be helpful to know:
- I chose to mention the Bohr-model in relation to the orbital model to bring the point across that there is more to atoms than just this. The What Are Atoms? video better explains orbitals than this video does, though.
- I intentionally used the word "shells" instead of orbits because it better catches what electrons are in real life, although still a simplification. This video is about electricity, not particle physics.
- Power generation, how batteries work, amps, volts, ohms, are all topics I want to address in separate videos.
- There will probably be a few more questions about this video, which I will try to address in the comments or in the description, here.
Never directly connect a wire to both holes of a wall socket, and never directly connect a wire to both ends of a battery! This can be dangerous and potentially life threatening!
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Nov 24, 2017




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Comments 545
Cyqxess Day ago
But what is it??
XenCodes 2 days ago
06:03, does that happen in real life?
Mohamed Kellal
Mohamed Kellal 4 days ago
thank you so much for this please make more vids
Eddie Jackson
Eddie Jackson 6 days ago
sooooo, no one saw the 666 reference from about protons neutrons and electrons? ok continue.
Wilson Mogollon
Wilson Mogollon 8 days ago
Muchas gracias Favor traducirlo en español Saludos desde Colombia 👍
Wilson Mogollon
Wilson Mogollon 8 days ago
Muchas gracias
Aimee Thomson
Aimee Thomson 8 days ago
Got to be alive to develop
Aimee Thomson
Aimee Thomson 8 days ago
Therefore my lights on
Irfan Haider
Irfan Haider 9 days ago
very nice animation Sir nice work jazakAllah
Guillermo Ramos
Guillermo Ramos 10 days ago
you went a little to fair on the explanation , we all know about the electrons , should have stuck with the theory and how we generate it , hint the name of the title, what we know as electricity.
zi asif
zi asif 10 days ago
It’s really,very good!animation & and learned way also good.I want more about basic electricity like definition of emf,voltage or potential difference, generation of ac,dc etc.
Infinite_Ky Member
Infinite_Ky Member 15 days ago
who else does not understand anything hes saying
Anivarth Mukkavilli
Awesome job
hullu mati
hullu mati 20 days ago
i just got electrocuted feel terrible i hope i survive from this
IGN:MinemanNoSkill 22 days ago
i just watched this in class lmao
IGN:MinemanNoSkill 22 days ago
i just watched this in class lmao
Russ Linzmeier
Russ Linzmeier 25 days ago
Energy flows from a high state to a lower state for example " hot to cold " high pressure to lower pressure " and in the case of electrical energy it flows from charge to discharge . There is no such thing as " negative charge " because that would constitute less than nothing . There is no such thing as polarity in electricity just charge and discharge .
Aimee Thomson
Aimee Thomson 28 days ago
Aimee Thomson
Aimee Thomson 28 days ago
Time is a bizarre concept??
Doodelay Month ago
This was a great video but it could've been more streamlined if some of the redundance is removed, no need to repeat something over and over
Vaibhav Kumar
Vaibhav Kumar Month ago
nicely explained bro
Jamshaid Akhtar
Jamshaid Akhtar Month ago
Awesome video 👍
Ahmad Farhan
Ahmad Farhan Month ago
Wow just found your channel, and I gotta say it's amazing. You're such a good teacher, damn those animations and music are also top notch!
S. Flavius Mercurius
Great video. I should have learnt this stuff years ago. Very clearly explained. It's crazy how we depend so much on electricity, yet have no idea how it works. Now I can at least tell my kids about the basics.
Xeno Bardock
Xeno Bardock Month ago
"We are now confident that electric and magnetic phenomena are attributable to ether, and we are perhaps justified in saying that the effects of static electricity are effects of ether under strain, and those of dynamic electricity and electromagnetism effects of ether in motion." - Nikola Tesla.
Zach Gilleran
Zach Gilleran Month ago
how does your hand know that your feet are short on electrons?? big question. plz answer.
amit hossan2000
amit hossan2000 Month ago
amit hossan2000
amit hossan2000 Month ago
Thank u very very much..
KimAnh Chung
KimAnh Chung Month ago
ismacil abubakar
ismacil abubakar 2 months ago
thank you i subscribed know👍👍👍
شوشو الحربي
اكو حدا ب الطياره 🙃😂😂😂 بكرا علي اختبار كهرباء دعواتكم 💞
Aman pratap
Aman pratap 2 months ago
You are kind of people who are required for the world to Enlighten
Aman pratap
Aman pratap 2 months ago
Amazing in one
Lavania Del Rey
Lavania Del Rey 2 months ago
Im taking the asvab and electricity is a subtest on there. I was so hopeless because id study for hours to no avail, Never did I think an electrical video could be explained to me where I understood. THANK YOU times a million this video was genius !
Favour Agu
Favour Agu 2 months ago
Wait so what is electricity?
Nassim Aissaoui
Nassim Aissaoui 2 months ago
Very good video now I can understand how electricity works you've perfectly explained all the questions which I had
Aye Chan Aung Thwin
Aye Chan Aung Thwin 2 months ago
Who needs to be explained?
Mohamed Adel
Mohamed Adel 2 months ago
thank you that was amazing
Matthew Conrad
Matthew Conrad 2 months ago
You’re literally the best teacher
Mohamed DOUDOU
Mohamed DOUDOU 2 months ago
i think i would sleep now
Daniel Madden
Daniel Madden 2 months ago
The most accurate and well illustrated video I have seen.
madafakaniga1 2 months ago
excellent video friend, very nice explanation. Please make a few more! :)
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