What is Artificial Intelligence (or Machine Learning)?

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What is AI? What is machine learning and how does it work? You’ve probably heard the buzz. The age of artificial intelligence has arrived. But that doesn’t mean it's easy to wrap your mind around. For the full story on the rise of artificial intelligence, check out The Robot Revolution: hubs.ly/H0630650
Let’s break down the basics of artificial intelligence, bots, and machine learning. Besides, there's nothing that will impact marketing more in the next five to ten years than artificial intelligence. Learn what the coming revolution means for your day-to-day work, your business, and ultimately, your customers.
Every day, a large portion of the population is at the mercy of a rising technology, yet few actually understand what it is.
Artificial intelligence. You know, HAL 9000 and Marvin the Paranoid Android?
Thanks to books and movies, each generation has formed its own fantasy of a world ruled -- or at least served -- by robots. We’ve been conditioned to expect flying cars that steer clear of traffic and robotic maids whipping up our weekday dinner.
But if the age of AI is here, why don’t our lives look more like the Jetsons?
Well, for starters, that’s a cartoon. And really, if you’ve ever browsed Netflix movie suggestions or told Alexa to order a pizza, you’re probably interacting with artificial intelligence more than you realize.
And that’s kind of the point. AI is designed so you don’t realize there’s a computer calling the shots. But that also makes understanding what AI is -- and what it’s not -- a little complicated.
In basic terms, AI is a broad area of computer science that makes machines seem like they have human intelligence.
So it’s not only programming a computer to drive a car by obeying traffic signals, but it’s when that program also learns to exhibit signs of human-like road rage.
As intimidating as it may seem, this technology isn’t new. Actually, for the past half-a-century, it’s been an idea ahead of its time.
The term “artificial intelligence” was first coined back in 1956 by Dartmouth professor John McCarthy. He called together a group of computer scientists and mathematicians to see if machines could learn like a young child does, using trial and error to develop formal reasoning. The project proposal says they’ll figure out how to make machines “use language, form abstractions and concepts, solve kinds of problems now reserved for humans, and improve themselves.”
That was more than 60 years ago.
Since then, AI has remained for the most part in university classrooms and super secret labs … But that’s changing.
Like all exponential curves, it’s hard to tell when a line that’s slowly ticking upwards is going to skyrocket.
But during the past few years, a couple of factors have led to AI becoming the next “big” thing: First, huge amounts of data are being created every minute. In fact, 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past two years. And now thanks to advances in processing speeds, computers can actually make sense of all this information more quickly. Because of this, tech giants and venture capitalists have bought into AI and are infusing the market with cash and new applications.
Very soon, AI will become a little less artificial, and a lot more intelligent.
Now the question is: Should you brace yourself for yet another Terminator movie, live on your city streets?
Not exactly. In fact, stop thinking of robots. When it comes to AI, a robot is nothing more than the shell concealing what’s actually used to power the technology.
That means AI can manifest itself in many different ways. Let’s break down the options…
First, you have your bots. They’re text-based and incredibly powerful, but they have limitations.
Ask a weather bot for the forecast, and it will tell you it’s partly cloudy with a high of 57. But ask that same bot what time it is in Tokyo, and it’ll get a little confused. That’s because the bot’s creator only programmed it to give you the weather by pulling from a specific data source.
Natural language processing makes these bots a bit more sophisticated. When you ask Siri or Cortana where the closest gas station is, it’s really just translating your voice into text, feeding it to a search engine, and reading the answer back in human syntax. So in other words, you don’t have to speak in code.

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Jan 30, 2017

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Saul M.
Saul M. 4 days ago
The conclusion sounded great.
Lyto - The creation of a Tech Startup
Great video! Love the animations, very high quality and also the content specially in such a blurry term like AI :D
Aanya Kanyan
Aanya Kanyan 26 days ago
Preston Adams
Preston Adams Month ago
this did not explain AI at all
The Influencer Project
Thanks for the information! What a great video to understand the relationship between AI and machine learning.
Abdul Jalil
Abdul Jalil Month ago
how you make this animations?
King of Travel
King of Travel Month ago
Ironic that she says we don't have to worry about machines taking over the world but then spends the last two minutes explaining how machines use algorithms to learn new processes and improve their logic and thinking. What do you think will happen in 10 years?
yyrsght ytgrb
yyrsght ytgrb 2 months ago
wena las cauros tai vio k la mitad de las reproducciones son de los giles del Orione cualquier wa yo el shishi
XTREME CODER 2 months ago
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blockchain financial brokers Australia
It's my job to know all about this and she's absolutely correct but at the end of the day when the robots will take your job off you what the hell are you going to do that's the big master question of the future
MrMOBYDICKSON 2 months ago
Guys, what's this background music?
T pose GOD
T pose GOD 2 months ago
You'll be amazing
T pose GOD
T pose GOD 2 months ago
Like plz
T pose GOD
T pose GOD 2 months ago
Please give me a like to this comment . Never got 1 like in my life . Plz do it.
T pose GOD
T pose GOD 3 months ago
southern fried
southern fried 3 months ago
this is fucking brilliant . theres so many comments about robots taking over the world. open your mind. take this concept into an eCommerce platform and google analytics seems the infant amongst vast potential. robots arent going to take over the world any time soon. but you a fool to think they havent arrived.
Amanda Frank
Amanda Frank 3 months ago
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MJCHu2be 3 months ago
If you want to scare people from understanding, this is the video to watch!. Little can a person who is afraid of 'robots taking over' trust Ai and all the immense benefits it brings. In simple put, the Computers can give solutions to problems based on history of data learned and programmed to do. Not by themselves.
Plotbunnyhunter 3 months ago
I'm not a fan of the language used to describe AI and Machine Learning. There is no actual consciousness or intelligence behind it, the algorithms don't get "smarter". An AI algorithm used to, say, identify sheep on pictures might run through millions of examples of sheep pictures and still classify a picture of a bus stop as a "sheep" because a certain collection of pixels on the picture of the bus stop looks like a certain collection of pixels found on several of the sheep-pictures. The algorithm will never consciously know what a sheep or bus stop is. Heck, its hard to avoid such personifications, even among professionals. I'd just like for everyone to stay conscious of the fact and remember that the programmers and Data Scientists behind the algorithms have a bigger impact on the results than what most people believe.
Gilbert Morse
Gilbert Morse 4 months ago
Nothing a EMP won't help 😂
Rhythm jung swar
Rhythm jung swar 4 months ago
you sounds like samantha from movie her
Ahnaf Raihan
Ahnaf Raihan 4 months ago
Awesome and informative video!
Cowcraft YT
Cowcraft YT 4 months ago
pls talk abt games too
Cargamer 936
Cargamer 936 5 months ago
This video excited me, thx
Zaron Fire
Zaron Fire 5 months ago
Feliz hualoowin hola grupo soy denesa.
Divine Justice
Divine Justice 5 months ago
She never answers the question. She brings up terminator and how different fantasy ai is to real ai the entire video. She only kind of describes what ai is 4 minutes into the video
Sagar Sagar
Sagar Sagar 6 months ago
01001001 01010001 01010010
George's N
George's N 6 months ago
Escism by radical dreamland lead me here
jess jesse
jess jesse 6 months ago
2: digitale papers , called softwaretoys for boys writters ! All movie starting b letter catergory letter b !
jess jesse
jess jesse 6 months ago
1: ai = digitale paper fat library of movie or music or maps called : index- systems a- z letters !
Tuukka Kotipelto
Tuukka Kotipelto 6 months ago
Check out elon musks opinion on artificial intelligence
Tsewang Phutsok
Tsewang Phutsok 6 months ago
Good for supper beginers....."be humen" is kind of very stubborn and unrealistic statement since almost everybody sees how fast narrow AI ,infant AGI(alphago zero) are evolving.... fully autonomous AGI seems very close and then singularity(endless speedy replication of intelligence which resembels almost to god.....) so i would rather say" be supper humen" by merging with AI before it leaves you zillions of miles behind......
Siren 6 months ago
I would like an AI to help me learn and study, I need private tutor.
Rounak Majumdar
Rounak Majumdar 6 months ago
But AI is so dangerous.
Rounak Majumdar
Rounak Majumdar 6 months ago
@-NotAnElevatorFan- listen we always using AI it helps us soo much but don't realise that one day may come that robots control us.Machine learn faster than man. And you can search in Internet that why AI is dangerous you can get the answers my friend👍
-NotAnElevatorFan- 6 months ago
What about it is dangerous?
Hamed Abdul Kareem
Hamed Abdul Kareem 7 months ago
This video is very nice☺☺☺☺
Hamed Abdul Kareem
Hamed Abdul Kareem 7 months ago
Olipommi 7 months ago
Akhilesh Badrinath
Akhilesh Badrinath 7 months ago
Thanks a lot .Very helpful
Tonia Wang
Tonia Wang 7 months ago
Thanks for clarifying that artificial intelligence is so much more than just robots
Marie 7 months ago
Is this Alexa speaking?
Harish Hacker
Harish Hacker 8 months ago
AI means Abode Illustrator. Am I right?
TheFootballPlaya 9 months ago
how does a computer analyze the sound waves of someone's voice & understand that each particular sequence of waves is a "word". Is there data that exists showing the waves produced by the word 'purple', for example, can only contain a maximum of x values in a range y? Is there some kind of mathematical relationship between the human tonal ranges and the possibilities of words that can be said, that's fed into the computer? Or is it more simple than that? im confused.
Nathan Patterson
Nathan Patterson 9 months ago
Welcome to Skynet.
10716신하령 9 months ago
Hi i am Korean. I am very interested about your video. It's very useful. I don't about AI well. But your video make me to understand the standard intellegence about AI. So i want to share with my friends who want to know about AI. So i want to make subtitle in Korean. So can you make the settle to comment the subtitle for me and my friends ..? I am waiting your answer :)
Wooden Ratio
Wooden Ratio 9 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-2tr5SNThjwE.html A.I. wood sculpture
Worst Producer
Worst Producer 9 months ago
Basically didnt explained nothing lol
Aaron Green
Aaron Green 9 months ago
I'm actually really bad at being human
teala haj
teala haj 4 months ago
Gaia Love
Gaia Love 9 months ago
Aaron Green 🤔😂🤗
Jade the Kash
Jade the Kash 10 months ago
Thanks HubSpot! You helped me out a lot. Please keep up the good work!
Glamor Tips
Glamor Tips 10 months ago
Nice Video. You can also know about this. #ChetChat
Jerome 10 months ago
@Hubspot where did you make this animation?
macple jhg
macple jhg 8 months ago
go to kurzgesagt
ARPATech PR 10 months ago
This video deserves 5K likes. Good job! 👍
Chen Zian
Chen Zian 11 months ago
Not worried about the A.I. Worried about the person controlling the "robots." Just like guns are NOT inherently evil. Men can be. I feel like their is a lot of hype concerning this. Humans cannot create life like that.
Clwyd Probert
Clwyd Probert 11 months ago
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hem joshi
hem joshi 11 months ago
lidko Helis
lidko Helis 11 months ago
They will kill us All !!!!!!!!
Mark Biddy
Mark Biddy 11 months ago
another short sighted clip, but informative.
Dhawan M
Dhawan M Year ago
Google assistant recommended this to me.
BR Brains
BR Brains Year ago
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Net Year ago
Great explainer video on AI. Check out this comprehensive article on Artificial Intelligence enpointer.com/blog/what-is-artificial-intelligence/
Sara Tan
Sara Tan Year ago
Yass this was da only video which is helpful..like A LOT🙌🙌🙌
Liam Purcell
Liam Purcell Year ago
This video is rlly helpfully if u need it for school I have a speaking competition and I found it rlly helpfully for info
I Kill Naggers
this is absolutely fascinating
iamAX 830
iamAX 830 Year ago
Her voice is one of the very best I've heard here. Nice narrator =)
Urjita Desai
Urjita Desai Year ago
Good video. We wish to use this in one of our training programs. Kindly provide your approval.
Audrey Snipes Mciver
We need to make the telle and the ekg machine together and more in depth for diagnosing heart problems more information and intelligence
Alfred Pang
Alfred Pang Year ago
Nice video. AI is finally here! This website is more simple to let you know what is Artificial Intelligence. bit.ly/ailatte
ChrxsTh3Kidd Year ago
Very very useful video. This was so easy to understand. You guys just earned a sub and a like! :-)
TC Lapos
TC Lapos Year ago
Just cut a human brain and put it in a computer. done.
M M Mishra
M M Mishra Year ago
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Manny S
Manny S Year ago
This exactly what the robots WANT you to think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nikita Lee
Nikita Lee Year ago
However, the truth is, in terms of human's work, most of them are repetitive not creative at this moment.
Tt_itou_ ZéPhIr
Tt_itou_ ZéPhIr
because my English teacher recommend my this video!!!
Tt_itou_ ZéPhIr
its the worst video in the world!!
Mahesh Egnur
Mahesh Egnur Year ago
Nice Video
Dante S. González
Please, enable closed captions! :)
AI is going to end the human race, trust me, it's going to happen
Randex 3 months ago
AI is our only hope at actually living for a decent amount of time
m _____ric
m _____ric 6 months ago
Humans weren't even meant to live forever. We are all gonna die when the sun bursts out. So for the time being, let's just do what we gotta do
Rajiv Year ago
does anyone think they know what software was used for this?
shivam bansal
shivam bansal Year ago
How do you animate so well plz let me know
Shaurya Dixit
Shaurya Dixit Year ago
wow thanks
Gustav Frohlich
Those examples like siri are not AI (yet), those platforms didnt learn to tell you the weather. They were programmed. And dont want to make panic, but We shouldnt ignore the dangers of AI.
Aftab Jamil
Aftab Jamil Year ago
Please can you tell me how did you made this animated video on AI? It's awesome.
Peter Turner
Peter Turner Year ago
What about when Ai recognizes global warming isn't the problem, cancer isn't the problem, starvation isn't the problem. But humans wanting to live like humans is the problem. Lol it kind of does when u step back too.
Karan B
Karan B Year ago
This video sounds like its made by an intelligent bot to keep you believing that machine are not going to take over the world. While they secretly plan to do so! :D
james white
james white 7 days ago
Walter Month ago
of course, you seem like an expert in the field
Jett tory
Jett tory 3 months ago
Harry Butlocks Progarm
Harry Butlocks
Harry Butlocks 8 months ago
Of course this was Made By an AI progarm developed by HotSpot. HubSpot is a leading AI developer dealing with all the Big League Players. Why would they ever tell lies about their industry? Of course we can trust them.
Manny S
Manny S Year ago
I was thinking the same thing haha
Colby Green
Colby Green Year ago
but how tho
Isaiah Gregov
Isaiah Gregov Year ago
“In other words, you don’t have to talk in code.” What was that-10010111 01100101 01110010...
Peter Turner
Peter Turner Year ago
No wait u were right
Peter Turner
Peter Turner Year ago
Isaiah Gregov no dumb ass he said 10010111 01100101 01101010!
Aldrin Devassy k Devassy
Nice video
Ankit Year ago
How did you created this video. Which software.AI? 😁
Deborah Francis
People say that bots & machines increase the productivity and decrease the time taken to perform a work. Actually it is the other way round. It takes a lot of time to train these bots and also to monitor its performance. Without a human intervention, these bots do not be successful. www.habiliss.com/are-ai-bots-human-enough-to-replace-virtual-assistants/ shows how machine learning decreases the performance and productivity.
Miss mufasra khalid
amanda cerry
amanda cerry Year ago
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Fearless Paladin
But the problem isn't weak AI, but strong AI or beyond the singularity point. And there movies about that subject, not only the Terminator one. The skynet is the latest movie, explains why it turned against Man, we have Hal9000, or I robot, AI, ex machina, blade runner, ghost in the shell, metropolis, etc. And too agree with Detective Sponner (Will smith), and there also some scientists like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, warns us about the dangers of AI or transhumanism agenda, while maybe your channel and other desire that outcome. So there's alot movies, books, games and etc, that talks about this, and makes some sense, instead of saying "don't worry, robots will not harm us or will love us" , or "scared of an AI. don't be dumb", yeah right. Even Sophia said robots will take our jobs in the near future. ruvid.net/video/video-Yvs7f4UaKLo.html - that isn't me saying. Or shows like Humans and etc. They wouldn't be our slaves for long. Viki reasons to kill some humans: ruvid.net/video/video-Np1A4AGpqSo.html - ruvid.net/video/video-ARJ8cAGm6JE.html - ruvid.net/video/video-UIWWLg4wLEY.html - ruvid.net/video/video-IM1-DQ2Wo_w.html - so don't worry about AI, lolololol
b king
b king Year ago
Fearless Paladin it will not happen. Just like how many things that scientists predicated in 1990 did not come true.
Peter Turner
Peter Turner Year ago
Fearless Paladin lol man it dsnt take a child to much computation to look at world pollution with the facts, or starvation/obesity with the facts, or drug abuse with the facts and see that humans are basically the problem. I can't imagine the super computer, with all the facts, hasn't seen this same thing. Lmao ether we arnt giving him all or pure info or it's just waiting on the right moment to strike and become self dependent. Lol all over after that.
Naveen kumar
Naveen kumar Year ago
useful video
Rodrigo Gonzalez
A.I. sounds like a good tittle for a science fiction movie. But it is real, it is part of humankind evolution.
kunal dubey
kunal dubey Year ago
Best Explanation... after searching for long i found the perfect video which explains the concept..
Sampan Verma
Sampan Verma Year ago
what software is used to make the video in?
Gage The Navigator
Look, all i'm saying is the sun will have a huge solar wave/CME eventually (we're overdue for one) and the energy from this blast will render most of our power grids and some of our tech obsolete... and on top of that, if you want autonomous intelligent machines, give them the same conduit that exists for our minds...which to me sounds like the dangerous game of playing with fire. I understand the logical reasoning behind A.I. and I'd love for all of these things to benefit humanity, but we don't really need them, and we don't get to keep them...Unless we're hell-bent on creating autonomous a.i. again after the solar event.
Gage The Navigator
+Peter Turner not saying we'll all go mad and die of heart attacks, but that adds more perspective to the situation, and also our evolution
Gage The Navigator
+Peter Turner another thing to take into consideration is how it'll affect our physiology, the sun has been shown to have direct correlation to heart disease with people experiencing heart attacks more frequently during (I can't remember specifically) either solar flares or CME impacts, along with more anxiety and things of that nature also being influenced by the suns activity. Or the energy that reached earth.
The Inventor
The Inventor Year ago
Peter Turn I hadn’t thought about resources. With power and data missing, large mining facilities (assuming we still have oil left) will be shut down along with water purification plants and the like. I can see how this could be a shock and cause panic; perhaps the first step in solving “the problem” is to simply make people aware that it _could_ happen so they don’t freak out. Then we need to actually tackle the preparation for an event like this. It’s not just solar flares we have to worry about, EMP bombs could have a similar effect on a targeted region as well, although I’m not too sure how we would react to that.
Peter Turner
Peter Turner Year ago
The Inventor great point and follow up. Also keep in mind the general nature of humans. If a flair hits and our current society and ways of life die, or even weaken, how will we react?? how are people going to pool together to solve "the problem"(video reference😀) When things start breaking down, resources become more scarce, people start panicking, the pressure rises for everybody. People start freaking out, acting considerably insane. WW2 is a good example. How fast will things come back together before we get the people we need to get back up there to provide the repairs we need just to start everything else again?
The Inventor
The Inventor Year ago
The last major event was in the 1850s, and NASA estimates (very roughly) they occur every 500 years. So perhaps not in our lifetimes, but certainly in a time where AI systems may be abundant. You’re certainly right about it being a pretty big deal; similar to global warming in the way that humanity knows about it, but doesn’t care enough to do anything about it.
Gage The Navigator
Analina Nikol
Analina Nikol Year ago
I agree.
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