What If Obi-Wan Killed Anakin - Star Wars Explained

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thestupendousscrub@gmail.com Donate to Help Improve Frequency and Quality of Content: www.patreon.com/user Welcome to the Star Wars What If Series were we take an integral part of the Star Wars Universe and flip it to explore the consequences. This time we will discuss if Obi-Wan had mustered the courage and to kill Anakin on Mustafar.

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Jun 9, 2016




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Just Luna
Just Luna Day ago
Do a follow up, but explain what would happen to Cal with this because I have an idea of what would happen but I don't know like comic book lore, only what is in the movies and shows.
Andrew Ace
Andrew Ace 2 days ago
I wanna see Palpatine personallly conducting O66 now...
Lee Rogish
Lee Rogish 6 days ago
If Obi wan killed anakin palpatine would be forced to find maul and win him over by telling him if he joined him again they would finish what darth plaegus started and he would be able to bring savage back from the dead.
Qi Siang Ng
Qi Siang Ng 9 days ago
If Obi Wan can kill the Sith apprentice and Anakin, what is really going to stop Obi Wan from killing the emperor?
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 13 days ago
Dude grand Inquisitor is a great duelist but there’s no way he could be a Sith apprentice to Palps
John Blankenship
John Blankenship 16 days ago
Sorry if this has been asked already. I know this is a comment on a four year old video but, with the severance of the force from Palpatine do you believe another Sith would rise in power given the theory that the force wants to balance itself?
Lord Shadow
Lord Shadow 16 days ago
I agree completely that the grand inquisitor would be a new apprentice
discombubulate 2
discombubulate 2 16 days ago
then anakin would be dead?
Connar Comstock
Connar Comstock 16 days ago
Imperial Inquisition. Jedi afoot? Sounds like... *HERESY*
The Star wars Order
Anthony Lasalle
Anthony Lasalle 17 days ago
So Yoda, would still sit on his ass, as Order 66 survives are hunted and killed.
Co Nation
Co Nation 18 days ago
Then Vader would never tell Luke he is his father XD
bboyairrick 18 days ago
i would say that Obi-Wan killed Anakin. There was no anakin left in there.
Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black 18 days ago
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Roberto Flores
Roberto Flores 19 days ago
I swear this video needs to be an alternate reality movie.
Robert Reed
Robert Reed 19 days ago
Palpatine has turn out to have a son whom didn't want to become his father's apprentice. When the son came of age, he ran away from home, Sometime, the son ran into three persons who were very strong in the force. The son falls in love. After he has a child, Palpatine's son learns that his father was still alive. The son and his wife decided to leave their only daughter on Jabbu. Both had hope that an ally of the Rebel Alliance would take care of their only daughter Rey. Unfortunately the Fates and the Force had other plans for Rey.
Arthezius 19 days ago
What if Luke HAD gone to Toshi station and picked up those power convertors?
Emperorcleon 19 days ago
Nice story, I don't believe any star wars movie would ever have a definitive ending.
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 19 days ago
He actually does have the high ground
Tyler Neild
Tyler Neild 19 days ago
Your wrong Obi-Wan had no idea anakin was Darth Vader until much later the reason the children were split up were to hide them from the threat of the empire because the children of the chosen one wouldve been hunted by side out if he knew they survived
pizzaisgood 2019
pizzaisgood 2019 19 days ago
Why do i love these stories more than the actual movies
Deckard 5 Pegasus
Deckard 5 Pegasus 19 days ago
really bad...just so bad this video.. There is now way obiwan nor yoda would go against Sidious. They were scared to go against Vader, in fact Obiwan and Yoda were USING(in bad way) Luke to kill his father. In fact if you watched the OT, Obiwan and Yoda keep repeating Vader is the target. What else, is that Sidious in no way would be more efficient at killing Jedi than Vader. Yes he was powerful but not a juggernaut like Vader.
Ryan Centnarowicz
Ryan Centnarowicz 19 days ago
If this happened then Leia would not have met Han Solo. Then Kylo Ren would not have been born then no sequel trilogy! Thank god!
Super saiyan 5 Son Gohan
Then that's not the jedi way and goes against the jedi code.
Tito Dalessandro
Tito Dalessandro 20 days ago
Totally incorrect.
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 20 days ago
Anikan was also the chosen one of the franchise
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 20 days ago
He did
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 20 days ago
Have the high ground
Spencer Sommerville
I feel that if sidious Had to deal with the Jedi himself, the empire would suffer and collapse and/or would have to put off killing a lot of the Jedi letting them grow stronger together.
MrZedblade 20 days ago
You were the chosen one!
OrionSamson Productions
Darth Maul would still be an Option for Sidious! Remember he is still alive in ROTS!
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 20 days ago
He will die
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 20 days ago
JH4073 21 day ago
What if Jar Jar didn’t step in poodoo?
Jon Macdonald
Jon Macdonald 21 day ago
Well lets face it if you have screwed him up like that .. you would just finish off.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 21 day ago
The Stupendous Wave sir, the video's address: What if Obi-Wan Kenobi killed Anakin Skywalker? - Star Wars Expalined
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 21 day ago
Anikan had the high ground
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 21 day ago
He didn't have the high ground at all
TheOnionFairy 21 day ago
this is very much like "what if arthas never became the lich king" or "what if the emepror killed horus"
uuamenator 21 day ago
wow this shot looks so much like black robed cultists from Blood 2:29 modern arts and fear books
TripleMoonPanda 22 days ago
This went from a "what if" to a shitty fan fic screenplay in 12 parsecs.
Mikhiel Thorsson
Mikhiel Thorsson 22 days ago
This was the final straw, I have been thinking about doing this for a long time. This video was very weak, as with a large number are.
Titan 22 days ago
Obi wan:- you were my brother Anakin I loved you AnakinSavage :-I hate you!!
Siman_QL 22 days ago
this is honestly so shit
Lofhaa 23 days ago
Well Obi-Wan would still have Palpatine to deal with lol.
Tyrell Regis
Tyrell Regis 22 days ago
Yoda wouldve been around too, so it is possible obi wouldve called on his help and palpatine was an equal to yoda and obi there to help I imagine they would kill him if they managed to find him
Nodre HQ
Nodre HQ 22 days ago
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Jacob Reddin
Jacob Reddin 23 days ago
Anyone notice obiwan is like the best with duelist
Nodre HQ
Nodre HQ 22 days ago
Hey jacob my friend just lost his mother from cancer, it would be great if you left a comment on his channel "Rasha Reacts", i'm trying to do anything to make him feel better.
Drift Wood
Drift Wood 23 days ago
Ah !, but let’s also take it an other way, “What if Anakin killed Obi-Wan because he found out Luke and Leia were Obi-Wan’s children !”
LordVader 22 days ago
F@#$ing Obi-Wan!!!!
Daniel 23 days ago
I think it's much more likely that Palpatine would just find a different apprentice. Darth Maul was alive at the time according to some sources. And you ignored the impact of Obiwan killing Anakin on Obiwan. He would have some dark side influence expanded inside him, similar to Anakin's slaughter of the sand people.
Cshep 05
Cshep 05 23 days ago
1:30 no it wasn’t because of Vader, obi wan assumed Vader died from his injuries at this time and only found out later after the twins had already been separated, they were separated to keep them hidden from the empire so that still applies meaning nothing should have changed
Darkcut 205
Darkcut 205 23 days ago
This basically turns into a star wars fan fiction
HarvestMoon95 23 days ago
*Grand Moff Tarkin has entered the chat.*
David Driver
David Driver 23 days ago
It was cruel of Obi wan to not put Anakin out of his misery, left him there to suffer and die miserably. Of course Anakin did kill younglings, but still it wasn't merciful.
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 23 days ago
He won't be on the high ground
Ganso en Llamas - Fire Goose
"Superior Position" Oh, is that what they call it now?
Faded 23 days ago
The answer: Vader never kills the Emperor, the Emperor either corrupts or kills Luke and Leia, destroys the Rebellion and thrusts the galaxy into a century of darkness.
LeSmittySmith 24 days ago
Didn't Yoda loose his lightsaber during his battle with palpatine on coruscant?
Flugeo 24 days ago
Honestly, this is not a logical outcome. According to the video, it's okay for Kenobi to kill his friend who's like a brother to him, BUT not okay to finish off Palpatine. Wouldn't Obi Wan turn to the dark side because of grief he'd feel after killing his brother? And I highly doubt there would be any anger left in him after a whole day of exhausting battle. AND If after that battle there is still a possibility of Kenobi striking Palpatine down in anger and not calmly, there is also an absolute certainty that his grieving after Anakin's death would consume him and turn him to the dark side. P.S. I want to say that these theory videos are super entertaining and I really appreciate all the effort this channel's author puts into them. Also, I understand that if we'd be so meticulous about every little detail then there wouldn't be such an amazing theory video. Just wanted to point out that one seeming illogicality.
Glitchy Glitches
Glitchy Glitches 24 days ago
Padme would not have died darth vader killed her with thd force
Just A Person
Just A Person 24 days ago
So it is like avatar the last airbender They could not kill him out of the kindness of their heart
mistervic85 24 days ago
Four years old and I'm just NOW seeing this?! Ugh. Really good story too btw. Wish Disney would do animated "What If" series in this vein. But not the juvenile "Clones" type of cartoon. Something more geared towards adults.
Bowtie StudioGames
Bowtie StudioGames 25 days ago
Better than the new trilogy by far
Jack Gillis
Jack Gillis 25 days ago
Umm obi-wan thought anakin was desd and the main reason the twins were split up is because of palpatine and the empire not Darth Vader because everyone thought he was dead so obi-wan still would have split them jp
Allan Dresner
Allan Dresner 25 days ago
This would have been a great outcome and story
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 25 days ago
He will not have the high ground but anikan will
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 25 days ago
I had the high ground in the end it's called the death star
Darrell Hall
Darrell Hall 25 days ago
No, they were separate because of Palaptine, not Anakin. Ben ever told Luke this in ROJ.
avoidconfusion 26 days ago
"What if Anakin's name had been Dave"
The Foxhounded
The Foxhounded 26 days ago
Stopped watching at 1:21. Padmai wouldn't have died if Obi-Wan killed Anikin since her life force was what was used to "restore" Darth Vader.
Anonymous Dogooder
Anonymous Dogooder 26 days ago
Yoda in open area combat would GUT Sidious reelrundown.com/movies/reasons-why-yoda-is-stronger-than-sidious
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 26 days ago
He won't be
easy Wizard
easy Wizard 26 days ago
And what if rey was not Kylo rens taste
MegaDeathRay10 26 days ago
Why if he romanced him?
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard 26 days ago
But he did kill Anakin
Jacketry 26 days ago
What if Qui-Gon didn't save Jar Jar?
Ridiculed Victor
Ridiculed Victor 26 days ago
then anakin wont have the high ground like ever?
LoveBagpipes 27 days ago
The bigger What If, was if Qui Gon did not settle for 'just the boy' in his wager...and made sure he took the mother as well, leaving her behind Also, what if they didn't have Padma calling him 'Annie' all the time, tripping with his ego Both reasons are why he turned to the dark side
Too Slick
Too Slick 27 days ago
What if high ground was not there ?
daslolo 27 days ago
Greed can be a powerful ally
Orion 27 days ago
If Obi-Wan killed Anakin then The Last Jedi would have been about Obi-Wan living on an island as a weird hobo for some reason and Rise of Skywalker would have been about how Obi-Wan didn't actually kill Anakin and everything he thought he achieved was a lie and instead Rey is the saviour of the galaxy.
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 27 days ago
He will not have the high ground but anikan will be on the high ground
Brackzy 27 days ago
Obi Wan would have no issue defeating the grand inquisitor
Sketcher 27 days ago
Anikan:I hate you Obi wan:chokes anikan and both fall in lava
Sketcher 27 days ago
What if anikan was immortal because he had killed palpatine Luke leya and rey but rey uses her orange lightsaber hahahaha really what if anikan was gay
WalkerDevelopment 28 days ago
i think obiwan is to underated sence he killd greivouse deafeted vader could have killd vader in a new hope clapped maul in phantom mence pisst on ventress
WalkerDevelopment 28 days ago
over all i agree with this
WalkerDevelopment 28 days ago
i feel like the grand inquisitor is good but in a new hope obi wan could have killd vader if he wanted but also the inquistor lost to a padawan in rebels so :| obi wan would litterly shit on grand inquistors dead body
catagon12345 28 days ago
What if obi-wan was not our only hope?
Cryogenius333 28 days ago
You lost me when you said they'd be battling an entire day. Even for these guys, that's just corny.
Rachel Prighel
Rachel Prighel 28 days ago
Anikan is the one to have the high ground
Jeff Woods
Jeff Woods 28 days ago
Incorrect. If Luke and Leia were raised together, their emotions would turn their force abilities darker over time and their attachment to one another would lead to desperation and conflict between them or between the pair and others. Which would lead to one or both of them turning to the Dark Side and joining the Emperor as an apprentice who could not be stopped as easily as Vader by Palpatine's force lightning.
DuaLeaD 28 days ago
Darth Maul had the high ground but just had to show us how good he is at losing.....
DuaLeaD 28 days ago
What if Obi-Wan killed Anakin? PROBLEM SOLVED!! Also, Han shot first!!
graytlo 29 days ago
Then without Sith, would the Jedi just become superheroes with no enemies?
graytlo 29 days ago
This would be so much different now that we know Cal Kestis existed and stuff throughout the pre-New Hope timeline. They’d have a bigger army
Plucky Pluckster
Plucky Pluckster 29 days ago
What if in a galaxy far, far away Earth is discovered and that is the ending of episode 10?
Plucky Pluckster
Plucky Pluckster 29 days ago
What if instead of a kiss, Lea and Luke got it on before they found out they were related?
ki Norris
ki Norris 26 days ago
Stop, you have violated the law!
Plucky Pluckster
Plucky Pluckster 29 days ago
What if Yoda used the force to travel back in time and went back to kill baby Anakin's Mother & Father when they were babies? ~ Brought to you by a Rian Johnson idea.
Weilan 29 days ago
If they don't kill the Palpatine, he will ALWAYS find a way to come back, so they should really kill him. Just severing his connection to the Force seems too childish to work even by Star Wars standards. That's what would happen if this was real as there would be a plan by the storyteller to have Palpatine come back later and serve as his plot armor. In any sensible/rational/logical reality everyone would just opt to kill him and be done with it and THEN have their connection to the Force severed as punishment if they so much desire or feel guilty. Remember, the only reason that Star Wars has so many sequels and sagas and whatnot is because of people overlooking things or being too lenient. In fact in Episode 1 even Qui-Gon Jinn might still be alive and Darth Maul be the one cleanly killed by both Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. That's how things would've went if the Star Wars universe was a rational place, it would also be a very boring place where no evil dares to rise as the good guys quell it immediately and effectively and it would certainly not be interesting enough for books, comics, movies and games. xD
O- Key
O- Key 29 days ago
Started watching and you were wrong on the first assumption. They were hiding the kids from both Vader and the Emperor. soooo, everything after that is wrong.
tim o
tim o 29 days ago
How do you not give your friend a merciful kill shot? It's worse that he left his friend do die slowly.
Ryan_1223 5
Ryan_1223 5 29 days ago
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