What if humans were nerfed?

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Sep 17, 2018




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TierZoo Year ago
Hi everyone! Thanks for watching. I also made another video about Patreon, which you can check out here ruvid.net/video/video-H39SFzjsCUQ.html
Aaron Kovac
Aaron Kovac Month ago
if humans had there power stats buffed they would be able to one shot tanks like tigers
Motorboi 69
Motorboi 69 3 months ago
God nerfed us with the internet
MinuteMade Animations
If humans were nerfed, and ended up with less intelligence, they’d probably evolve more speed, agility, stealth, and raw physical strength.
Fab Elger
Fab Elger 5 months ago
sorry man, but I think the climate change patch that is getting implemented atm changes the meta ENORMOUSLY in favor of EVEN NERFED humans ...the patch hasn't even yet been released and the devs have already raised environment temps. In the European servers, winters don't even go below 0 °C ( freezing temps) anymore. In less than a decade winter temps will be like spring... So, to be honest, I think the HUGE player base of the human class, attracted by the buffs the last dev patches included, has literally changed the environment on ALL servers in their favor to a degree that makes REALLY NERFING the human class to a point like you talk about here impossible... and I think this could actually become A REAL PROBLEM for the devs in the future. Since the player base of the human class has become so intricate and involved with the games meta AND EVEN MECHANICS that some are literally starting TO MAKE MODS and CHEATS abusing many mechanics of the game.
ka lai chan
ka lai chan 5 months ago
@Darek S k
treasur 1
treasur 1 4 hours ago
lol humans have varying amount of stats some have high intellect and other have low intellect but they are relatively higher than other animals
Gamer_ grunt
Gamer_ grunt 6 hours ago
there was a small patch that no-one really talked about. the addition of Karens. these are humans that have hugely lowered intelligence stats. they are causing little pockets of PVP everywhere. humans are also decreasing in socializing, which means the devs are probably working on a nerf soon. as a human main, I think that we getting nerfed may cause some damage in the community, but that means some other classes get some more use.
Vance The Recruitment Officer
Humans are nerfed by furries, an alien race.
Vance The Recruitment Officer
Humans are better by furries, an alien race.
Vance The Recruitment Officer
The would be nerfed by furries, an alien species coming from another planet near Proxima Centauri.
Roel Espiritu
I Really wanna quit this game but i cant really find the exit button you know where i can find it?
Left Turn Productions [LTP]
I think we are currently trying to nerf ourselves
Canadian Ninja
Canadian Ninja 2 days ago
Wouldn't humans still stick with dogs tho. They would be very effective in the hunter gathering tribes.
None Yobiz
None Yobiz 3 days ago
Not much would change I got nerfed long ago
Exodia 5 days ago
Humans are already being nerfed, and they come in the alias of Flat Earther
5ChrisO 5 days ago
eh, dat guild is op
Cody Conradsen
Cody Conradsen 6 days ago
Dont you know? We are already being nerfed. We went from going to the moon to people trying to build walls between countries
Da Arkus
Da Arkus 7 days ago
2:11 Am I the only one who actually noticed reaction videoes in easy mode? XD
gideon paca�o
gideon paca�o 7 days ago
Why is the intro just moose fighting??
SINister SINderella
I actually can't believe nobody has commented on how heartbreaking it is watching whatever the fuck got kicked by that horse around 4:38 collapsing. I hope it recovered.
GGaMErZZ 9 days ago
7:50 *remembers rick roll*
Foxy The greatest pirate ever
Nerfed humans? Do you mean tiktok influencers?
5ChrisO 5 days ago
eh, don mention dat guild
Katie Silvay
Katie Silvay 9 days ago
I like how through this game people start to understand natural history, zoology, and many other types of biology.
Zoingazoid 10 days ago
Humans will be taken out in the 2020 patch
Ethan Walmsley
Ethan Walmsley 10 days ago
anyone else think trump is playtesting a int. nerfed human main?
anasheoaki 11 days ago
Dude ill be so mad if the devs nerf our class
spruce badger
spruce badger 11 days ago
Karens,flat earthers and anti vaxxers are the debuff bots
Aebro Komatme
Aebro Komatme 11 days ago
We’re only crop irrigation with Gatorade away from full blown Idiocracy, so I’ve gotta assume that nerf has already taken place.
Crypta hustletown
Crypta hustletown 13 days ago
Dude why u have runescape background music?xD
Durkadur II
Durkadur II 13 days ago
This guy is so slick with the ads
h 13 days ago
7:49 and so do I ruvid.net/video/video-ub82Xb1C8os.html
boomer 13 days ago
Nerfed human builds already exist, just look at florida
Marvin Baxter
Marvin Baxter 14 days ago
Imo humans are dumb enough already
Mason Sears
Mason Sears 14 days ago
The new patch has nerfed humans intelligence
Fuez 14 days ago
Why is life a game to you ? 😑
Devin Brown
Devin Brown 14 days ago
I played as the lowest trash tier to unlock human so fuck the devs if they nerfed humans
Pacomatic 14 days ago
The lgo in the intro looks way better than in the middle of the video.
Yogesh A
Yogesh A 14 days ago
Cattle actually can't survive without humans because, they humans cultivate fodder for them. If humans got nerfed, the huge population of cattle won't get enough food that grows naturally
debariesai 17 days ago
Despite the devs efforts to avoid it, there seems to be a bug in the game that is actually nerfing the Humans. Hi IQ players have disabled the breeding ability to avoid bringing new palyers in an inhospitable for intelligence builds server. On the other hand, low IQ players seem to have achieve lower cool downs on their breeding ability, thus spamming it until they run out of breeding mojo. According to the devs if they can't find a way to fix this bug, in a few decades humans will drop Tier for the 1st time in their history.
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy 17 days ago
The Jurassic was best expansion in my opinion. The game play required so much more strategy and team-play. The Devs just didnt listen to the player base and so you ended up with the Triassic expansion which focused on aesthetics over substance. Smh
Existn’t 17 days ago
I feel like human’s intelligence stat is lower than people make it out to be.
Levferno 19 days ago
Proof that gamer language is the best language.
BlueRedGooGoo 19 days ago
Horses are not invasive to North America. They were already here, but the population died off recently for some unknown reasons and were reintroduced. That's why they are doing so well, they originally evolved here and it's already in their DNA.
Abitamim Bharmal
Abitamim Bharmal 19 days ago
Humans have been losing brain size over the last 10000 years. In the last 500-1000 years, human bodies have been getting smaller as a slower rate than human brains, meaning we are actually becoming stupider. If ancient humans were brought as a baby to modern times, they could grow up and all become Einsteins and Newtons.
Xalcon 20 days ago
Someone fucking asked for a nerf, now the human class might be deleted.
facetubemyassplug 20 days ago
this is bait.
Człowiek Z Antykwariata
Actually africa and America is part of server where nerfed humans coexist with unnerfed ones.
Matthew Edwards
Matthew Edwards 22 days ago
The suttle diss to reaction videos
Wyatt Nooodles
Wyatt Nooodles 22 days ago
Oh god.
Erick 0
Erick 0 23 days ago
Pack your shit Timmy, WE moven back to AFRICA!
Max Horsford
Max Horsford 23 days ago
The next societal animal would have to be a biped so they could use their hands for shit
Pene-Petre Luca
Pene-Petre Luca 23 days ago
Dude u plug your sponsors realy nice
Erick Torres
Erick Torres 23 days ago
You're wrong. INSECTS and invertebrates in general, are the most overpowered general species.
yohan beck
yohan beck 26 days ago
Pig builds devastate casual players xD
yohan beck
yohan beck 26 days ago
Arguably the most carried builds in the game are seabirds. LMAO
Bratwurstboy 69
Bratwurstboy 69 26 days ago
Bats attacked humans in 2020
Nitzan G
Nitzan G 26 days ago
Humans also boast a poison resistance ability, though not to the same degree of cockroaches
Abu Ansar Al-Britani
one more type that has "unlocked agriculture" - entomoparasitic nematodes, they vomit a wad of special bacteria into their insect host, this bacteria colonizes the insect flesh killing the insect. The nematode(s) eat the bacterial colonies that grow on the insect flesh.
CookieMasterT 28 days ago
human used gun! oh wait human is dead!!
Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus
2020 be like:
It’s Sibre
It’s Sibre 28 days ago
During the covid-19 server wide event there was a secret nerf meant to weaken the human player base now there is a random mutation where the effected human would lose 50% of their intelligence and not take lockdown seriously.
Captain Animals
Captain Animals 28 days ago
Humans are not op they already are bad let’s nerf them more
Crusader Templar
Crusader Templar 29 days ago
It's Unfair, The "Astronauts" Faction Bought The Cosmos DLC for Free.
Floris Van jaap
Floris Van jaap 29 days ago
Is this all a game that i know or is it just obout the real world
Hulk 29 days ago
I think you should edit the Stats with a Def modifier as humans have unlocked the crafting skill for Blacksmithing and are able to increase Def by applying light, mediam, or heavy armor.
Alex 29 days ago
Tiktok is just killing the dumb ones for us don't worry
The COVID pandemic was a black swan event. It could jerpordize the human player base's entire support tech perks such as 'the market economy' and 'food supply chains' or it even has the chance to mutate and actually wipe out vast swaths of the human players who are not resistant against coronavirus, this could take away humans base support tech " civilization ", taking it right back to hunter gatherer status.
ً Month ago
"Australian hawks know how to spread fire and is using it to gather prey" Everybody watching in the year 2020: *_hol' up_*
Rlyeh Tenant
Rlyeh Tenant Month ago
Humans with nerfed int and no language support at all would be super weak, they would most likely extinct, both in africa and other parts of the world. Like with the sweat in the primate video, it's not so good without int. Slow-running with any stamina is defensively useless, if you can't outrun the predator. Hunting by exhausting both a prey and a hunter is a strategy with low effectiveness anyway, but it also needs int stat to both confirm kills with a weapon (naked super skinny exhausted hunters are too weak for a prey worth wasting energy on) and to cook (to buff food energy value). Same goes for reliable throwing. It requires int to either make tools, or to train in a specific way (like what some awesome prestige classes can do in modern days). Humans are op only due to superior language software. It lets those who lvl up in a society to run superior "logic thinking" instead of "conception thinking". No birds or any other build can use its language to run logic. For humans, it's even available (in a limited state) for debilitated players with int stat lower than other animals have. On the other hand, feral humans with normal int but no language driver are close in mental abilities to the chimps (and can't learn logic after a brain is developed).
Travis Month ago
Agriculture isn't necessarily a tech prerequisite for the Society technology. Some human players branched off early during development and maxed out their hunter and gatherer skills by using highly effective poisons on their projectiles, that don't spoil the meat. This allows them to only have to spend a marginal amount of time gathering their xp, which would afford them the free time necessary to make other advances in the tech tree that agriculture would allow for. They also pick up far better loot than the rest of the human class, since the loot in meats is far superior to the loot contained in the grass seeds that the rest of the human class uses. Look up the San peoples if you don't believe me.
WhiteBlock CC
WhiteBlock CC Month ago
The nerfed humans are also known as “Covidiots”
Memes and chicken
The bat has taken over already it kept everybody inside
King Hydrei
King Hydrei Month ago
Damn, throwing shade at sam o nella
I like Milk
I like Milk Month ago
Honestly his videos make me want to become a zoologist
László Patakfalvi
What if it was buffed
Kerbodynamic X
Kerbodynamic X Month ago
What if it was the opposite, humans use their own intelligence and technology to improve their intelligence even further (with brain-computer interface and genetic engineering), as well as improve their physical stats such as power, mobility and defence (cyborg and genetic engineering). Which becomes S+ on the rank?
Ethan Mangrum
Ethan Mangrum Month ago
Are there any mods in this game?
Natalie Tarrant
Natalie Tarrant Month ago
If humans turned nomadic theyd still live in the american and eurasian continents tho right. Maybe not Australia.
Natalie Tarrant
Natalie Tarrant Month ago
I guess itd depend on their ability to avoid danger. Nerfed humans dont have much hp
xxDrain Month ago
Goes to never before explored depths of the sea. Finds spam.
DraKaleel 18
DraKaleel 18 Month ago
You predicted 2020’s apocalyptic patch
Tekni 9
Tekni 9 Month ago
Where do i get this game
Thinking Ronin
Thinking Ronin Month ago
When humans unlocked Multiculturalism and Dysgenics, the nerfing commenced.
general trashcan
4:39 I think that horse was using hacks to make the hitboxes bigger unless there was a glitch that day
17Ethan Fry
17Ethan Fry Month ago
Who the hell is out here nuking armadillos
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