What I Wish I Knew My First Year Of Playing - Guitar Chord Theory

Marty Music
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Hopefully, I can save you some trouble and teach you the things I WISH I knew when I started playing guitar!
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Nov 2, 2018




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Comments 80
Marty Music
Marty Music Year ago
Thanks for supporting MartyMusic! Also Learn more about the CAGED system here: www.martymusic.com/store/dBvdA2om
Aiken Sugarbush
Aiken Sugarbush Month ago
U dah man Marty!
Partho Nath
Partho Nath Month ago
Sir, i'm a beginnner. I need lessons on chords shifting practice and most useful strumming patterns
Scout Finch
Scout Finch 2 months ago
This really had me just shaking my head why I don't know this! Thank you, for sure!
llewxameide 54
llewxameide 54 3 months ago
I discovered this months ago. My only problem is putting it all together
Charles Rast
Charles Rast 3 months ago
Well ya know many players just want to show off. I appreciate the way you actually teach us to play beautiful music
Kory King
Kory King Hour ago
nice t shirt
Sofia Ferreira
Sofia Ferreira 6 hours ago
This is so helpful. Thank you! Subscribed :-)
Garrett Johnson
This definitely opened my mind up a lot, I feel as a beginner you do a great job of translating things into easy ways of understanding and applying
Garrett Johnson
Me being the beginner; I feel like I worded that weird lol
Alyssa Byrd
Alyssa Byrd 2 days ago
Here I am months later trying to soak this up still lol 😂 like I know I’ve seen this video. I went and forgot some stuff got hyped on some other songs and guitar things. Got to rethink it from a diff perspective. 🤯 It’s starting to click more. I think I’ll have to get your caged system thing ASAP! I’ve been working on guitar for awhile. Now I really want to learn some serious things to advance my playing.
נועם גולברי
Matthew Binney
Matthew Binney 4 days ago
Steve Dog Wildman
Love it Marty. Yeah I knew this, but your video has given me a kick to work at this and get more familiar so as to learn instantly what shape where = what chord. You make barring look so easy. Is it really just about practise practise practise?
John Paul Jones
John Paul Jones 5 days ago
Isn’t it over the hills and far away by the Led Zeppelin?
Darth Hammer
Darth Hammer 6 days ago
What’s different between the Eminor at the top of the guitar and the one on the lower end ?
Teach McBride
Teach McBride 7 days ago
Added another notch! Thank you Marty!
Kollyn Jones
Kollyn Jones 8 days ago
name of song at beginning
Paul G
Paul G 8 days ago
Holy shizzz Marty you son of a ... Mind blown!!! Amazing stuff. Great work!
Chris Watson
Chris Watson 8 days ago
I feel like Neo at the end of the matrix rn
Rob S
Rob S 8 days ago
Just a terrific teacher of basic guitar theory. And he breaks it down to make it as simple as possible to understand....and he makes it FUN!!! Marty is truly the best.
naturepeedbump 11 days ago
Always knew about the F/Maj barr cord could move on up the neck , but I never real thought about the rest .Thanks Marty u da man
Steve Allen
Steve Allen 12 days ago
Marty, when did you start playing guitar and what are the most useful things you’ve found to really take you to your next levels of learning?
Crazy Card
Crazy Card 12 days ago
Hi , can you please teach us how to play "chan chan "
70 Grade
70 Grade 12 days ago
What model Taylor is this guitar?
Michael Kuttles
Michael Kuttles 14 days ago
Hi Marty. I’ve been following you for many years now. You truly are the best when it comes to teaching guitar. You break it down better than anyone. Just wanted to say, please stop being an apologist regarding touching on theory. I love when you get into theory. If people don’t want to learn it, they might as well sell their guitars.
Kai 17 days ago
Thanks for the help! You’ve been a savior for my quarantine guitar lessons. On the musical alphabet that you talk about, which jumps are full steps and which jumps are half steps?
Ruben Epping
Ruben Epping 18 days ago
I just had a ad that said that learning on yt isn't a good thing. but you prove them wrong every time :D
Mira Zakhour
Mira Zakhour 18 days ago
Should I be learning how to play songs first or learn music theory
C'sMusicBeat 19 days ago
OMG🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 thank you @MartyMusic
jose pena
jose pena 20 days ago
is thiis work for any open chord?
strudensky 21 day ago
wow! so helpful. thank-you!
John Hasler
John Hasler 22 days ago
Daniela Hertz
Daniela Hertz 22 days ago
Can someone please explain why the D and Dm shapes didn’t need to be barred when moved up the fretboard.
Daniela Hertz
Daniela Hertz 20 days ago
Kimber Gabryszak yes that makes sense! Thanks a lot for answering me :)
Kimber Gabryszak
Kimber Gabryszak 20 days ago
He was only playing the three strings with fingers on them - you only need to barre a chord if you’ll be playing any open strings as the barre keeps the open string the same distance from the rest. Hope that makes sense!
tam o'brien
tam o'brien 24 days ago
Lovely theory. Intro to Extreme Wholehearted comes to mind Marti
Nick Lewis
Nick Lewis 24 days ago
Great content but I think you should Invest in better microphones. Nearly every acoustic guitar I’ve heard you play no matter how high quality a guitar (like this one) you’re playing, it really doesn’t demonstrate the great tones of these guitars. Thanks for your work.
Eddie Esquivel
Eddie Esquivel 24 days ago
That was extremely helpful knowledge!!!!!! Thanks brother!
zaythefresh 24 days ago
You just unlocked many doors for me
Michael Jaudian
Michael Jaudian 25 days ago
I’m trying to learn how to play a guitar here on youtube and I just saw this. My mind just explode. 😳
Emeric Jalbert
Emeric Jalbert 25 days ago
Ma man marty coming to carry the begginers! Honestly man a huge thanks to you
John Peters
John Peters 27 days ago
Mind blown. Thanks Marty!
mtsampt 28 days ago
now i can play 7 Nation Army THANKS
You Tube
You Tube 28 days ago
Do a video like this on 7th chords please
nilesh jadhav
nilesh jadhav 29 days ago
This was very useful It opened the whole new world for me
James Christopher
James Christopher 29 days ago
Im in second year of playing and I could care less about this. Still trying to figure out transitioning to each chord and how to work up and down the fretboard...
Jerry PEAL
Jerry PEAL 29 days ago
Great way to look at it
Paco Jimenez
Paco Jimenez Month ago
Awesome! Thank you so much!
Jan Bakiewicz
Jan Bakiewicz Month ago
Thanks for that lesson. I have a question. How to know in which key the song is? For example Scar Tissue in in d minor, another song is in a minor, etc...
Anne Fadilla
Anne Fadilla Month ago
throughout this video, im either crying or blown away. i've been playing guitar for 14 years, im a self-taught guitar player. never for once im bothered enough to learn this until today. but its okay, while we're in the middle of this pandemic, im relearning music/guitar/piano theory. so thank you so much for this video!
A great big thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!! I thought I'd have a hard time learning guitar and you are helping me learn so easily!
bigmachine Month ago
Thanks for teaching this theory.. this was very helpful and it did unlock my understanding how other riffs are played over certain basic chords .. and how did they sound in sync .. i didnt know that before and ive been playing guitar a long time now.
Duncan Hurst
Duncan Hurst Month ago
Super helpful
Jeroen Thielens
Jeroen Thielens Month ago
I'm a bass player so I don't know sh*t about chords, just rootnotes, but now I started playing guitar and this is litteraly the best thing I've seen
brownpunk Month ago
Uncle albert will pop in for dinner.pls unlock the door at 6pm and pick up the turkey on the way home Love Mum
John X
John X Month ago
Solid gold. Thank Marty. PS - think my lightbulb is fused!
Taylor Sanchez
Taylor Sanchez Month ago
Maaaaarty shwarts here
Elaine Giordano
Elaine Giordano Month ago
Brilliant in its simplicity. Thank you. . This opens up a world of possibilities in an instant.
Shae McLean
Shae McLean Month ago
Thank you so much for the tip!!!
alan vella
alan vella Month ago
A brilliant teacher. Infectious enthusiasm and energy.
Tim Lazar
Tim Lazar Month ago
how is he muting the top 3 strings?
jaden attard
jaden attard Month ago
Ranjith Swaroop
Ranjith Swaroop Month ago
This lesson is an eye opener!!!! Thank you very much!
T L Month ago
Well why the hell didn’t somebody just say that?!! Thankfully Marty did!! It makes perfect sense now...thank you!!!
All ways Man
All ways Man Month ago
Thanks Marty for breaking that down! it really helped I.
Vaughn Woodruff
Vaughn Woodruff Month ago
Love it!
Jordan Kennedy
Jordan Kennedy Month ago
Thank you so much for these videos, Marty. I've started playing guitar again due to the pandemic and find your videos incredibly easy to follow and fun!
Robin Bhairam
Robin Bhairam Month ago
An ‘Ah!!’ moment!! But what is the advantage? Thanks 😊
Nahema Benjamin
Nahema Benjamin Month ago
This is briliant thank you so much
Costas Constantinou
You explain things so clearly 👍
Richard Runions
Richard Runions Month ago
Marty music I am learning to play and you are the only teacher I watch. Things are broken down for slow folks like me. I have watched other people trying to teach and they just don't connect with me. Thank you for what you do and for slowly revealing new techniques at a learnable rate.
Ahmad Danish
Ahmad Danish Month ago
Hey marty just want to ask if I can play any song without learning the caged system pentatonic scale but just depend on tabs
Ewan Dines
Ewan Dines Month ago
ok so i now understand the concept of the neck however what are these chords. when you started on the d minor and got back up to an a minor i just got confused bcus its at the opposite end of the neck to the a minor that i know off, at the top. i dont really know what i don’t understand.
Special Jay-Bud
Special Jay-Bud Month ago
Dude, awesome beard, awesome lessons! It's been a while since I've seen any of your older videos and gotta say, you still rock the same as when I was 14 And trying hard to learn the basics at home:) Thanks for the courage you gave me, Cool-ass Hatted Miracle!
Ahmad Danish
Ahmad Danish Month ago
The most understandable guitar caged for me thanks Marty
Wyatt J. Sullivant
Wow, thanks so much from the okayest teen
Hey yeah so this is as easy as theory gets, so its d, then 2 moves to e, two moves to f, then one move to g, everybody knows that!. Okay so you can play this g, this g(moves halfway down the neck, or this g, or even this g which os connected to this f because its all in the flow cause this is this here and this is this there ok got it good, lets move on- Me-🤦🏻‍♂️ bro wtf
Paula Teves
Paula Teves Month ago
this was my doubt for a long time, like what are those “D” chords on other frets. This explanation is really good, everything is clearer now. Thank you so much!!
Eniluap Ecrogal
Eniluap Ecrogal Month ago
This video Will change my life
Nathan King
Nathan King Month ago
Can’t believe it. This just literally blew my mind! How simple and yet something that I haven’t learnt before and I’ve been playing for 2 years. I would look at tabs to find the chords. Thank you so much.
Kate Cruz
Kate Cruz Month ago
I play a wind instrument (trumpet) and it’s really just like any other instrument. With different fingerings, essentially you get the same note or different octave.
Steven Nagel
Steven Nagel Month ago
What is the strumming pattern when you go from G to A?
libertas1776 Month ago
My jaw literally dropped at that simple but previously unknown (to me) concept. Thanks, Marty!
Marty Music
Marty Music Month ago
Glad it was helpful!
Chinthaka Kasun
Chinthaka Kasun Month ago
very useful..!
Joe Hinojosa
Joe Hinojosa Month ago
MiKra Fon
MiKra Fon Month ago
Francesco Andretti
Wtf man. You opened my mind with this. It's so simple, but so fucking awesome! Thank you very much Marty.
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