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Anastasia Karanikolaou
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for my mental health and so i wouldn’t be all alone in this time of crisis Victoria and Sofia have officially moved in with me during this quarantine, they are not going back and forth from their house to mine, they packed a bag to stay and have been here since this started.
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Apr 7, 2020




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Comments 80
sophnang_ 12 hours ago
y do american girls sound like fricking robots
Cristina A
Cristina A 22 hours ago
Esoo im half greek, mad proud... Love me some tiropita and spanakopita
17Dylan Sanchez11
I love you😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😍😘
Fiona O'Keefe
Fiona O'Keefe 5 days ago
I know Anastasia, she’s an actress....she played in the Turkish series Kosem as the younger Kosem who rose up the ranks from a harem girl to one of the most powerful women of the Ottoman Empire! I knew I saw her before!
Fae Liwag
Fae Liwag 7 days ago
She has some wheat bread I thought she was allergic to gluten
sujit yadav
sujit yadav 8 days ago
Cracked voice
Doria Hafsaoui
Doria Hafsaoui 9 days ago
Looks delicious but I’d be starving if I ate that light lol
J Fitty
J Fitty 9 days ago
Who are you? And who cares?
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime 9 days ago
For some reason this was recommended to me...RUvid, stop playin'.
john mcneill
john mcneill 11 days ago
I could care less what she eats everyday I just clicked because I seen a hot girl
merve alp
merve alp 11 days ago
your voice is so annoying
fat boy plays guitar
Kay L.
Kay L. 12 days ago
Can u pls do more cook with me videos? Last time u made turkey patties and they turned out so good when I recreated that meal. It’s a regular in my weeknight dinner rotation!
buzzaw YT
buzzaw YT 12 days ago
i made some chicken yesterday me: wh how ????
alxmeadows 13 days ago
Who cares!
mimi ben
mimi ben 13 days ago
We need a skincare routine😍😍
j0sH092 14 days ago
I hate ego driven youtube channels lmao
Jewel Elizabeth
Jewel Elizabeth 14 days ago
Wil you please do more cooking videos! Love these 💞Maybe a kitchen tour and where you get your cooking stuff from 🌸
manvi smith
manvi smith 15 days ago
those are samosas!!!! thank you very much
Megan Mallory
Megan Mallory 15 days ago
Damn, if the only thing on your face that can move is your eyes when you blink, you’ve got wayyy too much plastic surgery.
Jillian Carrico
Jillian Carrico 13 days ago
How about the idea of not shaming people because of the way they look...? K thx.
It’sDrHind 16 days ago
The triangles * Arabs called it sambosa we making it usually during Ramadan
Max Herrera
Max Herrera 16 days ago
Forgot that one
Max Herrera
Max Herrera 16 days ago
Nalro 16 days ago
I don’t even watch this type of content, why is this in my recommended??
GeorgeErika 16 days ago
Who is we? Is she living with Kylie?😀
louisa frempong
louisa frempong 16 days ago
Her voice is so annoying
Voldemort1989 16 days ago
Who is we?
Random Person
Random Person 19 days ago
shes so damn beautiful😍
MaxTS 19 days ago
Ugh! Bored of this kind of women. The oppossite to elegance and an empty brain
John Karl
John Karl 19 days ago
I no what I would eat every day if I lived with you 🤪
Desiree Babie
Desiree Babie 20 days ago
House tour update
Megan Roca
Megan Roca 21 day ago
wait can we talk about how good that chicken noodle soup looked.....
Emily Sins
Emily Sins 21 day ago
Do you wax or laser your body hair
goggles789 21 day ago
Why do we need to know what she eats?
Nichelle Sadiwirja
Nichelle Sadiwirja 22 days ago
Do a closet tour.
Christopher Angelica
Alan Malcheski
Alan Malcheski 23 days ago
How many Valtrex does she take in a day?
Me Ve
Me Ve 23 days ago
Wtf?!?!?! Don't know who you are, but the voice. My head! Who gives af what you eat?!?!! How many views?!?!? Wtf is wrong with people????!!!!
Blazey 23 days ago
hey baby how u doinnn
itsyeboi celeb
itsyeboi celeb 23 days ago
Dream girlfriend
John G
John G 23 days ago
Who’s we?
ELLA .Q 24 days ago
Worst version of paris hilton..'we' sorry not sorry.
Jerry W
Jerry W 24 days ago
Summer Nhi
Summer Nhi 24 days ago
what I think my sexy voice sounds like
Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark 24 days ago
You forgot lip injections
Noor Wahab
Noor Wahab 24 days ago
Amberlynn reid should learn from this vid how to actually COOK SOUP..
John G
John G 23 days ago
Email me sometime 😉
Josiah Jacobs
Josiah Jacobs 25 days ago
No one cares
MyVida Fit
MyVida Fit 25 days ago
Anastasia, LOVE the avocado-tomato toast!
Stud Lord
Stud Lord 26 days ago
Synonyms for "delicious" : mouthwatering · appetizing · tasty · flavorsome · flavorful · delectable · toothsome · inviting · very enjoyable · very palatable · succulent · luscious · rich · sweet · savory · piquant · scrumptious · delish · scrummy · yummy · yum-yum · moreish · finger-licking · nummy · ambrosial · ambrosian · nectareous · nectarean · flavorous · sapid....
Stud Lord
Stud Lord 14 days ago
@shrestha Sarmah I admit that. Should I have said so? I was just trying to be helpful.
shrestha Sarmah
shrestha Sarmah 14 days ago
Lol direct copy paste from Google.
shrestha Sarmah
shrestha Sarmah 14 days ago
Lol direct copy paste from Google.
Anousha Narayanan
Anousha Narayanan 16 days ago
ava papageorga
ava papageorga 26 days ago
Yes love a Greek queen!!!twins
Poised_Exotic 27 days ago
I'm sorry but I don't remember asking
Christina Kakoulli
Christina Kakoulli 27 days ago
Your greek pronunciation is perfect! (I’m a greek-cypriot, greek is my first language). Your consonants are sharp and clear. A tiny detail: spanAkopita (bc of spanaki). Can you speak greek?
Christina Kakoulli
Christina Kakoulli 27 days ago
Just watched your Q&A where you say you don’t speak much xx
Christina Kakoulli
Christina Kakoulli 27 days ago
Your greek pronunciation is perfect! (I’m a greek-cypriot, greek is my first language)
D H 27 days ago
Nobody cares about what you do.
JAMES AXIOS 27 days ago
Where were you 30 yrs ago when i got married!!! A beautiful Greek girl that can cook like my yiayia!!!
Holly Hansen
Holly Hansen 27 days ago
WhO iS tHe We?
Evie Harper
Evie Harper 27 days ago
i was just watching her what i eat in a day video from 2017, she looks like a different person lols
Sammy ZEE
Sammy ZEE 28 days ago
Stass is so Beautiful!
نور الدين
نور الدين 24 days ago
You beautiful.
نور الدين
نور الدين 24 days ago
HhhhhhhhhhhYou beautiful
0:56 maded?
Sandy Yep
Sandy Yep 28 days ago
you are extremely beautiful!
Alexandre Bacellar
Alexandre Bacellar 28 days ago
I love you and yours vídeos. I am Brazilian. I don't speak english. Sorry.
Tarun Maharia
Tarun Maharia 28 days ago
Why she gotta be so cute 😍
v q
v q 29 days ago
Drew Manilla
Drew Manilla 29 days ago
Your boring
Schrute Farms
Schrute Farms 29 days ago
Her vocal fry 😑
Brihanna Goncalves
_ Dynamic
_ Dynamic Month ago
"We?" Ma'am I ate fruity peebles for breakfast then went to do horrible p.t with my platoon.
You eat stassiebabys?
Maha Month ago
Someone wife this woman up already!
Abood Ahmad
Abood Ahmad Month ago
You are so pretty wtf
Marry Me You are my Perfect Match, you cook, clean and many other things...I love you.
Hestia Demeter
Hestia Demeter Month ago
why would anyone care what you eat in a day?
Mr. J
Mr. J Month ago
Who cares Obviously you’ve had a big bowl of narcissistic Stew
Anny The Anon
Anny The Anon Month ago
First, hella surprised you can cook. Colour me stupid. Second, listen up everyone. Her soup..... is a GREAT recipe for a simple chicken noodle soup. Especially adding the ginger!! Try it! If you want a little extra flavour, add a dash of pepper flakes. And for the chicken, add some olive oil to a pan, and saute/toast the chicken until a little crispy with lemon pepper or all purpose seasoning and black pepper. This adds a little more texture and flavour. BUT how she cooked it, amazing as is!!!
pipelidis Xaralampos
Τι τυροπίτα ρε ηλίθια τυρόπιτα λέγεται
WoodMxn Midoriya
Stassieeeee 😍😍😍
villeDify Month ago
Stassi is so HOT! 🔥🔥🔥😍😍
DRIFTERMIKE 44 Month ago
Avra St
Avra St Month ago
Im from greece and i know exactly how tastes the snack she had I love it
your average depressed memer
*face swaps with Billie Eilish* _p e r f e c t_
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