What I Cut From The Home Hair Cuts Video (outtakes)

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May 31, 2020




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Comments 80
Frances Wetton
Frances Wetton 16 hours ago
My hairdresser gives me tea....
Cassandra 20 hours ago
Damn when Cristine's hair is down like that she be looking like those homeschooled horse girls
Gabbin Tine
Gabbin Tine 2 days ago
Where’s Jen
Riley Shortreed
Riley Shortreed 2 days ago
rip cris's hair u will be missed
Nicole Ndayisaba
Nicole Ndayisaba 3 days ago
Hey you should do a black lives matter nail art
Kaliyah Clown
Kaliyah Clown 4 days ago
Everybody gangsta until ben starts talking in a and extremity voice
Mubaraka Latiwala
Cristene : good dog good dog Ben:yeah ,yeah Me:😂😂😂😂
Makenah Harris
Makenah Harris 5 days ago
You should prank Ben and tell him your breaking up lol 😂
Soph K
Soph K 10 days ago
Cristine - I CaN MAke A LiTTle BEn PupPEt OuT OF it ANd ThEn I CaN STAB IT WHENEVER I WANT Me- ......
nessaann27 12 days ago
K weird ass idea. Can you clip your nails and like glue/buff them together and make a new nail? (Inspired by people fixing sinks with ramen)
Rose Hill
Rose Hill 12 days ago
at 0:07 ben is just chopping air
Dylan Stepanek
Dylan Stepanek 12 days ago
Ben: LEVELS, Levels, levels Me: gEt On mY eLaVaToR
elizabeth ledet
elizabeth ledet 13 days ago
i can't wait to have grey hair ^-^ (it's already grey rn lmao)
Ulydoodles 14 days ago
my cat and i are here before hairdresser reacts
Kyle Man
Kyle Man 14 days ago
That was great, thanks😉
Alicia Roberts
Alicia Roberts 15 days ago
I was fell asleep on the lounge next to my husband and he started playing with my hair...I woke up later and went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and saw 30 odd plaits in my hair. Ben's energy in this reminded me of that.
eppi 17 days ago
paitynx playz
paitynx playz 17 days ago
My mom has natural red hair my hair is died rainbow 🌈 but its naturaly blonde
Just Lisa
Just Lisa 18 days ago
Christine, you need to the collab with Brad. You only live once. I bet he’d respect your need for length and do some beautiful shaping.
midnight rain9
midnight rain9 20 days ago
8:18 ben got a bit touchy lol
midnight rain9
midnight rain9 20 days ago
8;18 ben got a little it touchy
ExpiredMilkk !
ExpiredMilkk ! 21 day ago
Ben modeling us the official dad fit 😍
ExpiredMilkk !
ExpiredMilkk ! 21 day ago
I would’ve declined brads collab too 🤭
Jeri Lee French
Jeri Lee French 21 day ago
You know you are in trouble when he says whack a wkack a whack !!!
picknbeansmamma 23 days ago
I. Am. So. Jealous. Of. Your. Hair. Cristine. 🙁 Lol
Brianne Ellyse Hart
I love the night and day difference of Ben’s confidence on camera. Not only is he not nervous or uncomfortable anymore on camera, but he’s ten times more confident and silly too! Also, he smiles a lot more too, which is great, because both him and Cristine are so gorgeous when they smile and laugh! 🥰🥰😁😁😁 It makes me so happy!
GiddyLJ 24 days ago
Hannah Kershaw
Hannah Kershaw 25 days ago
Love how ben talking about old people 😂
Shreya Sunil
Shreya Sunil 25 days ago
i didnt know that ben was also goofy
jen k
jen k 25 days ago
Try overtone! It’s color that’s not permanent and good for your hair! Cool way to try without damaging or anything!
TruthSword 26 days ago
I dont believe she would have anyone cut hair.
Suomitiare Herrero
Suomitiare Herrero 26 days ago
My grama had PINK HAIR! 🍵❣️❤️😍🇫🇮🇪🇦
Radhika Somani
Radhika Somani 26 days ago
Honestly do get a haircut Cristine. And no I don't mean some fancy new cut or colour because you are not comfortable with that. Just for it's health let someone trim it. It will be even and will shed and get damaged less :) All this unsolicited advice aside my hair is currently as long as yours and I just keep sitting on it 😂😂
Alyssa Castillo
Alyssa Castillo 26 days ago
u should have done the collab with brad he is a really good hairstylist
Tsunami 27 days ago
Cristine: you look like a grizzly man Me: then you dont wanna see my dads hair lolz
Linds Palmer
Linds Palmer 27 days ago
Okay, it’s Christine’s hair. Let her do what she wants, but she WOULD look super cute also with a lob (long bob)
Anadalay Garcia
Anadalay Garcia 28 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks that she looked like Brittany form glee?
Evan Dornfeld
Evan Dornfeld 28 days ago
Did cazwell pop into anyone else’s head?
bonanahh 29 days ago
Cristine would probably look super cute with purple or blue hair!
Coco 29 days ago
hair, obviously
Black Ivory
Black Ivory 29 days ago
omfg ben's really good at singing wtf
Ashley Mcclanahan
Just a suggestion BEN NAILS!! 🤔
Amanda Xu
Amanda Xu Month ago
The dog impression part is SOOO lovely!
Maddie McClure
Maddie McClure Month ago
a real hair cut!
That One Weird Vin
Cristine and ben should dye each others hair!!!
Gwen Covey
Gwen Covey Month ago
ben should put out an album
Pink Lemonade
Pink Lemonade Month ago
Wacka wacka wacka wacka wacka wacka woooooo
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Month ago
Jesus Ben can make his voice DEEP
Lil Iodine
Lil Iodine Month ago
I love this!!
i Month ago
Honestly I'm just very happy that finally someone noticed the bad advice Mykie has been passing out. Girls, don't shave off your eyebrows, not everyone is the same and not everyone's are gonna grow back nicely. Also, Cristine, I'm soooo sad that you passed on an opportunity to collaborate with Brad Mondo!!! At least put a wig on and let him cut it lol
TurkBurg Month ago
C. S.
C. S. Month ago
But I really want the Brad Mondo collab!! 😭😭😭
Hope OConnell
Hope OConnell Month ago
You are so weird Cristine, but that's why we love you.
Winnie Clacio
Winnie Clacio Month ago
Yeah, Ben is DEFINITELY an Aries.
Im shooketh
Im shooketh Month ago
Damn sis that photo of you with blonde hair 😍
Rebecca Gaddy
Rebecca Gaddy Month ago
Sooo cute 💕
Sherry Wade
Sherry Wade Month ago
"You have no idea what you're doing" "Yes I do I watched a brad mondo video" Lol
Winchester Student3033
Video idea: Maybe you should do a "making tea backwards" video.I was making tea and came up with it, thought you would like it.Just a suggestion! :)
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Month ago
Cristine: you're going to cut like this cuts upwards Beyyyn: OK Also Beyyyn: cuts straight across
vanille mai
vanille mai Month ago
My hair used to be as long as your hair for years and yesterday I cut it off
Alice Othmer
Alice Othmer Month ago
My g-ma has BRIGHT red hair, very short and she has had it for a while. My other g-ma has dyed brown hair with NO grays peeking through. It looks pretty natural because she’s pretty young.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Month ago
0:38 Didn’t know Ben knew Nicki Minaj 😂
Sam Month ago
My mom dyed her hair until she lost it all from chemotherapy and now it is all white and gray
idiotoninternet Month ago
Btw I have been to some salons that’s have offered me tea/coffee :3
Jess Butera
Jess Butera Month ago
When ever i watch your videos, i feel like im not dieing anymore. Life at the moment is so stressful and sad. I am just putting my heart out to everyone in the world struggling.
Lauren B.
Lauren B. Month ago
Still waiting for Cristine to upload a video called " Reorganizing my nail polishes... again"
Anusree Vydier
Anusree Vydier Month ago
Can you try watermarbale nails using holo nail polish
Naya Lunami
Naya Lunami Month ago
Watching this right after watching Brad Mondo is hilarious. Ben is all logical with his like- serious voice- and it comes right after ten full minutes of Brad Mondo's big mood excitement.
Katrine kristensen
Love how Cristine licks his ear and gets shocked when she get's hair in her mouth
cindy coss
cindy coss Month ago
People with grey hair dye it wonky because they can. The grey hair makes it so much easier to dye. It sucks up the dye
Megan Yax
Megan Yax Month ago
LOL don't be silly Ben, no one on here is old enough to remember who Ja Rule even is...
Akari Sasaki
Akari Sasaki Month ago
Rock girl
Rock girl Month ago
I've lost count of the amount of times Cristine is just completely shocked that Ben didn't completely fuck up
Katy P
Katy P Month ago
my cat is a stupid piece of crap
They’re not scissors their SHEERS. I’m triggered
Rock girl
Rock girl Month ago
0:26 My hairdresser is unisex, and they do offer tea :)
Kimberley Sorrells
Ok but one side of Cristine's hair is very much longer than the other.
Kimberley Sorrells
A cat food commercial before simply is so fitting
Putrid Month ago
0:38 Didn’t know Ben knew Nicki Minaj 😂
abcdenisse Month ago
There's no way there's any hair left with color, she could definitely donate it if she wanted to.
Javen Martin
Javen Martin Month ago
Hear me out. Ben with a shaved head.🔥
Nichole Brown
Nichole Brown Month ago
LOOK AT THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD ohmylawd that got me good
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