What High School Guys ACTUALLY Look For In A Girl...

Millie T
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My high school guy friends give advice to girls and talk about what they look for and find attractive in a girl. It gets VERY messy...
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Oct 14, 2019




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Comments 428
D block Europe Fan4life
Spencer : cook dinner Me : sounds like your a dad and married already
chloe may
chloe may 2 hours ago
love ben😭😭
Nikki Stephanson
Nikki Stephanson 17 hours ago
I’m that one kid in the beginning of the video just on his phone covered in blankets
Steiner Alice
Steiner Alice 4 days ago
„Who you shhhing too, we own the house“ hahah
Steiner Alice
Steiner Alice 4 days ago
I love this whole awesome video
Lyla Mason
Lyla Mason 4 days ago
They should do this but with Millie answering
Ciara Maloney
Ciara Maloney 5 days ago
i want lewys here aswell
Roisin Hanley
Roisin Hanley 5 days ago
Ben was spitting straight fax
Jemima Rose
Jemima Rose 5 days ago
mood: 9:53 & just jacob the whole time tbf
200k with no videos ??
İ need these bitchs in my life xD You guys are bitches to keep
Goss queen
Goss queen 8 days ago
ANSWER- not me
Hrishita Pramanik
jacob looks like a cute lil snuggled up bear and we stan
jasmine P
jasmine P 8 days ago
Are we ignoring the fact Jordan can actually sing tho 😍
jasmine P
jasmine P 8 days ago
Spencer 😍
n Jai
n Jai 8 days ago
ben is the only normal one... I guess lol
Ella Morrall
Ella Morrall 11 days ago
charmie and kate are adorable
Yoyo :
Yoyo : 11 days ago
Jacob and ben be like 🙂🙃
Ch4rlotte Eliz4beth
Ok but is Ben single ??? I’m just asking for a friend
Sister Subscriber
Sister Subscriber 14 days ago
We need a longer and uncensored version please !
Swiftly-Taylor 16 days ago
Ben is so cute
Sophia Ray
Sophia Ray 16 days ago
Is it me or I fell like Ben was being sarcastic that whole time
Hannah Call
Hannah Call 17 days ago
i really loved this vid
Amanda Stoenel
Amanda Stoenel 17 days ago
Your accents are so hot
Amelia. 21
Amelia. 21 17 days ago
This is the duo/gang I never new I needed in my life where is this RUvid channel at guys?
Kat Balasa
Kat Balasa 18 days ago
jacob is a whole ass mood
lol 18 days ago
i am the jacob in my friendship group
helloivory s
helloivory s 18 days ago
Don't waste your time 3:34
Ali L
Ali L 18 days ago
jacob seems so sad i wanna give him a hug
Medina 18 days ago
you're gonna need to start adding subtitles cause I can't understand u guys through ur accents
Stephany W
Stephany W 19 days ago
Please do a prank on the social climbers!
Ella Sings x
Ella Sings x 19 days ago
I could just tell who Jacob was the first time I looked at him 😂😂
Sara Xxx
Sara Xxx 20 days ago
*I keep closing my eyes and see bart Simpson* - Jacob
Em 67398
Em 67398 20 days ago
I feel like cami, Millie and Jordan are real dicks the others are so sweet
Molly Ewins
Molly Ewins 20 days ago
Why is this how I wanna be with my friends lmao They r all goals 💕💕💕
Lily Potter
Lily Potter 21 day ago
What was the point of this video? Every “honest” thing was censored out
mikalah 12 days ago
Lily Potter she would’ve probably gotten demonetized because the words she bleeps out is because they aren’t following the youtube guide lines.
Alana Mcbroom
Alana Mcbroom 21 day ago
why dose jacob always look depressed lol
Emily Correia
Emily Correia 22 days ago
You copied Maiphammy
Charlotte Charlotte
“Someone keeps farting and it’s so annoying” ahahahahaha dead
Rosie Go fuck your self
It starts at 2.38 😂
Sara 22 days ago
jacob is me
Jamilahxv 22 days ago
This was so censored it lowkey fucked up the whole video...
Jamilahxv 22 days ago
Jacob: “I’m not having sex before marriage” Millie: “you already have” Jacob: “you could go again😌” 😂😂😂
Brooke Walker
Brooke Walker 22 days ago
And that's why most of them if not all of them are single. This is opinions from a 18 year old lads, they're opinions might change when they mature.
Ailean Cope
Ailean Cope 22 days ago
“I keep closing my eyes and seeing Bart Simpson” PERIOD
Ailean Cope
Ailean Cope 22 days ago
Sorry but why Jordan got bars lol
Alisha Williams
Alisha Williams 23 days ago
millie taking notes and i ooppp
claudia hickson
claudia hickson 23 days ago
Daisy Talbot
Daisy Talbot 23 days ago
think it’s fair to say Bens a fitty😍
ella_ripley_ 23 days ago
Jacob and Ben be like: 📱and pop
Shannon Jade
Shannon Jade 24 days ago
Ben is like OMG OMG SO CUTE
Nikoletta Antonioy
Nikoletta Antonioy 24 days ago
Stop bleeping jordannnnnnn
ella harris
ella harris 25 days ago
Emelia Robinson
Emelia Robinson 25 days ago
We needed subtitles😂
Emma H
Emma H 25 days ago
So Jacob and I are getting married
Emma H
Emma H 25 days ago
these guys seem like college boys I’m confused... british accents really do make people seem more mature
Lauren x
Lauren x 25 days ago
They are all around 19 - 21/22 i believe so yeah they kinda are
Fatima S
Fatima S 26 days ago
I don’t like how Millie says raw video and stuff but censors it
Leila Abdulla
Leila Abdulla 26 days ago
Ben 🥺❤️
felicity dawn marshall-leis
Low key steal mai Phammys idea
Jazz Grey
Jazz Grey 26 days ago
jacob is a whole mood through the video😂💀
Faith Revell
Faith Revell 27 days ago
Does it make anyone else triggered that spencer is wearing his shoes inside?!??!!
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