High School Guys Answer Embarrassing Questions Girls Are Too Afraid To Ask...

Millie T
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My high school guy friends give advice to girls and talk about what they look for and answer embarrassing questions girls are too afraid to ask. It gets VERY messy...
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Oct 14, 2019




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Comments 80
Lucia Armstrong
Lucia Armstrong 5 days ago
Is it just me or is Spencer like gorgeous lolz
Mary 65
Mary 65 11 days ago
Amber’s Vlogs
Amber’s Vlogs 14 days ago
I hate how all the guys speak
Liv C
Liv C 17 days ago
Anyone sat watching this video in lockdown wishing they made the channel so you could just binge them
helena 22 days ago
holy shit Jordan's an arrogant fuck
Nancy M
Nancy M 25 days ago
Jacob is such a mood cba🤣
koreangirl Month ago
Pls give me jordans instagram
Ivy B.
Ivy B. Month ago
Note: guys, noticibly trying to get me to like you is not a turn off, I think it shows humility and chivalry.
Lottie FL
Lottie FL Month ago
(Go listen to coconut milk - jack duff nd spencer 😉 Issa tune)
dilara melek kapucu
You were so cute at the beginning that’s the reason i liked the video
kimmy hed
kimmy hed Month ago
what does spencer say at the start
Maya Mansourova
Maya Mansourova Month ago
Jacob did not pass the vibe check
Georgie Townsend
Is Jacob depressed ?
Erica Lewis
Erica Lewis 2 months ago
the jacob dude kinda looks like dean ....he's from Korea if anyone is confuse about who the hell is dean
Random TikToks
Random TikToks 2 months ago
I swear they never made that channel
Abbey 2 months ago
I’ve been Jacob in this situation before and it’s not fun
toni hall
toni hall 2 months ago
They say they like weird girls but apparently I'm too weird for any boy lmaooo
J K 3 months ago
7:45 his laugh 🤭😍
Navya Gupta
Navya Gupta 3 months ago
Honestly them trying to find out who is farting and burping is sooooo funny😂
Angel Jackie
Angel Jackie 3 months ago
jacob is such a mood and also cute tho
NAFISA THOMAS 3 months ago
'i think i need some sudocreme'-carmie 2020
Gabriela Prieto
Gabriela Prieto 3 months ago
Idk why I like to watch this kinda videos
LaDaja Boyer
LaDaja Boyer 3 months ago
Layla Jones
Layla Jones 3 months ago
Jacob just sitting there the entire vid like WHY THE HELL DID I AGREE TO THIS?
J. Woo
J. Woo 3 months ago
we love a good crackhead gang 😂
em 3 months ago
ben is like perfect tho
Tacaryi Bright
Tacaryi Bright 3 months ago
Omgosh for some of the video I thought that Spencer’s hoodie said RAPE but it doesn’t 😂😐
Jime 3 months ago
Starts at 3:34
олеся Гончар
The boy who said "I'm not having sex before marriage" omgg it's so sweet 💞💞
Enlik Janabel
Enlik Janabel 3 months ago
The whole video I was staring at Ben, like literally 😩 I like everything about him 😍
Cobra King
Cobra King 3 months ago
Hey little high school tots. Take showers, and wash those nasty sweats mommy bought you for Christmas. You wear them WAY TOO MUCH and they smell like a 7 layer oily lasagna brimming with pungent fecal dingleberries and sour semen. Dogs are sniffing your crotch because they like to eat shit.
Adalina Bay
Adalina Bay 3 months ago
The video starts at 3:25 you’re welcome
jessica 3 months ago
Video actually starts at 3:35 , youre welcome.
Alesha Aleem
Alesha Aleem 3 months ago
are they all high at the beginning 😂😂
koganex x
koganex x 4 months ago
Ben, hmu
Winter Frost
Winter Frost 4 months ago
Video starts at 3:35
Jamie Spangler
Jamie Spangler 4 months ago
Ben is literally the cutest I can’t
Abi H
Abi H 4 months ago
this video has changed my opinion on ben so much, he’s so cute 🥺
Omnisaki 4 months ago
tbh Ben is my favorite out of the bunch just because he seems more chill and not as hormonal 😅 I mean, he probably is but at least he's not talking about tits, ass, and fucking every 30 seconds smh
holly dunne
holly dunne 4 months ago
Is it just me or is Ben so handsome? 😍
Katelyn Harvey
Katelyn Harvey 4 months ago
Spencers personality makes him just so much cuter
sam •m
sam •m 4 months ago
Imagine having those guy friends
Sophie's World
Sophie's World 4 months ago
Marlène W.
Marlène W. 4 months ago
They are actually really cool, nice guys! I thought the answers would be more douchy
B 4 months ago
So apparently the UK is turning into a 51st US state, fashion and pop culturally a cross between LA and NYC. Used to be the opposite, a lot of the cool trends and music used to originate in the UK. Sad times.
Amanda Lugo
Amanda Lugo 4 months ago
anyone else catch that waoh he threw
get me to 90 subs with no vids pls
Jacob seeming like he doesn’t wanna be there, is me in skl🤣
Kinga Sandi
Kinga Sandi 4 months ago
U should upload the version when we can hear everything 👍🏻
Yon Wan
Yon Wan 4 months ago
“Needy is irritating “ FUCKING YEAH
ella is aila
ella is aila 4 months ago
Jordan flips us of at the beginning I'm dead (2mins in I think?)
jessica s
jessica s 4 months ago
50% of the comments: u bleeped everything out :(( the other 50%: so, ben and i are now married,
•Aesthetic Roblox•
jessica s yess aha
jessica s
jessica s 3 months ago
Aesthetic Plays ahah all the best people are called jessica s :)
•Aesthetic Roblox•
jessica s trueee! Also my name is Jessica and my last name begins with s
Jasmina Walmart
Jasmina Walmart 4 months ago
I adore your accent
J Y 4 months ago
It’s very annoying to watch this video bc ur distracted the whole time and laughing and censoring things so its hard to understand the answers, i know u want to be relateable and funny but i couldn’t laugh with u so it was really just annoying
Madison Bambry
Madison Bambry 4 months ago
"i keep closing my eyes and seeing Bart Simpson" WTFF LMFAOOOO
Mina Grujić
Mina Grujić 4 months ago
Starts at 2:45
Jayden_ pugh
Jayden_ pugh 4 months ago
3:34 is when the questions start. Thank me later.
Lynden Fedak
Lynden Fedak 4 months ago
I posted this on my birthday ( random ik )
alexa soldo
alexa soldo 4 months ago
i ❤️ spencer
Travis 4 months ago
Bro!! That guy in the middle wearing his shoes in the house! 🤦🏾‍♂️. Take your gaaaaadayum shoes off!
lulu sirl
lulu sirl 4 months ago
tell me why I always thought Carmie was gay
lulu sirl
lulu sirl 4 months ago
Jordan ans Spencer r fit
lulu sirl
lulu sirl 4 months ago
she lives in a house full of fit boys
Wendy Ally
Wendy Ally 4 months ago
this reminds me of the wattpad cliché hahaha
Brandon 4 months ago
diya x
diya x 4 months ago
wait when’s their social climbers channel coming out?
Julia Borrell
Julia Borrell 4 months ago
substitles please lol
Krissy Fizzle
Krissy Fizzle 4 months ago
Jacob looks so fed up in this 😂😭 "I keep closing my eyes and seeing Bart Simpson" killed me 😂😭😭😭
Shelby Edwards
Shelby Edwards 4 months ago
First question starts at 3:35
Bridge Creator
Bridge Creator 4 months ago
I don’t understand the pronunciation of half of what you said had to replay a thousand times
Koralea Roessler
Koralea Roessler 4 months ago
If you look better without makeup then you are completely doing it wrong 😂
* Crafticorn *
* Crafticorn * 4 months ago
wtf like i cannot follow your conversation at all when your just censoring everything out?! :'D Like don´t call the video "guys answering..." when you won´t even let us hear the whole answer :DD
Hunt Young
Hunt Young 4 months ago
Ok... link to the uncensored version??
Weave Snatcher
Weave Snatcher 4 months ago
Eh mood “ I KeEp ClOsInG mY eYeS aNd SeEiNg BaRt SiMpSon...”
Kat 4 months ago
Questions start at 3:37
Mia Polson
Mia Polson 4 months ago
3:27 no ones gunnu talk about the fact that Jordan just hit that note
Seannia 5 months ago
The guy telling her to say different words I the beginning is someone I wanna be friends with
Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear 5 months ago
spencer and ben are just.. 💗💞
Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear 5 months ago
petition for ben to marry me: | V
Bunmi Savage
Bunmi Savage 5 months ago
I love how carmie was just open😄
Imane Chiguer
Imane Chiguer 5 months ago
Could you please stop censoring what they say we come here for the juicy stuff
zaria marie
zaria marie 5 months ago
jacob is me
A 5 months ago
This is so enlightening, now I know everything I’ve been doing wrong in my life lol. Thanks for the vid!
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