WHAT?!?!? HE HAS A FLAMETHROWER!!!! 🔥 Resident Evil 3 - Ep.2

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Apr 3, 2020




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Comments 80
lecharne Herring
lecharne Herring 3 days ago
17:29 Leader: she can’t pull the trigger H20: killed 50 or 40 zombies Leader: killed one human Me: yea right leader 😒
Azza Vlogs
Azza Vlogs 3 days ago
51:46 he said the same thing in resident evil 2 remake😅😅
Leif Friesner
Leif Friesner 4 days ago
Delirious you are a god, Godlirious.
Zack Collins
Zack Collins 8 days ago
Jill it can use weapons Nemesis she can use lasers
Savage_unkown seth 69
U Rey what are talking about
Christina Bass
Christina Bass 11 days ago
how he hit that corner tho
Jo Jucom
Jo Jucom 14 days ago
omg I really enjoyed this!!! 😍😍😍
Nicholas Gomez
Nicholas Gomez 17 days ago
Shoot the grenade on the tank
the gun shop was in RE 2 remake
What isn't Nicholai from call of duty black ops 1?
Jesus Galindo
Jesus Galindo 19 days ago
I'm not looking forward to fighting no frog lookin creature 😂😭😂😂yeah boi me neither .But man I wanna play these remakes they are soo scary to watch play out 👍❤
Ghangus Khaan
Ghangus Khaan 22 days ago
You want S.T.A.R.S, I'll give you S.T.A.R.S.! Haha she said the funny
Delirious: *in a fucking burning building* Also delirious: *reads as everything falls apart around him*
Iocealt-v2 25 days ago
This how it be in gta when a low lvl kills a high lvl and he trying his hardest
Unfaired 26 days ago
bro nemesis is like a baby godzilla or sum shit lmfao his ass won't die
Derpotato23 :D
Derpotato23 :D 26 days ago
30-40 minutes more like 5 minutes to get ready and 30 minutes to dream about Jill
SUB TUBER 27 days ago
i sold a csgo knive just to play this game lol, but for real awsom siries keep on the good with the work
Winner Lloyd
Winner Lloyd Month ago
Bruh, u shouldn't have shoot the flame greandes while thier mouth is open
Badger On IG
Badger On IG Month ago
Nemesis: *Dodges* Delirious: SCUM!
Damian Guzman
Damian Guzman Month ago
Delirious: where is he getting these guns Nemesis: this is America
L_acki bb
L_acki bb Month ago
VoidWraith Month ago
Finally someone who reads the notes to know what to do.
Aidan Month ago
All because of a plant, this started.
Mich G
Mich G Month ago
Awww it sounded so sweet 48:38 "remember I'm playing on hardcore" 🥺💕 Your doing amazing sweetie
Karebu Month ago
Nemesis said "imma wait patiently for your ass"
Bryan Parker
Bryan Parker Month ago
The gun store is off of resident evil 6
L509 Month ago
Mega Man and resident evil come from Capcom, so that's a cool Easter egg in the toy store.
Farid Nur hayat
Farid Nur hayat Month ago
When nemesis break the wall scare the shit out of me wow
Zack Collins
Zack Collins Month ago
Your a S.T.A.R member
Lucious Cowley
Lucious Cowley Month ago
From the incident at the mansion the umbreler corporation made him and the other tyrants to kill the stars team
Lucious Cowley
Lucious Cowley Month ago
I'm pretty sure nemmises is specifically designed to find and kill the remaining stars team members
Ben Pecson
Ben Pecson Month ago
52:16 re2? De ja vu?
Captain Pillow
Captain Pillow Month ago
I have a theory, JILL IS THE GUNSHOP OWNERS DAUGHTER FROM THE 2ND GAME, and he found a cure, but thats why she has those dreams!!!
Captain Pillow
Captain Pillow Month ago
Captain Pillow
Captain Pillow Month ago
is nemisis friends? did he just wanna give you the case
Millow -_-
Millow -_- Month ago
22:56 XD
bryan garcia
bryan garcia Month ago
“Jill you have been exploded more times than a bukkake” LMAOOO
bryan garcia
bryan garcia Month ago
Delirious at friend’s house: “Are there any loots i could get?”
Malone Month ago
My man doesn’t cuss anymore
Chidike Eruba
Chidike Eruba Month ago
Me: Nemesis can’t get scarier Nemesis: *literally jumps down from no where right in front of you* Me: Alright wtf but I’m still goo- Nemesis: *starts fucking running* Me: *screams*
Dr.Turtle 2008
Dr.Turtle 2008 Month ago
I swear listen to this closely in the video 1:04 :47 listen to the first few seconds
SelfMade Hooligans
😂 42:16 was to funny...nope nope nope etc. Lmmfao 🤣
gaming broz
gaming broz Month ago
the gun store was in re2 remake
amakanaari Month ago
Nievesggness Month ago
The true MVP is the mysterious man who placed all these explosive barrels in convenient spots during a zombie outbreak
ThatBurgerDude Month ago
58:54 WTF
Karen Month ago
I trust you enough that I can throw you lmao
Marco Alrei
Marco Alrei Month ago
Nemesis is your sis I don't know what I'm saying.
CURTIS P Month ago
pornhub theme 1:04 :47 ( listen closely )
Christi Rogers
Christi Rogers Month ago
I subscribed and press the bell
Marjorie Acevedo
I love when he says belly😭😭
Skylar Vaughn
Skylar Vaughn Month ago
Me playing Pokémon go oh hey a carvana Delirious:he’s holding a gernade launcher
He finally got rid of the bolt cutters. Lol
Raydon Carroll
Raydon Carroll Month ago
He’s got a rocket launcher: h20
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson Month ago
It did say defeat the creacher not kill the creacher
Ken Sloan
Ken Sloan Month ago
The way he opened the door 😂😂😂😂😂
Jordan Razon
Jordan Razon Month ago
That frustrating moment when you are hoping that Delirious remembers RE2... Literally walks in FRONT of the POLICE STATION, Points at the PARKING GARAGE... SMH (-_-)
jayyTeęe s
jayyTeęe s Month ago
9:11 I flinched so f*cking hard
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones Month ago
Delirious just a fun fact nemesis doesnt actually die he just needs reprogramming in the movie. Plus re2 remake id the settings area
Dameryke Price
Dameryke Price Month ago
2:59 Delirious was dead the minute he hit that super hero landing
animelover42 Month ago
That thing looks like a demorgorgan
xɪᴇɴ ʜᴅ
xɪᴇɴ ʜᴅ Month ago
1:01 :44 Nemesis is so goddamn fast
Isaac Ollero
Isaac Ollero Month ago
Since we cant do the "X gonna give it to ya" meme since its Nemesis, what do we do now? Shooting Star? Cuz Nemesis is like: *STARS...*
Rodrigo Navarro
Rodrigo Navarro Month ago
Is no one concerned about delirious stupidity whenever he plays a game?
Isaiah Armstrong
Please keep playing
Denis Marinič
Denis Marinič Month ago
yo delirious for jill´s sake play on normal!!!
Should someone tell Delirious that shooting them when their mouth opens up is the way to kill them quicker?
Ken Sloan
Ken Sloan Month ago
Nemesis is a gentleman
Bl4ck F4rmer
Bl4ck F4rmer Month ago
It annoys me how Jill can lightly jog but she just can’t sprint
Jazmin Hona
Jazmin Hona Month ago
Do another episode your hilarious 😂
My Life
My Life Month ago
50:58 you should've said jill sandwich
Fitri red saan
Fitri red saan Month ago
Luis Grimaldo
Luis Grimaldo Month ago
Chickadoogaming Month ago
some nemisises just want to watch the world burn -me 2020
He's supposed to have a minigun not flamethrower but okay ig
Troy Month ago
9:11 scared me so bad my cat scratched my stomach
Faith Stanley
Faith Stanley Month ago
It pained me to watch him say he couldn't salvage space when the game literally told him to throw away the bolt cutters.
Raining Coffee
Raining Coffee Month ago
*being chased by nemesis* Jill : HO HO... You're approaching me? Instead of running away you're approaching me? Nemesis : Stars...*translating* I cant beat my meat without getting closer to you... Jill : Oh.. HO... Then... Come as much as you like... Nemesis : *Comes closer* Jill : za...WARUDO!!! *Lockpicks* Nemesis : NANI??! Jill : TOKI YO TOMARE!! Nemesis : *fidgets and tries to move* Jill : Muda muda Muda Muda Muda Muda...MUDA!!!! muahahhaahhaaaa!!!
Forget4ull Month ago
i love the game
Zion Hanks
Zion Hanks Month ago
I spent it wrong
Zion Hanks
Zion Hanks Month ago
Play cazy texi
Bob The Bone Boy
I love the new shirt, best 24 bucks I’ve spent.
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