What Happens to Lasers Underwater? - Smarter Every Day 219

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Snell's Window
Total Internal Reflection
An excellent video by the Engineer Guy about how fiber optic cables work:
Index of Refraction:
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Jun 20, 2019

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Comments 4 918
SmarterEveryDay 24 days ago
I found this link later that night while fishing. twitter.com/smartereveryday
etmax1 Day ago
In regards to the acrylic rid, It's actually not a fibre optic, but rather an optical fibre :-)
joe simamura
joe simamura 4 days ago
love u by the way
joe simamura
joe simamura 4 days ago
pls describe the theory behind it as well. it will be a complete video
Professor Eggplant
Professor Eggplant 10 days ago
The name of your boat is perception.. That's hilarious.
Aadithya Athrey Chandiran
This is the science behind optical fibers
Mythical Year Off
What I just heard was "I'm on a boat"
Mark Vincent Cocjin
I sat through the entire video waiting for the alligator. This disappointed me.
Prince of Random
Prince of Random 4 hours ago
4:55 is it cracked? what cause that reflection @@
Rigo 10 hours ago
This video made me happy😁
tsartomato 14 hours ago
i wanna play with words i can't pull from my brain in the last episode, which is "let's sneak up on beaver"
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness 17 hours ago
So, how many fish are now blind because you decided to go all Dr. Evil, playing with your fricken lazer beam? At the very least you could have found a snapping turtle or a gar and strapped it to their head. Love how you have fun with this stuff! Keep it up!
Emil Sørensen
Emil Sørensen 22 hours ago
Makes me wanna go night-kayaking.
I love dogs I have 2
Proof the earth is round
DJ Mahnke
DJ Mahnke Day ago
Take away: "Milf Oil"
Leiki Dragon
Leiki Dragon Day ago
Leiki Dragon
Leiki Dragon Day ago
your orb was rolling
Arpit Sethi
Arpit Sethi Day ago
Do not disturb the aquatic life by shooting laser at them at night. It might damage their vision forever.
Landyn Powell
You should make a battle bot
Mohammed Monkey Scrotum
Hay pro tip just dont shine it directly into your eyes & you wont need the F👌GGY glasses fyi
Divyaan Dhanak
Divyaan Dhanak 2 days ago
Those fibers turned red when he was switching the thing off 6:25
888HUSKERS 2 days ago
Amazing video, I love it :)
Dacreepa99 Gaming
anybody else see the laser flip out at 4:13
Bob Fischer
Bob Fischer 2 days ago
This was an awesome video- acrylic bars and lasers in a kayak at night, with filming equipment. Its adorable seeing an engineer be amazed by TIRf. TIRf has all kinds of amazing properties- laser light is polarized, and so interestingly, with p-polarized incidence, the evanescent e-wave from the surface can "cartwheel" producing elliptical polarization. In microscopy, the fact that the evanescent wave penetration depth can be less than the wavelength of incident light has revolutionized single molecule imaging and tracking, owing to the huge increase in signal to noise. TIRf with immiscible liquids of different refractive indices is another fun thing to try...too bad Destin didn't have a huge drum of vegaetable oil on the kayak....
brass tacks
brass tacks 2 days ago
this was interesting, but i have an even bigger question. does light act the same way when sunlight hits the earths atmosphere?
nlmaster98 2 days ago
Answer: Not much, just slowed down a little. Everything else just happens, when the light goes from one optical medium to another. And even then, only if of different optical density.
byFiscus 2 days ago
7:27 I like the neature walk reference lmao
"everyone knows that if you point a laser under water at 50 degress to the south the reflection of the moon rocks will go up and make a curve" me: yeah of course. wtf
Fossil Draws
Fossil Draws 2 days ago
"There's MILF oil in the water" I don't want to know what he actually said.
royal neal
royal neal 2 days ago
Love the face fuzz
Florian dubbeldam
That "good" sounds make me peeing
Michael Orlow
Michael Orlow 3 days ago
dudes on boats with lasers
Shane Forsythe
Shane Forsythe 3 days ago
Underwater lasers, amazing.
soadown5 3 days ago
Did he say milf oil?
Rob Richards
Rob Richards 3 days ago
If this guy can get laid, there's hope for anybody...
MIKE JIMENEZ 3 days ago
i have a question- does the laser bounce off the water when pointed at the water the way it does when in the water?
RC Sutton
RC Sutton 3 days ago
That's pretty neat
Landyn Powell
Landyn Powell 3 days ago
Y’all should shoot a baseball at 500 mph
To Max
To Max 3 days ago
Am I the only one who wants a laser now ???
Jarred Gilbert
Jarred Gilbert 4 days ago
Never heard of milf oil before
I know you're right, but
2:05 the kayak name is perception..!
Alfred du Kon
Alfred du Kon 4 days ago
Actually love how giddy this gets you. Great vid
meredocu 4 days ago
how neat is that?
Shaun Madden
Shaun Madden 4 days ago
Brighter and dimmer.
Joe Swank
Joe Swank 4 days ago
8:35 acoustically pleasing... do you mean ASMR?
Joe Swank
Joe Swank 4 days ago
... it's called refraction
Sebastian Thiel-Andersen
7:19 if you cut some of the Pipe of and stick the laser to the end of it you can make a light saber alike Thing
Jason Delgado
Jason Delgado 4 days ago
Are they using goggles because the laser is bad for you or?
Fire Baller
Fire Baller 4 days ago
Sigh* of corse it’s bad for you if it were accidentally aimed at ur eyes you could be temporarily blinded or even permanently blinded
Han Solo
Han Solo 4 days ago
I wonder if this is why photons appear as a wave
Task Force
Task Force 4 days ago
Should of named this “Dudes on kayaks with lasers” lol
Ryan Tseng
Ryan Tseng 4 days ago
The laser goggles make Destin seem so much older 😂
Roberto V
Roberto V 4 days ago
I’m guessing you’re not in Florida
Charlie Nichols
Charlie Nichols 4 days ago
"Its a light pipe" hahaha thats awsome
jabbar kazmi
jabbar kazmi 4 days ago
Dont blind the fish mate ...
CHILLI 4 days ago
Fishes: It's not Saturday night let us sleep
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