What Happens to Lasers Underwater? - Smarter Every Day 219

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Snell's Window
Total Internal Reflection
An excellent video by the Engineer Guy about how fiber optic cables work:
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Jun 20, 2019




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Comments 5 088
SmarterEveryDay 4 months ago
I found this link later that night while fishing. twitter.com/smartereveryday
Mateusz Czerniawski
I have one question: Why you have red googles when you play with green laser, doesnt you need green googles? Nevermind, great video!
Ole 2 months ago
San Samman i think you need to find out for yourself😂😂
San Samman
San Samman 3 months ago
what happens if you were to record the internal reflection of the water from the outside *while making waves in the water* ? would bounce into and out of internal reflection due to the changing angle of incidence (since you would be making waves)?
In All Honesty
In All Honesty 3 months ago
Congratulations, you managed to leave 4 fish permanently blind with your little laser stunt... I'm here to serve you their civil lawsuit papers... You have 35 days to respond. Later
etmax1 3 months ago
In regards to the acrylic rid, It's actually not a fibre optic, but rather an optical fibre :-)
Nictdp :D
Nictdp :D Day ago
God those frogs must shut up
Rasmon 123
Rasmon 123 3 days ago
9:06 cool!!! Ypu can see the laser in the pitchblack flying around
Masta Blasta
Masta Blasta 3 days ago
Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation 🤓
mgs1398 3 days ago
Why does he need the goggles?
Warren Percell
Warren Percell 3 days ago
Very similar to ultrasound used for weld inspection.
Legend Narly
Legend Narly 6 days ago
can someone tell me what kind of laser that is?? I want one
Nice Guy
Nice Guy 7 days ago
Yobob 8 days ago
I think you'll love Snell's law Destin
Che day
Che day 10 days ago
Did 😎destin say... "i even got some milf oil in there" ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dustin White
Dustin White 10 days ago
at 12:00 min is that an animal or car behind him? to the left of the frame
HS Hideaway
HS Hideaway 10 days ago
Anyone else get the willies whenever he put his hand down into the water?
Oden Petersen
Oden Petersen 12 days ago
> sitting in the dark > only source of light is headlamps "hey lets stick them in the water"
Oliver Heckendorf
Oliver Heckendorf 13 days ago
What about air and vacuum Could we find a way to bounce stuff off the top of the atmosphere? If it’s possible, the atmosphere meeting vacuum would probably be too much of a gradient to work.
José Villa
José Villa 17 days ago
Angle is 44.35° propylene glycol 1.4310 air 1.0003 Critical angle = arcsin(1.0003/1.4310)
Robo Highlights
Robo Highlights 17 days ago
3:20 for a nice sound byte.
inferno 601
inferno 601 18 days ago
whole video i was thinking please no alligator please no swamp monster
Beau Tata
Beau Tata 18 days ago
When you do the laser in the ornament, you see a cardioid. I thought that was cool.
Dan Soethe
Dan Soethe 18 days ago
Could have just used a fish tank on your kitchen counter with no danger of capsizing...
Sanjid Rahman
Sanjid Rahman 19 days ago
Is it just me or with the dirt particles in the Christmas ornament with the laser it actually looks like a freaking constellation?
Friend Deming
Friend Deming 19 days ago
This is Fantastic and amazing however be mindful of pointing that laser up in the sky... we as pilots (Instrument student) has gotten hit by those kind of lazers. Interesting to see how this affects us in the cockpit. This is pretty cool though, that's how inside. Except it does bounce in the cockpit which is frustrating and dangerous for us especially when we're on the final approach. Clear Skies, I appreciate both channels.
Dustin Harms
Dustin Harms 19 days ago
Coming back months later because your enthusiasm and joy always makes me smile. :)
Rowlett boy
Rowlett boy 20 days ago
Me when fapping 10:31
kagdra omen
kagdra omen 20 days ago
Smarter every night!
Dr Logiq
Dr Logiq 21 day ago
11:48 You couldn't do that in the UK, pretty sure it's flat-out illegal to point a laser at the sky, certainly during the day, for fear of potentially blinding an airplane pilot... doing that would land you 5 years in jail. Though I wonder, if you were accurate enough, do you think people on the ISS could see a laser emitted by a handheld laser pointer from all the way down on the surface?
Brandon Reed
Brandon Reed 23 days ago
That's cool my now my question is what do you do with all of that MILF oil you collected?
Cherry Flavored Bleach
Did he actually just say, "You can tell it's an Aspen because of the way it is,"?
Mateusz Czerniawski
I have one question: Why you have red googles when you play with green laser, doesnt you need green googles? Nevermind, great video!
Brendan Smith
Brendan Smith 20 days ago
Mateusz Czerniawski It has to do with the depth of the film on the goggles making the light interfere destructively, thus you won’t see that certain wavelength of light.
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown 25 days ago
You can tell it’s an aspen by the way it is.
Sheldon Bass
Sheldon Bass 27 days ago
Growing up on Florida's Gulf coast, we did a lot of diving-won't forget the day I first noticed my light beam refracting off the underside surface. Always love it when I learn a new word, or a different usage of a word I already know-meniscus I was like, "Okay, I know I have a couple menisci cushioning my knee...Google, google, "Oh, cool, a physics term too."
FatiTank Drawings
FatiTank Drawings 28 days ago
The Ultimate Kawalski Kajak
General Malaise
General Malaise Month ago
10:40 51
brainretardant Month ago
Our atmosphere has totally internal reflection. I've noticed a strange optical phenom that would like you to work up. "Some" led headlamps look like they bouncing around regardless of car that is emitting them position in my rearview mirror. Maybe 1 in 10k I filmed one with my phone reflecting in my rearview and it looks strobe?
AlexCataT Month ago
My man has everything he needs in a lil kayak.
Zahir khan
Zahir khan Month ago
Large bodies of water at night give me so much anxiety.
Jeff riley
Jeff riley Month ago
Dude's+lazers= MILF oil?... I tried it, girls just called me a nerd. Had a lot of fun though. Although, now my gold fish are blind.
shad covert
shad covert Month ago
Milf Oil?
Chris A
Chris A Month ago
Love your videos, but please, be smarter... People are WHO, not THAT.... Yes, that part of grammar really grates on me. Thanks...
jacob moran
jacob moran Month ago
Lol that's cool 👍 i have used this technique for doing photography at night in a stream to light up the the bed and the water itself.. great vid 🙂
migah139 Month ago
was i the only one hearing him say that there's MILF OIL in the water?!
Andrea Talamonti
Ma la vera domanda é:come diamine ha fatto a portare tutta quella roba su un kayak?😂 Sembra Doraemon
drummaguyhixy Month ago
bit much whacky tobaccy on the lake :P
Crypt1cmyst1c Month ago
internally reflect a laser inside a laminar flow stream. show how as the flow decreases and the water curves further downwards, the curve becomes too tight for it to reflect internally and the light escapes
Yannis Constantinides
7:20 sweet reference
Charlie Angkor
Charlie Angkor Month ago
poor man's oscilloscope
Blaze IvI
Blaze IvI Month ago
7:28 nice reference
Paulo Ricardo da Costa
5:44 nerd super happy :)
Alonso Torres
Alonso Torres Month ago
So basically the light ray can be directed by a mirror if I remember correctly. I wonder if you can create an underwater pattern using laser lights and mirrors. Hmm
DiveNL Month ago
“Welcome back to smarter every day” -it’s night time...
Haley Webb
Haley Webb Month ago
7:27 Destin: You can tell that it's an aspen cuz of the way it is We love a science man who knows his meme literature
Stickie Dmin
Stickie Dmin Month ago
10:21 "That's fun. We're having fun! We're learning things! We're learning things on kayaks with lasers!" It's got to be said - Destin's enthusiasm and joy at figuring out, testing and playing with the world and all the amazing things in it is truly infectious. The sheer _delight,_ almost *_bursting_* out of him as he watches a laser reflect off the surface of some water, or illuminating the little globe as it hit the meniscus, can pry and dig its way through the prickliest bad mood and soon enough, you're entranced as well. I know exactly what's happening - I remember all of this stuff from High School Physics and saw much drier versions of these demonstrations back then. Seeing it performed by a guy who's exploding with happiness that he gets to see this stuff, and overjoyed that he gets to share it with other people makes the whole exercise a *_LOT_* more fun however. I'm so glad I found this channel. 13:41 "So, I hope you enjoy this half as much as I do . . ." Destin. Dude. You enjoy all of this stuff enough for *_everyone._*
Ornithocowian King
dey be laser underwater
Alfonso García
Alfonso García Month ago
I really enjoy the way you love making your videos. Grettings from Mexico.
Joseph Fra
Joseph Fra Month ago
Dude, you two are the biggest stoners, wax or edibles? Great video, totally made sense. It helped me understand some different lighting possibilities and artwork in interior design. Thanks
Laura Kirwan
Laura Kirwan Month ago
I squeed many times!
“can I light up the whole water?” ah yes, an engineer
Quinn Johnson
Quinn Johnson Month ago
The Neature Nuggets reference did not go unnoticed! Lol
NarendraAIM Month ago
Everytime Destin makes video about his favorite stuff he goes like a kid with giggling and shenanigans, that's why I love you. I'm just 16 xD
Chin BH
Chin BH Month ago
Destin, you can totally do this experiment with a fish tank.
E Cruz
E Cruz 2 months ago
Why does he have to where goggles?
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