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Jul 6, 2020




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Comments 100
princess simon
princess simon 18 hours ago
you look sooo gooood in the montage
Rebecca R
Rebecca R 20 hours ago
Sry but Bryces montage won
Edelmira Hércules
Denise Hernandez
Denise Hernandez 9 days ago
I thought you were nice
Alison Field
Alison Field 12 days ago
Tayler: you nate is so drunk Nate: no I'm no Tayler: what did you say like 30 seconds ago Nate: I dont f know
Connie Mae
Connie Mae 12 days ago
I love bryce!
Ava Torres
Ava Torres 16 days ago
Skye Farlow
Skye Farlow 16 days ago
Serita Edgar
Serita Edgar 19 days ago
This two videos are so different like....from Bryce's side and this side
brittni martinez
brittni martinez 20 days ago
I wish I can come to Vegas
angela queen
angela queen 24 days ago
Look at 3:53 look at tony's face
Vinay Kadam
Vinay Kadam 25 days ago
This is the difference between Vegas and Wuhan..
Adrianna Sanchez
Adrianna Sanchez 25 days ago
My gosh tony and tayelr had to kerey natte
b0t 26 days ago
Adilene Marquez
Adilene Marquez 28 days ago
I love you tony and talery
Vaishnavi Daingade
How are you so rich
Emily Alzubaidi405
Cali Phillips
Cali Phillips Month ago
Ranjana Jhawar
Ranjana Jhawar Month ago
I wish the coronavirus started in las vegas because what happens in vegas stays in vegas
Itzzz.ayesha 29 days ago
the smartest thing I've heard all day lmao
Pines Mobile Notary
taylor holder is better then bryce hall
glendy salazar
glendy salazar Month ago
Tayler:shut up Bryce:ok
Bella Month ago
When I tell you I spat out my water 😂
cod igos
cod igos Month ago
Traduz em baixo pro português
Megan Murray
Megan Murray Month ago
Tayler literally has the best personality hes so funny i have been watching his videos all morning
baller 7223
baller 7223 Month ago
Wow towels is a big part of the house
Patrick Malloy
Patrick Malloy Month ago
This dude isn’t funny I tried
Patrick Malloy
Patrick Malloy Month ago
Why is Nate 40 though
K m
K m Month ago
The way tony was just like tony:what we talking about
yes u suck
yes u suck Month ago
i lost it when tayler said " AYO IM F#*&ING TALKING
kyra kelley
kyra kelley Month ago
I love Bryce hall😘😘😘😘😘
Reese Branham
Reese Branham Month ago
Meagan Jankee
Meagan Jankee Month ago
Damn I wish I had that much money
Caitlin Davies
Caitlin Davies Month ago
taylers montage is better
Zoey Bain
Zoey Bain Month ago
Tayler and Bryce in the tracksuits tho🥵🔥🤤🥴❤️
Nkd Kkla
Nkd Kkla Month ago
Bryce and Tyler fighting in the montage 😂😂😂
noah Nocomment
noah Nocomment Month ago
Namene Nuule
Namene Nuule Month ago
Nuraan Dollie
Nuraan Dollie Month ago
What ever u doing fecth me aii□□ yeah
Guadalupe Valencia
Tell me why in ur theme picture i have the same skittle thing like jack Paul🤣
Dale Kinch
Dale Kinch Month ago
LoL you are a good friend and you are a e
Florence Luckton
Tony and tayler: *dragging Nate off the jet* Me: uh Nate snap out of it Also me: * there's about to be crazy s going on in Vegas now* 😅😅😅
Denni Marchand_23
this was a lit video
Trinity Smith
Trinity Smith Month ago
Tayler pin this if u lobe ur fans
Jaydee Caldwell
Jaydee Caldwell Month ago
When I watch his videos they make me laugh I know that it’s stupid to say that but it’s the truth!!
Gesmy St Jean
Gesmy St Jean Month ago
Nate kills me he’s so funny
Angelica Bravo
Angelica Bravo Month ago
Gosh, Tyler is so cute🥰
Lisa Cain
Lisa Cain Month ago
Where's ondre ....... Oh wait he gets left out okk imma go chear him up 😊😊❤️
Giselle Cottrell
i think they forgot about covid 💀
Peyton VanDalinda
What other social media do u have I follow u on snap insta tiktok on here
sebiji kopi
sebiji kopi Month ago
I kinda feel bad for Brice :(
Brianna Caplinger
CEO off never replying to my comment! if you do I will cry my heart out 💕😩
Honey Davinci
Honey Davinci Month ago
Tayler is hilarious 😂 & I love Bryce and tayler relationship
Dai'yonnie O'Gilvie
I like how y’all was in Vegas and I didn’t know until now
zeroh fn
zeroh fn Month ago
whats the songs name?
Zane Carter
Zane Carter Month ago
Do ton yes and you have a girlfriend
LIKKZ Month ago
eeeeeeee loveeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuu tonyyyyyyyy
•giselle• Month ago
Taylor:shut the freack up Tony:👁👄👁 um bish what you just say
Mini Kawaii :D
Mini Kawaii :D Month ago
Woah 😨 this video was the funniest of the youre nate is so funny 😂 you guys made my day Ilove nate he is so funny 😂
Tautinei Lelei
Tautinei Lelei Month ago
why you guys so mean to bryce:(
hugo Roblox
hugo Roblox Month ago
Wait tony has cancer
hugo Roblox
hugo Roblox Month ago
Ana Month ago
Tayler during the video: STFU
Jemma Sherwood
Jemma Sherwood Month ago
Taylors wins Bryce downnnn
Stephany Kwakye
Stephany Kwakye Month ago
no one: not even tony: not even nate: tayler: montage every 5 minutes
Brooke Fullenkamp
5:16 my grandpa has the guy who owns the places kids phone number and he races for NASCAR and i can talk to him whenever
Olivia Zimmerman
Anytime I watch any of his vlogs I can’t stop laughing 😆
Jussely Nicole Quinatoa de la Cruz
Comentarios en español
Almely86 Month ago
Nate:spike nah I'm good🕺
Zeina Khalid
Zeina Khalid Month ago
Who won the race?
Alex miller
Alex miller Month ago
The footage of thinking about being inside that jet is making my neck cramp
Aliya Toure
Aliya Toure Month ago
Nobody: Tayler abusing Bryce:5:04🤣
Rose_ Hanna
Rose_ Hanna Month ago
Me: *sees the scene where tayler knocks tony out* me:*replays it 10 times and laughs insanely eveytime* me:*slaps my head because I think I think iv’e gone psycho Me again:hears tayler say “that’ll shut him up” *laughs uncontrollably* 5 minutes later neighbors:um who was laughing insanely at 12:23AM
Adan Vazquez
Adan Vazquez Month ago
I like your videos so much
lisa icyeza
lisa icyeza Month ago
Y r ur videos so shorttt
Emma Stanforth
Emma Stanforth Month ago
Did he take tony and not ondreas!?😂
Kimi Burkle
Kimi Burkle Month ago
Tonys just standing 20ft away while they argue about ehy they havent seen eachother
Princess of roblox ROBLOX
I love how Taylor kept bullying Bryce
Kamri Mikailah
Kamri Mikailah Month ago
Hey Tayler
Janeigh Soto
Janeigh Soto Month ago
Is the f word Taylor fav cuss word
Nathalie Contreras
WTH happens in Vegas stays in Vegas PERIOD 😂😩
Trinity Mckinney
Trinity Mckinney 2 months ago
It's ok my love tony
Sue Struss
Sue Struss 2 months ago
I love how you seen Bryce Hall and someone came between you guys right away
Buba Bear Chloe
Buba Bear Chloe 2 months ago
Hi 😶
Ky-Ky 2 months ago
Tayler: show them the place the camera man: shows folded towels
Antoine Joseph
Antoine Joseph 2 months ago
:nobody Tony:Huh Huh 😂😂😂😂
Rachelle Weese
Rachelle Weese 2 months ago
Don't get me wrong but Taylor's montodsh are better then Bryce
Lila’s Ricketts
Lila’s Ricketts 2 months ago
Taylor: there we go that should shut him up Tony: AhAhha
Payton Moser
Payton Moser 2 months ago
Who likes Bryce better➡️
Alexa 2 months ago
pore tony can't stand the plane landing. when this virus is over next year for my birthday I want to meet yall.
Neslihan Gürbüz
Neslihan Gürbüz 2 months ago
can someone say me what musik this song is named ?
Various Layerz
Various Layerz 2 months ago
I just started watching a lot of the Tik Tok RUvidrs and you guys are all DOPE AF haha!!
Radiyah Osman
Radiyah Osman 2 months ago
Tony was one his phone the hole time
Jarxed 2 months ago
Nate is the most cringe person on earth
Alex Magana
Alex Magana 2 months ago
Where’d he get that Adam Sandler shirt ?
laf mclauchlan
laf mclauchlan 2 months ago
I can’t be the only one in love with Tony’s voice
Graice Heredia
Graice Heredia 2 months ago
I subscribed and turned on post notifications lysm💖💫
Alexa_123 A.
Alexa_123 A. 2 months ago
How did Tayler make that fake punch look so real?!
Dulce Alonzo
Dulce Alonzo 2 months ago
when Tayler was walking out toward the cars it gave me Dirt vibes
Swype_dna Cece
Swype_dna Cece 2 months ago
Bryce sounds so incident
Swype_dna Cece
Swype_dna Cece 2 months ago
This so funny
Swype_dna Cece
Swype_dna Cece 2 months ago
I love you guys but tony so adorable
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