What Happened To The Skirmishers From Halo Reach?

Luke TheNotable
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What happened to the Halo Reach Skirmishers? Today we find out.
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Comments 80
Scarlet Holly
Scarlet Holly 3 days ago
how to reintroduce them while keeping true to lore: The were *almost* wiped extinct. so few exist that natural repopulation is impossible, so there was a cloning process that started soon after reach. They kept the core traits of the skimishers, but used jackle DNA to fill in the gaps, and provide more genetic diversity. Throw in some "accelerated growth" stuff from starwars and there you go, a new skimisher army
S.A.A. Miller
S.A.A. Miller 4 days ago
I’ve played spartan strike there are no skirmishers
Dylan torres
Dylan torres 14 days ago
I hope they a Easter egg that the skirmishers didn’t go extinct or show in game what you think everybody
gerbenvanessen 14 days ago
not extinct just somewhat more rare than standard jackals I'd say
Penta Deuce
Penta Deuce 16 days ago
Personally the skirmishers are BS!! I hate fighting them, and think they needed a nerf long before now! However, I don't want them to disappear. It is possible that only most of the skirmishers were killed on Reach. After all as many as three hundred Covenant ships were destroyed in the battle of Reach, maybe more. Also given that different Covenant ships are commanded, and have majority species that differ from one another: It is possible that most of these ships that were destroyed housed a majority of Skirmishers.
William Hicks
William Hicks 18 days ago
The developers took them out simple
dakota collis
dakota collis 19 days ago
just say that they went nearly extinct and the covvies just pulled them out of the war to repopulate or something till they got their numbers up again
puzzles within pixles
Well...They never said how long after the battled of reach.
Lillie Adams
Lillie Adams 22 days ago
They all died when we killed them on firefight smashing them with a hammef
African Warlord
African Warlord 24 days ago
They dead
Christian McGuire
Bungie's extinction explanation both makes zero sense and has no actual media evidence, not to mention has been retconned. I think we can basically agree that it isn't true. A more realistic explanation is selective deployment; Reach is the only game where the player character encounters them, but not necessarily the only Halo game where Skirmishers are relevant to the setting.
Michael Gravitt
Michael Gravitt Month ago
Free range gameplay is more important than lore thats why its called a. VIDEOGAME
L B 2 months ago
I generally don't like retcons, but in this instance I think it would be great to have them back. You could just have a throw-away line like "they were thought to be extinct" but have them back. Maybe their numbers just dwindled dramatically due to deployments on Reach, so they were largely removed from active service in the covenant for a few years. They were such a pain to fight (in a good way) so in this case I'm fully on board making a retcon for 1 statement said before the release of Reach that doesn't much affect the games story.
Captain Clueless
Captain Clueless 2 months ago
5:04 we all knew what was about to happen
Infinity Stopmotion
Infinity Stopmotion 2 months ago
How does an asteroid have more gravity than a whole planet
Dylsy Bubs
Dylsy Bubs 2 months ago
I play strike
Nick Hansen
Nick Hansen 3 months ago
So am I just retarded for assuming that they were just armored up jackals for all these years?
colm moriarty
colm moriarty 3 months ago
I think that they almost got extinct and the covenant wouldn’t bring them to war because they had to get the population up
That's Really Sad
That's Really Sad 3 months ago
i just love reach for their additions that actually made some sense. they added the skirmishers, who filled up the gap between jackals and elites. they added the grenade launcher, which filled up the gap between the plasma pistol and an explosive weapons. they added the revenants, which filled up the gap between ghosts and wraiths.
maddog hoek
maddog hoek 3 months ago
Bring em back
Seracris 3 months ago
I bet they just forgot about them or didn't want them in newer games and when asked about them they panicked and said: "uuh...t-they went extinct?" with the hope of people thinking: "wow, such cool lore reasons!"
Buttery chalupa
Buttery chalupa 3 months ago
I think the skirmishers lost so many numbers that it would be to risky for their race to keep fighting
matthew andrews
matthew andrews 3 months ago
Lore patch oni thought they were extinct but the convent hid them
Sqwee 3 months ago
Kind of a bad excuse for remodeling Jackals
Manic Rhymes95
Manic Rhymes95 3 months ago
I want em back as allies. Isn't it said the jackles can get along with humans?
Kabutoes 3 months ago
I thought they were jackals lol
Krika Moramee
Krika Moramee 3 months ago
Skirmishers has the most satisfying death whenever you shot them in the head.
Austin Lauver
Austin Lauver 3 months ago
Skirmishes are THIC!!!!
Smiled Fire
Smiled Fire 3 months ago
So why dont they make a post that says "after the fall of reach the Skirmishers weren't seen in the battlefield prompting Oni to declare them as Extinct. New evidence shows their home to still have inhabitants ""
odin lindeberg
odin lindeberg 3 months ago
Or perhaps "extensive artifie breeding programs have reintroduced skirmishers as a military force"
Wizard Kid
Wizard Kid 3 months ago
what if there was a ship somewhere in space carrying skirmishers that we don't know about
Office of Naval Intelligence
Its highly likely they aren't extinct, bungie probably just wanted to write off the fact they weren't in any other games. A decent lore idea is that the numbers of skirmishers were dramatically low and they were pulled off the front lines, either that or they were lore wise in halo 1-3 but since they weren't created until reach they were not in the games. Simple solution personally.
Drag0nvil 3 months ago
Long story short the ' Chol Von's Not Gonna Like This' achievement happened and the players commited genocide.
Trent Brown
Trent Brown 3 months ago
The DMR happened.
Dwight k39
Dwight k39 3 months ago
I think ignoring the extended lore would be downright retarded, HOWEVER I do think that lore itself has left enough wiggle room here for skirmishers to come back
L30NITU5 3 months ago
I feel like 343 should just say “HEY! I fit contradicts the games it’s not cannon if it doesn’t (and makes sense etc) yes it is cannon.”
critter30002001 3 months ago
Just retconned it by saying that ONI thought they were extinct. There could always be small pockets of them found in obscure areas of the galaxy. After the collapse of High Charity record keeping for the old Covenant population would be almost non existent.
MAD GAMER FJ 3 months ago
They dident have time to mate 😊
dancingwholeness 3 months ago
Personally, I think the Skirmishers should be brought back. I did find it much more entertaining to fight in Halo Reach and have to constantly be looking around for Skirmishers. Much unlike nowadays where I’m generally more concerned about how much HP a giant damage sponge of a boss has.
Henry J. Waternoose lll
Answer is easy Chicken was made
I_am_a_horse 87
I_am_a_horse 87 3 months ago
I thought skirmishers where just Jackels
A sub species of jackal
D.C. Christian
D.C. Christian Month ago
lizardprotector 3 months ago
I see two options. Either have the asteroid the Skirmishers (T'Vaoans) are native to be destroyed, or come up with a ton of new lore that reconciles all discrepancies in the current extended lore. Or just ignore the lore and play the games for fun.That's what games are for.
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
Kig-Yar T'vaoan, AKA Skirmisher. Kig-Yar Ruuhtian, AKA Jackal (Bungie) Kig-Yar Ibie'shan, AKA Jackal (343)
Sasha Lang
Sasha Lang 3 months ago
I kind want to have sex with them
redraptor 98
redraptor 98 3 months ago
The Skirmishers look like alien dinosaurs and I love them
Emilina von Sylvania
The Skirmishers are not extinct, the heavy casualties they suffere On reach caused them to be pulled form the covenant front lines
BMRV Random
BMRV Random 3 months ago
What I think would be cool if the humans found the skirmishers and the skirmishers start helping the humans. And maybe let you play as one since elite can’t work
CoolWzzrd 3 months ago
skirmishers are cool as hell. more skirmishers.
CushionySiren3 3 months ago
"Skirmishers aren't in any of the other games because-" Severe population decline due to the loss of too many males, turning them into a critically endangered species? Or was it that the breed was unable to have natural births off their home world due to the drastic change in gravity? Or maybe their pronounced traits disappeared as they bred with the Jackals? "they went extinct." OKAY!
HexoSlaya369 4 days ago
smankey yeah it’s not like they sent every single member of the species to Reach. Especially if they held them in higher regard than regular Jackals.
smankey 23 days ago
I'm just gonna pretend that it's a little bit of all of those things, and that they're not 'extinct' just endangered due to high deployment rate in the early stages of the HCW.
Richard Pickman
Richard Pickman 3 months ago
Instead of making them extinct, they should have had the prophets exile the skirmishes because the elites put the blame in them for losing the secrets under sword base. That way its explained why we dont see them and how they can still return
M F 3 months ago
You just stretched for five minutes and an Amino ad what you could have said by just saying "Well an employee said it so it has to be true." I mean come on. You could have been far more open ended with this. Just because someone said "They went extinct." doesn't mean that they can't retcon the lore later, for example actual literature that comes out after the fact that clearly shows them. You're actively devaluing reading new books, putting them on the level of fanfiction. For someone that enjoys the lore and learning about it, you can't just discount the events of a book because an old tweet or something says something different. The previous source is what's wrong. It's possible, even probable that the covenant would expend countless Skirmishers on a target as high value as Reach, and that would have done serious damage to their populations, especially if there was a large contingency of them on the ship that George destroyed. But if anything the later lore source shows that they could just be very rare. And a Skirmisher being put in charge of a unit of Covenant soldiers would actually make sense since one of the last of a species would likely be high revered in Covenant warrior culture. TL;DR I think you missed the boat on this one. They're rare, on the brink of extinction. Not extinct.
shoop woop
shoop woop 3 months ago
Are they extinct well yes and no
Clark Hollingsworth
Clark Hollingsworth 3 months ago
An easier answer bungee should’ve gone with is that they just weren’t assigned to fleets that humanity encountered after reach fell
L. Clay Manley
L. Clay Manley 3 months ago
But... how would an asteroid have higher gravity than a planet...
Wiseacres 3 months ago
Asteroids can be massive and most of the time they're made out of basically nothing but metals which are incredibly dense. For example if the asteroid was made out of mostly tungsten then there could be immense gravity. But this is just me using my weak knowledge of space and science lol.
Jorge Justin
Jorge Justin 3 months ago
Density. If the asteroid was made up of basically nothing but super dense elements then it could conceivably have a higher gravity than a planet.
Cerberus 3 months ago
What about those flying bug things in halo 2?
Cerberus 3 months ago
They just wanted more enemies
GibsonGaming 101
GibsonGaming 101 3 months ago
2:44 But that’s not TEK-nically true
Name's OMEGA
Name's OMEGA 4 months ago
Imagine they add a skirmisher t trex boss battle in warzone
Liur 4 months ago
I think they should make a Skirmisher Mantis where you just parkour around the map. *shudder*
LockeLynx 4 months ago
I would say they're FUNCTIONALLY extinct. Meaning that there are SOME surviving Skirmishers, but not enough to bring back their population.
the boys doing stuff
Hey Luke could you give me some tips or anyone good at the game because YES I still play reach on 360
Skadoosh 4 months ago
There was just something so satisfying about headshotting skirmishers, I think it's because they're armoured
Explosion tnt 7
Explosion tnt 7 4 months ago
Bro I played the mobile strike games and yes, there were skirmishes but it was hard to tell through the constant, crashes, softlocks, insane difficulty, and confusing controls.
Jenny Hart
Jenny Hart 4 months ago
4:12 played pretty much every halo game including assault and strike, reach is the only one with skirmishers. Edit: when I say pretty much I mean I haven't played fireteam raven or 2600 but I really don't think anyone played 2600 ever.
Rico The Cuck
Rico The Cuck 4 months ago
I think they should say that a couple weren’t on reach and they reproduced and in halo 6 there would be an army of them
Jordan Beebe
Jordan Beebe 4 months ago
This is personally my opinion but the skirmishers lost so many of their species that the prophets had no choice but to go back home to procreate until they have enough to actually have a combat effectiveness to return to the battlefield and not go extinct
Derpy TW
Derpy TW 4 months ago
i doubt they would go "extinct" in our sense. since. well. they are ridiculously valuable. they are pretty much the best type of jackals. they are quicker, stronger. and probably more accurate. so i doubt the covenant would just let them all go to their deaths. it would be a massive waste of resources. however. i think they would have suffered large amounts of casualties. thus. would be sent back to their home planet to... multiply their numbers. of course this would mean they probably would be out of the war for a few generations, lets say maybe 100-200 years to be very safe. at which point, i doubt the covenant would use them so recklessly. instead using them for stealthier missions. of course. this all hinges on the covenant staying together for that time. they could also probably add to their numbers by putting"regular" jackals on their home world, as to sort of increase faster.
Lackus Shock
Lackus Shock 4 months ago
I'd like to think that the Skirmishers as a class of enemy are extinct but the species themselves are still alive. Its likely that they started taking a lot of losses over the course of the Human-Covenant War and started taking a backseat to lead and command the Jackals rather than fight. They are basically higher ranked and superior Jackals after all, gotta need someone to keep those damn space pirates in check and they're more likely to listen to orders issued by someone of their own race than anyone else.
Rueban King
Rueban King 4 months ago
The skirmishers were in halo combat evolved when I played it 🤔
Chameleon1616 4 months ago
The idea that the skirmishers went extinct because of a successful military operation systems away from there home world makes less sense then them simply not showing up for no reason in the later assaults against humanity.
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 5 months ago
You can either say they had a small population on their homeworld (it would make no sense that literally every skirmisher was a solider) and they have bred to a point of being able to serve again. Or that they were cloned.
Barerwolf 5 months ago
Maybe we can have them in halo infinite everyone start letting 343 know we want them!!!
Charles Phipp
Charles Phipp 5 months ago
They should make a game that takes place befor reach
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko 5 months ago
I'd like the neddle rife and plasma repeater to come back (I like the option of more guns
Elite HonorGuard
Elite HonorGuard 5 months ago
Really hope we get to fight against them in Infinte
Okay, I may have failed political science but
The fact that they live on an asteroid with way more gravity than an earth like planet is absurd lol.
Okay, I may have failed political science but
Sergeant1127 no. Not even close. Even if the moon was twice as dense it wouldn’t have as much gravity as earth.
Sergeant1127 5 months ago
Big asteroid?
Crimson King
Crimson King 6 months ago
Wait they went extinct? I just thought the skirmishes were like jackals Special Forces that were used up in Reach
ItsMeTheFather 6 months ago
If you listen in Halo Reach, you can hear the jackals say "What the f*ck"
Jevil on YouTube
Jevil on YouTube 6 months ago
I love those feathery freaks! It'd be awesome to see them make a return!
Richard Kulessa
Richard Kulessa 6 months ago
Keep them in halo I LIKE TEM SO MUCH
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