What Happened to Darth Maul After Star Wars: Episode I

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Don’t have time to sort through all of the Star Wars novels, Star Wars comic books, and episodes of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here we'll tell you What Happened to Darth Maul After Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. SUBSCRIBE → goo.gl/rRQ5W7 #DarthMaul #StarWars #Solo #PhantomMenace
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Oct 17, 2017

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movieweb Year ago
This Is Why It's Time for THE JEDI TO END ruvid.net/video/video-nSAIJHgpBm0.html 5 Actors Who Were Almost Anakin Skywalker ruvid.net/video/video-k0G9sLLOU_s.html 10 Actors Who Could Have Been Han Solo ruvid.net/video/video-NTW2VzS_WDw.html
Austin Harris
Austin Harris 18 days ago
I could here the bit of a tremor in your voice. The Maul story is a deeply sad story. I feel you man.
drippin wet
drippin wet 27 days ago
BULLSHIT! Sith logic breaks Star Wars' own lore. Allow me to explain. According to Yoda from "A New Hope": There are only Two Sith at all times. The Master. And the apprentice. No more. No less. Enter "Solo" We get see Han Solo. In his youth, before the madness of facing the Empire alongside Luke, he faces the EEEEEEEVIL Crimson Dawn! This group of organized criminal scum is led b-DARTH MAUL IS ALIVE! SO IS DARTH SIDIOUS! SO IS DARTH VADER! Star Wars is ass. This is why it fails because it only appeals to a). fans who are willing to forgive/rationalize how stupid its lore is and b). to the majority of the population that has average or lesser intelligence (which is most of the population). Face it, ladies n gents. Its sci-fi for the baby-brained. drippin wet, out.
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell 3 months ago
Read Time and understand order these books today and subscribe to this Channel everyone now for the questions that I have about certain characters. Who were the younglings that Chewbacca was protecting under his care? What happened to Dash Rendar? where do Jedi Halocrons come from? what is the origin of the old Sith Master Snooki? and how is the other Jango Fett bounty hunter doing? before Sabers and the Empire I often wonder how the force was discovered. the Jedi came first of do not believe attachment should be forbidden of also can never be an obsession. we know Aura Sung had a fight with Kenobie she then get away from both him and Quigon. we know a lightsaber that has the dark side surrounding was hidden but what became of that tempting saber with the spirit ghost of the Sith Master? it's a mystery.
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell 8 months ago
Maul was cloned and he faught Vader on Mustafa and secretly it was a test set up Emperor Palpatine.
ironcityblue 2 days ago
He got cut in half and died. Then they brought him back for pathetic marketing propaganda and eventually he got cut in half again and died.
Benito Cardenas
Benito Cardenas 3 days ago
Darth maul was a sith Lord??
Daniel Chan
Daniel Chan 3 days ago
How does Maul fit into Han Solo: A Star Wars Story though
Daniel Chan
Daniel Chan 3 days ago
Where does the Han Solo movie fit into his timeline.
Man Falls
Man Falls 3 days ago
Story line is still sh*t. This is a worse ending than being cut in half horizontally. Now he gets cut in half vertically? The character with the best fighting skills in the entire star wars galaxy is sliced like butter by an old obi wan, while that same old obi wan is dashed to pieces by an extremely slow moving Vader? What a load of sh*t. Star Wars needs logical writters.
They glued him. He changed his name to "Les Maul" and he became a luthier of note. On occasion he would djent for small private audiences. True story.
Plutonash254 5 days ago
Didn't darth maul show up at the end of SOLO?
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 days ago
Motherfucker is like a cockroach
Canaan Liu
Canaan Liu 6 days ago
So, which guy in movie Solo?
John Etheridge
John Etheridge 6 days ago
What happened to darth maul kenobi whooped his @$$ that's what happened twice
Awesome video!
Adithya. 9 days ago
His whole story arc is better than The Last Jedi
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez 9 days ago
Darth Maul is a very cool character but he took a lot of L’s lmao!
Darren Harvey
Darren Harvey 13 days ago
The thing you leave out about their final duel is that Obi Wan purposely leads Maul into thinking he can kill him easily by using the same stance that his master used before his death! It’s why Maul dies so quickly and easily
Darren Harvey
Darren Harvey 13 days ago
“I survived, I will always survive!”
Jackson Haymond
Jackson Haymond 14 days ago
i am so confused. this arc in the comics sort of ventures into the ending of ventrass's story...
Mikhail Lukianov
Mikhail Lukianov 14 days ago
"Darth Maul survived being cut in half and thrown down a shaft!!canon!!" aka he was popular enough to keep selling toys
Ye eY
Ye eY 14 days ago
Guys who ate my fucking mac and cheese
Elijah Lim
Elijah Lim 17 days ago
This was very informative to me because I had watched very little Star Wars clone wars and Star Wars rebels I mostly only watch the movies thanks movieweb
Mr. Motivation
Mr. Motivation 17 days ago
You shall read me bedtime stories. 😃
Project_Paradox 17 days ago
Darth Maul: We are the true lords of the SIF
Austin Harris
Austin Harris 18 days ago
If you didnt get a knot on that last line.. you dont love star wars man.. that shits a deep onion
primalfury2011 19 days ago
jesus..what a long painfull life darth maul had.. kinda really sad... so sad
primalfury2011 19 days ago
wow that was a good video dude !!! never knew how maul died...
Darth Know-It-All
Darth Know-It-All 20 days ago
They should redo clone wars and rebels live action
Darth Know-It-All
Darth Know-It-All 20 days ago
I’m just watching this to see how it ties in with Solo bc I know everything else
movieweb 9 days ago
This video was made well before the release of Solo. With that being said, Solo takes place after The Clone Wars and before Rebels.
FighterMan9836 22 days ago
He got robot legs fought in some period of the clone wars then died on tatooine
Nayops 18
Nayops 18 22 days ago
18:30 Maul has been through a lot of 💩 tbh....
Penny Graham
Penny Graham 23 days ago
i saw palps full face with hood in dis vid in clone wars
Penny Graham
Penny Graham 23 days ago
so crepy mauls face falling
Penny Graham
Penny Graham 23 days ago
star wars rebels is *NOT* cannon
Brian ShiXing Chen
Brian ShiXing Chen 24 days ago
Holy, this is awesome!! for star wars fans
The three Fruits
The three Fruits 24 days ago
Rip Darth maul 😭
Heyy_Thatz _Nicee
Heyy_Thatz _Nicee 26 days ago
lol darth maul is alive in solo a star wars story during the galactic civil war
movieweb 9 days ago
lol solo a star wars story takes place after the clone wars and before rebels
Simon 26 days ago
Krombopulos T
Krombopulos T 27 days ago
Darth Marls biggest mistake was to take his brother as an apprentice. When the Emperor came he tries to play it cool but Darth maul took an apprentice. that's a no-no. since he himself claiming to be the Emperor's apprentice. Rule of 2 applies. always.
Ghost Eddy
Ghost Eddy 28 days ago
They are Africans
ntxawg1 29 days ago
Good stuff.
TheUltimateGamer Number1
Rip to Darth maul my favorite star wars character
Connor Waclott2
Connor Waclott2 Month ago
It’s Jedi padawan obi wan he still had his braid
kamionkami1 Month ago
Wow they made general greivis so strong. Stronger than maul. And hes not even a sith! Also they made maul lose to everyone than make that canon!?🤨
Craig Elliott
Craig Elliott Month ago
I love Darth Maul. One of my favourite Empire characters.
LeAaron Cooper
LeAaron Cooper Month ago
Failed to mention him running the crime syndicate during the time Han Solo became a Smuggler. Which would of happened after the events in the rebels.
LeAaron Cooper
LeAaron Cooper 28 days ago
@movieweb my autocorrect is stupid. Meant Maul running the crime Syndicate before Han becomes Smuggler, as shown in Star Wars Han Solo
movieweb 28 days ago
That happened before the events in Rebels.
Bom Trown
Bom Trown Month ago
No we can't all agree Darth Mall was fantastic. First line in the video incorrect.
movieweb 28 days ago
Thanks for watching.
Ron Ramen
Ron Ramen Month ago
Clone Wars is the best piece of Star Wars media after the original trilogy.
Kiba Livewire
Kiba Livewire Month ago
You'd think in the next star wars movie or in some star wars tribute they'd put an Easter egg of Maul's Grave on tattoine
sauske uchiha
sauske uchiha Month ago
its not darth maul anymore just maul
Nutric Month ago
The best part about being a Sith is they never suffer no offense but even when they die they dont go to hell they just become ghosts so really you can kill and torture and then be happy
Nutric Month ago
What is mauls real name???
Solo kiera does make sance
David_de_ Muan
David_de_ Muan Month ago
He comes back in the film solo
max viventi
max viventi Month ago
this guys voice bored me to death
randall estacio
randall estacio Month ago
but jar jar blinks though! the true sith lord!
Sebastian Messak
My favorite character in Star Wars by far
TheCriticom Month ago
His top have went to the market and the bottom half went all the way home.
J. Gona
J. Gona Month ago
Because who needs internal functioning organs when you have the force, right..? 🙄
Jared Beck
Jared Beck Month ago
1 answer. Clone wars
movieweb Month ago
Clone Wars, several comics, a book, and Rebels. So... A long answer. Hence the video we made. ;)
Rick C-137
Rick C-137 Month ago
He got cut in half in episode 1 and died the end
kriss 25anime
kriss 25anime Month ago
What Happened to Darth Maul After Star Wars: Episode I me: he got slice in half and fall to his death
Anakhmaho Month ago
no one gives a shit what you consider canom. TCW is made by George Lucas himself and it's canon in both the Disney canon and the old canon. and it's better and more popular than any of the so called "big" star wars movies outside of The Original Trilogy. you can't call yourself a star wars fan if you haven't watched it. and he did survive confirmed by the man himself, facts don't care about your tears.
kriss 25anime
kriss 25anime Month ago
@movieweb you say what happen to darth maul after episode 1 and i say that he died in episode 1 i don't see him in any other Big star wars movie so he is death, i only count the Star wars movie 1 to 8 as canon material, Clone wars is just Big Filler same with rebels and the video game
movieweb Month ago
No, that was during Episode I, not after.
John Adams
John Adams Month ago
Darth Maul and Boba Fett should both have stayed dead. I got it, lets bring Tarkin back. He didn't die on the Death Star, he was saved because his area was had its own shield. And Briggs didn't die as well. Or Porkins for that matter. Or stormtrooper number 6. Or TK421. Or Ben Kenobi. What is dead may never die!
Anakhmaho Month ago
you're not the one to decide who should stay dead and who shouldn't. TCW was made by George Lucas himself and he brought him back. his words are definitely more relyable than you.
Allen Myers
Allen Myers Month ago
I think it would be bad if I were to get force powers. Because if I where at work when it happened. On my drive home 5 miles ish, I'd be a sith half way home and be able to emit lightning from my hands by the time I pulled in my drive way. From crushing and throwing gray haired drivers cars out of my way (of course with them in it) and rubber necks. Why am I committing this you ask. Because there was nothing wrong with mauls actions. Loved his story. He's like a mentor
mr starwars kid
mr starwars kid Month ago
Welp that was answerd in star wars rebels
movieweb Month ago
Clone Wars, comic books, a book, Rebels, hence this video
pontus laurell
pontus laurell Month ago
well he got cut in half..
movieweb Month ago
That was IN Episode I, not after.
Adrian Sanchez
Adrian Sanchez Month ago
Wow great clarification and story telling, as much as I regret not watching S.W Rebels I feel like this explained it almost if not perfectly leaving out all the unwanted episodes in the series
kam ridley
kam ridley Month ago
Man there was no one on Darth maul side in that
Why wasn't Darth Sidious able to detect his presence in the force?
movieweb Month ago
Who says he didn't?
NolalanD Month ago
The writers did such a good job with the Kenobi - Maul encounter in Rebels.
Bernie Anderson
Bernie Anderson Month ago
Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Maul the shadow?
Злой Волшебник
Nothing happened.He died on Naboo.The animated series is just a way to bring more money from the fans.
Anakhmaho Month ago
when you don't know something no one forces you comment about it. TCW is made by George Lucas himself way before Disney brought him back and it's canon in both the Disney canon and the old canon. and it's better and more popular than any of the star wars movies outside of The Original Trilogy. you can't call yourself a star wars fan if you haven't watched it. and he did survive confirmed by the man himself, facts don't care about your tears. and apparently no one cares what casual fans think.
Alex Bond
Alex Bond Month ago
Darth maul escaped death 1 to many times
Frank Omatic
Frank Omatic Month ago
Darth Maul is hands down one of my favorite sith Lords from his look to his fighting style, just a total badass... An I loved how his story ended an how he refused to die, he was truly a beast!!!
CrimsonSnowTV Month ago
it’s too bad the obi wan movie got cancelled. this is a spin-off i actually would have enjoyed.
Amellia Mendel
Amellia Mendel Month ago
Darth Maul and Snoke were the two best and they were just wasted
Tetsuran mark 1
Tetsuran mark 1 2 months ago
Maul is such an amazing character
N She
N She 2 months ago
0:06 Is Maul wearing binoculars???
Aaron Heininger
Aaron Heininger 2 months ago
Thats was really good if they had made the style better i would of watched it more.
Liam Oakley
Liam Oakley 2 months ago
Siths kill Siths...Jedi's who kill Siths become Siths,,,gotta love the darkside.
WoWo 2 months ago
Me: already knows what happens to Darth maul after the phantom menace. Also me: watches a 20 minute video about what happens to Darth maul after the phantom menace.
NosyLuckyLuke 27
NosyLuckyLuke 27 2 months ago
Seth Rogen?
movieweb Month ago
We actually made a video about this: ruvid.net/video/video-T3RKNk9Zj3o.html
Reaper Sonic
Reaper Sonic 2 months ago
Vader be like guess what if Kenobi could see that NOW I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND
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