What Happened to Darth Maul After Star Wars: Episode I

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Don’t have time to sort through all of the Star Wars novels, Star Wars comic books, and episodes of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here we'll tell you What Happened to Darth Maul After Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. SUBSCRIBE → goo.gl/rRQ5W7 #DarthMaul #StarWars #Solo #PhantomMenace
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Oct 17, 2017

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movieweb Year ago
This Is Why It's Time for THE JEDI TO END ruvid.net/video/video-nSAIJHgpBm0.html 5 Actors Who Were Almost Anakin Skywalker ruvid.net/video/video-k0G9sLLOU_s.html 10 Actors Who Could Have Been Han Solo ruvid.net/video/video-NTW2VzS_WDw.html
Patrick Wentzell
Read Time and understand order these books today and subscribe to this Channel everyone now for the questions that I have about certain characters. Who were the younglings that Chewbacca was protecting under his care? What happened to Dash Rendar? where do Jedi Halocrons come from? what is the origin of the old Sith Master Snooki? and how is the other Jango Fett bounty hunter doing? before Sabers and the Empire I often wonder how the force was discovered. the Jedi came first of do not believe attachment should be forbidden of also can never be an obsession. we know Aura Sung had a fight with Kenobie she then get away from both him and Quigon. we know a lightsaber that has the dark side surrounding was hidden but what became of that tempting saber with the spirit ghost of the Sith Master? it's a mystery.
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell 6 months ago
Maul was cloned and he faught Vader on Mustafa and secretly it was a test set up Emperor Palpatine.
Super real Tyler Eads
movieweb i
DJZags Gaming
DJZags Gaming Year ago
movieweb sith are the best
Liam Oakley
Liam Oakley Day ago
Siths kill Siths...Jedi's who kill Siths become Siths,,,gotta love the darkside.
WoWo 5 days ago
Me: already knows what happens to Darth maul after the phantom menace. Also me: watches a 20 minute video about what happens to Darth maul after the phantom menace.
Luke Pawley
Luke Pawley 5 days ago
Seth Rogen?
Reaper Sonic
Reaper Sonic 6 days ago
Vader be like guess what if Kenobi could see that NOW I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND
Roger April
Roger April 6 days ago
What about when Maul showed up In solo?
Jorin Gedamke
Jorin Gedamke 6 days ago
Except, naturally, nobody dies in Star Wars... thanks for the video.
William Squires
William Squires 7 days ago
As they say, “Ain’t no way, ain’t no how!” that Darth Maul (or anyone else, for that matter) is going to survive being sliced in half with a lightsaber (or even an ordinary Samurai sword). Rapid blood loss would occur from the severed arteries and veins. Even if we assume the lightsaber blade cauterized the wound surfaces, then the blood would still try to pump out of the arteries, back up against the sealed, cauterized, blood vessels, and this back pressure would make ever harder for the heart to function. Combine that with the fact that there would be little or no blood flowing back INTO the heart, and you have cardiac death, with body and brain death soon after. Maul was a goner the instant he became two halves! whoever came up with this idea that Maul somehow survived, took literary license WAY too far. The other problem was that they were fighting in what was probably the city’s power generation station. Anything in that tube where Maul fell in is likely inimical to existence due to the huge amount of power being shunted and controlled - he likely would have met his end in an arc flashover at some point, even had he just fallen in without becoming sashimi!
thrall of Fox
thrall of Fox 7 days ago
couldn't stand Darth maul
Charango123quena 8 days ago
what happened ..is .. "hey Lucas made a great character here but he killed him off .. no worries; we can come up we some crap excuse making it looking like he survived the plunge to death from a great height, the cutting off of his arse and legs and the fact that if the fall hadn't killed him he would have just bled to death ...star wars fans are a gullible bunch ... some actually liked the Last Jedi .."
Cowx123 8 days ago
even though he lived in the sith temple what about the event in Solo where maul appears to guide Keira, because its is during the original trilogy stage
ugottabekidn 9 days ago
Thanks for this! Maul came out of nowhere (to those of us who weren't into the books/graphic novels/animated series), and died relatively quickly. This fleshes his story out nicely. Well done.
BadLeo612 10 days ago
He went to your mom's house.
Just Z
Just Z 11 days ago
Let's be honest maul would destroy the jedi
Noel Juan Manahan
Noel Juan Manahan 11 days ago
Thanks For the Video. My family were surprised to see him in the Han Solo Movie. This Video will help explain to my nephew about Darth Maul.
Amile 12 days ago
Hadn't noticed the "move" he use on Tatooine was the same he used on Naboo.... very nice touch.
Chunk fnaf
Chunk fnaf 13 days ago
Darth maul sunks if he was good he could Obi-Wan Kenobi
Daniel Bower
Daniel Bower 13 days ago
You forgot Mual has a apprentice in the movie solo
Weedthrasher 15 days ago
It's pronounced ZA-brak, not zuh-brak.
Ruben Alvarado
Ruben Alvarado 15 days ago
Darth mual died in episode 1 got cut in half by obi-one
Kei 804
Kei 804 12 days ago
Did u just ignore everything in this video?🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
WICKEDGaming 15 days ago
What about crimson dawn from solo? Please do an updated version of this.
Pablo Carrouché
Pablo Carrouché 15 days ago
I though Maul is a Zabrak
frogman16 16 days ago
Now I finally understand darth maul, thank you so much for helping me.Even though I didn’t want him to die
PALEHORSE 18 days ago
He's more angry about his wiener having horns
Rrivers411 18 days ago
Thank you
obbzerver 18 days ago
Ya'll do know that none of this actually happened?
Kei 804
Kei 804 12 days ago
obbzerver so called “Star Wars fan”🤦🏾‍♂️😂 fucking casual
obbzerver 12 days ago
@Kei 804 there's also no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny. Your whole life has been a lie.
Kei 804
Kei 804 12 days ago
obbzerver your clearly not a true sw fan
Grizzly H
Grizzly H 18 days ago
All this story arc and prophecy for Luke to drink blue milk and fade away, because everything has to be a political statement.
Kais Asefi
Kais Asefi 19 days ago
Wait wait wait wait wait wait... so is Darth Maul a good guy?!
rumsmuggler30 19 days ago
Should have added his cameo from Solo( and that he ran Crimson Dawn) before going to Maul's time in Rebels.
deku 20 days ago
The end gave me chills
Fixx Foxx
Fixx Foxx 21 day ago
Dang, Darth maul finally got it at the end. "He, will avenge us"....
ClOuD sQuAd
ClOuD sQuAd 21 day ago
10:26 is that a reference to when Vader felt Luke Skywalker’s presence?
George Martisius
George Martisius 22 days ago
He died
Kei 804
Kei 804 12 days ago
George Martisius your dumb🤦🏾‍♂️
Sigmund Q. Freud
Sigmund Q. Freud 22 days ago
He taped himself back together and opened up a taco bell.
theFareulookinat 22 days ago
He died and thats that unless you count the not cannon made up kids show story
theFareulookinat 12 days ago
Kei 804 no not cuz its a show its a dumb cartoon with bad logic and animations
Kei 804
Kei 804 12 days ago
So just because it’s a tv show, mean it’s not canon?🤦🏾‍♂️ stop being movie biased
Michael Perez
Michael Perez 23 days ago
In the end for only a moment, they were friends.
Happy John
Happy John 23 days ago
I always feel special knowing I've watched Clone Wars when these 1.2 million people haven't and actually have to watch this video! 😀 2:01 PM 5/24/2019
TWSTF 8 24 days ago
This story arc in the Clone Wars series has the top 2 all-time best lightsaber fights in all of the animated Canon; Darth Maul vs. Pre Viszla (9:22) and Darth Maul & Savage Opress vs. Darth Sidious. (11:09) (BTW= It's, "Aurra Sing," lol not, "Aurora Sing.") 👍
_I'm Not Loss_
_I'm Not Loss_ 24 days ago
18:28 If you are procrastinating, the video starts here
Luke Maheras
Luke Maheras 25 days ago
Fuckin candy ass death scene when you know his head was split like a watermelon on a hot day in Mississippi
szwakyd 25 days ago
So how does all this connect with Darth Maul at the end of Solo?
dpangia123 25 days ago
szwakyd Maul gains influence In the crime world in the clone wars with death watch being under his rule along with other crime syndicates. In solo he controls the crime syndicate han solos girlfriend works for (cant remember her name). Basically he just takes over as many crime syndicates as he can, and makes them all work for him.
TigerDude333 25 days ago
Basically, fandom liked the character, so they made up something goofy to keep him alive.
dpangia123 25 days ago
TigerDude333 And his character arc is one of the best in star wars so keeping him alive was well worth it.
Krazycow Gaming
Krazycow Gaming 26 days ago
So where does solo fit in?
Carlos Lee
Carlos Lee 26 days ago
Maul is my favorite Star Wars character of all time
Josh B
Josh B 27 days ago
The last moments of Maul were completely out of character IMHO. If you look at all his history (and his embracing hate through the dark side), I don't think he'd have begged for mercy, ESPECIALLY from Palpatine (who would torture Maul for any sign of weakness or mercy during his training). Other than that, yeah this is great stuff.
Nova sage
Nova sage 27 days ago
Even after all the bs maul put everyone through, i feel really bad for him. At least, i hope, he at last found some form of peace.
Star Wars Rumors
Star Wars Rumors 28 days ago
Great video that concluded with one of my favourite scenes from Star Wars :)
Nawaf HH Al-Taher
Nawaf HH Al-Taher 28 days ago
Great job! Really enjoyed the video. Now please tell us his story in Solo.
XHellXGeistX 28 days ago
Poor Maul. Just always getting his ass kicked in the end.
Jindřich žák
Jindřich žák 29 days ago
The last duel with Obi-Wan and Maul is single-handedly the best Star Wars duel ever.
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox 29 days ago
Darth maul was killed by Luke's Uncle Owen on the planet tatooine when Luke Skywalker was only 9 years old, the same age as his father Anakin when he was discovered. Darth maul came back to the planet in search of something important. He wasn't sure exactly what it was but he sensed the force there and he sought to destroy it. Obi-Wan Kenobi shows up at the home of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru to try and save the day and while Darth maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi are having a heated lightsaber duel Uncle Owen takes that rifle with the extremely, ridiculously long barrel and blows Darth maul's brains all over the sand. Then he tells Obi-Wan Kenobi that he is no longer welcome at the homestead because wherever he goes he brings death with him and he also didn't hesitate to point out that he was the one who killed Darth maul and not Obi-Wan Kenobi so he can take care of Luke on his own. There is a comic book that I've only ever seen one copy of, but it is a full-length graphic novel and it contains this story and much more. also somehow or another even though Darth maul mechanical legs had been redesigned to look more human at this point in the story line they were back to their super long mechanical animal like versions. the ones he had with the backwards knees and the gigantic talons at the bottom before the witches of dathomir had used the force and their magic to recreate the legs using the same materials.
Sion Grey
Sion Grey 29 days ago
He died, bringing him back cheapens the franchise, fuck Disney.
Sion Grey
Sion Grey 24 days ago
@dpangia123 yes, when a character dies i like them to stay dead. Not brought back after they were chopped in half.
dpangia123 25 days ago
Sion Grey Disney didnt bring him back lol. He was brought back when lucas still owned star wars. And mauls character arc is one of the best in all of star wars you just don't appreciate it because you didn't watch it. All you saw was his 10 minutes of screen time and 5 lines he had in phantom menace.
Breeze B
Breeze B Month ago
I really hope Maul will be a big part of the Kenobi Tv series.
JüstGäming Pröductions
I kinda shed a tear when Darth Maul said He will avenge us
Tora Dora
Tora Dora Month ago
Its a shame that Maul couldnt reconcile his difference with Kanobi and be turned.
Nick P
Nick P Month ago
Very Cool
Chris M
Chris M Month ago
Darth Maul had so much left to offer....he needs to be resurrected (again)
Joshhieyify Month ago
Wait so the nightsisters kidnapped zabraks as sex slaves
Peyton Chmielowski
hes still alive because i n solo he has metal legs and when he fell he joinded a village and the people made him them
dpangia123 25 days ago
Peyton Chmielowski Hes dead now tho obi wan killed him on tatooine.
Reddog5546 Month ago
Love it how everyone is starting to love the prequels just because the new trilogy sucks. Fans are stupid.
Missing Apostate
Who else fucking loved Darth mall
Big Raph
Big Raph Month ago
He is still alive! Even after obi wan ‘’killed him a seccond time’’
Reality isnt A choice
Maul could've been a real contender if his destiny didn't keep him as atleast 5th runner up. He was talented against the non force users. He was a planner for shure bit a coward when things got tough. Maul was a failure of an apprentice . He did have some good lines
Joshua Lynam
Joshua Lynam Month ago
Sorry, had to cut you off at 8 minutes. I came to realise I had not given the clone wars enough attention. I have to go back and continue watching it. Great video though.
Jake Cochran
Jake Cochran Month ago
can we talk about how the dude talking sounds like seth rogan?!
I think it's a good idea to read or watch extra content on your favourite films, this information can change your perspective on any hero or villains. Thank you for the info.
Jaden Sims
Jaden Sims Month ago
Count Rufus
Count Rufus Month ago
Fucking master slave mortality.Moses was an insane person
Josh Ahlstrom
Josh Ahlstrom Month ago
Based on Star Wars battlefront, Maul the strongest Sith lord
Juan Priskinez
Juan Priskinez Month ago
Such an escape artist, he should be renamed to Darth Houdini
GIFfIy X Month ago
Great video 🙏💯
Oberleutnant GWORMY
he started consuming corellian beer and devil dogs, now the force is the only thing keeping him from being a couch potato
Buggaman 66
Buggaman 66 Month ago
I like the wrath of maul book
Quinlin Geving
Quinlin Geving Month ago
Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tehcookie vanilla
Darth Maul along with cadd bane have became my favourite characters:D
Julian B
Julian B Month ago
No I don't agree Darth Maul was fantastic. He's a worse part of the movie than Jar Jar. Give the villain in your movie a fucken personality, some speaking lines maybe. He's just there to give the audience a cool sword fight. Even more overrated than Boba Fett.
Julian B
Julian B 25 days ago
@dpangia123 You know you've really botched the villain in your movie when you have to invent a ton of new content about him to make him even remotely interesting... Also, gotta say I hate it when shows bring back obviously dead characters like this too. Maul was clearly supposed to die in Phantom Menace.
dpangia123 25 days ago
Julian B Thats why his arcs in the clone wars show are great. They flesh out his character. Show his backstory, homeplanet, family, and his struggle to get revenge on obi wan. As well as making him a powerful crime Lord. I agree he didn't do shit in phantom menace thats why I liked him coming back so much so that he could actually do shit.
Damian Lewd
Damian Lewd Month ago
Well done
rxve Month ago
my all-time favorite character in star wars
Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf Month ago
Darth maul was trash whatcha mean
Jesus Acosta
Jesus Acosta Month ago
Darth Maul needs his own movie.
Blasto Bearfoot
Blasto Bearfoot Month ago
any update on him being at the end of Solo? speculations maybe?
Kenneth Krueger
Kenneth Krueger Month ago
spoilers,he was cut in 1/2-remember?
var1328 Month ago
" "What Happened to Darth Maul After Star Wars: Episode I" He was cut in half and died
Anthony Quigley
Anthony Quigley Month ago
He got cut in half, and fell down a miles long duct, and died. Same way that apparently no one who gets thrown down miles long shafts dies in this universe, Apparently Palpatine survived a 65 mile fall, and then got off the death star after being electrocuted by his own force lightning (Which KILLED Darth Vader) and scaped before they blew it to sh*t.
AnthonyE-Nyuran Month ago
Solo: A Star Wars Story adds to it
Tarlo The Boar
Tarlo The Boar Month ago
I think Darth Maul is one of the best characters in the current Canon. His story is one of revenge and betrayal that unltimatly ends with his demise yet he finds solace knowing Luke will be the downfall of Palpatine.
imaculate spanishkid
How does maul fit into the han solo movie in this time line or they just threw him in for potential ticket sales?
imaculate spanishkid
One more thing about the time line.In solo all the storm troopers have the new uniform(episode 4 version) meaning all droids have been decommissioned.Darth maul didnt make it to clones so is this supposed to mean it's going down the line of him living after cut in half? If not lame cameo
Anakhmaho Month ago
@The Bleaker he wasn't defeated by Ahsoka. they fought but it's not confirmed who won. ahsoka as a 18 years old (in season 7) stands no chance against a former sith lord. he just lost the control over mandalore in the siege of mandalore. and went to hiding.
Anakhmaho Month ago
his appearance in Solo was pointless i agree. but it did make sense, maul's plan was to create a under world empire with crime families. which he started to do in TCW with shadow collective. and Solo movie is about underworld crime families so it makes sense. i think they put him on solo to set up a bigger role for him i another movie (maybe kenobi) and to make it clear for casual fans that star wars canon isn't just about movies. and i'm glad they did.
The Bleaker
The Bleaker Month ago
Well, after being defeated by Ahsoka, he hid from the Empire and secretly build up Crimson Dawn.
lown wolf
lown wolf Month ago
RIP maul
kelly peng
kelly peng Month ago
If darts maul died before obi died which means he can’t be in new Star Wars movie
Lrgtreez TGOD
Lrgtreez TGOD Month ago
But what about mauls reappearance in the solo movie?
Darth Maul
Darth Maul Month ago
Nobody likes me... :(
Aiden The Green Stone Knight
Wow......I never thought I could feel bad for Darth Maul.....
Common Sense
Common Sense Month ago
why would we want to share anything
Ben Berry
Ben Berry Month ago
if he's dead then how is he alive running the crimson dawn from the Solo movie?
The Bleaker
The Bleaker Month ago
Solo is set before Rebels
DeadlyDanDaMan Month ago
Maul's line when he dies proves that the Sith and the Jedi are totally capable of living together in peace when the Force is balanced. It's the unbalance that has brought them to this conflict. And yes, Maul is still VERY MUCH a Sith in that final battle.
Jared Shine
Jared Shine Month ago
he gets killed by obi wan in star wars rebels
Valgar Month ago
I prefer that Darth Maul died in Episode 1, the mystique of his character is far more interesting.
Anakhmaho Month ago
No. he was just a cool looking tattooed psychopath warrior. jumping around and swinging a dual-lightsaber. to make kids go like "oh that's COOL" no thoughts were put on him in TPM. Lucas just made him to have some real lightsaber action in TPM. no matter how much fans admire him. he was just a nobody. the only difference between him and a droids was just that he was more dangerous and nothing more. and there wasn't supposed to be any mystery behind him. the fans just just like to overestimate small things. Star Wars canon i more than movies. like it or not.
Darth Rangus
Darth Rangus Month ago
Wait...........I don't get it............I thought that Ahsoka left the Jedi Order after her trial? How was she in command of a Clone Division if she was no longer a Jedi?
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah Month ago
she joined the jedi again
Moto Moto
Moto Moto Month ago
The blade did not hit Maul, how did he die?
Anakhmaho Month ago
the blade did hit him. just Disney didn't have the balls to show that or show him getting stabbed. that's why a lot of TCW fans hate SWR. (not me tho)
kys Month ago
The prequels are amazing burn in hell any kid that tries to disagree
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