What Happened to Cedric Benson? (A Tribute to a Texas Football Legend)

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This is a tribute to former NFL Running Back Cedric Benson.

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Aug 19, 2019




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Comments 1 087
Tonedrick Evans
Tonedrick Evans 6 hours ago
I didn't even know that this why I haven't seen or heard since he left Cincinnati do anybody kno when this tragedy happens
quinnton allen
quinnton allen 17 days ago
I was wondering where he was! Damn Rest easy king!
Anthony Brooks
Anthony Brooks 21 day ago
FlemLo big dog how about a piece on Mike Rozier
Gustave Viking
Gustave Viking 23 days ago
Cedric batted .361 w/ 4 HRs, as a senior? ME- .425 w/ 13HRs as a senior. 26 HRs during highschool, including my junior year, when I broke my hand and only batted half of the season....
Don Logan
Don Logan 25 days ago
Damn didn’t kno that .... baseball ⚾️ wow yep when you can play baseball your an great one
Nick Allen
Nick Allen 25 days ago
You need to be on ESPN debating with Stephen A....
Thomas Kurtz
Thomas Kurtz 26 days ago
I love your work. Truly.
aaron rogers
aaron rogers 27 days ago
as a bear fan I never had any ill feelings to ced, rip my brother and thanks for dealing thru our teams bs, at some point the bears forgot we are a heavy run Def. team that's why we have so many qb problems bc we betray the culture papa bear made for us
Mike Anthony
Mike Anthony 28 days ago
I didn't know that he passed. Definitely a force with the Bengals. A couple of times I thought they would go to the Super Bowl the outstanding year they just had only to lose in the first round. 2015 was at their absolute best even better than New England & Denver and you guessed it their Quarterback gets knocked out for the season in week 14 I remember they were on route to go 14-2 record and ended up 12-4. They the Cincinnati Bengals were the real deal that year until the injury. After all they would have deserved it being the better team in the league in 1988 losing to the experience & mighty San Francisco 49ers unfortunately that didn't work out for them either, Twice.
DoK Chango
DoK Chango 28 days ago
My little brother played against Ced. We graduated from Abilene High School. Ced was a cocky but humble dude, if that makes sense. RIP young buck.
Wipeout Films
Wipeout Films 29 days ago
My team not greatest either so don’t feel bad poor Cleveland
BrotherApexx Month ago
As a Bengals fan, I appreciate how you rep the team and aren't even from the Nati. Lots of people from there rep other more popular winning teams so it's good to see fans like you--being a Bengals is certainly a test of patience. Also, great job remembering Cedric. Terrible loss.
5219sg Month ago
Man I only hoped the best for him when GB signed him. RIP
Daryl Richardson
LycanVonWolf Month ago
I don't like how you seem to act like DUI is not a big deal its a big deal
joe bake
joe bake Month ago
Being a Bengals man myself i loved this video. No doubt Cedric Benson was pivotal to our team . He was a 1000 yard machine . He was a beast. He is greatly missed in Cincinnati.
Kwaze Mbutabe
Kwaze Mbutabe Month ago
I always thought this man was one of the most underrated RBs ever...
slowroc Month ago
Them got damn motorcycles smh. Get u every time. Just a matter of time, situation, and circumstance.
LxG Zackkk
LxG Zackkk Month ago
August 17th was my birthday 😥 RIP Cedric
Leavon Fletcher
Leavon Fletcher Month ago
Whatever happened to Charlie Ward? Greatest college QB ever.
Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall Month ago
All the way up?
iron 13
iron 13 Month ago
4:39 I believe you since you said you sold TVs in the past.
Roger Pedactor
Roger Pedactor Month ago
I remember the day of his senior year state championship game and it was the first state championship game ever watched on TV hear Texas in that dude just destroyed he was a man amongst boys for real I had never seen anything like it I was a freshman in high school and Midland Lee was literally the greatest thing in the state of Texas at the time what's messed up is all those years back I can still remember exactly where I was when I watched it
bizarre conservative
All those old broken players would hate me. If they was mad id tell em ohh well if they wanna be fucked by the owners thats their problem. If they wanna be the owners bitch go on
gmarine221981 Month ago
This guys is an analyst genius
Dedrick Kenry
Dedrick Kenry Month ago
Thank you!
Sha Boss Wiggins
Yo FlemLo, you have to monetize partner! Go get your money man, monetize your Channel!
mssolo78 Month ago
Check this out...I'm not a fan of football..I only watch the Super Bowl for the parties, commercials and half time show..so it's easy to say that I am Football-Challenged and dont have clue to the first about the sport..BUT I LOVE UR CHANNEL❤❤❤, because you HUMANIZE the players..learning about them makes me interested in the sport, plus, how you explain things is so plain and simple; easy to understand that I damn near feel like a football scholar by the end of your videos😂😂...Awesome work
Vinny Pinetree
Vinny Pinetree Month ago
thanks for the video ! R.I.P. Cedric!
star13km 2 months ago
RIP ced, as a bears fan, I'm actually happy he ran all over the squad. Thanks for bringing these stories to light.
jay 05
jay 05 2 months ago
I'm from Midland and he is very much missed around the city and enspecally at Lee (his High school)
Joe Martini
Joe Martini 2 months ago
Loved him in Cincinnati!
Keith Benjamin
Keith Benjamin 2 months ago
Damn man rip Cedric was beast in madden 11 😢❤️
The Nimble Ninja
The Nimble Ninja 2 months ago
RIP Ced. 😢
bobbillyjr3 _
bobbillyjr3 _ 2 months ago
My mom used to babysit his little brother
Javier Alan
Javier Alan 2 months ago
Jesus. Robert E Lee has a school named after him? That people of color have to attend? FUQ DAAT. Anyway, loved Benson when he was on the Bears, sad news he passed so soon.
Davey Fish
Davey Fish 2 months ago
Was excited to have this man as a Packer when he signed with us. R.I.P. home too soon
James 2 months ago
do one on JJ Arrington
Thelonius Hatch
Thelonius Hatch 2 months ago
what happened to Bob Sanders
HARM The_OG 2 months ago
_”ROBERT E. LEE HIGH SCHOOL”_ In this day and age??? You gotta be fcn kidding me!!!!! That bih would’ve been burnt down in Portland.. Guaranteed, no if and or but’s about it! Ain’t shit great about that coward that warrants a school named in his honor.. For 1... He was on the wrong side of history, fighting and sending mostly _POOR_ men to their deaths to continue the institution of enslaving human beings... Often not even paying them or paying them with fake money😂🤣 S2G! 2) _”HE LOST!”_ 3) He’s responsible for the _MURDER_ of man, women & children. 4) Again.... *HE LOST!*
Cierra Murray
Cierra Murray Month ago
It's the south man we got Lee high down here in Jacksonville FL Soo yea 🤷
Obito The MMA Addict
Hook em Horn's 🤘 RIP Cedric
JustJayy 2 months ago
He has the same name as me •-•
Carter Charles
Carter Charles 2 months ago
As an Oklahoma fan, I can only show respect to this man. I remember being a little kid and watching him run all over us in the red river rivalry.
Derrick Talbert
Derrick Talbert 3 months ago
grimy shit... dam!! thanks for all the info
Derrick Talbert
Derrick Talbert 3 months ago
I don't care how much money " the state of Texas " spends on its stadiums... western pa/ north eastern Ohio has, is and always will be King!
word1ist 3 months ago
I was in 8th grade in Denver Colorado and I was still going for Texas in that game because of him.
Brian Hunt
Brian Hunt 3 months ago
Great video on Cedric. Love the balance. Most of the time we only see the "lack of production", but not what possibly leads to it. I was heartbroken to hear about Mr. Benson's passing. Was there any news on testing for CTE?
Wade 3 months ago
I don't remember him all that much, mostly because I was so enamored with Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown..I went back and look at his highlights and he was one hell of a back in college..
Wade 3 months ago
Man, I still remember when Derrick Thomas died...I was a huge fan of his. This is a great video, man..It's nice to content like this. RIP Mr.Benson..
Jeff Andrews
Jeff Andrews 3 months ago
I was a big CB fan during the Grossman era in Chicago. He died a day after my birthday..
Bryan Kaplan
Bryan Kaplan 3 months ago
When I was 14 my Dad and I took a road trip to Cincinnati, the city I was born, and went to a Bengals game at PBS (2009). During pregame, a rep from a sponsor for the Bengals selected my dad and I to get on field passes. I was wearing my Cedric Benson jersey that day and while on the field, Ced saw me in the Jersey and made his way over to me to say 'What's Up?' and to thank me for picking his jersey. Just seemed like such a genuine guy and meant a lot to me to get to meet him as a young fan.
Mooooohamsalad 3 months ago
Like most people I spent four years in college and like most people I never had any interactions with police or jail.
♪♫ Blizz ♪♫
♪♫ Blizz ♪♫ 3 months ago
Flemlo see if you can do a video about mike Williams the wide out that played for the lions
Bama Rebel
Bama Rebel 3 months ago
Yeah its speculation. Ask him sober if he can cant down from 10. I'm sure he can. People throw that CTE word around too much.
HYPE WARRIOR!! 3 months ago
Dui especially consistently makes u a bad guy, wat if he ran over ur wife and or ur children? It's not like he doesn't no the consequences b4 he drinks. R.i p 2 him and that driver tho. Also he was a good player just stupid decisions by team owners. I love NFL & football but these owners make some the dumbest desicions that can ruin players life. Didn't knew he died
samuel cox official
samuel cox official 3 months ago
Lucky Cincinnati Bengals fans. they got a bunch of good years out of him while we got none, so in Chicago he was a bust but the Bengals fixed his entire career rest in peace ced
Jeremy G
Jeremy G 3 months ago
Wtf, I heard nothing about him passing
Uncle Julio
Uncle Julio 3 months ago
West Texas stand up #32 Rip ced Benson God make no mistake bro u in a better place
Dixie land
Dixie land 4 months ago
RIP Cedric and love and respect to his family and all his fans. I know how it felt when my favorite player of all time steve air McNair died..
Joshua Corvin
Joshua Corvin 4 months ago
Rip i loved cedric benson
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