What Happened to Cedric Benson? (A Tribute to a Texas Football Legend)

FlemLo Raps
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This is a tribute to former NFL Running Back Cedric Benson.

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Aug 19, 2019




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brett bono
brett bono 15 hours ago
most annoying part of your videos is when you que the wayne. same song over and over again is boring plus waynes voice sounds like a choking cat
C ROM 18 hours ago
I was raised in Midland Texas and played football at the same high school he went to. Cedric was about 6 years behind my class and played with friends and family on the 1st state championship seasons and the National High school Championship season. We all were moved at the news of his unfortunate passing. He definitely was a great young man and awesome running back. He will always be a part of our story of life in Midland. In the end, he was just like most of who come across life troubles and is definitely homegrown story from our community. RIP Cedric. We'll never forget you
DoubleEM Castillano
They offered a similar deal to Romo to save a draft pick. They probably believed his potential was greater and wanted to cut his check and drop the other guy based on opportunity cost.
Chris Grines
Chris Grines 6 days ago
You Done it your way CB. You had A Good life.
brian Lohse
brian Lohse 8 days ago
Austin is one of the most dangerous place in the country to drive especially a Motorcycle.
MOBROOKS 8 days ago
Great video. Thanks for going into details about Ced’s life. 15 thousand dollar tv!! Damn!!
Nicholis Sullivan
Get this man to 1million
David Rosales
David Rosales 9 days ago
Stephen Blackwell
Stephen Blackwell 10 days ago
Thanks sharing your unique views about players
darius fikes
darius fikes 10 days ago
R.I.P to Ced Benson a true legendary longhorn in my book.
Coatomc 11 days ago
My teammate. Thanks for honoring him
Travis gregory
Travis gregory 11 days ago
Bro do a What really happened between Antonio Brown and The Raiders
Bill B
Bill B 11 days ago
Nobody asks a Doctor what the name of their first patient or ask a lawyer, how many contracts have you read over. Atheletes have to deal with the exoectations of others most than other people. Fck your expectations of me. Sad really.
Mikael Krukoff
Mikael Krukoff 13 days ago
Da bears!!
John Foster
John Foster 13 days ago
Great piece bro
Rosilyn Smith
Rosilyn Smith 13 days ago
I just _happened_ to stumble upon your channel while scrolling, and _OMG,_ guy, I _love_ your spot!! Your non-judgmental and "justhafax" approach, is very much appreciated, in a time when so many of us confuse our opinions with truth! Now let me hit up this Patreon thing! LoL💯 ps. You _WILL_ go on to even _greater_ things!
Phillip Ortega
Phillip Ortega 13 days ago
His whole demeanor changed onced he started talking about the bangals
James Holman
James Holman 14 days ago
Hey man what you said on this video . I will go on record and say u are dead on it man . I know said ced man and I miss him dearly . But the stuff u said . Is very true I had many conversations with him and we talked about the issue with the tv . And it was classmates that he had that were very jealous of his good doings in football and set him up to watch him fail. The other issues I know that u mentioned was he was trying to find him self. He had stated that he was always put on a high standard since he was a kid . And for so long he felt if he didn't do what they asked he was gonna let people down. And he just couldn't let that happen . But after several years he couldn't do it anymore he is just human , he is not Superman even if everyone thought he was. Including him family . He was just trying to be normal for once and it seemed to him he was always in the spotlight and was never given a chance to explore his true destiny . Ced was very kind gentle soul , you couldn't get closer to a more humble person . Very down to earth and watching the video of u showing him giving back was just the real ced doing what he loved . He didn't do it for fame he didn't do it for money he did it cuz he loved pple . I hope I helped u on some more personal insight of ced . But man I appreciate everything you said I will forever be thankful . And so will his family . I will share this to them.
Pancouver venguins
Pancouver venguins 14 days ago
Drake Martin
Drake Martin 15 days ago
i met him at a football camp a year before he died bro, shits crazy RIP to one of the greatest Longhorns ever
Kvon Curry
Kvon Curry 15 days ago
Damn I hated when the Steelers played against him but he was such a good running back
Klink Money Squad
Klink Money Squad 16 days ago
Saw him score 2 touchdowns vs the rams in saint Louis in 2011 week 15 rip
Jackie Trojanowsky
Jackie Trojanowsky 18 days ago
FlemLo, you did a great job on this video. Ced was a Texas legend and I wanted to learn more about his life. Thank you for making the video--excellent work. So sad the way he died. 2222 is a crazy hilly, curvy dangerous road! As accomplished as he was, I learned that his female companion who died with him was accomplished in her own right--she was a beautiful doctor. So sad.
Alex Brown
Alex Brown 18 days ago
once a rebel always a rebel , one of the greatest high school football players ever
Mr Mushroom
Mr Mushroom 18 days ago
Bro he came to my ranch always to work his horse he will be missed
Dan Heaton
Dan Heaton 18 days ago
do a video on chris "slim" henry. another tragic loss under marvins watch. rip slim
Steve Davis
Steve Davis 18 days ago
Thank you for doing the tribute
Steve Davis
Steve Davis 18 days ago
A great Football player. I remember watching Cedric playing for Texas. RIP Cedric you will be missed
Matthew Ellert
Matthew Ellert 19 days ago
Isaac Castelo
Isaac Castelo 19 days ago
Well done video. Great job
ELturtle Gotti
ELturtle Gotti 20 days ago
My favorite thing about you brah is the respect you give the people you cover
mick chappo
mick chappo 20 days ago
Damn!! Crazy I was just telling my son he run the ball like C.Benson
Isaac DeShield
Isaac DeShield 20 days ago
Rip Ced !
Franklin Waddell
Franklin Waddell 20 days ago
My Razorbacks shut him down in Austin... Though Roy Williams was a beast that day! (Arkansas 38. Texas 28 ......Sooiee Pigs!)(Hog QB Matt Jones ruled the horns that day!) RIP anyway brother !
No Way
No Way 20 days ago
Benson was a good guy. He's also still the only high school player ever featured on the cover of the iconic Texas Football Magazine. In 1999 he led the Rebels to a wire to wire #1 national ranking. He had enormous pressure on him but he shouldered it well. He was awesome to watch play and the world is better off for him having been in it. RIP.
Todd Jones
Todd Jones 20 days ago
The main reason he failed with the Bears was offensive system. The Bears at that time had a system that let the defense know what type of play was coming. Thomas Jones overcame the difficulty of running against defenses that knew a run was called by being a cutback runner, he didn't run where the play was supposed to go. Bensen was a north/south runner who needed some space to get going, and it was rarely there for him. Good he had some success with the Bengals.
Gothard Gaming
Gothard Gaming 20 days ago
What happened to Kenny hill? he was Johnny football’s replacement at a&m till moving to tcu
Perry Gibson
Perry Gibson 20 days ago
Curtis Redd
Curtis Redd 20 days ago
I respect these videos so much
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez 21 day ago
Awesome work 🤘
Dan D
Dan D 21 day ago
Hook 'em CB.
Pewdie Poo
Pewdie Poo 21 day ago
When Ced died, my mom told me a former Packer died (I’m a Packer fan), and I said, “Who?” and she said, “Cedric Benson,” and I said, “Oh no! He was a good running back for the Bengals. He was also fantastic in college. I almost forgot he was a Packer.” RIP Cedric Benson. You will be remembered by many.
floyd schott
floyd schott 21 day ago
Hey FlemLO Raps , why don't you go dig him up and suck the sperm out of his dead dick .
NOMAD_will 21 day ago
i still have that Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine with him on the cover.
Isaac Rodriguez
Isaac Rodriguez 21 day ago
I played tackle football at the park a few times when i was younger, after broken noses, concussions and torn ligaments we stopped i can't imagine doing that at the highest level for years.🤕
Dezz Epson41
Dezz Epson41 21 day ago
Yeah Flemlo your from Cincinnati Oh.
Last Shadow
Last Shadow 22 days ago
Habib 22 days ago
He looks Native American in the thumbnail
Michaeux Ervin
Michaeux Ervin 22 days ago
Wow I didn't know he died until now😢
Andrew Blackmon
Andrew Blackmon 22 days ago
Rest in Jesus CB
DA Champs of Mile High
I love your research on these guys and appreciate your thoughts on them. Great videos!
Sway Vee6
Sway Vee6 22 days ago
RIP Cedric benson F
Derek Wilkins
Derek Wilkins 22 days ago
Its always blown me away how texas highschool football can pull similar crowds to CFL games
larry wyatt
larry wyatt 22 days ago
Spider Elbow82
Spider Elbow82 23 days ago
Hey Flemlo who would you say is your b-ball doppelgänger
James Cowan
James Cowan 23 days ago
If not for football he woulda been a convicted felon. JS
James Cowan
James Cowan 23 days ago
He wuz turnin his life around.
James Cowan
James Cowan 23 days ago
Like all da black mamas say on da news " he wah good, he went to circh" LMFAO
James Cowan
James Cowan 23 days ago
I doubt he be restin. Spodas always think death means rest/heaven. If you are a man of substance you might be ok. But if you're a typical spoda you are probably in hell. Ie babies outta wedlock and.
Josh Mccluskey
Josh Mccluskey 23 days ago
This hits home my brother died in a motorcycle accident in March of this year
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