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What Engineers Found When They Tore Apart Tesla's Model 3

Bloomberg Technology
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Oct.17 -- Tesla's Model 3 boasts the best technology and motor of any electric vehicle, but a team of engineers in Detroit say there's a major flaw in the car's design that's hurting Tesla's profit margins. Bloomberg Television's Ed Ludlow reports.



18 окт 2018





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a b
a b 59 минут назад
When Engineers tore Tesla apart they found nothing but steel, glass and rubber that people worship and think other people who can't afford this junk are not humans. what a waste of technology and resources.
ashlesh dange
ashlesh dange 6 часов назад
I would take a sniper and shoot him . Cut his head and send it to elon musk. Who the hell he thinks he is? Elon has put his everything on model s and that was a big damn success. There is no production car ever made(correct me if i am wrong) which can win in a quarter mile.
ygg drasil
ygg drasil 7 часов назад
I'll be buying a Model 3 as my next car then.
Trigger Troll
Trigger Troll 12 часов назад
When Elon is done fleecing the rich green snowflakes he’s going to fly off in his rocket 🚀
Henry Sangret
Henry Sangret 16 часов назад
How stupid ... first off the ceo doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about ... second it’s all sour grapes .. by digging for stupid problems and highlighting them
Tahmid Rafi
Tahmid Rafi 21 час назад
what's up with the music? Jesus!
Arvind Das
Arvind Das 21 час назад
As a visitor to US I was surprised at the price but ... 2 facts the car tesla stands apart look wise and performance wise ! I have seen the way it revvs past other cars! Plus the price tag though it punches but the catch is u save $ on your fuel ! Rest all is a secret !
Js Travelers
Js Travelers 22 часа назад
And this is why I am waiting a few years to buy a Tesla. And this is also why I am buying a Tesla.
radioactive75 23 часа назад
Munro's way of thinking is exactly why american cars last only 5 years if you are lucky
Mike Gaffney
Mike Gaffney День назад
Hes a reverse engineer. Bottom feeder.
Jule Rulez
Jule Rulez День назад
I dont see why people think of Elon Musk as a genious..Actually he has so little understanding as a engineer.
trevor День назад
uncomprehensible gibberish. what was said in that part about factory and production?
Marino Alberti
Marino Alberti День назад
This genius should go help gm and ford......
Luka_frugoni День назад
Not a model 3 lmaoooooo
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham День назад
Dilly Billy
Dilly Billy День назад
I think the stiffness is probably desired, but the criticism speaks more to mass production. Tesla still has a lot to learn in that department. They should hire him as a consultant. Streamline production with same quality would equal larger profits.
Michael Vendick
Michael Vendick День назад
Yeah but can it do.....THIS!
Kuban Z
Kuban Z День назад
Bullshit from the oil industry against the electrical car industry. Its whatever. I take everything said with a grain of salt from the internet.
57 Vette
57 Vette День назад
It's always easier to take something apart and find fault with it than designing it yourself in the first place. When Munroe lands his own rocket on a barge, then I'll listen to him.
priv1leged День назад
this car consists of 50% code and software engineering. who is paying the masterminds that make the car a true revolution?
greensky01 2 дня назад
What I got from this: “back in my day...blah blah blah; I’m scared of innovation!”
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 2 дня назад
Bloomberg needs to re-interview Munro about the Model 3. I've watched him speak about it many times since this was filmed, and he's had a HUGE change of mind about the Model 3.
Ashley Burnham
Ashley Burnham 2 дня назад
The body's too stiff? What do you meaaaaaan bruh? What do you meaaaan?
asdfghjkl zxcvbnm
asdfghjkl zxcvbnm 2 дня назад
they found jew?
Kick butoxy
Kick butoxy 2 дня назад
This is what China do
Trees Grump
Trees Grump 2 дня назад
The magnet are there to create smaller magnetic field around the bigger magnetic field. This will allow the motor to spin longer and used less energy. If you wondering, these magnet can less very long time (+30 years). As for "the body is too stiff," he was right about it. The impact absorption is not the best. However, Tesla is really looking at the big picture. If car body is build use very small and complex piece, it will be very safe. (think of it like nanotechnology).
Eugene Frausto
Eugene Frausto 2 дня назад
Well duh its heavy because when you crash the vehicle won't flip over and its stiff so when you again crash it doesn't take alot of damage while other car companies be using aluminum and carbon.
StrangeProfile 2 дня назад
*“The body is too stiff”* This old dude is asking for a death wish
John Rosner
John Rosner 2 дня назад
It's still the safest car on The planet So I'll take the test a model 3 over any car
My Name
My Name 2 дня назад
Building cars is the last thing I associate Detroit with
jesus carballo
jesus carballo 2 дня назад
just another unhappy dinosaur butthurting about the future
Christopher Kincey-Kamau
Christopher Kincey-Kamau 2 дня назад
Tesla motors gen far more torque than anything else. Model 3 perf goes as fast 0 to 60 as 911 turbo. Musk may have over built for a reason. Not only makes the car flex proof but also foolproof in terms of user stupidity. Dont need media pr after bending a frame due to launching off the line and loosing control...something 911 drivers are known for. But tesla would be blamed not driver error so maybe this is planned in as ins against nerds with no race exp but fastest car on the road and no supervision!
Old Friend
Old Friend 2 дня назад
Built wrong, but at the same time out performs any other vehicle in its class in safety. So, make it right, align with other models, have more deaths, less ratings, thus be pushed out of the market where Ford and GM can remain at the top. Nah, shut the hell up.
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 2 дня назад
How could a business publisher like Bloomberg say a $50,000 car that costs $34,000 to build gives a gross profit margin of 30%? You do not even look at the word profit until costs have been added. Profit is after costs. This huge factory, huge development costs, labour, materials, parts, compliance testing. You take this off before using the word profit.
Dibya Das
Dibya Das 2 дня назад
0:53 "I'm standing in front of the worst feature" (that is most of the car) and what's wrong with the body?
Tawing dela Rama
Tawing dela Rama 3 дня назад
funded by Ford, Chevrolet, OIL companies...
17subsribers 3 дня назад
I like that they are not talking about research cost .
jk1289 3 дня назад
Stopped watching after shown model S but says model 3. Unreal
Frederick Thorne
Frederick Thorne 3 дня назад
no bias here, haha
kc.auto on Instagram
kc.auto on Instagram 3 дня назад
God dammit elon
jefftuckercfii 3 дня назад
Define a "good company." What makes it good? The Tesla design has high and low points. A low point as was called out in the video is the body/frame design. Complexity doesn't make a product better or less expensive; generally the opposite. The manufacturing process is also far too inefficient. Far too many people are working in that plant, especially given the level of automation. Musk needs some better engineers on both body/frame design and manufacturing processes/efficiency. For that matter, the same goes as far as customer service. From everything I've heard and seen, customer service is fairly poor (can you say Apple?) and unless you were the original purchaser of a Tesla vehicle your support is pretty much nil unless you live in a state which requires it by law, and then it is still minimal. It's virtually impossible to even lay hands on repair manuals for a Tesla, something you can easily purchase for a car from any other manufacturer. If a company is making a good, affordable product and taking care of its customers, it is by my definition a "good company" and is worthy of surviving. To do that, it must make profit sufficient to sustain itself. This brings me to my next point. Let's not forget that Tesla is heavily subsidized by both state and federal governments. Musk's company is a political football as much as anything else. Greens want the company to succeed given the non-polluting nature of the vehicle - paying little heed to what pollution is created in the manufacturing process and the process of generating electricity to power the cars. Greens are generally leftist/socialist and support the leftist politicos, so leftist politicians want Tesla to succeed to keep the Green vote in their corner. For this they are willing to keep throwing taxpayer money at Musk and Tesla. A government-subsidized company which has no incentive to streamline and make itself more efficient will eventually fail under its own dead weight. If the desired outcome is to make these cars available at a reasonable cost (something the typical car buyer can afford) and reduce the carbon footprint, then making a cheaper, simpler car - and cutting off government subsidies - is the proper path. It is absolutely doable. One final question. Tesla is concerned with a decline in its sales in China. Why? Where are the great number of people in China clamoring for this overpriced, over-engineered car? Who in the hell in China - aside from high ranking Party members - can afford one? Not to mention that China doesn't really seem to care about their carbon footprint or its effect on the planet. Or is it the usual thing I've seen before; sell cheap or even at a loss overseas so you can claim international market share?
XCON VIC 3 дня назад
This guy has to work for GM.
Marco Panzanni
Marco Panzanni 3 дня назад
This video is Extremely misleading, u need to see Munro's updated video from April 2018, and not from November 2017 (which is referenced here) as he retracted all his negative comments.
Quinn Robbs
Quinn Robbs 3 дня назад
Chevy volt? Is that what they mean
harry b
harry b 3 дня назад
I want an EV. I don’t want anything made by the big 3, they only make quality pick ups that cost north of 60K.
Jesse Kohler
Jesse Kohler 3 дня назад
Too complex, meanwhile on the other side of RUvid Rich Rebuilds is on his umpteenth Tesla Rebuild...
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 4 дня назад
Difficult to build? Too stiff? How !
Frank Meoño
Frank Meoño 4 дня назад
Eggy thump Nonce
Eggy thump Nonce 4 дня назад
Would be nice if the music didn’t make it difficult to hear what they are saying
Korin Miller
Korin Miller 4 дня назад
Ur videos trash lol
Cpamoi Lafait
Cpamoi Lafait 4 дня назад
Too many body parts needs more workers, more sophisticated assembly technic, and more hours work, that mean a higher cost production, and less efficiency in the assembly line
J Banda
J Banda 4 дня назад
Lmafo this guy is just old and dumb
4 bedder society
4 bedder society 4 дня назад
Ist this an ad?
Devan Fields
Devan Fields 4 дня назад
Hmm, wonder who paid for this video...
sad iq
sad iq 4 дня назад
Glad everyone in the comments can see through this bullshit. Clearly there is another agenda here why is a news channel reviewing a car lol. And every automotive channel and personal owner of a tesla doesnt really have much bad to say about them
bob2000and10 5 дней назад
George 5 дней назад
Tesla projects are not patterned. Anyone can get the blueprints online. If you can do better, go do it “Elon musk”
Pat Guinane
Pat Guinane 5 дней назад
Haters going to hate.
Collin Jarvis
Collin Jarvis 5 дней назад
"the body is too stiff"... This guy wants his cars to handle like crap? People like this guy are why all other american cars are trash.
dylan moore
dylan moore 8 часов назад
Collin Jarvis lets not forget the fact that these cars are the first cars to ever receive perfect scores in crash tests and will literally not flip over or let you get hurt very badly in the event of a wreck if you were to try as they have tried
Collin Jarvis
Collin Jarvis День назад
+Siarez Having a stiff body is essential to having a responsive vehicle. When the chassis flexes, it changes the geometry of the vehicle in unpredictable ways, and overall makes it disconnected from the road, and difficult to control. VW's and Audi's are very solid, and you notice when you drive, even though the suspension is soft.
ThatRandomGuy Randomness
ThatRandomGuy Randomness День назад
Z. Harb the tesla doesnt have a engine in its hood so its crumple zone is already larger that most cars
Siarez День назад
He said the body is stiff not the suspension. Two very different things.
Eugene Frausto
Eugene Frausto 2 дня назад
+Z. Harb I agree we need a combination of both so the car + the driver doesn't take as much damage when crashing
ducki 5 дней назад
This video, or almost any video like it is terrible. Take any credible engineering critic. They’re usually not too popular with the general public, right? This is why these people will go on any video, TV show, or news article to bash anything that the news company wants them to.
Andrew Renner
Andrew Renner 6 дней назад
I believe Tesla’s downfall is going to be the VW group. Porsche is getting very close to the release of the Taycan, which I believe will give Tesla a run for its money by itself . Once that technology trickles down into the more consumer-price VWs, it will be game over. The next generation of Lamborghini, Audis, and Porsche will push hybrid and electric systems to the next level. These 3 companies are all owned by VW. With Porsche partnership with Rimac, Tesla should be scared.
tarno89 6 дней назад
Quite a bit of engineering. Yeah right :))) It reminds me of myself when I was a 5 years old and dismantled my dad's shaver. It's just that my dad did not shared the same opinion, I don't know, but the belt did not sound engineering at all ...
Yash Barve
Yash Barve 6 дней назад
They just hating on Tesla
The Gadget Man
The Gadget Man 6 дней назад
I'm not surprised Tesla didn't want to comment. The whole news item is completely flawed. You introduce the Model 3, but show the 4 year old Model S, at this point, I began to lose interest.
Zephyr Gaming
Zephyr Gaming 6 дней назад
That’s not a model 3...
Toby Jeffries Volleyball
Toby Jeffries Volleyball 6 дней назад
He says the frame sucks but it is the safest car on the market 😂 Explain that one.
James Hennighan
James Hennighan 6 дней назад
First time I've hear someone claim that a car body that is too stiff is a manufacturing problem.......especially when it has been designed that way. Tesla have obviously designed their vehicle........(and yes it does appear to be a Model S that is shown and not a 3, although I could be mistaken on that).......to be strong because of the higher torsional forces that are involved with the potentially higher acceleration values that come with electric power, (both in normal acceleration and in faster 'foot down' acceleration).......and where a collision at such a point in the acceleration envelope would be more damaging to car and occupants. This is called safety......... One would have thought a engineer would know this....? James Hennighan Yorkshire, England
M Lee
M Lee 6 дней назад
Lot of interesting comments here... all video reviews I’ve ever seen say the same thing, Tesla has poor manufacturing capabilities.
Barnacules Nerdgasm
Barnacules Nerdgasm 6 дней назад
I feel like Sandy has a little sand in his mangina 😎
sexyloser 6 дней назад
I'm not sure how much I can trust a news source's review of the Model 3 when they can't even tell the difference between the Model 3 they say they're reviewing and the Model S that they're actually reviewing and also can't tell the difference between a Chevy Bolt and Chevy Volt. I'm gonna have to take this review with a grain of salt.
Mel Walker
Mel Walker 7 дней назад
Cloud's Bike HacksTM
Cloud's Bike HacksTM 7 дней назад
Safety requires a stiff body.
Ron Freund
Ron Freund 7 дней назад
Fake photo of a Model 3 at 0:22 seconds! That's a model S, Bloomberg Technology! You might want to add a caption overlay ...
Afrocanuk 7 дней назад
There are all buried in time now, but the best automotive designs to date were the Japanese Honda's, Suzuki's, Toyota's, & Nissan's from 1988 to 1991.
Rubber Band Man Destruction
Rubber Band Man Destruction 7 дней назад
Learn how to label cars!!!
Shodan 7 дней назад
"this car has a poor design" *car proceeds to gain one of the best crash test ratings ever, while looking sleek asf*
j.hoover44_ 7 дней назад
The Tesla Model 3. *shows Model S* Just another reason to discredit Bloomberg😂
Anthony Townsend
Anthony Townsend 7 дней назад
...on a massive scale, "..at a massive scale" makes no sense and is not English thicko. hence 11 secs is enough, bye.
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson 8 дней назад
You know the plans and patents are free and open sourced. You don't need to reverse engineer one.
luqman hakim
luqman hakim 8 дней назад
*oumphh confidently.
Just Another Dane
Just Another Dane 8 дней назад
Seems like they don't know what they are talking about...
Tom C
Tom C 8 дней назад
magnet? what? where? thought Elon use tesla motor that dont use magnet for drive motor,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 sorry wrong commence, didnt research before,,, I disregard this commence 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gen2 Bruin
Gen2 Bruin 8 дней назад
These guys got the motor cost reversed. A lighter motor means more rare earth material is being used in the magnets. More rare earth material makes stronger small magnets which requires less wire in the coils which reduces the weight and size of the motor. More rare earth material usually means more costly motor.
Deca Namwob
Deca Namwob 8 дней назад
Hahah I love that, we think this makes the motor a better motor. You THINK. Do you have any electrical engineers? Obviously not thinks I. So the leading manufacturer's admit the Tesla is over engineered and to expensive to manufacture yet Tesla are still building them ! Sounds like the big manufacturer's are crying in there beer.
Phillip Clift
Phillip Clift 8 дней назад
Wow at 1:04 - Doors off very labour intensive! That's something I'll be sure to check when I buy my next car. Not.
Bryan Stellfox
Bryan Stellfox 8 дней назад
When he said that Tesla could erase 35-40% of the human jobs in their factory...maybe Musk actually WANTS humans to be doing the work. Maybe he believes that human oversight is actually a positive rather than a liability? Cutting costs is not the be all/end all of every single pursuit.
Cal 2013
Cal 2013 8 дней назад
Love to hear you fan boys comments, now let's criticize Star Wars
Tomas Dickson
Tomas Dickson 8 дней назад
Why use an old model to create something brand new. Yes, it looks like a car... But it's trying to break that old world mold... Maybe its design and the way it is put together has a purpose
JRock Nelson
JRock Nelson 8 дней назад
It’s like this old man is studying a crashed UFO. lol 🛸
Crane Operator
Crane Operator 8 дней назад
you're a shill for Big Oil. Your reporting is inaccurate and biased.
Xander Cravens
Xander Cravens 8 дней назад
They body might be complex but it has a 5-star safety rating in every single category, all of Tesla’s cars have a 5 star safety rating and they are incredibly safe.
Cool stuffs
Cool stuffs 8 дней назад
Yes and thats what matters
Jim Gostic
Jim Gostic 8 дней назад
Tesla has almost the worst reliability of any car sold today, only Cadillac and Volvo are worse. And Tesla service is also horrible. And Tesla’s vehicles contributions to GHG - CO2, NOX and SOX are as high or higher when you do the research, from lithium mining to all of the plastic used in the car....when compared to ICE technology in a car manufactured today...not 20 years ago....including oil production and refining. All the GHG gas contribution research is based on one battery system and one motor system per car, not the multiple replacements needed on a lot of Tesla’s within their warranty period. And battery life/mileage decreases by up to 40% in cold weather....Elon never told you that, did he? TESLA = more GHG, not less. Stop believing the hype and the distortion of fact.
To Nature
To Nature 9 дней назад
Those magnets are for regenerative braking retard.
Mornin Guv'nuh
Mornin Guv'nuh 9 дней назад
"body is much too stiff" - in other words, we need to give GM and Ford room to build and market sub-par bodies for vehicles that rely on the bodies, instead of frames, for rigidity.
Dan Driver
Dan Driver 9 дней назад
he said that it had too many extra bodyparts and bolts in the body??????? hope that biased ass realizes that the extra bolts are literally used to redistribute weight per panel and for changing the harmonics of the body???? they help stop frequency amplification throughout the body that typical cars would have if running the tesla engine. This guy is another so called expert who is working for the swamp so that the big 3 can corner the market.
SWIYPER LC 9 дней назад
Lol Munroe critique expert?
Saksham Singh
Saksham Singh 9 дней назад
The man explaining the battery part from 2:47 was high on weed 🌱🌱🍁🍁🍁 😂😂🤣🤣
shabaz 9 дней назад
Well isn't it good that Elon manufacturers in this way Munroe and Associates?! That means more people have jobs. If it was up to you half those employees would be out of work. Keep it up Elon.
Amachetay Cybo
Amachetay Cybo 9 дней назад
Lmao Bloomberg obvious you don't even care about Humanity grow up
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