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What Engineers Found When They Tore Apart Tesla's Model 3

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Oct.17 -- Tesla's Model 3 boasts the best technology and motor of any electric vehicle, but a team of engineers in Detroit say there's a major flaw in the car's design that's hurting Tesla's profit margins. Bloomberg Television's Ed Ludlow reports.

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Oct 18, 2018




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Gladys Wildgoose
Gladys Wildgoose 10 hours ago
Ford and the other big car companies have been building car for a very long time ,Tesla is a brand new company compared to the rest ,see what they are like in 20 years
Dakota John
Dakota John 15 hours ago
The thumb nail shows a jew star. I smell jewish financing
Craig Ruchman
Elon puts quality, stiffness and an all category 5 star safety rating first. Build quality is so high because he expects the model 3 to last 50 years or one million miles.
I Can Animate M. Sianipar
The past always repeats. Very old days: "what is this steam engine? Can't we use horses instead?! We can't trust this tech." *Proceeds to use steam* Old days: "what is this combustion engine? Can't we use steam instead?! We can't trust this tech." *Proceeds to use combustion engine* Today: " what is this electric car? Can't we use combustion engine instead?! We can't trust this tech" *Time will repeat/has repeated*
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 20 hours ago
electric cars existed before internal combustion engines and made up a good chunk of cars in the 20s, ICEs evolved much faster but now EVs are catching up and will overtake them in capability somewhere around 2040s.
I Can Animate M. Sianipar
*The body is too stiff* Well with a very light mechanism there are sure to be a lot of extra free weight to put shit in. HMMM... WHY NOT USE TO MAKE THE CAR STRONGER TO MAKE IT SAFER?
Zen Day ago
Ayo who the fuck hired this script writer and editor, you fucked up and I don't need to tell you where you fucked up; you should know by now
Smith Day ago
these 3 dumbasses couldn't even get hired at Tesla..
Giles Clement
Giles Clement 2 days ago
ancient man discusses and speculates on new car. loud music plays.
Taylor Allen
Taylor Allen 2 days ago
Take notes Elon!
p1epoppa 2 days ago
I'm pulling for Elon.
Roy Fung
Roy Fung 2 days ago
The body is too stiff ? Every auto manufacturers are building their cars to be stiffer . The is an very old guy , he wants vehicles like old days Buick ? 😂😂
Dave Watts
Dave Watts 2 days ago
The front ends look like early 90's pontiacs.....no vision in exterior design, and lets be real, stiff body makes it safer, and if Ford, chrysler fiat, Or GM made this the price would go up, the quality would go down, and it would kill the brand....
Ian Malloy
Ian Malloy 2 days ago
Tesla is amazing what are people talking about
Jaxx Brat
Jaxx Brat 2 days ago
Ide want one
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump 3 days ago
Tesla model 3, and shows a model s
Finn O'Brien
Finn O'Brien 3 days ago
OK,slight problem here.When he looks at the motor,why is it not a 3 phase induction motor hmm?Nicola Tesla's motor had no weedy little permanent mangnets,.6 or 12 copper bars give all the reactive torque you need.So it is NOT a Tesla.Those magnets lose their strength fast enough to prefer Tesla's original design.
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 20 hours ago
the model S and X use 3 phase induction motors, the model 3 uses a permanent magnet motor because its cheaper and more efficient system.
cecilyt006 3 days ago
They found YO MOMMA, Bloomberg! Don't think we're not aware of your CONSTANT effort to fuck with and diminish Tesla!!! Elon is shattering paradigms; what are YOU doing other than trying to cockblock them in addition to deceiving the world with FAKE NEWS, bloomberg?! NWO/Zionist shillrag!!! HONK HONK
Black Blade Design ™
Is this satire, or?
AUSTIN From YT 3 days ago
Full of 18650 vape battery
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 20 hours ago
model 3 uses 2170 cells.
Kale Kraft
Kale Kraft 3 days ago
These people are the biggest peaces of shit... They want to tell you, you need a heavy body and they are expensive to make, bull... They are dirt cheep. And why should cars be heavy? No reason... Ball and chain.....
Shojo Dagger
Shojo Dagger 3 days ago
"What engineers found when they tore apart Tesla's model 3" A sticker telling them the car contains no user-serviceable components & the warranty is void if the car is opened or tampered with.
L E Day ago
just like how you are no longer allowed to drive your own car you are not allowed to do work on your car... why buy a car if you are just a baby in the back seat?
MrLilman413 3 days ago
Wtf ......body too stiff? Dumb af the hate they give telsa..keep doing ya telsa that means you doing something right..lol Btw the want you to drive cardboard 📦...Lmfao
Mick James
Mick James 3 days ago
Bloomberg is fake mockingbird media. FAKE NEWS.
alex foff
alex foff 3 days ago
come down there a little bit before you start spitting all over yourself.
couldntgivafuk 3 days ago
lol american propaganda is just bad
Tanner Wallace
Tanner Wallace 3 days ago
“body’s shit way to heavy” still whoop ur camry 😂
SillieWous 4 days ago
How the fuck can they not know what type of motor it is? It is not like there are many choices... Its either a PMSM or an asynchronous motor.
Lets Go gaming and more
Casually say model 3 but show model s
None Ya
None Ya 4 days ago
Yeah, Ford or GM could have done this, but they're too committed to ripping us off with carbon burners.
i wi2ench
i wi2ench 4 days ago
Paid by Oil lol
Buster Boy
Buster Boy 5 days ago
I love all the Tesla fanboys who pop a vain as soon as they see any Tesla criticism. I like Tesla, but chill out.
haploide allel
haploide allel 5 days ago
Jeezz, cut that background 'music' (noise) you guys!!
SU6LOW 5 days ago
Did they take into consideration that the body was built like that for safety. all those areas are crumple zones, where the impact force will be spread through different directions. In fact Tesla model 3 his a 5 star safety rating, as elon said himself, for tesla safety comes first. i don't mind a heavier car, if its more safe, i don't care if it takes longer to build.
Stuart Hollingsead
the profit is made from repair schemes...
Vexumy 5 days ago
Talking shit about Tesla, yet they are the fastest growing car company, not to mention they are electric making the future more sustainable. Keep talking shit because the money isn't going into your pockets.
Anadlened 3 days ago
Some of the shit used to produce parts comes from mines where so2 and co2 are constantly released and the energy used to charge the batteries usually come from burning fossil fuels in big power plants releasing more co2 and other shit into the atmosphere
Shizzy Wizzy
Shizzy Wizzy 5 days ago
If you're wondering what type of motor the Tesla uses its not brushed or brushless it's actually an AC induction motor invented by Nikola Tesla, hence the name, Tesla.
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 20 hours ago
model 3 doesn't use a 3 phase induction motor, it uses a permanent magnet motor.
Zissou Moonshot
Zissou Moonshot 5 days ago
I think Tesla is a stepping stone only, to get the rest of the industry to move to electric vehicles faster than they otherwise would have. Tesla's mission is already accomplished, and I wouldn't be shocked if after completing the Gigafactory, Tesla got sold off, giving Musk a portion of the wad of cash that SpaceX will need to get the colony kick started on Mars.
Rodney Stagg
Rodney Stagg 5 days ago
Only one person's opinion. Move on.
Keira Cameron
Keira Cameron 5 days ago
If you really want to see how it works, the patents are all open source now. Not much need to tear one down.
Bushido Brown
Bushido Brown 5 days ago
This video is a fail.
Dani El
Dani El 5 days ago
If I had the money, I would absolutely buy a Tesla. I really hope I can make enough to have one one day.
K F 5 days ago
"had this been a ford" ... but it not a ford
tesla owners love to cry lmao..
Doctor J
Doctor J 5 days ago
I stopped watching when they said “model 3” but showed a model S
Danyal Nasir
Danyal Nasir 6 days ago
It's a gun 😲
Sabian Kendo
Sabian Kendo 6 days ago
Ha. Leeches trying to tear appart Teslas cars and find out what makes them "tick" so they can copy it and improve on it. Most people always copy each other because they have no inherit creativity inside themselves. So everything ends up being a copy of a copy of a copy. I never copy anyone.
victor lee
victor lee 6 days ago
My cat's shit better videos than this.
John Galt
John Galt 6 days ago
Only fools buy a tesla or the stock. Elon doesn't care about anything but subsidies and taking the new tech with him. It's all about batteries and subsidies folks.
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 20 hours ago
how do you construct a comment like this and not properly put the pieces together? elon has nearly gone bankrupt running Tesla, all for tax write offs? thats like setting your foot on fire so you dont have to cut off a toe, he doesn't even own the battery manufacturing, Panasonic does, where exactly is he running of with the tech?
Manuel darosa
Manuel darosa 7 days ago
I was going to buy a volt but now I'm going to buy a Tesla much stronger and reliable vehicle thanks for the update. 🤪❤🚣‍♀️
Nick Venture
Nick Venture 3 days ago
Why would you even consider a volt
Darth Awar
Darth Awar 5 days ago
Also Chevy stopped making the Volts a few months ago now so new ones and parts will get much harder to get in time!!!
Dillon M
Dillon M 7 days ago
seems like salty old men with too much time....
Tohru Hates Fortnite
I want him to die, your getting a probably crashed model s from 2013. They improved dumbass
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 20 hours ago
he is using a early 2018 model 3, and his opinion has change on the newer model 3s, dont get your panties in a bunch.
Prashant Prahladan
The ONLY 5 star rated car in the market, n he thinks the body is stiff and complex. (NO shit)
gblueslover2 7 days ago
Tesla has already addressed these issues and fixed them ...And Tesla will keep improving.
blue Ice
blue Ice 7 days ago
Can I buy Tesla's motor?
Model 3 is so not worth 50k. But dumb ppl abound. I see them all over the road nowadays. Looks like suckers have a crush on Tesla Model E after years of media brainwashing. Model S are much more expensive but at least are beautiful to look at.
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 20 hours ago
media brain washing? 70% of articles written about Tesla talk negatively about the company and its cars.
Matthew Huszarik
Matthew Huszarik 7 days ago
The only company Tesla should bench mark is Toyota. The rest of them aren't worth the time.
gt6056 8 days ago
30 to 40% of the people could "disappear". Takes a special kind of person.
GoDawid Hardco
GoDawid Hardco 8 days ago
Tesla is much better than all this bullshit
kevin atkinson
kevin atkinson 9 days ago
If Tesla had been build in a ford, Toyota factory it would have been a brilliant design?
Dani El
Dani El 5 days ago
Yeah, it almost sounded like a sales pitch. Like, let us build the body, you do the rest.
Katie Olson
Katie Olson 9 days ago
He is just a hater on Tesla.
S w
S w 9 days ago
The old guys in this video are the best in the world at what they do. Tesla should hire them to get control of their build quality issues. No one argues that Tesla has the best technology. Their problem currently is the build quality sucks and they have no clue how to manufacture cars. I have friends and family who own Tesla’s and they spend more time at the shop being repaired then actually driving.
Mauri QHD
Mauri QHD 9 days ago
lets imagine we all believe this dude for a sec he is basically saying the Model 3 is crushing it and is not even on its final form got it
Mauri QHD
Mauri QHD 9 days ago
knows how to make a better product somehow doesnt do it makes sense
8 year old
8 year old 9 days ago
Chinese electric cars shock the world
Intended 10 days ago
Has he realised half their factory is robotic?
Patrick McMonigle
Patrick McMonigle 10 days ago
Here is the same company Munro and Associates interview done by Jalopnik listen to the difference. Bloomberg's vs Jalopnik. Listen how Munro talked more positive to Jalopnik. ruvid.net/video/video-pgu6mkKZwNg.html
The Truth
The Truth 10 days ago
Who are these vampires. Old white people trying to get people fired like always
Shadow Boxer
Shadow Boxer 11 days ago
The only problem is the car part of it. Kind of like the only problem with the 737 Max is the airplane part.
ralow702 11 days ago
He gave overall high marks but said one thing wasn't perfect. Cue the fanboys hysterical crying 😢
Marty Browning
Marty Browning 12 days ago
At $50,000 I could buy a way nicer car!! Until the price goes way down no way I would buy one...plus I don't see the resale of one being that great! Besides, they keep saying it's better for the ozone..hahahaha.. That's some bull.. think about it, where does most your electricity come from...That's right coal! All your doing is trading one for the other!
Shadow Boxer
Shadow Boxer 10 days ago
I wonder what sort of EM frequencies you are exposed to in these buggies? Corporate America says "No problem, frequencies are FINE!" Soon you will wave a piece of bread in the air to make toast.
JD Volkoven
JD Volkoven 12 days ago
The body is too stiff? Wouldn't it NEED to be to house the heavy battery? I don't understand their logic. So basically, Tesla is the best car on the road.
Eventually Sa
Eventually Sa 12 days ago
With political ways only
Geovannie 13 days ago
These are the type of companies that like to cut corners to save money and let people die in car accidents Tesla cares about the customers
Geovannie 12 days ago
nn 0020 auto pilot is in Beta there’s nowhere it says it’s 100% guaranteed safe driving
nn 0020
nn 0020 12 days ago
Sure, that why they refused to rename auto pilot to something more true like auto assist.
ronzigt 13 days ago
amazingly waste of money
da wae to ebola
da wae to ebola 13 days ago
These people sound salty af
youtube primer
youtube primer 13 days ago
I thought they were simple cars. You have to have spend $1000 for an egineer from Tesla to fix your car if the door handle breaks.
Elijah Rodriguez
Elijah Rodriguez 14 days ago
What is this shit
Lee Hardt
Lee Hardt 14 days ago
Higher margins? How about lower cost?
Ari P
Ari P 14 days ago
So basically his ideal car is one that is made as cheaply as possible to just get by, rather than one that is superior and causes the company to still make a profit, although not as much a profit as they could. SORRY MONROE, but that is what most of the auto industry has been doing for a good part of a century and why they suck and we all want to embrace this change and new company. The entrenched auto forced our hand by taking the cheaper route to greed by making existing ice cars the same and now less desirable. Well no more of that, Tesla is changing the way things go. Kind of like how Asian cars came in a few decades ago and got the American cars to step up their game. Well, now it is to a new level and makes everyone step up. Otherwise nothing goes anywhere and we keep living in the past. GET WITH THE PROGRAM MONROE!
Ari P
Ari P 14 days ago
The other thing that occurred to me is that Tesla uses a large press to form many of the body components. A press can only make a part with a certain amount of curvature. So a larger fender well needs to be made of a few parts each with a small curve. The fact is that having this press is advantageous and may be less costly so attaching parts together at the end evens out. Monroe may not be accounting for this. Other manufacturers may make one whole part, but are using other processes which cost more to make each complete part as apposed to less costly smaller parts. So that way by making one part in the end there is really not much difference in cost. I am not sure that these difference are always accounted for. This is evident in all the criticism about how the tesla factory has more staff per cars made. What all of these critics miss out on AGAIN, is that Tesla makes more of their parts than anyone else in house which requires more staff. They also make their own seats, which I have heard that nobody else does. Other oems outsource more parts and the labor used elsewhere is not accounted for in their comparison. In other words, Tesla has more staff because they are making more of the car and its components. They are not just assembling someone elses parts which more oems are doing in comparison.
Ari P
Ari P 14 days ago
Aside from argument against his body criticism that the car is so safe and strong there is another point I was introduced to. In an accident with traditional cars with large single piece components, it requires larger disassembly and removal to rebuild a damaged vehicle. In a tesla, if the body components are made up of sections, a body shop can remove, replace or repair a section more easily without as costly a repair. Making the car more modular and more easily fixed for less cost, while still retaining strength and performance. The fact is that we know most manufacturers do not care about what things will cost later for the owner or insurance. They do not care about making more easily serviced designs, they only care about their profits out the door and the hell with everyone else and the consumer after the fact. I have seen countless fords, gms and other american brands that have piss poor designs making routine service more difficult, when the asian cars are much easier to work on and are more intelligently designed. Tesla spending more on manufacturing for the benefit of everyone else and the consumer is a good thing because they care and believe in doing what is right. There is no reason why they can not do what is right and still make a profit. Everyone else only things they can succeed by being greedy and dishonest.
L E Day ago
with all the futuristic investment in self driving cars and safety systems i cant believe that that is a intention arguement that testla could use unless self driving cars are more prone to crash into things then the average driver.
Tauno Kekkonen
Tauno Kekkonen 2 days ago
True on principle, but where you and I live, cars are written off very easily. Just because you glue 2 pieces together doesn't mean it's easier to repair than a 1-piece. They don't use Phillips-head screws to attach pieces, by the looks of it they weld them - meaning it's just as difficult to replace as it would be if it was just one. Suomi mainittu!
X206Killj0yX 14 days ago
I saw Bloomberg and I knew before I watched it, they would say the tesla sucks. Biased Mother. Fuckers.
Rhigan Superman
Rhigan Superman 15 days ago
Insecurities hit you. Madafaker
hari om
hari om 17 days ago
Paid by oil companies and mainstream car brands
I love KFC
I love KFC 18 days ago
Wow that guy is a complete moron it’s designed that way to be a very safe car
I love KFC
I love KFC 12 days ago
nn 0020 just shocked how dumb this “professional” sounds btw i liked your stick to chicken joke
nn 0020
nn 0020 12 days ago
Are you a mechanical engineer? Stick to chicken. Just because someone said something bad about Tesla you don't need to get your panties in a knot...
Gaming Time
Gaming Time 19 days ago
true but the safety and rolling over is saver than most suv
Mike Bonea
Mike Bonea 19 days ago
Jealous much ? Try again 😜
STC 19 days ago
Tesla car is too stiff (need to be flimsy) well played.
Earl Pottinger
Earl Pottinger 10 days ago
Stop being the safest car, just make it as safe as everyone else and save money.
Poor oil co propaganda attempt. *Pathetic*
Kevin O
Kevin O 21 day ago
My body gets stiff too
JoeyJr702 21 day ago
I just came for all the Tesla-favoring troll comments. Imagine how cheaper the car would be if the trolls were terminated.
doh1959 21 day ago
musk is a fukin genius i think hes an alien
pizza licker
pizza licker 22 days ago
bloomberg = REALLY FAKE NEWS.
René Gusset
René Gusset 23 days ago
Video sponsert by Ford and Chevrolet Hahahahahahahahahah Fake, Fake, Fake
xellossaxon 23 days ago
This is all bullshit. Ask any electrical engineer and he will show you with a handful of calculations: e-mobility is a deadend because the power grid and the infrastructure cannot support e-cars for everybody. Either indidividualized traffic will vanish and we get "Minority Report"-style traffic, or individualized traffic will prevail, then it can only be hydrogen. Also, Tesla's cars are very expensive and lack interior quality big time. On the German Autobahn - the few Teslas you see there - are never in the left lane but in the right lane creeping in slow motion at 80 mph or less, often even behind big trucks at 50 mph. Ridiculous. Nobody will pay those insane Tesla prices without having the real world Mecedes-Benz or Porsche performance. It is silly marketing: Kick down and blind the customers by the initial acceleration which is absolutely useless and no decisive feature...divert the customer's attention away from all the low quality surrounding them and all the disadvantages like the silly touchpad controls (distracted driving is already really bad in the US). As usual: Seems only to work with dumb Americans. Europeans are immediately very critical when expected basic features are missing (too much touchscreen is seen as negative, interior quality must be there, daily driving abilities need to reasonable, even on fast motorways) Sorry, from an objective point of view Tesla is nothing but an empty hype who builds mediocre e-cars for a bunch of hipsters. Tesla has no concept and no solution for the traffic problems of the future, and there is nothing in those cars others could not build as good or far better. You actually see more i3 in Germany than Tesla. Also on top of that, Tesla could be seen as more stoneage than the excellent Euro6 Diesels available in Europe: Tesla cars are VERY heavy. In most of the cases only one person will be in them. So - it is already one of the biggest, most pivotal resource problems (even for efficient European compact cars) that individualized traffic leads to an insane ratio of 70-80 kg of human (or 150-200 kg for the typical dumb fat American XD) in 1300-1500 kg of car. Teslas are as heavy as super high quality upper class Mercedes Benz, which means, the ratio of weight of the car to weight of 1 human is even worse. Clearly a dinosaur without any answers and solutions for the future.
Jackson Kelley
Jackson Kelley 23 days ago
Why should they pay another factory to make theur stuff and not make it themselves?
JustSaiyanSteve 23 days ago
This car is the future. The automakers cant even catch up. Lol.
B Nagy
B Nagy 24 days ago
so this guy makes a living out of spying on the industry for other auto makers...
Kal El
Kal El 24 days ago
The fucking music isnt loud enough!
Yoobin Bush
Yoobin Bush 24 days ago
Okay multiple problems. They're neodymium not neodydium or whatever the guy said. A Halbach array does increase the strength of the magnetic field in the direction it's created for, however, it is also more likely to cause demagnetization. Then of course, the whole "too stiff" part is just fucking ridiculous.
IDontHaveAVideo 24 days ago
“Neodidium magnet” SMH..
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