What Engineers Found When They Tore Apart Tesla's Model 3

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Oct.17 -- Tesla's Model 3 boasts the best technology and motor of any electric vehicle, but a team of engineers in Detroit say there's a major flaw in the car's design that's hurting Tesla's profit margins. Bloomberg Television's Ed Ludlow reports.

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Oct 18, 2018





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Comments 11 452
Eric Schoeman
Eric Schoeman 20 hours ago
so a gr8 buy the best
wb 95
wb 95 Day ago
Tesla. The greatest electric cars that nobody can afford! Supposedly everyone globally is supposed to be driving an electric car by 2030.
Chris H.
Chris H. Day ago
Consider the source...liberally biased Bloomberg...they seem to hate all big tech companies. They dont report the facts or news...they give their liberally biased opinion...and that sucks.
M.A. M.R.
M.A. M.R. 6 days ago
The world's safest car in the history of cars is the poorest design according to this old guy.
CrashCarson14 7 days ago
So if it was Tesla’s motor in a Chevy, Ford, or bmw it would be great in terms of manufacture. I don’t know too much but I understand what this guy is saying. People want to argue why the weight is better, the more panels are better, and even why the more fasteners are better. Doesn’t make sense in terms of manufacture.
City Spiders
City Spiders 9 days ago
"Hur-dur the not-unibody is too modular, heavy and stiff." I'd like fur car bodies to be way more modular and corrosion resistant. But, we're talking about globo-homo auto companies though.
Marcus Ancona
Marcus Ancona 9 days ago
Lmao. Yea get a lighter body so your death rate increases with a crash
Marcus Ancona
Marcus Ancona 9 days ago
So just bkuz its difficult to make a body its not good??? Smh. Ill wait til theres like 50+ recalls. Ford. Gm. Honda. Etc.... Not saying Tesla is god but damn dont be a hater be a congratulator
The Scout
The Scout 10 days ago
Bloomberg, owned and influence ultimately by oil companies afraid of their inevitable end nearing
guily6669 10 days ago
Neodymium magnets... very impressive, applauses lol, I have many of them for so many years and even a few headphones with neodymium magnets... Is that a big discovery? why wouldnt any other manufacturer use other type of magnets instead of neodymium since they are very powerful magnets and everyone knows that...
Bart L.
Bart L. 10 days ago
I wonder if the dude complaining about the Tesla body being overbuilt and too rigid realizes that Tesla model 3 has highest crash rating in history of NHTSA. Unbelievable.
emmanuel Pablo
emmanuel Pablo 10 days ago
Still the safest car?. How about that
Chakootin 11 days ago
Opinions by the CEO of 200YearsOld saying all that no sense comments meanwhile Tesla Worth more than Ford+GM together.
paulstroie 8 days ago
Zim Rivas
Zim Rivas 11 days ago
Oh no would you look at that Tesla didn’t make their cars so a bunch of greedy corporations can mass-produce them in China it’s not a downside it’s an upside
j1bone 11 days ago
If elon can build a rocket that fucking lands on a floating platform, im sure the stifness isnt a fucking issue. Your probably just jealous.
Ang Bart
Ang Bart 11 days ago
I'm really confused now on why the car uses permanent magnet? Basically it's scam. The motor has a short life span?
A 11 days ago
I see a clear and constant attack on Tesla... Bloomberg and Zero hedge are a non stop aggressive opponents of Tesla and Elon Musk.. It’s a shame.. shame indeed
Mark Mark
Mark Mark 11 days ago
Why the hell would there be a near 40% dislike rate on an article simply reporting factual technical findings? I thought the info was great. There's some very weird people out there.
Jim Partee
Jim Partee 12 days ago
so now people have to complain about the price. I can't afford one but I would buy one if I could. You want the best it cost money .
Wapn Perfo
Wapn Perfo 12 days ago
Ford is the master at mechanical theft. By the time they figure out how the electrical systems work, and reverse engineer them... TESLA will be 3 generations ahead. I for one... am happy to see Tesla do this well... and give it to Ford.
Mrdirtblock - Minecraft
Wapn Perfo Tesla's patents are open source so its probably not hard to find and copy them
Sean Daigle
Sean Daigle 12 days ago
So basically we never surpassed the AA battery we just see how many we can stick together to make a bigger battery!🤣
Matiss Grislis
Matiss Grislis 12 days ago
2nd shitty video in my recommendations... You stop!!!
7Sin0City2 12 days ago
In motorsport's or basically anything moving, a stiff chassis is considered great. Not comfortable for all but it exceed's, the seat rail and cushy seat's can make the stiffness go away just as fast.
Keith Watson
Keith Watson 12 days ago
Tesla was before his time, something that everyone knew but only now do they begin to acknowledge his genius to help save our existence?
Gary Wheeler
Gary Wheeler 11 days ago
Tesla the man, got his math wrong regarding transmitting wireless power. But generally, yes, he was right and a genius and ahead of his time.
Daniel Bonaire
Daniel Bonaire 12 days ago
"they could've clobbered everybody"...ummm...They did...Mainstream media looking to undermine anything that's not establishment...
chris4072511 12 days ago
Having a body that isn't well designed for manufacture is exactly what you would expect from a company that started with zero background in manufacturing car bodies. They will surely improve. I expect the Model T had a few inefficiencies in its body design.
Steve H.
Steve H. 12 days ago
A stiff well built car, the horror!
Dan Grigore
Dan Grigore 12 days ago
Why is anyone’s business what Tesla is doing and who Tesla should build their cars ? We live in a fake news world anyway so...
phuryus styles phuryustyles
Fuck this clown Elon don’t need y’all
Autotune Killed The Video Star
Stop watching this Mainstream Bull crap.
blackericdenice 12 days ago
I bet this old guy has kicked the bucket but Tesla is still going.
Mark Mmm
Mark Mmm 12 days ago
No no, we don't want higher margins. As a consumer I want those savings put into lowering the price of the car.
Mr Allan
Mr Allan 12 days ago
If it was made by Ford or Chevy... it would be sh***y car that cut corners and all cheap plastic.
Romantic Donkey
Romantic Donkey 13 days ago
This just shows that there is room for improvement. The cars will only get better and less expensive as Tesla continues forward.
Tobechukwu Njoku
Tobechukwu Njoku 13 days ago
Too stiff!? Too many parts!? I thinks they need to keep in perspective that it's a totally different type of car with very different set of issues. Like handling the weight of all those batteries, minimising road noise and handling tremendous acceleration safely. This isn't your grandma's Ka.
Walter George
Walter George 13 days ago
My foot
Now we all know why Nikola Tesla’s work was confiscated by the fbi when the genius man died ..#greedyworld
bergsdal 13 days ago
This is basically. Different = bad. Stuff done in other way than other car companies does it = bad Me no know why stuff is in a certain way = bad Okay buddy
TopShot501st 13 days ago
It cost more to build which is why tesla stuggled to make enough fast enough. Its inefficient design.
Robert Pryor
Robert Pryor 14 days ago
This is mostly complementary to Tesla, the rest is constructive criticism. This guy knows what he's talking about.
Robert Pryor
Robert Pryor 14 days ago
Why so many so defensive?
doncur 72
doncur 72 14 days ago
So the one thing he has to bitch about is the overbuilt body that'll protect you better than crashing some piece of shit Ford or Chevy
bassmaster1953 14 days ago
A battery and some motors?
Tailong 14 days ago
Did anyone get past the first minute of the video, this was nothing but praise towards Tesla, only criticism was that some parts are two complex for mass production and therefore building cost is too high, not only that but Elon has acknowledged this in the past and is working towards making the design more efficient for mass production.
Lance 14 days ago
Can someone try to put an extra battery pack to the tesla? More miles?
Rusty Love
Rusty Love 14 days ago
This is American car company propaganda ........nothing more. Americans should get a free car from GM since they stole tax money to keep their criminal enterprises operating. Tesla wants to sell directly to the public and dealerships can't stand it. We don't need dealerships to purchase cars. All they do is Jack up the price and make it hard to obtain a vehicle.
Arek R.
Arek R. 14 days ago
Well I think Tesla did good job with the chasis if their cars are one of the safest...
Metin Simsek
Metin Simsek 14 days ago
You should reduce the background music, makes it difficult to understand
M G 14 days ago
In the times were in now why would you advocate any loss of jobs if someone is willing to employ people for any reason. Even if it's over engineering you're still paying man and woman to take care of their family.
Matthew Trzcinski
Matthew Trzcinski 14 days ago
I thought Tesla was operating out of an abandoned GM/Toyota factory.
John Torres
John Torres 14 days ago
I heard the person designing there car was a spy and they had to fire him . So I’m believe what this guy is saying . Tesla had a problem with the design of the car .
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