What Driving in Japan is REALLY Like

Abroad in Japan
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Driving across Japan can be a lot of fun. Now that I've bought a new car it's time to go on a road trip from coast to coast in search of adventure and mayhem.
"Ikebana" is a masterful soundtrack by Shin Suzuma.
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Aug 3, 2020




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Comments 100
Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Month ago
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Bears, missiles, abandoned buildings, Donald McDonald, stunning Japanese countryside and an abusive Natsuki on a beach. WHAT MORE could you possibly want from a video?! This video was a technical challenge and a nightmare to produce, but I hope it was worth it! WHICH remote location should we drive to and explore next?! 🍺(P.S. Well done if you make it as far as the abandoned cafe).
Phuck Hugh
Phuck Hugh 12 days ago
Is it diffucult to find parking. especially in areas like Toykyo?
Tyson Pena
Tyson Pena 20 days ago
I literally thought it said "What its like dying in Japan" lol whoops 😬 there's a video idea Chris ...jk lol Another great video thank you!
Jojw Travels
Jojw Travels 29 days ago
Luv you man
Shane Newville
Shane Newville Month ago
that was a fun adventure
CapitalCraig Month ago
I rented a car in Tokyo, drove to Kyoto and took me like 8-10hr and $300 USD in tolls.
cap22trck 38 minutes ago
What's the name of the arigato song that's playing on your radio?? Who plays it?
David M
David M Hour ago
Stunning cinematography. Dang Chris. Thank you.
André Teixeira
André Teixeira 6 hours ago
Crack in Brasil can also mean a really good football player, although it actually spells "craque", im guessing thats why its crack school, since its a football school lol
Paddy Mc
Paddy Mc 11 hours ago
2:55 Songs I expected to hear: Joe Hisashi's - Summer Hiroyuki Sawano's - From Sunset to Sunrise Haruka Nakamura - Piano Ensemble Feat. CANTUS Air's - Natsukage Clannad's - To The Same Heights Subarashiki Hibi's - Yoru no Himawari Gets: OH MY GOD MY EARS MY EARS WHAT SICK DEPRAVITY IS THIS!!!
Unexpected Japan
I can see in this video that Tohoku has very wide and beautiful nature and good for self drive tour! Hope to visit there near future!
Bunny Pie
Bunny Pie Day ago
omg this was so fun! i learned two new things! thank you for including the details about license and car getting along with the drive in your car taxi :3 i love when you and Natsuki get together XD
Rebecca! Day ago
it's the middle of the night on a school night and I'm watching a man driving around japan in a honda
Ethan G
Ethan G Day ago
The moment Natsuki roasted you, I pressed the thumbs up 👍
Collin Barajas
Yang pilih allah like.
Alfonzz Day ago
it feels like im watching nhkworld professional documentary
Lex Avaritia
Lex Avaritia Day ago
I dont usually do it. But i had to stop and set this video to fullscreen
Brandon Bonilla
1:40 dog: help my please
Darius Bradford
Yang pilih allah like.
nae Day ago
17:53 this screenshot right here is very resemblant of Chris and Natsuki’s relationship
Dominique Morton
Dominique Morton 2 days ago
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja
SakuraPop 2 days ago
Question: When does one honk? And how does it get perceived? Is road rage common?
Marlon M Perez
Marlon M Perez 2 days ago
What I have learned from watching this video is that the best parts of Japan are those where rail transportation is heavily available because no trains in certain parts of Japan look very dead and abandoned. I've been to the Philippines and driving on the roads can feel rough because of the heavy traffic where rail transportation from Manila to the other islands has never been available.
Colonel.Exe 2 days ago
So who was controling the drone when Chris was driving?
Baumkuchen 2 days ago
How 'bout walking in japan?
Erni Erni
Erni Erni 2 days ago
I've recently discovered your channel :) your videos are educational since you show us Japan in a nice way and I also learn English by watching them :) I hope you'll make many videos in the future as well. You also have an exciting personality and I would love to meet friends like you when I move to Japan 🇯🇵 Thank you for everything :)
。トムです 2 days ago
The intro was beautiful.
Jumbomuffin13 3 days ago
The Japanese government needs to cut down on school, less work hours and literally tell people to fk...
J 3 days ago
I'll see your Japan traffic and raise you L.A traffic and L.A drivers lol.
Chandra Zamora
Chandra Zamora 3 days ago
0:22 my love video :X
jbtrimar 3 days ago
More Natsuki! He is awesome.
Bonita Dillon
Bonita Dillon 3 days ago
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD
Rachelle Sutton
Rachelle Sutton 3 days ago
0:22 my love video :X
dickdicksuck 3 days ago
12:45 pekoeっていう紅茶とBossのデザイン見るに20年は経ってるな
Pete Dirksen
Pete Dirksen 4 days ago
Sweet drone shots
Adrian Hey
Adrian Hey 4 days ago
I have still got my VW MK. II 1985 1.6 liter Turbo diesel, 650 K km on the clock, and it still Does its Job, cheap in repairs, cheap in fuel (5.2 liters per 100km driving, highway less city a little more ) :-) Question, because taking my vw too Japan isn t gona happen, what does 125cc rent cost in japan for 1 week ore more??
Ed 4 days ago
So your telling me everyone's not drifting to killer eurobeat everywhere
myler Camantigue
myler Camantigue 4 days ago
9:24 Japan 4.1 fatalities So all the Isekaid people I presume?
gamedeathmatch 4 days ago
1:14 this section of cutscenes was very cinematic, nice job
Happy Korie
Happy Korie 4 days ago
BRUHH the cinematography after the intro
BonanTauren 5 days ago
The missile bit made me smile
The Stig's Japanese Cousin
NoriYaro,: Drifting his beaten up R32 DrifterAlbo: S2k in the mountains Kino.sti: Imports a Imprezza WRX STI from Hawaii and drives it around in Tokyo JDM Masters: every car in japan is in his videos Chris: some Honda fit Hybrid
Akihiko 4 days ago
Chris should do a video with captain on jdm culture, that would be sick
Legend of Micah
Legend of Micah 5 days ago
Oh! Chris will you be the next haikyo hunter? Do you follow any haikyo focused accounts (like on instagram)?
Andrew Blanche
Andrew Blanche 5 days ago
Brilliant, fun and informative. Thanks, we hope to travel over soon and hire a non alcoholic car.
so as an American, they would ask us how do we get our license..umm...right away? They print them out on the ID machine.
What is the hottest temp does it get in Japan? ...in Imperialism numbers. lol
jester26uk 5 days ago
If Natsuki was sitting like that on a UK beach the seagulls would have taken everything from him including his beer's.
MiLogago 5 days ago
this is 50% wallpaper material
Num nut
Num nut 5 days ago
I like that policy!
Sashi Peiris
Sashi Peiris 5 days ago
This channel is great because its success derives from high production quality, good pacing, good delivery and actual hard work. Keep it up Chris!
toni balnig
toni balnig 5 days ago
riku 6 days ago
how dare you hate on bikkle
Kyoto Ben
Kyoto Ben 6 days ago
I could not fit in a Japan FIT being 6' tall. I have driven all over Tokyo, Kansai and Okinawa. No problem except for scooters and bikes passing on both sides of a car while I'm trying to make a turn. Also you need a certificate for a parking space. Having a car in Japan is expensive. Bikkle is a health drink. It has beneficial lacto bacteria that is good for your gut biome.
Brad DaddyBastard
If you ever come to the US and need to rent a car. Rent from the moving vehicle company! Its like $20 a day. xD
ChrisToe Fart
ChrisToe Fart 6 days ago
Thought this was a car review ngl
tadd 6 days ago
おh、He is apparently lying about the things we do in Japan, Japanese would't say the MacDonald in that way he described
Swier3D 6 days ago
You say the "correct" side of the road, but we Americans drive on the right side of the road. ;)
Dave Chua
Dave Chua 6 days ago
Are tolls avoidable at all? Heard it's pretty expensive over there
Homeless Steve
Homeless Steve 6 days ago
The British in me telling him to put a rock through the window and write his name on the wall in the inside
DJ_KOEN 6 days ago
I feel like the attempt at humor was a bit forced But it was still a great video
Pleased to see the photo of Thomas the tank engine is at Ropley station on the Mid Hants Railway the railway I volunteer at 😀.
DatPanda 6 days ago
If anyone know the song that was playing on his the radio please let me know.
TheYoutubeGuy 6 days ago
It was Pornhub intro music.
Kenzo Leong
Kenzo Leong 6 days ago
Natsuki Banzai! lol
Ashlyn Currie
Ashlyn Currie 7 days ago
I love when you have friends and guests who speak japanese with you cause it helps me learn the language better than throwing myself into a video or podcast I barely understand. Also I want a honda civic so badly the new ones are cute af. congrats on getting a car from the 21st century.
Ash Kumar
Ash Kumar 7 days ago
Chris's relation with Natsuki is just so wholesome.
Juliox 7 days ago
That was so much fun hahaha, and the ending made the drive worth it!
The Manifold
The Manifold 7 days ago
The UK could do with a Daikou taxi service. Not sure anyone would do it though due to the risk of abuse from drunks. Once Baz and Shaz are tanked up, anything could happen
I'm Japanese. I like Elon masks, so I want a Tesla car.
Richard Andrews
Richard Andrews 7 days ago
Driving in Japan is one of the most boring places honestly. Everything looks the same and basically copy and paste.
Richard Andrews
Richard Andrews 7 days ago
Brian Cohen yeah it’s similar. But still. Every exit has something different and the landscape eventually changes. I love to drive for hours on end. Just not in japan. However I do love their public transport more.
Brian Cohen
Brian Cohen 7 days ago
Try driving through the American flyover states.
Liquid 7 days ago
17:54....exactly. even tho it sounded hilarious xD
iftitah 7 days ago
As a Malaysian, I'm glad we are driving the correct side here.
iftitah 6 days ago
@Ash Salleh literally we drive the right side.
Ash Salleh
Ash Salleh 6 days ago
wrong side
big_gucci_chris 8 days ago
Waiting on a Touge run video now
Vicivity 8 days ago
"At great risk of losing your job, getting deported and thrown off a bridge..." - That is oddly specific...
big_gucci_chris 8 days ago
You could have chosen a Skyline, Silvia, Fairlady, Supra, RX7, Subaru ffs even an 86. No, you chose a fkn Fit, not even a Civic or CRX, you chose a minivan...
David Patterson
David Patterson 8 days ago
Whats The song AT 14:20?
pranesh thakur
pranesh thakur 8 days ago
4:50 shots were fired 😅😂
Sunshine Hall
Sunshine Hall 8 days ago
He gets more and more tv production quality every time we see him
meekaroo 8 days ago
The country side is so pretty! You and Natsuki always make me laugh. 😀
Omegaluladdf dhddnn
Bikkial makes me sikkial
Xtian 8 days ago
Only watch people noticed the Hamilton Ventura
Divya Sahu
Divya Sahu 8 days ago
thats some film quality footage there
John Power
John Power 9 days ago
All your Japanese friends are so friendly and have a great sense of humour. I love it
Miro Vinac
Miro Vinac 9 days ago
Shitty car. But, I hope you get it for free.
Maya Ewan
Maya Ewan 9 days ago
The views starting at 1:12 made me fall even MORE in love with Japan 😍
Piroclanidis 9 days ago
Chris missed the opportunity to make a Jeremy Clarkson impression when reviewing the car
Brandome333 9 days ago
Stop acting like that was the first trophy of its kind >.>
Nishkid641 9 days ago
Fuck left hand traffic. Japan should should and harmonize with the rest of the world by switching to right hand traffic.
Sandra Harris
Sandra Harris 9 days ago
I also own a second hand Honda Fit..... but mine is a manual transmission, so I am MUCH COOLER! mwhahahaha
webreaver01 9 days ago
More driving in Japan videos please. Btw, those drone shots are awesome and provide great details of what you explore.
Matt Stone
Matt Stone 9 days ago
Best part of the Fit...you can fold the seats flat in the back and sleep in that bitch.
renz l
renz l 9 days ago
Ooh a Honda Fit! My first brand new car. Great little Honda actually. Wouldve been nice if they we have the hybrid model in Canada.
GeneralGnn 9 days ago
Ho, I see Natsuki's watch suits him well lol
Fauzi Bin Sidith
Fauzi Bin Sidith 9 days ago
i absolutely love the scenery.. calm and serene.
Sébastien 9 days ago
How much did you pay for that car? I have never understood the prices written on those second hand cars front glasses in Japan.
Chris Sharkman
Chris Sharkman 9 days ago
Bikkle sounds horrid will have to try. reminds me of buying what i though was cheese but no its fish paste yum yum. where were the rice fields( assuming its rice fields)?
Fonzzi Zhou
Fonzzi Zhou 9 days ago
oooh thiccboi
chaoscrimsonia 9 days ago
What? Why? Sour Milk is good, let's drink Bikkle everybody.
YoureNowOnTV 9 days ago
Good vid, I want a car with electronic windows that go up, and down. My last car had the number one requirement of having a working heater, the next will be electronic windows. One day I might even get an Automatic ! 😀
CallOfDrewthulhu 9 days ago
Literally just thought about Bikkle today for the first time in years; so glad that it appeared here as well. And yes, I knew I would not like it as soon as I looked at it, but I still bought it just to be sure.
Road to Japan
Road to Japan 9 days ago
Great video! Glad to see you're a driver Chris ! You expressed it wonderfully, driving around here is one of the best ways to reflect on life, this wonderful country, and appreciate it.
Zack Simmons
Zack Simmons 9 days ago
I just want a friend like Natsuki ❤️
Mark Jennings
Mark Jennings 9 days ago
I know someone who is called Donald McDonald, he predates McDonalds so wasn't funny when born. Same applies to the old lady I know called Gay... A christian name that will disappear as utterly as Adolf.
Marc H
Marc H 9 days ago
Good video. Missle launch thing was stupid.
Itsy 10 days ago
wait.. it's not a sponsored video? I always thought that this video was sponsored by Honda lol...
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