What Do Alien Civilizations Look Like? The Kardashev Scale

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The observable universe is a big place that has been around for more than 13 billion years. Up to two trillion galaxies made up of something like 20,000 billion billion stars surround our home galaxy. In the milky way alone scientists assume there are some 40 billion earth like planets in the habitable zone of their stars. When we look at these numbers it is hard to imagine that there is nobody else out there.

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Aug 2, 2020




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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Cristina Cotoranu
Hi :) I loved your t-shirts, I got the wormhole and the duck&friends (my mom also loved the duck one :D ). I really, _really_ liked the wormy aliens (around 10:30 ?) - I'd love to see them again - maybe some merch too? They're really funny! Thank you!
Craig the Brute
Craig the Brute 3 days ago
We need to make a kurzgesagt RTS
Bryce Crumley
Bryce Crumley 6 days ago
Aliens are not real
Dab :D
Dab :D 8 days ago
Regino Jes Chanco sure
Epsilon 15 days ago
These videos are utterly pointless.
matt0677 Hour ago
Turned off. I used to like this channel til the Left bias became so obvious.
Alexia Damasceno
Alexia Damasceno 2 hours ago
4:54 wtf
NIGHTMAYERS 2 hours ago
Telugu FACTS 6th Sense
I watch every video from the channel, still can't read the channel name. Who else
De Infamous
De Infamous 6 hours ago
By the time a civilization reaches Type X they're effectively gods
András Kovács
András Kovács 6 hours ago
i think this scale not good enough.Its not about energy using,its better about the knowledge from the entire world and knowledge what is behind.
ThatPokemonDude WhichPlaysRoblox
What about type omega ants
bobsgotagun4 4
bobsgotagun4 4 13 hours ago
Does anybody else see a halo ring?
Håkon strøm
Håkon strøm 16 hours ago
Are we the biggest civilization? Are we the smallest? Who knows?
Golraka 16 hours ago
Just say it the Omega clas is the CHICKEN THAT LAYED THE *EGG*
Apple juice juice
Apple juice juice 18 hours ago
cløverse 19 hours ago
Type 3 aliens: Lmao human are weak and stupid Human: Figured out how the system works* Type 3: WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Crazyking160 21 hour ago
This has to be the 10th time I watched this
Cameron Kallenbach
Cameron Kallenbach 22 hours ago
The reason we have not seen any extraterrestrial life is because what we see is over 1,000,000 years ago. This is basically like the sun taking 8 minutes to reach us on earth.
Artistic Mission
as a game designer that would be a super cool game to make
Sebastian Mejia
we can be type omega! if there isn't one all ready
4:00 I still love it how ants could destroy us in a single go
Seth Games
Seth Games Day ago
We talk to aliens what they hear djdjrjjdfhdjdjjchssjsnajsjcuwbabdhdhdgcu
Angelo Mordasini
I've read an article which basically stated that a type omega civilization might very well operate within our eyesight, but to us their technology would simply be undistinguishable from the inner workings of the universe. We would be unable to tell if dark matter (for example) is natural or just the technology of a civilization able to operate on an universal scale
anthony hernandez
😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ I love it
Jeremy Wiggins
4:08 That marine animal (sting ray, maybe?) accosting the other animal with a knife cracked my shit up.
Peanut Day ago
This soundtrack is really nice
Sarah Fatima Bilal
did anyone else notice the 'hello darkness my old friend' at 1:00
Fortune YT
Fortune YT Day ago
Sav Day ago
This scale is perfect. You can clearly tell that our civilization is held up by the inability to co-operate.
Александра Ивасенко
Elon Musk: has came from type omega civilization to help us Humanity: what a suspicious crazy man
ItsaMeyaDocta wolf
Is it just me or is it the first time he said **like** In the channel just hear closely at the beginning
SG 2048
SG 2048 Day ago
I’m a type omega civilisation and I am trying to make green stars but it’s not working any advise for how to create them?
Sentient #6
Sentient #6 Day ago
Also, type 2 and 3 civilisations could live in a virtual reality and therefore never need to leave their original spot in the universe and thus ignore and be ignored by everyone else.
Random Hoovy
Random Hoovy Day ago
*_I'm telling God what you said about Omega-class civilizations_*
Andor Ferencz
Less birbs, it's not Kurz.
Identity Day ago
I disagree on the conclusion of ruling out the existence of any higher level civilization in or near our galaxy. We cannot be sure whether dark energy may be extracted without our observation. Too much is in the dark to be certain.
Dutch Gel
Dutch Gel Day ago
Don't mind me. I'm just here after scientist found a possible life on Venus. >_>
Gregg Everman
Kurzgesat: I say the world is 50 Billion years old. Me: Look at all the pretty pictures! 🤤
matthew bai
matthew bai Day ago
I want to see the compilations of dank memes of type 3 civilazation
matthew bai
matthew bai Day ago
The closer the species get closer to type 3 the hard it becomes to recognize, mean while in type 3 civilization's youtube, Dank memes from colonies compilation.
The first sentient gazelle
if an alien civilization DOES get into our universe, and is at earth, we can infer a couple of things: 1. they're extremely advanced 2. they know where earth is 3. and they care enough about earth to go to it so don't expect anything positive lol, especially if they dont reach our planet utilizing light travel or somethin like that
mel Ive
mel Ive Day ago
So great this content is out here and ppl are getting info that affirms true understanding of purpose, energy! And ppl are realizing science fiction isn’t fiction it’s about our consciousness as a civilization and to get out of the brainwashing that is war and capitalism and become the egg!! Peace
Creeperbrine wang
I love your vids but one thing you got wrong is that we are more like demons for ants than gods because we kill them mercilessly: accidently or purposely. And they might even persuade the world differently, like taking us like big giant monsters or just seeing our fingers, think that we are just the finger part. And their technologies are way better than ours, we have created the tools and then used them to make stuff, but ants, on the other hand, did it with nature and chemistry without using any artificial or antificial tools. And just an extra: we broke the sound barrier just recently, but the diplodocus might have swiped its tail quick and hard enough to break the sound barrier, or the pistol crab to, might have manage to store air betwin his pncers and snap them hard enough to break the sound barrier so just don't say to much about just humans, ants also discovered acid before we even started chemistry.
Andrew Singleton
Andrew Singleton 2 days ago
Either the universe is teaming with life, or it is completely empty. I am not sure which is scarier.
Tony Huang
Tony Huang 2 days ago
I'm curious what type of civilization is the Federation in star trek and what about star wars
Ugnius Day ago
2-3, they we're not able to leave the milky way but also did not build Dyson spheres
Scolar Visari
Scolar Visari 2 days ago
What if we're just in reality a Type-Omega Civilization, re simulating our Civilization and the Universe because we're bored.
Jakub Mike
Jakub Mike 2 days ago
People are apparently naturally religious. I am just horrified after reading comments, all those upvotes for people talking about omega civs... omega civ is nothing but god with extra steps, and we have as much evidence for it as we have for Apollo or Zeus. This is supposed to be a science channel and yet so many people play this fantasy of uber super beings.
BLUEBERRY BOO 2 days ago
This is basically Rick and Morty but without the drugs and alcohol
what if that’s what ufos are
Minisuper 1000
Minisuper 1000 2 days ago
How come the creators of this doesn’t work at nasa or king of the world or president
Demogorgon47 2 days ago
Help us get over our irrelevant quarrels? Oh yes frickin' please! Am I the only one who is going to mad and explode if all the annoying crap happening atm doesn't fizzle out? I think I heard recently the best explanation of the problem. We live in a world where all of the world's greatest minds are focusing on irrelevant products and crap we DON'T actually need. It's like using Einstein to calculate how many different types of cheese are possible or how many different ways you could stack boxes within other boxes. Sure he'd do a great job but a massive waste of such potential.
i love sparky
i love sparky 2 days ago
The second meaning of life... if you think in to this ... if there are already type 5 or more...its our god who we believe in and we can't know because they didn't meet us... or if they are the same as us, its like a boarding game but whit an infinite sided cube and an infinite long board... its MINDBLOWING
Nael Bryan
Nael Bryan 2 days ago
I hope that in the future there will be a game like this, cause It's sounds interesting.
Boiler_472 2 days ago
great video but isn't travelling faster than light physically impossible and travelling at that speed is also impossible if you have mass? 7:36
Revolutional Engineer
Elon musk looks getting motivation from this channel for running Spacex
Mattias Wang
Mattias Wang 2 days ago
Their motives maybe beyond our understanding, but why would the aliens send a buttplug into outer space? (10:00)
Okita814 2 days ago
What if all things we see in space 'is' the reminiscent of higher civilization without us realizing? Like blackholes are just a tool to collect energy lol
DialasTheWeeb 2 days ago
If we introduced 100 gecs to aliens they would explode
MrHistory808 2 days ago
I love the concept of the Kardashev Scale I wish I could see what a type 4 civilization looks like And y’all better pay your animation artist well
Roy Riley
Roy Riley 2 days ago
I wonder if all the cultures out their arrogantly conflate their civilization with their biological species?
safiski 28
safiski 28 2 days ago
Why would aliens want to meet us when we can’t even make it by without killing our own speices
bayu mahendra
bayu mahendra 2 days ago
Does type 3 civilation have real life anime girl?
Matthew Cool
Matthew Cool 3 days ago
What if type omega species did create our universe, and they use it as something like a power plant or weapon
Tony Vort
Tony Vort 3 days ago
Can you do a pros and Cons to off grid living? Hours at work × hours off grid work $ value of time based working for your self × working for someone else for 💰 Retirement plans? Over all health and safety. Ty
TriHrd 3 days ago
I see someone read the Three Body Trilogy.
Skwippy 3 days ago
This entire video is just Spore in a nutshell xD
Kiwi 3 days ago
Rick from Rick and Morty is alaready type 10^100
Antonius Sugianto
MacLaren‘s pub
MacLaren‘s pub 3 days ago
Since when is kurz gesagt international? Congratulations!
Kebab Guy
Kebab Guy 3 days ago
Such good content for FREE I love your vids and are a massive fan
CoolDarryl_YT 3 days ago
We are Type Omega because we know about them.
Nick Menzhuber
Nick Menzhuber 3 days ago
I just spotted Aurebesh
Sam 3 days ago
It leaves me like this :/ when I think about the amazing future we will look at but I will be dead in less than 120 years I-
Cat Un simple Cat UwU
Dominic Carbonell
i was thinking there other humans like us in different planets but they have magic powers as in energy = magic that's they're recource's like anime hahahah
dick castle
dick castle 4 days ago
Idk why were looking for.intelligent life in the galaxy, we csmt even find intelligent life on our own planet
Axel Andrade
Axel Andrade 4 days ago
Just started watching your videos and I love em bro😂
FOLegionnaire 4 days ago
I love this channel
Jack Bonk
Jack Bonk 4 days ago
Kurzgesagt when he has shower thoughts
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez 4 days ago
are you kidding me he brings up useless quarrels... the gloves happen to be red and blue red republicans and blue democrats...
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez 4 days ago
Pedro M-12013 yeah that’s the joke
Pedro M-12013
Pedro M-12013 4 days ago
Well they’re not wrong they all fight and argue over things that will in the long run won’t matter and funny thing is that everyone is human, the same species and still fight over the color of skin and what one believes or whatever y’all do today, you guys have a mentality that is highly separated
Turquoise Master
Turquoise Master 4 days ago
There is also a type Magic civilization able to manipulate magic
sleetskate 4 days ago
drain swamps lmao
marco conti
marco conti 4 days ago
No scars of great interstellar wars? The Big Bang comes to mind....
Abhijeet Purkar
Abhijeet Purkar 4 days ago
Meanwhile, The Omega civilization: THEY KNOW!!
Anonymous_Central-Port12.21.6 Anon
Aliens which we say as 'gods' , already visited earth thousands of years ago from such celestial distant places, if they were that modern then, its very hard to contemplate how advanced they would be now, i just want to hint a so called 'interstellar' paradox, when cooper said that he was the one who brought himself in the tessaract and he was also the one who created a 3d environment in a 5d reality so that his past self who is currently an astronaut in this scene, its like 3 coopers in different timelines (in an ascending order) .the advanced cooper was technologically so advanced that he not only broke , but also manipulated timelines of his past, so...the main question is,...what if that so called 'gods' visited earth , were actually us???!!! Us,but from future, if thats the case, then we should be having a facility to travel back in time...and trust me...thats where the all theories and physics would take a u-turn, except quantum physics.....this is me possibly writing this to you all, on commands from my future self(possibly from parallel/multiverse)....according to my idea.
wrectum terror
wrectum terror 4 days ago
A woman cutting down a tree is the most non scientific and blatantly fraudulent animation this channel has ever produced.
Nate Harris
Nate Harris Day ago
What are you talking about? I don't see anything science defying about a woman chopping a tree.
Teresa C
Teresa C 4 days ago
Question: Why they have to use the same physical law as humans? Your assumptions are all based on our limited knowledge
Chris Dionela
Chris Dionela 4 days ago
Who else also find the animation cute?
SilladX 4 days ago
Tbh if there are other civilizations I think it's probably just more people.
Lergen Stonesea
Lergen Stonesea 4 days ago
Type Omega is literally just God
The Zushey Blvd
The Zushey Blvd 4 days ago
The higher you go with the civilisation types, it starts to sound like some of the spiritual knowledge out in the world.
Minecrafter [Miner and Crafter]
4:35 the language of star wars coruscant inhabitants are there
Jeff Pen
Jeff Pen 4 days ago
9:23 Or maybe it is a dark forest?
Tomatoes 4 days ago
Shada Davis
Shada Davis 4 days ago
Slime to Smile
Slime to Smile 4 days ago
Pink diamond,”I want a colony!” This episode reminds me of Steven universe so much lmao
Aldous 4 days ago
Kurzgesagt should really put thought on making a strategy game with an artwork like this man.
PlasmaMongoose 4 days ago
Type Ω civilisation sounds a lot like God.
james lee
james lee 5 days ago
외계문명 찾으면 신으로 숭배하지 않으면 몰살당할듯 합니다. 솔직히 지금도 우리는 그들의 위치를 모르지만 그들은 우리가 어떤놈들인지 다 알음. 과거에 무함마드등 외계인 내려왔던 흔적이 많습니다. 외계인은 우리가 어떤지 다 알거에요. 그런 상황이고 외계인이 지구를 그냥두는 이유는 멀리 떨어진 원시문명이라서, 혹은 자신들의 숭배자들 때문에 일것이고. 이럴때 지구가 외계에 적대적 성향과 화성에 사람을 보내는등 본격적으로 안보 위협을 가할수 있는 수준이 되면, 그냥 지구를 에너지 무기로 지워버릴듯. 그래서 지금이라도 늦지 않았으니, 우주개발을 멈추고 외계인해 대해 우호적 생각을 가져야함. 왜냐하면 그들은 우리를 이미 보고 있을테니까. 저는 그래서 외계인을 신으로 숭배하고 싶습니다. 지금까지 전부 사실아닌 추측
Ed Peck
Ed Peck 5 days ago
yeah I saw that cheeky Twin Peaks reference
Pj Bottoms
Pj Bottoms 5 days ago
Ultra would be God, very interesting topic. God bless
Jan Willem van den Berg
Just imagine that our universe was created because some being was too lazy to make dinner and ordered something online. Eventually this being pooped us out and now our entire universe might just be some bacteria in a sewer in a greater place.
Max Min
Max Min 5 days ago
The becoming of civilization may just not be to harness all the energy available on a large scale. It could be a complete environmental impact avoidance. We don't know it, but this hypothesis is more realistic and hopeful than a straight path to destruction. To be and let be.
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