What Dinosaurs ACTUALLY Looked Like?

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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The past is a vast and mysterious land that begins at the big bang and ends in the present, expanding with each passing moment. It is the home of everything that came before, the key to understanding our present. Here we find the most amazing creatures to ever roam our planet, hundreds of millions of species so diverse that our imagination cannot do them justice. Unfortunately the past carefully guards its secrets.

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Oct 12, 2021




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Comments 22 697
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
kgs.link/12022_Calendar As the year 12,021 slowly comes to an end, we present to you the 12,022 Human Era Calendar: Eons Edition. You can get the very shiny, high-quality, limited edition now until we sell out and then never again. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE.
William Gomez
William Gomez 8 hours ago
@Gabriel Dias itll available thismohtn too
Gabriel Dias
Gabriel Dias 9 hours ago
Hi Kurzgesagt i was wondering when will the portuguese captions be available, i wanted to show this video to my class, but many of them don't understand english so if you could get the captions soon, i would be very happy. Thank you by doing these videos
William Gomez
William Gomez 23 hours ago
its related to whales carcusa
Ava McCarthy
Ava McCarthy Day ago
god, just imagine being alive when the year turns 10,000. fuckin ell
Yuu-brawlstars 2 days ago
Replying before this gets to the limit
Bd BlaZer
Bd BlaZer 29 minutes ago
at least we are not furry foxy like primates
박승현 37 minutes ago
Imagine if Aliens found human fossils and imagine us a creepy skinny creatures just by looking at our bones.
BND Hour ago
Still dont get why there arent ads on this channel cause this one isnt part of Funk
Godwin Tan
Godwin Tan Hour ago
The Animation makes it more interesting to watch.
A. Stevens
A. Stevens Hour ago
One thing is for sure. This video is an opiate induced pile of soon to be copralite (fosillized crap), don't waste your time watching it.
basic__lee Hour ago
or are they?
Noelle Davis
Noelle Davis 2 hours ago
*five seconds in* "There are even more things that we don't know we don't know" Thanks, Kurzesagt.
السلام عليكم
Add arabic plz🗿
The Gamer Squad
The Gamer Squad 3 hours ago
*cough* All Yesterdays *cough*
Steve Thea
Steve Thea 3 hours ago
So smoov
Sanaa Maroof
Sanaa Maroof 3 hours ago
you are in a nutshell so i'm surprised how you could see all this....
Bradley Price
Bradley Price 3 hours ago
This was really beautifully done
Bradley Price
Bradley Price 3 hours ago
This was really beautifully done
Matador 3 hours ago
nothing about this is real and this propaganda should be illegal and the creator should be put in jail
BangBangTud 4 hours ago
After watching this, I start to think Jurassic Park isn't such a bad idea anymore.
Nicholas Orr
Nicholas Orr 4 hours ago
"a loss" - on one hand, sure - on the one where they can and will just eat us, not so much :P great video
Teal Corset Frog
Teal Corset Frog 5 hours ago
Beautiful 🥺
denHund101 5 hours ago
2:09 R.I.P. little one
Jhon Dale Banogon
Jhon Dale Banogon 5 hours ago
I am crying from all sorts of feelings this video gave. Mostly though it's because of how beautiful it is
Yato TFT
Yato TFT 7 hours ago
take this, the father is a genius
Yato TFT
Yato TFT 7 hours ago
very bullet thing m8
Krieger Eizzen
Krieger Eizzen 7 hours ago
Henrique Sartori
Henrique Sartori 7 hours ago
bala demais
Mariana Euclides
Mariana Euclides 7 hours ago
Do you think scientist only wrap skins around their skeleton ? Of course not, they're aware of how much soft tissue dinosaurs had, you probably haven't seen the scientifically accurate depiction of dinosaurs, this video is misinforming and should be deleted!
Devzz YouTube
Devzz YouTube 8 hours ago
Big chickens but no wings
Fluffy fillies
Fluffy fillies 8 hours ago
Idk why it makes me sad to think of all the forgotten species we’ll never get to see… Maybe it’s because I’m tired but I want to see them :( It also makes me curious to see how genuinely close we are to the real things in scientists interpretations and such.
Nigel Hobbs
Nigel Hobbs 8 hours ago
These videos have started becoming more political. Educational videos that end on calls to action are not educational videos; they are targeted promotions. Its even more nefarious when the sponsor, think-tank, or supporting companies are not mentioned anywhere. Like I'm not sure who sponsored this video but given the call to expand nature sanctuaries, I'd assuming its a eco think-tank of some sort. Again no disclaimers but its pretty obvious from the call to action at the end that the intention of this video was not educational.
Snuwz 8 hours ago
Kurzgesagt really just told us to touch some grass
InternetSurferXXX 8 hours ago
you guys on here cant handle the fact that you have been lied to your entire life. there were no dinos
Raymond Christopher Tanto
it's like saying there are no trees , you've been lied to by the us government or something ... like literally there are more than 10,000 dino fossils found , how are you stil doubting dinos?
Forfeit Souls
Forfeit Souls 8 hours ago
i have a theory that sauropods and ceratopsids are very aggresive, similiary to Zebras, Rhino's, Hippo's, Elephants, wildebeast ect. but i think the larger predators like allo's giga's and Trex's are more friendly.
Croudovone 8 hours ago
The big bang is not the beginning of the universe as much as a seed is not the beginning of a tree. Time is cyclical not linear. It's mandatory we understand this as it is the basis for every other understanding of everthing esle.
Liberty Osara
Liberty Osara 9 hours ago
Noticed there was a lack of the trademark kurzgesagt existential crisis moment, is everything alright mate?
Lynt 9 hours ago
Always enjoy these vids.
Lynt 9 hours ago
Have you ever wondered what dinosaurs would look like when they are in motion?(If you have watched movies with dinosaurs in it,you would understand)
Taha Ahmed
Taha Ahmed 10 hours ago
T- REX Cuddly fellow ? Yeah Right !! ..
Sumit Ranjan Sahu
Sumit Ranjan Sahu 10 hours ago
"Time marches on without any concern for our feelings" ❤️❤️❤️ Kurzgesagt videos are great not only for their scientific contents and presentation skills but also due to the hard life lessons they present to us. Kudos to the team!!
Diego Acosta
Diego Acosta 10 hours ago
Help preserve our current animals and fish! Go plant based 🙏🏽
荒原结 11 hours ago
4:44 Cute characters, I thought about Shantae.
Ronald Picado
Ronald Picado 11 hours ago
Beautiful Video
Galina Sumaneeva
Galina Sumaneeva 11 hours ago
Clutcher Hierts
Clutcher Hierts 11 hours ago
1:37 Hey Vsauce, Michael here!
Para Medic217
Para Medic217 12 hours ago
"...species so diverse that our imagination cannot do them justice." You haven't played Monster Hunter, right?
Awedda 12 hours ago
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KO Manic
KO Manic 12 hours ago
This channel keeps getting better and better
Frezzy 01
Frezzy 01 13 hours ago
Zatzu Uy
Zatzu Uy 14 hours ago
The music on around 8:00 sounds so epic
Eshkull 15 hours ago
So from ym short researching period, watching documenteries and the like, even though it would take an unknown amount time, could we as a civilization take an egg from say a monitor lizard hatch it under a high oxygen environment mate with a lizard hatched under the same situation and "rinse, repeat" until we have what we know to be dinosaurs? I know this wouldn't happen in our lifetimes or next or even the one after that, but I do wonder what those lizards would look like with those stimuli undertaken.
TomiTapio 15 hours ago
Content Starts at 2:30
Greg Voss
Greg Voss 15 hours ago
We logically compare dinosaurs to birds in every way, except when we get to shrink wrapping. Why do we almost always bring up things like elephants and hippos for shrink wrapping dinosaurs? They do usually bring in swans, which is a good choice. But modern reptiles and birds are so much closer to dinosaurs than mammals. They should use penguins and frilled lizards instead.
LaumiRez 15 hours ago
0:43 It's only now that I've noticed that the chimp from the theme holds a different object on each episode 😅😅
Hiếu Ngô
Hiếu Ngô 16 hours ago
Hope this channel and studio live on forever!
Ty Wag
Ty Wag 16 hours ago
I like how suble you were when you said ''Lions spend a lot of time lion around''
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 17 hours ago
death too to make some of these archives easier to find
Just Mob
Just Mob 17 hours ago
The animation makes me feel so giddy and childish. I smiled with full hearted glee while watching this multiple times. Thank you
ArifTzy 17 hours ago
We didn't know how look the dinosour So one day we can see how they look.....
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 17 hours ago
Is there a version without all the music over the talking? it super distracting.
Robert Anthony Bermudez
Imagining the dinosaurs as bird like seems to be a red herring. Why compare them all to birds when we have their closest living relatives like salt water crocs, komodo dragons and tuataras. All of these are pretty bland looking reptiles.
Tylor Johnson
Tylor Johnson 18 hours ago
Id agree on how some look but most of our fossils have teeth not beaks
AMDspeaks 18 hours ago
wow I didnt believe I was so racist to dinosaurs.
Zeke Keipa
Zeke Keipa 18 hours ago
did you really need to kill the baby mammoth? ._.
Master Gator
Master Gator 19 hours ago
Do you think dinosaurs would be happy with our love of them, or just indifferent.
Ermenegildo Zegna
Ermenegildo Zegna 19 hours ago
Impressive animatics
TheSethyMan 000
TheSethyMan 000 19 hours ago
Adam Řežábek
Adam Řežábek 19 hours ago
9:33 I think I know who is that person. Nice tribute
안영재 20 hours ago
보는 내내 감탄했다
BTNMNKI 21 hour ago
"Boink apparatus". Oh you cheeky buggers.
A Random Tech priest
Alright, who tf is cutting the onions in here!?
Arella Camryn
Arella Camryn 22 hours ago
Second Comment here: This vid reminded me with --> Jurassic World The Game [The dinosaurs are very colourful]
Arella Camryn
Arella Camryn 22 hours ago
There're lots more things we YET TO KNOW and one day we will (if we're still around). Be positive, Guys! This is me. Just an ordinary girl who's waiting for the day that scientist find out how to prove demons exist 😎😎😎
Abdullah Asem
Abdullah Asem 23 hours ago
Twobob Club
Twobob Club 23 hours ago
Is there a version without all the music over the talking? it super distracting.
marinus18 Day ago
7:45 That is one of the big advantages of being a carnivore. Meat has an incredibly high energy content so you can survive easily with just 1% of your bodyweight in food during the day. Herbivores need far, far more.
marinus18 Day ago
Computer modeling has greatly aided paleontology. Being able to have a program that can take an existing animal's bones and reconstruct it has been a huge boon and it's improving every year.
The Old Time Gamer
I honestly got so happy when I heard the narrator say “life uh, finds a way” because you can’t have a dinosaur themed video without a reference to jurassic park
Shadow flakes
Every video about dino Show them the right Thing A chicken dino
Plz legend Português "(
TheTrueScott Day ago
Mastthew Breckenridge
T rex did not have feathers I think.
Smoldering Cosmos
Dinosaurs actually wore glasses.
vg omani
vg omani Day ago
but how the fosil lok like thw wrong?
Aaron Day ago
If you would do a video just about Trilobites or other weird Pre-Cambrian animals I would be beyond excited. It's okay. Take your time. I can wait.
Phanish Babu
Phanish Babu Day ago
How to train your dinosaur! Every thing we know about you guys..... is wrong!!!
Jim Sealtiel Abonales
dinosaurs are all hybrids the whole time!!!!???
Alice! Curiosity often leads to trouble!!
Thank you so much for this! I HATE how nature documentaries these days show big cats etc just hunting and eating, hunting and killing and eating :/ That is a tiny bit of who they are. I miss the old docus that showed them playing and LIVING. That is exactly how dinosaurs are shown in docs, hunt, kill, eat, hunt, kill, eat. Its sad and honestly, disgusting. I hope thats not how humans are remembered someday... Oh, wait, most our written history is war, death and power hungry narcissists killing thousands of people so they can sit on a throne. :(
Wanda Wilson
Wanda Wilson Day ago
More dinosaur stuff
Drea Wulf
Drea Wulf Day ago
I want this version of Jurassic Park
Chovi Day ago
incredible. thank you.
Bmx Boys
Bmx Boys Day ago
Best science channel on RUvid so far
Nicholas S
Nicholas S Day ago
My boy going into the known unknowns and the unknown unknown speech off the bat
realsecrets1 Day ago
The music is waay to hard!
Gnom Day ago
3:20 Urutau??
MrMaison Day ago
"Time goes on without any concern for our feelings" I'm a new subscriber xD
Makoto kitty
Makoto kitty Day ago
Hollywood: so dinosaurs were these big reptiles th- Basically everyone: *THEY WERE BIRDS*
OytheGreat Day ago
9:32 Sir David Attenborough! long may he live ♥
Aiden Bui
Aiden Bui Day ago
So dinos are dodas
Ankita Kumari
Gaand Faar diye bhaiyya
Abdus Salam
Abdus Salam Day ago
Words cannot express how good your animations have gotten. Great job!
Lawrence Dominica
The careful lyric pharmacodynamically snore because flame perioperatively fool over a mighty meteorology. seemly, womanly mole
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