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Jul 18, 2020




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Ciarra Wells-Sabara
yo your song is fire
James Pangilinan
Sofia Faryna
Sofia Faryna Day ago
Love drugged Taylor ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Beau Milnes
Beau Milnes 2 days ago
Yo your song is as good as shit bruh
Jerard Marcelo
Jerard Marcelo 2 days ago
So Were not gonna mind Taylor’s pants-
Chetisthename *
Chetisthename * 4 days ago
R u and aidette still dating ?
Aniyah Rose
Aniyah Rose 4 days ago
tayler: mmm this shit good as fuck everybody else in the room: *laughing* me:wheezing and laughing
Blast Quad
Blast Quad 5 days ago
this is super duper crazy
Sarah Grantham
Sarah Grantham 5 days ago
I think Nate is one of the most nicest hype house members.
Hadassah Eckmann
Hadassah Eckmann 6 days ago
RUvid really be getting comfy with the double adds
Babygurlkasey TQ
Babygurlkasey TQ 7 days ago
My heart pained me through this entire video 😂😫.....I just can't stop thinking about how the rooms looked untidy and that car🙊🙅Omagad🙊🙊
Lisa Fitton
Lisa Fitton 8 days ago
Who else loves this youtuber
Tanaijah Harper
Tanaijah Harper 8 days ago
i laganding when Tayler
Leona - Levy
Leona - Levy 8 days ago
Do americans really steps on beds with shoes? cant they use hotel slippers or something? and Taylor, you are too over! you broke Nate's window! and threw too much clothes! Taylor's canceled
Madison Davis
Madison Davis 9 days ago
ppl pissed off over what Tayler did i lowkey would’ve did the same thing my dads pettiness, passive aggressiveness and anger issues and both of my parents patience could never play with me if u want to 😌💅
christiyana johnson
i was trying to be mad or sad or whatever and i watched this and it was over with y'all always make me laugh
Makay Reed
Makay Reed 12 days ago
I love you and i am only 9 year old
Xxhdog_nuggetsxX 17 days ago
11 minutes of Tayler getting bullied 😂😂😂
Jacqueline Ramirez
Jacqueline Ramirez 18 days ago
Tayler: Sorry ok on drugs right now. Nate:🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chris Allen
Chris Allen 19 days ago
What's it take for me to move in, cuz I already see you, Tayler, and I are fucking triplets 🤣
Peyton Rose
Peyton Rose 19 days ago
I love your videos
muriella hernandez
muriella hernandez 19 days ago
people be saying shi like he has anger issues i- have you seen me i cant even
Ruben Calderon
Ruben Calderon 20 days ago
You are welcome I peed in my bed for this 🤫🤭🤥
Ruby Weber
Ruby Weber 20 days ago
The jesus boy turned into whatever this is 🤣
Starbucks_Gatcha !
Omg it is my literal dream for Nate to say hi
Jodene Apiata
Jodene Apiata 22 days ago
The song is fire
Liz Wallace
Liz Wallace 24 days ago
3:42 hunters acting like he’s a dad or something like chill Tayler and Nate are just trying to have fun 🙄
joe cruz
joe cruz 26 days ago
Taylor: It's going to be a whole new world *Wakes up* Mom: Do your homework and chores. Me: Sobs
Laylani Maldonado
Laylani Maldonado 27 days ago
idk why but Tayler saying the "f" word makes me happy 😭😭
Care Bear
Care Bear 28 days ago
He should throw the close out the windows
Emma O'Reilly
Emma O'Reilly Month ago
god this chair is so SQUEAKY
Kpop Army93
Kpop Army93 Month ago
Part 04:43 killed me look at him 😂😂😍😍
Claudia Sosa
Claudia Sosa Month ago
I heard the song I love it
Dahliya-Marie Fernandes
2:17 POV- you are the water bottle
nathaly Ferrufino
i love Nate and Taylor's freindship
Glim Glitter
Glim Glitter Month ago
Mia Gongora
Mia Gongora Month ago
Tayler is crazy
Jaimee Messenger
"its gona be like aWhOlE NeW WoOoOrLd!" haha that was so funny
Blair Greenwood
Blair Greenwood Month ago
Alaska Morgan
Alaska Morgan Month ago
Nate casually says: Maybe after the maids do it Me: what tf happened to my life no one cleans up my mess😭😭
Carolina Granados
omg Taylor just be like sorry im on drugs when I heard my face was like so weird out
Rashi Deulkar
Rashi Deulkar Month ago
Wth😂😂😂I'd love to see such more fights😂😂 But things got spiced up😂😂
Rashi Deulkar
Rashi Deulkar Month ago
Funny how even Nate climbs on Tayler but nothing gonna stop him😂😂😂 He has some issues!!!💋love him
abbie khoury
abbie khoury Month ago
I love your vids so much
Liya Engelhaupt
Liya Engelhaupt Month ago
can you give me a shout out pls i really like your song ride
Buffondudu Lel
Buffondudu Lel Month ago
Taylor going crazy with the clothes : 😡 😂 Nate full of laughter : 😂 Paper : did u actually jump across my bed with shoes on- 👁👄👁🤜🏼
Keeley Jones
Keeley Jones Month ago
donekey tong its donkey tong
Beulah Wallace
Beulah Wallace Month ago
Talyer is took things too far
Beulah Wallace
Beulah Wallace Month ago
Talyer is angery tayler need to go to the doctor
Beulah Wallace
Beulah Wallace Month ago
I want to be at the hypehouse
Maisarah Daud
Maisarah Daud Month ago
This vid so funny 😂 next pls Nate
Liliana Velasco
Liliana Velasco Month ago
Omg hi can you say hi lili
Candace Matthews
shorturl.ca/pussygirlscammode1xxx464 ෂ් පුදුමයෙන් බැලුවා කොල්ලො දෙන්නත් එහෙමයි ඔවුන්ගෙන් එක් කෙනෙක් මාව ඉහළට හා පහළට බැලුවා යේසුස් ක්‍රිස්තුස්කියා ඔහු පැවසුවා ඔයා කොහොමද ඒක කළේ සාමාන්‍යයෙන් තාත්තා රුපියලට එබඳු බලපෑමක් ඇති කරයි
Gwendolyn Lovey
Gwendolyn Lovey Month ago
This vid proof's how tayler trusts his bank acc and body 👀
Evie Young
Evie Young Month ago
Nate: it’s on like ‘DONKEY KONG’ 😂😂😂😂IM DEADDDDD 💀
Santiana Atencio
omg that hella funny
Farnisa Nisa
Farnisa Nisa Month ago
I really enjoy watching his videos
Ella Jamison
Ella Jamison Month ago
"dont break the lamp to many people love that lamp....for some reason" so true though😂 7:11
tawana munyawarara
Tayler needs a therapist
Iram Mumtaz
Iram Mumtaz Month ago
Your new song is 🔥🔥
Iram Mumtaz
Iram Mumtaz Month ago
Delvin The Goat
Delvin The Goat Month ago
Song goes hard af🔥🔥❌🧢
Sadaf Mahmood
Sadaf Mahmood Month ago
Omg the car window is shatter and Taylor did it just because Calvin threw some clothes on the floor
Angela Ann
Angela Ann Month ago
I’ve always liked Tayler and shit but you literally smashed a car window that costs more than I’ll ever have you messed up dude🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Ànida Tara
Ànida Tara Month ago
I love how kelienne was begging tayler to dont do that
Beulah Wallace
Beulah Wallace Month ago
Talyor is savage
Beulah Wallace
Beulah Wallace Month ago
Talyor is asavage
Beulah Wallace
Beulah Wallace Month ago
Taylor i Savage
Kalingaw Gaw
Kalingaw Gaw Month ago
why all of your friends so funny and every videos like there's a disaster :D
Kalingaw Gaw
Kalingaw Gaw Month ago
haahahah tayler is so serious sometimes ahahhaha but so real
Sheyshey jackson
Omg you posted on my b-day i'm sorry i couldn't like and see it in time. But hi how are you? and how was your day?
Emma LaTrace
Emma LaTrace Month ago
i love tayler he is funny and nate
Lydia Cross
Lydia Cross Month ago
brogan knock
brogan knock Month ago
I love the song and can u follow me on tik tok@Brogan
Najima Hassan
Najima Hassan Month ago
25 hoodies💀
subbing to Everyone who subs to me
People:"first and foremost" Tayler:"FiRSt AnD FuCkING FOreMoST"
Kelly Johanna
Kelly Johanna Month ago
these comments are funny
Ladkeke Kkww
Ladkeke Kkww Month ago
Your the best youtuber
Maribel Rivera
Maribel Rivera Month ago
Edward Calderon
Edward Calderon Month ago
I love your song
S S Month ago
I didn't realize I was watching at 1.5x speed and honestly most entertaining vid ever
Marthe V
Marthe V Month ago
Who’s car was it? Calvins?
Donkey Poo
Donkey Poo Month ago
“Too many ppl love that lamp 4 some reason.” Ur d*mn right! U need 2 get 2gether w/ it!
Alyssa Jacobs
Alyssa Jacobs Month ago
I can't with u guys.😂😂
Lillian Monzingo
Taylor was so high lol
Victoria Mitchell
They are the most childish people I've ever seen, even more so than my 4 year old brother
Suela Dauti
Suela Dauti Month ago
love you
Maria Mella
Maria Mella Month ago
Love when you film Tayler and kai
Hailey’s Garcia Vlogs
Tell Noah I love him
JULIAN Chi Month ago
Los amo muchoooo🥺❤🇲🇽👌
Avri Mcandrews
Avri Mcandrews Month ago
I listen to your song ride it was awesome you need to do more songs
Beverley Mosley
Beverley Mosley Month ago
shrtlink.ca/privatxxxm0del112 දූපතේ කන්ද ඉතා සෙමින් විශාල විය තමාට එය පෙනෙන්නේ එය විශාල ලෙස පෙනෙන්නට සැලැස්වීමට සමාන උත්සාහයක් ලෙසිනි එය එම කඳු මුදුන ඉදිකිරීමට ඔහු වෙහෙස මහන්සි වී වැඩ කරයි ඔහුගේම දෑතින් එය පර්වතයෙන් ගොඩ ගසන්න
A rizona G arden
I'm dying and the meme of Taylor was so so so funny
Caoimhe Duggan
Caoimhe Duggan Month ago
I love his vids cuz they always show of the crack head tayler😂and he doesn't film 5mins long
Darren Marquez
Darren Marquez Month ago
This was so funny
Theresa Howard
Theresa Howard Month ago
Hi Nate I love your videos do love your new song and I hope you have a good day and I was one of your first subscribers I I just wanted to say I love your videos and that make me smile and I just love them so much 😛
Chloe Blake
Chloe Blake Month ago
That was the funniest video ever can't believe it all started by you trippun Taylor up like omgx
Blanca Gutierrez
Nate and Taylor,calvinfighting like little kids 😂
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 2 months ago
They have more clothes than I've ever had in my life
Harshita 6404
Harshita 6404 2 months ago
Later what happened to tayler's car??
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