What Can You Clean With 100 Magic Erasers?

The King of Random
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Today we're taking 100 Magic Sponges and putting them to the test. Can they withstand fire? What happens when you blend them? What can they clean? What happens when you set off elephant toothpaste inside of them?
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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 100
The King of Random
The King of Random 9 months ago
Hey guys, we still have a 25% off sale running in our shop, as well as limited time winter merch! Click here to go check it out: bit.ly/34NhQMW
Tamar Barel
Tamar Barel 2 months ago
R u a couple?
Shopon Ahmed
Shopon Ahmed 2 months ago
MR.. CLIN. 😋💙👦💪
Jessica Forever
Jessica Forever 3 months ago
The King of Random * pretend I’m cursing when I say meeee * you are meeee great! I love you
Lovie Pena
Lovie Pena 3 months ago
6:55, when you said "Grants legacy",. that broke me... Again...
Recce and Jane
Recce and Jane 3 months ago
JohnnyMan3dBoss ur rite
Cheyenne Gainer
Why must you torture us with the noise!
MOBILE MCAT 3 days ago
I'm sorry. But i just miss Grant.
Crazy T
Crazy T 3 days ago
are they dateing
stuf and more
stuf and more 3 days ago
sotesz 3 days ago
(The red spot "test" is tricky, because by the time the Magic Sponge was working on it, it was Soaked somewhat, and also some iterations of scrubbing already done with the normal sponge. Both of these can make a great difference in the cleaning effectiveness depending on the staining material in my experience...)
MrBeast Money Challenges
5:22 the king lives on.
Davis Smith
Davis Smith 8 days ago
Rhonda West
Rhonda West 10 days ago
You should try nail glue on cotton
Barbarul De Varza
Barbarul De Varza 11 days ago
︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
Barbarul De Varza
Barbarul De Varza 11 days ago
I can cook minute noodles is 56 seconds
Bhuvan Suri
Bhuvan Suri 11 days ago
cally lets put it on fire Nate lets blend it (using Blendtec obviously # not sponsored)
Bhuvan Suri
Bhuvan Suri 11 days ago
will a magic eraser clean a magic eraser
Captain Harri Cornell
How did grant die
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 13 days ago
R.i.p grant thompson
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 13 days ago
Rip grant
Jackie Cheeto
Jackie Cheeto 14 days ago
Mr. clean is Caillou’s dad
TheBestAtStrange 16 days ago
K Stevens
K Stevens 16 days ago
fun fact: the reason that the color of the sponges is reversed on camera is because digital cameras are programmed to read the world as 18% gray so if something is pure white it’ll turn out looking more gray and vice versa
domonator5000 19 days ago
If I got a really bad itch I would use these things to just absolutely remove as many skin cells as I can
Bruski 004
Bruski 004 20 days ago
Works great against a large area of thick grease
shanthi Arun
shanthi Arun 22 days ago
@thekingofrandom please try to freeze dry flamables like types of alcohol and gasoline...🤴👸🙏🏻
Glich Noob
Glich Noob 23 days ago
Glich Noob
Glich Noob 23 days ago
Glich Noob
Glich Noob 23 days ago
Andrew Menteer
Andrew Menteer 23 days ago
I'm assuming the bulk extra pack is probably the offcuts and they make it so the edges aren't the same chemical as they know its gonna be cut away
Bob Imbur
Bob Imbur 24 days ago
mr clean is frowning
Brooklyn Worthington
6:55 it’s grant’s Legacy 😭😭😭
Anthony Lescure
Anthony Lescure 24 days ago
Hey let's set this plastic foam on fire indoors and inhale the fumes! No wonder the subjects of their videos keep getting worse.
OpBeast55 27 days ago
Anyone else disturbed that people sell a 100 pack of magic erasers
Saoirse Daenerys
Saoirse Daenerys 28 days ago
Can it clean my mind?
Stephanie Carter
I feel like Nate and Calli are the perfect definition of Couple Goals. I don't know if they are together or not. Either way still true in my opinion!! Plus it's always awesome to find out my favorite RUvidrs live in the same state as me!!!
unicorns forever
Nobody: Calli:wheres my torch
The Nature Protecter
Can it clean my soul?
420 435
420 435 Month ago
i dont know why, i just wanna try shd be on a shirt
Unknown artists
Unknown artists Month ago
What can you clean ???? Me :Well definitely not my pimple face
Dicie Frye
Dicie Frye Month ago
Callie "where's my torch" that is so me tho
WhatTheFridge 1o1
Ive used them for removing watercolour
Ethan D
Ethan D Month ago
this is basically a huge advertisement for Magic Erasers
Mariya Chernyaeva
Make a giant a and m
Courtney Lirette
My mom tried to get hairdye off my neck with a magic eraser and it rubbed the first layer of skin off... horrible brush burn with very little effort... so when it says don't use on your skin dont allow your mother to attack your neck with one..
zack can do it right now
I ment are you guys dating
zack can do it right now
Are they dating
Rose A.
Rose A. Month ago
Because of corona, that coughing is giving me major anxiety. If you’re sick, stay the f home
Rose A.
Rose A. 19 days ago
XxWhy Tho?!xX I honestly don’t remember. It was from one of the people behind the scenes
lil_panda _psycho
lil_panda _psycho 19 days ago
When was the coughing? I gotta know.
PokemonRater Month ago
Am I the only one who wants to eat those?
Anas Saiful islam
Them: *make Foam And Blended sponge* Me: CaN I gET oNE SpoNGE SlurP PEE
Jennifer Williams
What happened to him
Savannah Stephens
Covid 19
Tatum Golden
Tatum Golden Month ago
Nate: I wonder if that works for like cleaning you teeth. *starts scrubbing teeth with sponge*. Calli: Nooo your taking off your tooth Enamel. I’m dying😂😂😂😂😂
justinin trump
justinin trump Month ago
Calli "This is an excessive amount of sponges" Nate "or is it just the right amount of sponges" Ineresting, i frequently have the same discussion with my mother about cool sticks that vaugely resemble wands, rifles, swords etc
Finn Winkel
Finn Winkel Month ago
comments: 45% grants legacy 45% calli saying let’s set them on fire 10% random
AshAsh_ GachaGirl
My mom use to tell me to not touch the magic eraser, and that made me think if I touched it my hand would like... Melt😑. And I also thought that to activate the sponge you had to put bleach in it... my mom told me to stay away from bleach too.😬😑
Evelet Hernandez
Caitlin Nail
Caitlin Nail Month ago
what happened to Grant?
Thomas & ranger production hi
Great video
Arnav Nilakanta
Arnav Nilakanta Month ago
today they are just doing the chores
You two are scientist
McKenzie B
McKenzie B Month ago
Not to be rude but does anyone feel like they don't get to the point. unlike older videos?
Cringey Boi
Cringey Boi Month ago
Yeah i do grant always went to point Very quickly
Muniyyath Ahmed
Muniyyath Ahmed Month ago
Is it just me or does calli look AMAZING whith glasses❤💛🧡
Jena Eckler
Jena Eckler Month ago
Not ur search history
Risen Snake
Risen Snake Month ago
Grants legacy is the most dirty ceiling ever
Coraline Month ago
Anyone watching this video in summer?
Shay Flawless
Shay Flawless Month ago
Grants legacy 🙏🏻💜
Alayna Nighengale
Can I clean up my life?🤔
Tanishq Soni
Tanishq Soni Month ago
100 note books 🤣😜🤣😜🤣
[] Yellow Python [] Productions
Put the sponge slurie stuff in the freeze drier !
Vincent Fries
Vincent Fries 2 months ago
In this video we learn how to make sponge smoothies
•Just Alan•
•Just Alan• 2 months ago
Eat them
Comicturtle 77
Comicturtle 77 2 months ago
Let’s say my house burns down what do I do A: try to find somewhere to live B: use a magic sponge
badjenna 0
badjenna 0 2 months ago
What happens if you freeze dry it after its wet?
Ultima Wolf Studios
Ultima Wolf Studios 2 months ago
Callie is definitely a Pyromaniac
Cory Snyder
Cory Snyder 2 months ago
I miss Grant but man I like how the videos are longer
Eloise Paterson
Eloise Paterson 2 months ago
Nate is like a toddler, he will literally eat anything
AKM 117
AKM 117 2 months ago
Not our sins.
grif 2 months ago
U disrespect spongebob
Supernovaaa 2 months ago
RIP grant
Noelle’s Kid Life
Noelle’s Kid Life 2 months ago
10:21 that’s golden
Madyson Click
Madyson Click 2 months ago
Callie is my spirit animal. I've always wanted to set things on fire but never have so seeing her do it. It satisfied my needs
Wöłf fåįñ & ßhÿłå 0w0
Mr.clean be lookin smug as ever
Samie’s Sketches!
Samie’s Sketches! 2 months ago
When we made a mess as kids my mom would hand us a magic earser and tell us to go clean any messes in the wall...
Miss Brittany
Miss Brittany 2 months ago
Omg is it just me or do they know the whole dictionary
Julio Salaroli
Julio Salaroli 2 months ago
Statunitians have this weird wasting mania
TechnoCat Gaming
TechnoCat Gaming 2 months ago
I thought its an "eraser eraser" not an eraser
Callie Leighton
Callie Leighton 2 months ago
Me- getting so excited that my name is Calli to but I spell it like Callie
Beat it Kid
Beat it Kid 2 months ago
Mr.Clean be 🥵
Mr dirt Gamer
Mr dirt Gamer 2 months ago
I almost burnt the house down useing almond extract
Tiffani Martin
Tiffani Martin 2 months ago
What happens to grant?
Tiffani Martin
Tiffani Martin 2 months ago
Kpop Weeb
Kpop Weeb 2 months ago
Do your research
wrinkledfrog 2 months ago
They are like the classmates who always do the science practical correctly 😂
Shareen 2 months ago
What video is that? 11:10 Can somebody send me a link to this video?
Flash FreeZe
Flash FreeZe 2 months ago
Thing exists: Calli: “let’s burn it!”
ChancieMator 2 months ago
What can I clean with it? Uh, stains and dirty stuff, duh.🙄
Kpop Weeb
Kpop Weeb 2 months ago
Sheesh you sound like an spoiled 9 year old brat
Rusnė Kanclerytė
Rusnė Kanclerytė 2 months ago
10:21 the pure happiness on Callis face
•Lizzy k•
•Lizzy k• 2 months ago
Freeze dried magic erasers!!!!!!
Anas Bouhtat Diba
Anas Bouhtat Diba 2 months ago
Grant's legacy my man that hit hard
Jishnu Narayanan
Jishnu Narayanan 2 months ago
Callie sure is giving me McGonagall vibes😜😜😂😂
Fluffiest Gamer
Fluffiest Gamer 2 months ago
Victoria Nolan
Victoria Nolan 2 months ago
I'm a boy
Jake Bailey
Jake Bailey 2 months ago
I need to hear this story...
BassFreak 2 months ago
5:20 ,watching Grant's picture in the background... makes me wanna cry ):
Lee Rotheroe
Lee Rotheroe 2 months ago
When ur told do dishes and puts magic sponge in sink
Dolores lira
Dolores lira 2 months ago
How much do you think of magic sponges 👇👇
wolfie craft
wolfie craft 2 months ago
“That’s Grants Legacy” lol😄
Kpop Weeb
Kpop Weeb 2 months ago
? Don’t make fun of someone’s death
Isaac Morthland
Isaac Morthland 2 months ago
no 2 months ago
『M A G I C E R A S E R』 Stand master Mr Clean Class Warrior Power A Speed A+ Range C Durability A Precision B Potential A+
no 2 months ago
Destruction A+
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