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8 фев 2019

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Mikan A
Mikan A 14 дней назад
*tOxINs aRe SToReD iN tHE baLlS*
Tony Woolhead
Tony Woolhead День назад
Congratulations you got pinned
Kyle Bagaloyos
Kyle Bagaloyos День назад
Steviemaster День назад
THAT is why feminists dont like men...... WE SOLVED IT BOIS
Oh no noo Oh no no
Oh no noo Oh no no День назад
edz364LOL do you get the joke?
Oh no noo Oh no no
Oh no noo Oh no no День назад
The Daily Egg nah mate I want it to distract egg is paid actor YOU ARE A FAKE EGG
Gracia Medina
Gracia Medina Час назад
*I need blue before I poo!*
Molly Kennedy
Molly Kennedy 2 часа назад
Do fancy/rich people poop?
Will Richardson
Will Richardson 2 часа назад
My mom has a bowl light
N TANGATAKINO 3 часа назад
Watch jeffy
tantanrevidad 3 часа назад
Jack check out the deck sucker commercial next
Ian Aloysius
Ian Aloysius 3 часа назад
Minding Mines
Minding Mines 4 часа назад
offroadninja yaas
Potato Bob
Potato Bob 4 часа назад
Jack has an amazing singing voice and normal voice
Katie Animations
Katie Animations 4 часа назад
Jack should watch Jaboody Dubs if he likes Kathy(or Cathy idk)
Midori Gurin
Midori Gurin 4 часа назад
Daniel Cheetham
Daniel Cheetham 6 часов назад
Chicago dump dish or shitcago dump?
junhe zhang
junhe zhang 6 часов назад
9:37 dammit it caught me off-guard
Cornelis Roepke
Cornelis Roepke 6 часов назад
i now know why its called a dump cooker or something xD
Sinnamon bonbon
Sinnamon bonbon 7 часов назад
Gonna be honest, I HAD one of those One Direction toothbrushes as a kid. It sang Beautiful or some shit, and it was my fucking jam at the time.
I'm Waisting Your Time
I'm Waisting Your Time 8 часов назад
My son is afraid of using the bathroom in the dark So now he just shits his pants while he sleeps
Obsidian Nugget
Obsidian Nugget 8 часов назад
Jacksepticeye watch kitchen gun it’s so funny 😂
inqman 8 часов назад
still waiting for the "Vince-the shamWOW guy special" where we look at all of vince's greatest hits
The little Emerald crafter
The little Emerald crafter 8 часов назад
Those sauna pants were recalled apparently because they were giving people second or third degree burns.
Thisisaterriblechannel 8 часов назад
Lori Bullard
Lori Bullard 8 часов назад
I actually own a bowl light.. one for my house One for my cabin.. Idk either dude
Mr . Awsome
Mr . Awsome 9 часов назад
L is for leather from a cow named heather A is... No still ass U is for uranium not urine(that's pee) G is is for some dude by the name of Gary H is for Hermionie from harry potter
Pug Banana Legend
Pug Banana Legend 9 часов назад
That intro tho, so clean boi😎
Jade Dragon
Jade Dragon 9 часов назад
The markers falling satisfied my brain
ReinaNicole 9 часов назад
B Hobman
B Hobman 10 часов назад
Ian Reams
Ian Reams 10 часов назад
Tune in next time for more shitty products. ... I'll show myself to the door.
The Super Saiyan DJ B
The Super Saiyan DJ B 10 часов назад
I used to have the 1st 1
dustyb58 10 часов назад
blackblagueblankets 10 часов назад
everyones asleep and im over here giggling because of "YESS! ITS FUCKIN PINK!! IMMA PISS SO HARD!!"
Zer0 Beat
Zer0 Beat 11 часов назад
L is for lovers,of which i don't have
Austin The gamer
Austin The gamer 11 часов назад
I recently had surgery on me and I had to wake up at 4am every day and I have had to take it easy because of it and this video has made me happy 😁 and laugh 😆🤣😂 and it made my day
Payton Heilbrun
Payton Heilbrun 11 часов назад
I've watched this video so many times
1,000 subscribers with no videos
1,000 subscribers with no videos 11 часов назад
NOVA SQUAD 91 11 часов назад
5:12 that made me laugh my *-@$$-* off
Sierra Perez
Sierra Perez 11 часов назад
Omg jack I cant even with you and your commentary
shane joseph
shane joseph 11 часов назад
Can we get the beginning song on spotify
Stargazer 518
Stargazer 518 11 часов назад
WaNt AnOthEr SoDa SeCreT?!
Alexander Landeros
Alexander Landeros 12 часов назад
More gaming videos
Staci Geraldino
Staci Geraldino 12 часов назад
I loved the beginning😂😂
RedPanda The Panda
RedPanda The Panda 12 часов назад
That intro was precious. It melted my heart ...... literally Also, I just gotta say that the "Bowl Light" was actually pretty creative *aLsO,* "I have a bad case of diarrhea" Come on! That made me laugh!
German Radish
German Radish 12 часов назад
I saw the bowl bright commercial
Freya Sundseth
Freya Sundseth 13 часов назад
Does anyone else have one of those brushes? @-@
XenaGamer2000 13 часов назад
Alright. First of all, 11:31. A sauna can not be cold. Second, A SAUNA CANT BE COLD. A sauna is hot.
Scandinavian Beast
Scandinavian Beast 13 часов назад
That intro
XenaGamer2000 13 часов назад
Its been a while since I've watched one of your videos. Its so weird to see you with a beard
Colors of the Sun
Colors of the Sun 13 часов назад
My god... I grew up to these dumbass infinercials.... the damn pillowpets OG commercial is forever engraved in my mind as one of my childhood memories.
randomgamer guy
randomgamer guy 13 часов назад
Jim looks like Mr. Sir from Holes
Marcus Burket
Marcus Burket 13 часов назад
11:43 yo that kid needs a life now this kid is still playing his hand me down 360.
Fluffy Doggie
Fluffy Doggie 13 часов назад
5:15 Your welcome 😂
Tye Mooneyhan
Tye Mooneyhan 13 часов назад
"Don't throw your clothes in the dumper"
Dapple Dog
Dapple Dog 14 часов назад
I love it. But don't diss cock pots. They make good food. *L A U G H*
blacktops 12
blacktops 12 14 часов назад
I agree about the food
QuiNiah Lee
QuiNiah Lee 14 часов назад
Lochlan White
Lochlan White 14 часов назад
I could smell the dog crap through the screen watching that last infomercial.
idontknowyeet 14 часов назад
I don’t know why there is dislikes on jacks vids!! There to funny!!
carlos barrantes
carlos barrantes 14 часов назад
its litrally a condom that stops a dog from shitting insteat of nutting
The LilArcherRvn
The LilArcherRvn 14 часов назад
My fav part! 😂🤣 9:28
Nugget Playz
Nugget Playz 14 часов назад
Anyone else replay the intro over and over
Epic group Games and stuff
Epic group Games and stuff 14 часов назад
"This video has been removed for violating youtube's terms of service" *Ad plays immediately after*
Genral Grievous
Genral Grievous 14 часов назад
The intro is so cringy
Dragonfire 2148
Dragonfire 2148 15 часов назад
You all know I want to sweat my ass off
William Raimo
William Raimo 15 часов назад
Omg the go jo joke was slipped in so well I LAUGHed so hard I had to rewind to see the parts I missed
Lukewarm 35
Lukewarm 35 15 часов назад
No poooooo....ps no ooooops!
liu stanford
liu stanford 15 часов назад
H is for happy
Emma Stell
Emma Stell 15 часов назад
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 15 часов назад
"You want another soda secret fucker?" Jacksepticeye 2019
Jozlynn Howard
Jozlynn Howard 15 часов назад
Hazmatt 111
Hazmatt 111 15 часов назад
Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what your gonna get.
TheGaming Raptor
TheGaming Raptor 15 часов назад
Jack it probably took you hours to come up whith
Gaming Penguin 5 Boss
Gaming Penguin 5 Boss 15 часов назад
React to electro boom Fails
Kayla Dudley
Kayla Dudley 15 часов назад
The intro is the best X3
Jozlynn Howard
Jozlynn Howard 15 часов назад
my dad can make dinner faster than five minutes ._. .-.
Antionette Chalmers
Antionette Chalmers 16 часов назад
The Susana are like the rick and Morty episode ware they took out there toxins and it was funny if anyone seen it
Habira Bennett
Habira Bennett 16 часов назад
The sauna suit is actually a product
Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson 16 часов назад
remy rauch
remy rauch 16 часов назад
Putra Pusa? More like PUTRA PUSSY ON MY DICK!
RubyFire23 16 часов назад
Does Jack not know how a Crock Pot works? Cause that's basically how a Crock Pot works
Trey Everett
Trey Everett 16 часов назад
They actually ask you how the shit was😂😂
Ghost Gang GamingYT
Ghost Gang GamingYT 17 часов назад
And you realized your dogs bag exploded my toxic fart or it shits it self 71 times a minuttes and it explodes
Grace Night
Grace Night 17 часов назад
Out of all the funniest home videos... This one is the best so far
Ghost Gang GamingYT
Ghost Gang GamingYT 17 часов назад
Bowl Light. You can shit on your favoritt colors
Just Game!
Just Game! 17 часов назад
I laughed so hard at 2.37 AM when u said *now he shits his pants on the bed*
Max Montoya
Max Montoya 17 часов назад
AwesomeBro 96
AwesomeBro 96 17 часов назад
I have that same crock pot in the second video and it normally takes hours to make food on the highest setting, that was a fat lie.
diyoni the monster
diyoni the monster 17 часов назад
1:14 got me laughing
Just Game!
Just Game! 17 часов назад
The best intro I have ever seen *"A for the ASS of which I liked to eat"* *~jacksepticeye*
sun b34m
sun b34m 17 часов назад
You make my day jack keep it up
Richard King
Richard King 17 часов назад
i subed jack you are amazing i love your vids and dont forget that you still have your phd in bossery also kathy you really want to hear another soda secret XD SCrub
Jesse Mastropasqua
Jesse Mastropasqua 18 часов назад
Best intro song
Mini Jack
Mini Jack 18 часов назад
Timothy Livernois
Timothy Livernois 18 часов назад
Love this series love it made me laugh till I was crying
can we get 25 subs
can we get 25 subs 19 часов назад
5:13 I died 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kaleb Robertson
Kaleb Robertson 19 часов назад
The funny thing is my grandpa has a bowl light
MmM_DoHnUtS Animations
MmM_DoHnUtS Animations 19 часов назад
He should watch the deck advert
NightShade The Sub-Par
NightShade The Sub-Par 19 часов назад
Not going to lie I actually had a brush buddy that sang I just want to be king from lion king
aidan bae
aidan bae 19 часов назад
Noice Intro
Nickdaboss77 Nick_lambert77
Nickdaboss77 Nick_lambert77 19 часов назад
My FamILy acTuaLly HaD tHiS The bowl light
Nickdaboss77 Nick_lambert77
Nickdaboss77 Nick_lambert77 19 часов назад
The bowl light
The terraria Gameplayer
The terraria Gameplayer 20 часов назад
I actually thought the video ended when an add came up at the sauna part
maukku 1
maukku 1 20 часов назад
9:47 yeah in finland its free or then just go to your sauna in house because everyone has that here.
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