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Feb 8, 2019

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Comments 25 147
Mathias Häggström
Mathias Häggström 50 minutes ago
Joel Lindholm
Joel Lindholm 4 hours ago
14:40 i think i could Seans dentalfillings!
Matthew Garner
Matthew Garner 6 hours ago
I wonder if Jack ever bought one of those Bowl Lights. 🤔
Ben Horley
Ben Horley 6 hours ago
best intro ever
Marcelino Gomez
Marcelino Gomez 8 hours ago
Look had to go do to to do remind do for fun in did did do to
Jáck The Jàugàr
Jáck The Jàugàr 8 hours ago
L is for lovers, who love one another.
Glitchfest 10 hours ago
Aidan King
Aidan King 10 hours ago
0.01 - 0.22 r/mademesmile
plasticSaturnia 11 hours ago
"What do you think, Spider-love?" "I think you're *fucking sTuPiD*"
Lonely Bean
Lonely Bean 11 hours ago
I have a bowl light that’s red and it looks like hell is rising from my toilet 😂
goldrush225 goldrush225
Dump pot cooking = Zelda breath of the wild cooking
CrAzEd 13 hours ago
That song should go one the radio
Dutch Vanderlend
Dutch Vanderlend 15 hours ago
9:33 (turn in captions) it says"porn music because robin"
oneshotdead 321
oneshotdead 321 15 hours ago
Jack who the hell says How was it after you come out the toilet
Michelle Stanko
Michelle Stanko 17 hours ago
9:27 wanna nother soda secret? 10:19
Sunshine Willis
Sunshine Willis 20 hours ago
Crock pot cooking is Americam Southern Tradition. Lol. Sunday hams...
kratos bender
kratos bender 21 hour ago
Spider love was never heard from again
Kadrija Ferhatovic
Kadrija Ferhatovic 23 hours ago
jake stfu
Ya Boi Danny
Ya Boi Danny 23 hours ago
9:28, Want another soda secret? Ya want notha soda secret ya sonuvaF*CK?!
ThatOneGamer ;P
ThatOneGamer ;P 23 hours ago
13:07 epic voice
Jam 799
Jam 799 Day ago
what's miss jigglytits doing in this video?
Mr. asterisk
Mr. asterisk Day ago
9:30 best part of the video
-DUOLINGO - Day ago
0:35 *crow noise*
When you realize that you eat these meals, because it works... SEAN THESE MEALS WORK FOR THE SLOW COOKER
Luca J Suliveras
About the toothbrush...My sister had it and I had to listen it to it for a year.
1950's Song's Playlist's
That Intro Tho...
Luci Swaffield
Honestly, rice, mushroom soup, and pork chops are really frickin good
Super GladiatØr
Cat Plays
Cat Plays Day ago
1:12 spider loaf!!!
Александър Падарев
I guess pootrap. com was already taken.
14:05 jon wick woud laik to know your locashon
Explosivo 225
I ain't gonna take a shit unless the toilet seat is lit
Dexter Törling
*WaNT AnOtHEr SoDA sECret?*
Guilmonster Gaming
is it just me or do when i go to hotels the suanua is free
Evan Kerr
Evan Kerr 2 days ago
Whiteboard will sometime get revenge one day you’ll all see
Annarita O'Reilly
Keep that intro. I. Love. It
Jude Luckett
Jude Luckett 2 days ago
Isn't it just animal cruelty to attach a bag to your dog so you don't have to clean up its waste?
Lydia Burnett
Lydia Burnett 2 days ago
My mom can't cook
Flerry 2 days ago
I have a crockpot in England a lot of people have them😂
Johnny J
Johnny J 2 days ago
Spider lofe
piano kid richardson
lan bremec
lan bremec 3 days ago
When you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and you turn on the light it burn your eyes out just use bowl light. You know what i never turn on the light i go to the toilet in the dark, its bright because the moon is shining through the window. BIG BRAIN
Kanimates 3 days ago
Man: okay, scanning... Man: 7:09 - 7:10
Jo Goulden
Jo Goulden 3 days ago
6:19 it’s Mrs Driscoll from Stranger Things
C C 3 days ago
I have a bowl light
I laughed so Hard water came out of my nose😂✌🤣👍😂✌🤣👍😂✌🤣👍
Alex Castellanos
Alex Castellanos 3 days ago
he sings good in the intro
John Tierney
John Tierney 3 days ago
That intro is just beautiful
Aminjon Hamrokulov
10:03 jack just gave up on humanity
BlazeTurtle27 3 days ago
the video broke at 9:37
Sandra Pearson
Sandra Pearson 3 days ago
I died with that intro lol
twixx gaming sucks
You need to love the intro
Crystal geode
Crystal geode 3 days ago
My mum has a slow cooker it is AMAZING
Gold Panda
Gold Panda 3 days ago
Tbh I'll use the bowl light as a halloween decoration
Sxan 3 days ago
At 8:10, you do realise you can put coke on top of chicken? That will surely get you your coke sponsorship.
Black White Inferno
A lot of the recipes that the old lady showed are real recipes, my family makes them, no, I don't like it.
Greedy monkey gaming
Best song ever
Oli Banks
Oli Banks 4 days ago
5:11 kills me every time
itsmepizzagirl love
4:56 *dead*
CasCoop Wickes
CasCoop Wickes 4 days ago
Honestly I get every morning and listen to this song for motivation thx
Jayden Bartleman
Jayden Bartleman 4 days ago
Jack your the best youtuber ever and when ever I feel down or upset I watch your vids and they make me happy and LAUGH
kid with a couple of tricks up his sleeve
Lol lol lol😂😁
Unknown Youtuber
Unknown Youtuber 4 days ago
4:50 Diarrhea: Am I Literally A Joke To You?
Satoru Kuroshiro
Satoru Kuroshiro 4 days ago
And don't just dump the food, include the bags and boxes they came in so you also consume all the toxic materials so you don't have to live with your purchase. Wow that joke got dark there. Also, those tooth brushes are real, I had one as a kid, they suck and despite who is in the commercial, it is definitely meant for kids who are going to have the most interest, you don't need it, just wear earbuds connected to your phone, put on some music, and then brush, easy.
Evan auclair prokop
I peed in the toilet and slept walked at once
TTV_Plasma Skippy
Evan Prokop 😊
Evan auclair prokop
TTV_Plasma Skippy Thats so funny:)
TTV_Plasma Skippy
Evan Prokop I once was sleep walking, I went down the stairs, into the garage, through the car doors out the other door on the other side peed in the laundry basket and went back to bed
A 5 yr oldchild
A 5 yr oldchild 4 days ago
Come home and eat up your own shit and vomit come on down to dump meals in 5 minutes
A 5 yr oldchild
A 5 yr oldchild 4 days ago
Tommy Reed
Tommy Reed 4 days ago
Turn on the captions they make this even better.
Kittygamer09 4 days ago
Jacksepticeye can i please team up with you
JakeyT00B 4 days ago
best 38 seconds of my life lol 😂
zebra 4 days ago
A is for ass witch I like to eat
araz tavakoli
araz tavakoli 4 days ago
12:45 *S L A M* L A U G H
TheZipperDragon 5 days ago
What do you get? *Slam TWENTY-EIGHT STAB WOUNDS!!! Someone make that.
wolfy boy
wolfy boy 5 days ago
The sauna pants would seriously hurt your sperm cells. No, seriously! Don't expose your balls to too hot or to cold temperatures. (The more you know)
Nugget boi the great
I love my poop to be colorful
The Empire Noob
The Empire Noob 5 days ago
I bought the dog poop thing and all I can say is No
Pedro wosos
Pedro wosos 5 days ago
L is lovers, who love one another. A is for ass, of which i like to eat. U is for u're the only one for me. G is for the only, gamer is see. H is for happy, i always feel it. When you put it together, what do you get? *_LAUGH_*
Trevor Drawbaugh
Trevor Drawbaugh 5 days ago
Dump and go....sounds like me when I have to shit in public
Crystal Creativity
1:14 anti-loaf confirmed (turn on subtitles)
Crystal Creativity
Tommy Reed
Tommy Reed 4 days ago
Oh my gawd.
Charlie patsides
Charlie patsides 5 days ago
5:12 to 5:17
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